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Size Matters


Okay, I've been wanting to do a fanfic like this for a while. Unfortunately time has been tight. And I've been a little unready. but now I can. Okay, Sailor Moon belongs to Dic, Clover Way, Naoko Takeuchi and others. I make no profit off of this. I think that's it. 18+ at times, language, some nudity. Will try to warn. Oh, don't have to read in one sitting.

Serena Tsukino walked to her appointment. She was just out of university and looking for work. She had finished college with a lot of courses under her belt. Finally getting a degree in social sciences, although she had gotten more than a few computer courses. In university, however, she had taken many different courses and hadn't really gotten a degree. One of her teacher's had told her that she should take some time off. She wasn't a bad student, it just turned out that she, for her own reasons, had taken many diverse courses and couldn't decide what to major in.

She arrived. It was a bakery called Mama Tamberlane's. Serena was looking for a job where she could relax, or at least take it easy a little. She had studied cooking in university and college. She felt she could cook now and wanted to give it a try.

She went in, many different smells hit her. They were all delicious. She had never smelled anything so good. Lita's cooking came close. However, she had never smelled so many different scents at Lita's: So many delicious smells.


"Hi, I'm in the back, just a minute, love." Serena looked around, there was every kind of confection anyone would ever want. Her mouth started to water.

'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.'

'No, I have willpower now.'

Serena was 25 years old, and had finally managed to get her appetite under control after her amazing metabolism had started to let her gain weight.

A woman came out, she was the biggest woman Serena had ever seen. Serena couldn't help looking at her breasts: 'They're huge, I wonder if I…'

"Uhm I'm-"

"Look honey, ya going to order."

"No, I'm here-"

"Why you wasting my time."

"I'm here about the job!"

"Oh, why didn't you say so. Got your resume?"

Serena pulled it out of a backpack, and gave it to her.

The woman looked through it. It took her about a minute.

"So, why didn't you finish university?"

"Well, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life."

"Uh-huh. Why do you want to work here?"

"I want to hone my cooking skills."

"So you can't cook?"

"No, I can COOK!"

The woman nodded.

"Hmmmmm, so you finished college, but didn't finish university. But, did well in computers. So what actually prevented you from finishing?"

"Well… What's with all the questions? What does this have to do with me getting the job?"

The woman massaged her chin: "Good question. I want to know a bit about you before… It's like this, we get busy here, and I don't want a slacker."

Serena thought for a moment: "Well, my friends went away. They helped me in college, to keep focused. But…. They decided to try universities outside Japan."

"So, you need people to keep you focused?"

"….. I don't know."

The woman clicked her tongue: "Okay, let's try you out."


"Sigh, first thing, when I say something, you do it. If I say I'm going to try you out, I mean it. But, I ain't gonna pay you for a week."

"Whaaaat?!!!… Whadddya mean I don't get paid for a week?"

"Just like I said. I gotta try you out. If you don't work out, you'll have cost me money. So rather than pay you and have to pay for all the stuff I'll have to throw out. You'll start on a trial basis, after a week you get paid."

"…. Two days."


"I still say two."



They glared at each other for a minute, then…: "Okay, three days. Y'know, you might just work out."

"Okay, when do I start?"

The woman reached below the counter, got something and threw it at Serena. She caught it.


Serena unfolded it. It was a cooks apron.


"Oh yeah, there are a few rules… One, you leave all recipes here. That means that you cannot take any home with you.-"


"I ain't done. Two, don't eat too much of the new stuff.-": Serena was about to say something when the woman glared at her.

"Three, when I tell you to do something you do it. If I tell you to wash the floors you do it. I'm in charge, okay?"

"I guess."

"No: "I guess", I say something, you do it."



"I'll do my best to follow orders."

"Hhhhh.": She rubbed her chin: "We'll see how you work out.": The woman looked at her watch. "Okay, get in the back, the recipes are all filled out, you cook what's there, you follow the recipes completely. You have to taste, too. While you're cooking to make sure it's going okay."

"Uhm, I don't know."

"About what? I'm in charge, don't eat the new stuff and-"

"No, about... Tasting."

"What about it?"

"Well I'm afraid I'll....", Serena stopped and looked at Britney. She didn't want to say it. She felt something at the thought: 'Why do I feel-'

"Look honey, you're afraid of getting big, right?"

"Well, I-"

"Men like curves, for men it's good to be thin or muscular. But most men like women who aren't sticks."


My boyfriend, he sometimes bugs me about my size, but... He can't keep his hands off me."

"You... You have a boyfriend?"

Britney gave her a look


"No need to apologize, you just been programmed."


"Let me ask you something: How many supermodels you know have a man?"

"Well uhm."

"Just one."

"I can't think of any."

"Right, you heard of Claudia Schiffer?"


"She was married for a while then got real thin. She broke up with her magician husband. I call it the thin bitch theory."

Serena was confused, "Isn't being thin good? I think your wrong."

"Let me tell you what happens. A guy and girl meet. They have fun and are good together. Then the girl reads some mag. Next thing you know, she's dieting like crazy. She's hungry all the time. She doesn't have the curves the guy liked. So he touches her less. Next thing ya know, she's getting bitchy because she's hungry and her man ain't touching her anymore, so the guy either breaks up with her or goes away for a while. He hopes she'll wake up while he's gone, maybe put on some weight or be less bitchy. While the chick goes out and buys all sorts of shit. Hoping this'll make her more attractive. So the mag wins. Never thought of that last part before."

'You're wrong.... I mean a guy going......", Serena stopped and thought for a minute. Then she started to cry.

"Hey hon, didn't mean to-"

The tears stopped, "Okay let's get to work."


"I'm in."

".... You sure?"


So Serena started working at mama Tamberlane's, the three days past. At firsst, there was a mix up or two. But Britney was kind and soon Serena was cooking like a pro. Serena's 5'10, 90 pound frame started to fill out At first it made her nervous, but Britney told her she looked fine. A month and a half past. When Serena went out, for the first time in a long time, she noticed guys looking at her. Andrew told her she looked healthier than she had in a long time. Andrew was the guy who ran this arcade Serena frequented. She had known him for a long time, and believed him. For Serena's new size, Britney had gotten her some clothes, paid from Serena's paycheck of course. Everything was going fine when Serena got a phone call:

"Hi honey. I've got some great news."

"Hi mom, how you doing?"

"Oh fine, though I wish...."

"Mom, it was time for me to move."

'Oh I know, but... Well anyway, Darien's coming to visit."

"Whaaat... Omigod, what am I gonna do-"

"Honey, don't you want to see him?"

"Oh, oh yeah, I was just... Uhm, I'll have a lot to do."

"Serena what are you hiding? You haven't seen us in ages. What's going on?"

"Oh, everything's fine. Just busy with my new job."

"Look honey... Well you're a grown up now and I'm proud of you. But if you need to talk...."

"No, uhm I gotta go, bye.", Serena hung up.

'Sigh that girl.': Mrs. Tsukino put down the receiver.

Serena ran to the bathroom: 'I gotta know.', she flipped on the light and went directly to the scale.

'Omigod, I weigh 140. Take deep breaths.', "Hhh, hhh, hhh.", 'Okay,.... maybe I don't look so bad.', Serena got off the scale and stood in front of the mirror. She peered closer at her reflection. 'Okay, my face looks fine.'

She got undressed and looked at herself. She felt turned on, but pushed that down. 'Wow, my boobs have gotten huge.' She continued checking herself out. 'Omigod, my legs.': She pinched herself. 'I've got fat on my legs.', She turned around: 'My butt,.... Oh maaaannnn'

Serena remembered Britney's words, 'Would Darien, would he like me like this?', Serena thought about what Rei would say: "Y'know Serena, the circus is looking for a new fat lady, I can take care of Darien, while you're there."

"I am not a fat lady.... Get ahold of yourself girl. Okay, gotta lose weight... But... No. NO buts. I want Darien to be here and... Aw... I don't know when he's coming back. Doesn't matter, he'll be here soon, gotta diet."

At work the next day, Britney had to talk to Serena.

"What'd you do to that last batch of brownies?"

"Well, I thought if I added a little less sugar...."

"Whaaat?!!!! Okay, what is going on?"


"C'mon, you've been bitchy and just not right. SO spill."

"Okay, my boyfriend is coming back, and I want to lose weight."

"HHH,..... So, you messed up a recipe."

"I didn't mess-"

'The look Britney gave her shut her up."

"Back talk..... "... Britney tapped her hand on the counter, 'Don't want to fire her... But.'

"Take some time off, no pay."


"Look.....Usually, you're a good cook. But, you got diet on the mind. This isn't a diet shop. This is a place for people who like stuff that tastes good.-"

"Are you firing me?"

"And you're getting bitchy."

"I AM NOT-... Yeah....But, can't I keep working here?"

".......Not like that.... But I got some advice for you, concentrate on toning."


"Why do you want to lose weight?"

"Because Darien's-"

"Has he ever told you to diet."

"Well no... But, I'm sure-"

"Why don't you ask him?"

"I... I know that if my friends were here.-"

"Y'know, most women get jealous of a woman with curves."

"I don't know. But, what'd you mean by toning?"

"Getting the body into shape... , rather than trying to burn off weight and muscle."

"Like weightlifting... I don't want huge muscles.... I just want Darien to want me."

"You don't have to build huge musles. Just make it so that your firm....', Serena, gave Britney a look, "Just look it up. Bye."

"Yeah, bye.": Serena left But was stopped at the door with, "You remember what I first told you?".

"Huh?.... Oh yeah....Uh thanks bye.", Serena was gone

Serena found out there was a week before Darien arrived. During that time, she really started working out. She also had plenty of time to walk looking for a new job. Part of her really wanted to go back 'Maybe I will, but if I do.', Serena knew she would start gaining again if she did. She found a job in a department store. She noticed the women there were thin and they ribbed her about her weight. She told them she was trying to lose it.

Over the week, Serena lost ten pounds. Bringing her weight to 130. The girls congratulated her but told her she had a long way to go.

It was about 10'oclock at night when Serena heard the buzzing from the intercom.

"Yeah, who is it."

"It's me."

"Oh Darien.", she ran to buzz him up.

'He's here, he's here.", Serena ran to to the bathroom. She hit the light and looked at herself. She applied some make-up, gargled and had just got her long hair into her two buns when: Knock, knock.

"He's here.", she ran to the door almost tripping. But saving herself then opened it.

"Could you put on a light?"

"Darien.", she rushed into his arms and hugged him.

"........, hey I've got luggage.""I just missed you so much."

"I missed you.", he leaned forward and pecced her on the lips. "Could you hit the lights?"

"Oh, right.", Serena hit the switch.


They looked at each other within an instant. Serena noticed that Darien had put on more muscle, he had a bit of a beard. His hair was still as black as ever. His clothes a bit ruffled. Darien noticed Serena in her nightgown, new curves in all the right places. Then Serena had her arms around his neck and was kissing him passionately. Darien kissed back. She could feel his erection through his pants.

Darien pulled back. "Uhmm, I think I'll stay with Andrew."

Serena's arms were down in an instant, "No way buster, get in.", Serena was using her command voice.

'Oh man, this is gonna be a long night.', "Right.", Darien went in with Serena following behind, muttering. He put his stuff down by the couch.

"Can you get me a blanket and pillows?"

"Whaaaat?!!! You wanna sleep on the couch?!!!"

"We've been through this before Ser."

"Yeah, you go away, you come back and visit for a little while, and are gone again."

"Look, I'm a doctor now, and you know I'm still studying."

"Why the hell do you want to be.... I'm sorry, it's just.... I've missed you so much."

"Yeah, I've missed you, too."

"Then why do you want to stay at Andrew's?"

"It's....It's com....I just want everytthing to be right between us."

Serena glared at him, then.... "Sit down, I'll get you somehting to eat."

"Right.", 'Oh man my shoes.', he went back to the door and took them off. 'Too much time in America.', he went back to the couch and sat down, he could smell somehting cooking. He started to lie down.

A few minutes later Serena came back. "Okay muffin got you your favorite. Muffin?"

Darien was asleep.

Serena turned red... 'He's asleep.... He's ASLEEP.', "HHHH, HHH, HHHH, hhh,....", 'Right, he probably had a long trip on the plane.', Serena rubbed her hand downward over her face.

Serena went back to the kitchen. 'Might as well not let this go to waste.', she sat down and ate. 'Oh no, my diet.', But she had finished off the steak. 'Damn, now I'm too full to exercise.', She wrote a note for Darien and went to bed.

Serena went to work the next morning, Darien was still asleep on the couch. At work, the girls bugged her a bit, but she figured it was just ribbing. Serena got home to find Darien out.

'That bastard.... No, he's probably catching up.', she wasn't sure what to eat, but she decided to let the diet rest for now and had a good sized meal. She ate a lot of ice cream as comfort food. She rested for an hour, then decided she'd go find Darien. Just as she was going out the door, he rang up.

"Where were you?"

'I decided to go see Andrew."


"Can you let me in?"


Serena rang him up.

Serena heard him coming up the stairs. She was more than a little pissed.


"So...", Serena turned around and headed in leaving the door open.

Darien came in took off his shoes, closed the door and went to her and put his arms around her. She didn't turn around. He kissed her neck. She got out of his embrace and walked forward a few steps.


"Y'know, I shoulda known this would happen."

"What would happen?"

"You..... I wanted to have time with you."

"We have plenty of time."

"How old are you?"



"Serena, I'm sorry I went out without telling you."

"That's not the point. How long is this going to go on?"

Darien went towards her.

"Don't you take a step closer!"

Darien stopped.

Serena turned around. She wiped at her eyes, her face was red. She stared Darien down, giving him a truly scary glare.

"Y'know, we were supposed to be married by now."

"Serena.....Marriage.... I'm not sure what to say."

"Why not the usual... It's a commitment, you're not ready, I'm not ready. I can't go to school and be married. You're too young. FUCKING PIGS WILL FALL OUT OF THE SKY!!!! THE WORLD WILL END..... GIVE ME A-"

Darien rushed to Serena and kissed her. She resisted at first, but he held her tight. He could feel her tears coming down on his face. He broke the kiss.

"Darien, this isn't-"

He lifted her up into his muscular arms. He started kisssing her again as he carried her. His eyes would look up as he carried her to the bedroom. He lay her down on the bed.

"Stop it, I-"

He was on top of her in an instant, he was kissing her again, roughly then he broke the kiss.

"Darien...", Serena shook her head. She closed her eyes then she put her hand to her forhead and rubbed with her fingers. She opened her eyes, still rubbing.

"This isn't the point."

He started kissing her neck Tongue licking inside his mouth. He bit a little as his mouth moved along her neck.

"Ohhhhhhh.... No Darien stop."

"This is what you want, isn't it?", he started undoing her pants.

"Dammit STOP!"

He stopped, but still lay on top of her.

"Get off me."

Darien looked into her eyes. Hard blue, meeting hard blue.

"What do you want Serena?"

She pushed at his chest, but couldn't budge him. "I want you to get off of me. NOW!!!"

He grabbed her wrists, "Why?"

"Please, let me go."

He let go of her wrists and sat on the side of the bed. Both Serena and Darien were breathing heavily. Finally, "I think...... What the hell were you doing?!!"

"That's what you wanted isn't it?"


".......", he turned to face her, Serena too had gotten up and was sitting on the other side of the bed., "You wanted me to....", he looked her straight in the eyes.

She looked down...."....I wanted.... I didn't want it like that."

"Serena... I wasn't... I would never rape you."

It hadn't exactly occured to her like that, that it could've been rape.

"......... You could've.....", Serena's eyes got wide, "Get out!!"


"Get out of my apartment!!", she got up and pushed him off the bed. He almost hit the floor, but stopped himself.

"Serena.", his eyes were plaintive

"I've had it with you." She got something off the dresser. She threw it at him.

"Take your ring and go!!!"

"You weren't even wearing it!!!", he yelled.

"Go, before I call the police."

"You wouldn't."

"Try me."

He looked into her eyes. They were as hard as steel. And they burned. Sometimes a look could be described as cold as ice. But, ice can melt. Her gaze was fearsome.

"Alright, I'm going."

Darien picked the ring up off the floor. He left the bedroom. Serena could hear him getting his stuff. She sat down on the bed. Her mouth was closed, she breathed through her nose.. "Hh, hh. hh.", she heard the door slam and Darien was gone.

Serena's mouth opened. She could hear no sound but her own breathing. She sat a moment hands on her knees. Then the tears started to come

"Darien.", she whispered. She flopped onto the bed, ear hitting the pillow. Tears came.

"Darien, why? Why couldn't we have gotten married?"

'I wanna die, I just.....', more tears....'What has happened to us?.... God, why did this happen?.... I should go... No, I am not going after.... I need to talk to someone...'

Serena thought about her friends.... 'No, I can't talk to them.... Rei would tell me it's my fault or... Or she would want to kill him....', Tears ran down her face...'My mom, no she wouldn't understand.'

The person who came to mind was Britney.

'My friends at work, as Serena though about it. She realized she wasn't really friends with them.'

She stopped crying.

She got up out of bed and went to the phone. She got out the work number and called.

It rang. It continued to ring and ring... Finally Serena put down the phone.

Serena put down the phone

'I gotta do something... If I stay here I'll go crazy.'

Serena went to the bathroom

'Well, I'm all dressed', she tried to put on some make up, but tears started flowing again.

'Damn.', she banged her fist on the counter. Her hand went down her face.

'What am I-'


'It could be Darien, I really don't..'

It rang again, Serena walked over to the phone.


"Damn girl, you called me."

"Britney.", she said relieved.

"Whatcha doin callin me ten at night?"

"My boyfriend....", Serena started crying.

"Whoa girl... Tell it to me slow."

So Serena did.

"You wanna come over?"


"Better still, I'll come over there."

"But....", Serena thought about how large Britney was. She knew she would have a hard time getting over.

"Don't worry, just give me the address and tell me how to get there."

Serena did.

"Now, don't do anything foolish, just wait for me to get there. Promise?"

"Britney, I...-"

"Just promise me."

"Okay, I promise."

"Good, just go to bed."


"Or watch T.V., just... Wait."


Serena put down the receiver.

Serena noticed she was in the dark. She put a few lights on. Sh looked around. There was the T.V., she didn't want to watch that.

'Darien, how could you? After all we've been through.'

Tears started to come again.

'No, I won't cry.'

Serena shut her eyes tight. 'Damn.'. She went to her bedroom and lay down. She got up and turned on the radio.

"You were everything, everything that I wanted.", Avril Lavigne sang.

'Oh, for crying...', Serena decided to let it be and lay down on the bed listening to the radio.

Her eyes watered as she listened to the songs. She shut them tight.

Just as Serena thought she couldn't stay in bed anymore, the buzzer went off, she rushed to it.


"Hi hon, ya mind letting me in?"

Serena pressed the button.


Serena could hear Britney coming up the stairs.

"Knock. Knock."

Serena rushed to the door and let her in.

Britney took one look inside and said, "We better go to my place."


"Honey, I'd probably fall through those wood floors. 'Sides I don't think I can get in Get your stuff and c'mon."

"I.....'Yeah, I don't want to be here anyway.'. I'll be a few minutes.

"I'll be downstairs."

Serena got her stuff together, and a few minutes later met Briyney downstairs.

"What kind of... Is that a truck?", Britney, who was standing beside what seemed to be some kind of huge vehicle.

"Get in the back."

Serena got in

Britney got in the front and they drove off.

"What kind... I mean what is this?"

"This is something a friend of mine made. Y'see, I do deliveries sometimes, and I'm a mite big for some cars. So, I get around in this."

The vehicle was almost as long as a limo and Britney took up the space where the front and back seats would be. It was as wide as a truck.

"I gotta drive very carefully in this."

"I can....sniff."

'Look hon, we'll be there in a bit, don't go to pieces on me."


A few minutes later they arrived.

"But this is....", they were at Mama Tamberlanes.

"Yeah, I live in the floor above. C'mon."

Britney went to the front doors and unlocked them She told Serena to wait and went inside.

."C'mon in, I had to urn off the alarms."


"Sure. Can't be too careful."


Serena smelled that delicious blend of smells again. But it only mad her sadder. She wiped her eyes. Britney locked the doors, hit a light and led her to the second floor. They reached a door.

"Let me unlock the door.". In front of them was a huge door. Which seemed to make Britney look small. She put the key in and turned, then she pulled with both arms.

"That's two doors."


Britney went in and hit the light. Serena followed.

"Wow this is huge."

Serena looked around. The place was spacious. All the furniture was made to fit someone very large. Even larger than Britney.

"Big, ain't it?"

"Big... Big isn't the...."...Tears started coming down her face again.

"Darien, he's-"

Britney cam over and hugged her, "Shhh. Let it out."

Serena put her head on Britney's shoulder and cried. Britney stood there holding her.

"C'mon hon, I'll put you to bed.", Britney slowly led Serena to another room. As they entered she flipped the light. Serena had simply kept on crying. Britney got her to the bed and sat her down.

"Now, you get into bed and I'll get you something."

Serena caught Britney's wrist. "Please don't leave."

"You gonna be able to sleep."

"Could you.... Could you stay with me?"

"I... I don't .... Alright for a while."

Britney got Serena into the bed. Then got in with her.

"Can you.... Just hold me for a while."

"....... ", Britney let her actions speak for her. She put her arms around Serena and held her.

"Thank you."

Britney could feel Serena shake, so she stroked her head, "Shh.", after a while it seemed Serena had stilled.

Serena coukldn't help but feel this pain, after all she had been together with Darien for so long.

'Darien.', thinking about him made her sad and a more than a little scared.

'He almost...'

She felt Britney stroking her, 'I'm safe now... If I were Britney's size....... I wish I could be...', Serena stopped shaking, falling to sleep, not realizing her thoughts were echoed by the one who held her.

After Serena fell to sleep, Britney tried to get out of bed, but Serena held her tight.

'Guess I'm not going to get much sleep tonight. Britney knew if she fell to sleep, she might turnover and smother Serena. The night passed on, finally about 3 A.M., Britney was able to get out of bed.

"Mmm, Darien.", Serena said sleepily.

"Just go back to sleep hon."

"No, Darien, don't!"

"It's only a dream, go back to sleep."

"Ahhhh!!!", Serena woke up. She broke out in a cold sweat. "Hhh, hh, hhh, hhh."

Britney came to her side of the bed. "You okay?'

"Phew, yeah"

"Look hon... I gotta get some sleep."

"You... You didn't sleep?"

"I dozed."

"It... It's okay... I'm up now, and thanks."

"Hey, no prob.."

Serena got out of bed, "I feel better...Uh.."

"Mi casa es su casa."


"Make yourself at home."


"I'm going to go make myself some coffee. Is that alright?"

"Just wake me about seven, okay?"


Serena went to the kitchen and put on a light, while Britney got back into bed. She made herself a cup of coffee, then looked around for something to eat. She looked in the fridge and cupboards. But she didn't feel like eating.

'I... I'm not hungry? She took a sip of the coffee., 'Wow this is good.', the coffee however made her stomach rumble a little. She found some fruit on the counter and ate a banana. She then looked around some more, finding an exercise room.

'Wow, look at all this stuff.'

There were weights, a huge treadmill, a few huge mats, and something Serena wasn't sure what it was. She went up to it. She finished her coffee which she still held and went back to the kitchen, washed it and went back to the other room. She looked at the machine. There was a flat part which covered part of the floor, two footrests above it, there was a space between two poles a bar joining them on the top and two handrests.

'Oh, this is for lifting.', she got onto the footrests, put her hands around the the handgrips, and tried lifting herself. She made five good lifts before she had to stop.

She got off the machine and rubbed her arms. 'I wonder if Britney does this. Probably.

Serena turned off the light. Got the light in the kitchen Went quietly and got a book out of her stuff then went to the front room And sat down and read.

The time passed quickly, Serena looked up at the clock, it was 5 A.M... Serena got up took a shower woke Britney and went to work. While there she noticed how different her coworkers were from Britney. Serena found also she couldn't eat. She could barely eat anything. At the end of the day she got a visitor.


He looked like he was in a bad mood, which was hard for Andrew.

"Serena.... What's up with you and Darien?"

"I... I don't want to talk about it."

"Well I do!.. I'm sorry... It's just that... He...He seems in bad shape."

"Goo-... Look, we... Had an argument, I just need some time.... No, what I mean is....-"

"Look, he's staying with me. Why don't you call him up?"

"I...",What happened went through her mind. "Did Darien tell you what happened?"

Andrew looked down..."He told me enough."

"Well then... He told you how he grabbed me and-"

"Sigh....", he looked at her..."I almost threw him out... Look, do you have anything you want to tell him?"

"I just need some time to think this through. To get over it.... Tell him.."...'Tell him to go to hell.'..."Tell him...", Serena took a deep breath. "Tell him I'll call him."

"He's going back to America tomorrow."


"Serena... You.... Bye. See you at the arcade.", Andrew left.

"Yeah. Bye."

Serena stopped by her apartment, her mom had called. She didn't want to talk to her, especially since her mother had gotten a call from Darien and was concerned. Serena went back to Britney's. Britney suggested she move in with her. At first Serena was unsure, but she thought of how unsafe she felt and said yes. Britney said she knew a friend who could sublet Serena's apartment. So they decided they would go the next morning and empty her apartment. Two weeks past. Serena had dropped 30 pounds because she couldn't eat, during the time some things happened which would have a profound affect on Serena.

Serena was at work when: "Hey Serena was that guy your boyfriend?", This was Alice, one of Serena's coworkers.

"What guy?"

"That blonde guy you were talking to?"

Serena crossed her arms, "No."

"Yeah, I sorta overheard-"

"You were eavesdropping?!"

With the look Serena gave her Alice backed up. "No, I just happened to overhear. So, your boyfriend dumped you?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Hmmmp.", as Alice went to do something else, Serena heard her say: "Bitch."

Serena shook her head.

During this time her mom had called, she had to explain that she was off with Darien. At first her mom had been more than a little upset. Especially when Serena wouldn't explain why. She didn't want to tell her mom what had happened, since if she did her father would probably kill Darien once he found out. And he might try to make her move back in. So she simply told her mom she and Darien had had an argument

Finally her mom said: "Maybe it's for the best.".

"For the best?"

"You've been engaged for nine years. Taking a break will let him see how special you are."


"Besides, a little argument isn't going to stop how you feel about him, is it?"


"And you can have the time you need to decide what to do with your life without worrying about him."


"Just remember, I'm hoping for grandkids while I'm still young."


"Bye honey.", Mrs. Tsukino got off the phone with a little laugh.

Another event occured over this period: Serena had felt unsafe using public transit, so had asked Britney to drive her home from work: In the morning she didn't feel so unsafe, it was at night when she felt a little frightened. At work she had been hearing little snippets of gossip about her. They stopped whenever she was noticed. It was after work one day when things came to a head. Serena was just getting out the door when:

'"Hey Serena, who's the fat cow who you've been hanging around with?", it was Alice.

"Yeah, that fat lady your girlfriend?", another coworker.

Serena glared at them, really looking at them: Some might call them beautiful, they were thin. They had perfect hair and nails, but as Serena looked into their eyes and faces: She could see the ugliness there. The anger just below the surface, the hate of those not like them and the desire to hurt.

"Excuse me.", Serena walked between them pushng past.



They followed her inside, until she got to the manager's office. They found something to do while waiting for Serena to come out.

"It's a shame Ms. Tsukino, you really are a good worker."

"Arigoto" (Thank you).

"I hope you might one day consider working here again."

"Perhaps... Bye."


With that Serena left the managers office.

"So?", there was Alice catching up with her as Serena was getting to the door.

Serena kept walking and got outside the two following.

"Report us to the manager?", the other grabbed her arm.

"No!", Serena pulled her arm back.

"So? What's going on?", Alice got in front of her.

"Get out of my way.", Serena pushed at her, to little avail. Serena could see Britney coming towards them.

"What's the matter? Y'know, you come waltzing in here, taking commissons away from us, acting all high and mighty: "Oh, my boyfriend, he's so wonderful."... Y'know you make-"

"Ahem.", there was Britney.

"Ge out of here you fat hoaaaar!"

Britney had lifted both of them up by their collars.

"You okay Ser."


"Let us down you... OOF."

Britney dropped them to the ground on their asses.



The look Britney gave them cut them off.

"C'mon Serena let's go."

"Just a minute."

Serena went back into the department store.

"Hey.", Alice got back up as did the other. She started after Serena, but Britney simply lifted them up again.

"Let us go, you oversized freak."


"I might not let you down so gently this time."

Serena came out of the store with the manager.

"I've been wondering why.....", his gaze fell upon Britney, his eyes widened.

"Yeah, yeah, ya don't see someone my size every day."

"Ahem yes.", he looked down, then back at the two girls Britney was holding.

"Uh, could you put them down."

Britney dropped them again.

"You bitch I'll sue."

"Alice, Iline."

They got up and straightened.

"Yes sir.", they said together.

"In my office now."

"Yes sir.", they said not as energetically. They trudged inside.

"Well, Ms Tsukino... I have to apologize-"

"That's alright."

"No, I've had several girls quit, not saying why."

"And I want to thank you uh..."


"Uh yes.", he held out his hand. She shook it.

"Quite a grip.... Yes well, I'll have to see what to do with those two. But the security tape should corroberate your story."

"Uh, yes, thanks bye.", Serena headed to the truck.

"Uhm, if I could thank you somehow."

"Here's my card, I'll send over a few goodies, if you like them, you can order from me."

"Uh, I was thinking over... dinner."

"I got a boyfriend hon.", she gave him a slap on the butt. "Maybe later."

"Uh yes."

Britney ambled to the truck.

"Uh.. Bye."

She got in.

"Phew, I'm glad that's over.", Serena said.

"Over?... Don't you work there?", Britney asked as they drove off.

"I quit."

"Ah. Well good for you hon."

They drove back, chatting a little, Serena didn't want to say what was really on her mind. Finally they were back. They got out of the truck and headed to the door.

"You making dinner again?", Britney asked.


"I'm putting on weight hon."

"That's because you're doing all the eating."

"Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that."

"Sigh. 'Kay."

Britney unlocked the door, Serena waited outside as she turned off the alarm.


Serena went in, "You really gotta tell me the code soon."

"Employees only."


They went upstairs, Britney unlocked the door and they went in.

Over supper, once Serena had cooked it they talked. Britney got Serena to talk about her drastic weight loss. At first Serena didn't want to talk about it. But Britney coaxed her and she told her she just didn't feel hungry. After some more talking, Serena came to the realization that it was because of Darien that she wasn't able to eat. Once she realized that, they talked some more and Serena started to eat again. as they talked Serena realized something.

'I... I want.... But..', she felt a steely resolve, 'Yes, I want to.'


"Yeah Ser?"

"I... I want to....."


"You know?", Serena turned red.

"Alright, I won't drag it out. You're hired."

"Really... Thanks."

"Same deal goes though."


"Three days without pay."

"But.... Ah, fine."

"Great. You start tomorrow."

".....Grumble. Fine."

"That was great, I'm heading out."


"Sure, I got deliveries to make and I'm going to see my boyfriend."


Britney headed out. Sernea watched T.V. for a while but then felt hunger pangs. She cooked herself a big meal and ate a second time that evening.

'Boy after not being able to eat, my appetite has come back with a vengeance.'

After Serena studied a little and then went to bed. Britney came back about midnight.

"Brit, that you?", Serena asked sleepily.

"Yeah, go back to sleep See you in the morning."


They both slept the night and Serena got Britney in the morning. For the next two days, Britney had Serena cleaning She would wash the walls, the floors, clean dishes, while Britney cooked and took care of the cash and ate if there was an overload of stock. Which there always seemed to be. On the second day Serena confronted Britney about it.



"Why don't I cook anymore?"

"Look hon, you're a trainee, if I say clean, you clean. Got it."


"No you look, you left because.... I don't want you to leave again."

"I won't leave... I want to cook, I want to help more than this. I can see your wearing yourself out."

"I've done this a lot longer without-"

"But not with as many customers, right."

"...... I like having.... I just think that if you cook you won't want to stay."

"Of course I'll stay!"

"Even if you gain weight!!"

Serena closed her eyes. She opened them and looked at Britney hard: "I... I want to gain weight."

"........You're... You're kidding."

"No, I've never been more serious in my life.... I want... I want to be big."


"That's a customer, we'll talk about this more tonight."

Serena stared hard at Britney, ".... Fine."

Serena made it through most of the day, Britney still kept her to cleaning. Every once in a while Britney would give her look, the look would ask: "Are you crazy?", and Serena would look right back. Britney would shake her head and hurry off to do something. Near the end of the day however Serena needed to talk to Britney.


"Look Ser, were busy."

"Yeah but-"

"Look we'll talk tonight, OKAY!!"


The day finally ended. Things were tense in the time before supper. Britney wouldn't talk to Serena, or hardly talked to her. Serena went about the task of preparing the meals. Britney had retreated to the tub.

'That girl, what is she thinking.', Britney thought sitting in the tub. Meanwhile Serena was thinking things over. She remembered that night with Darien and how she had felt so defenseles. She also remembered how easily Britney had lifted up those girls.

'Yes, I want to be big. I want to be strong. I.... I want to be.... Fat!'

As Serena waited for Britney to come out of the tub, she looked at her arms.'They're so thin.', she closed her hand around her arm. 'I am so thin.', she put her hands to her chest, 'My breasts, they're so small now. I have got to put on some weight.'

Britney got out of the tub and toweled herself off. She put the towels in a hamper and got out one to put around herself. She then made her way to her room. Serena met her halfway there.


"Look, lemmee get dressed, kay."

".... Fine."

Britney made the rest of the way to her room, while Serena went and set the table.

(Okay, I've got to say that I don't know too much about sizes for larger sized women, or BBW's. So I'm going to do the best I can here. If someone sends me some kind of list of sizes, or if I find out more and don't like how this has gone, I may do a rewrite. So sorry if I'm wrong. Now on with this.)

"What's that?", Serena asked as she sat down.

"We're gonna discuss what you said after dinner."


Britney gave her a look.


They ate in silence, each thinking they're own thoughts Dinner and desert were over with. Britney looked Serena straight in the eyes.

"So, you wanna get fat?"

Serena didn't expect Britney to come out and say it like that. Nor did she expect this attitude.

She blinked three times, then looked Britney right back: "Yes."

Britney rubbed her chin, she nodded her head in thought: "Okay, I want you to do something for me."


Britney pulled something out of the bag. It was a bra, it was the biggest bra Serena had ever seen.

"C'mon, let's go to the living room."

Britney carrying the bra in one hand and the bag in the other went, Serena followed.

"Okay, put this on."


"Try it on."

Serena took the bra and held it in front of her as best she could.

"How... How big?"

"130 inches."

"Wow. I..... Wow!"

"Hhh, okay, put it down."

Britney pulled something else out of the bag. It was a dress.

'My God, that's....'

"Try this on."

Serena put the dress over her head and wore it as best she could It was like a tent on her. Britney came in front of her and oulled on the front of the dress.

"You want to be able to fit this?"


"Alright, take it off."

Serena had some trouble with it, but finally got it off.

"Okay.....", Britney closed her eyes then opened them, "You wanna be my size..... Well... I wanna diet."

Serena's eyes widened... "You want to lose weight?"

"Look... You got what most girls dream of-"


"Let me finish, you're thin. You could be a model. You got those great blue eyes, you're blonde. Long legs.", before Serena could interrupt again Britney waved her to be quiet. "Now, size matters, now, if I want to get my way: It's easy. Or if I want most guys, I don't have much trouble. But, more than a few people look at you like there's something wrong with you. And it's tough to get through doors. I like being big. I like being able to get what I want. Nobody really argues with you when you're my size. But it's hard too. I've always been big. Working at the shop made me bigger. I just want to know what's it's like to be thin.", Britney nodded her head. "So, if you still want to be big... Fat, I'll help you. But I want you to help me to diet."

Serena clasped her hands together, looked down She raised her head: "Right.", they shook hands.

"We start after tomorrow."

"What, why then?"

'I want you to have a full day to think about what you want to do... Also, you're still on probation."

Serena smiled and a little laugh came out of her: "Right."

Now that that was out of the way Serena and Britney both relaxed. They spent the night watching T.V. and after went to bed.

The night passed, Serena had a few dreams which left her wet in the morning, but she couldn't quite recall. She seemed to dream something about Andrew.

The day went by slowly. Serena thought about what it would be like to be big. She also wondered why Britney wanted to lose weight Britney had her do cleaning, again. If Britney made a mess cooking, Serena cleaned it up. She was getiing tired of it. And finally the day ended.

At dinner Britney said:

"Look, if you want to get to my size, there's more to it than just eating."

"Like what?"

"If you want to be able to move, you have to work out."

"I have to exercise?"

"Sure, I do a lot of exercise. So will you."

"Yeah, I exercise too. In fact if you want to lose weight, you'll have to exercise."

"So we both got our own plans. I guess we'll have to follow each other's huh?"


An hour after dinner, Britney brought Serena to the bathroom.

"What are we doing here?"

"We're going to weigh in."


"I wanna see the rate at which I'm losing hon. And how fast you gain."


Britney went to the cupboard and pulled out a big scale.


"It's electronic."

"Whaddya mean?"

Britney got it to the floor and stepped on. She started taking her clothes off.

"What are you doing.", Serena couldn't help but admire Britney's body, although she wasn't too attracted by her big belly.

"Gotta strip down to get a good reading."


Britney stepped on

"520 pounds."

"Wow it talks."

"Yeah your turn."

Serena went to get on the scale.

"Take your clothes off."


"To get a good reading. You can leave your bra and panties on."

Serena got undressed.

'She's so thin, I can see her bones.'

"100 pounds."

Serena got off and put her clothes back on.

"Brit, you can get dressed now."

"Uh, would you mind handing me my dress? It's on the floor."


'I can't really bend down to get it."

'Right.", Serena bent over and handed it to her.

"Thanks.", Britney slipped it over her head and got it back on.

"Do you wanna go out?"

"Hon, my feet are killing me. I'm gonna stay in."

"Hhhhh, guess I will too then."

So, they stayed in. Serena did invemtory on the computer, while Britney soaked her feet. after Serena was done, she went out for an errand. When Serena came back. She rang up and Britney let her in and went back to bed. Serena put some groceries in the fridge. Left some fruit on the counter, then went to bed.

Serena and Britney got up early for breakfast the next morning Serena did the cooking and Britney waited at the table. When Serena brought Britney her breakfast. Britney freaked.

"What's this?!!!"

"Your breakfast."

"I see eggs, but where's the bacon, toast. Hell, I don't see any pancakes. What's with all the fruit?!!"

"If you want to lose weight, you'll have to change your eating habits."

"Look, I need a good breakfast to get through the day."

"I see you have plenty to eat."

Serena had three eggs, a lot of bacon,sausages, toast, and pancakes.

"Give me some of yours."

"I have to eat if I'm-"

"Look hon, you're going to be eating plenty today. Best not to fill up on breakfast."


"Trust me, don't fill up on this."

"But, if I don't-"

"If you eat the extras, you'll fill out in no time."

"Fine, I'll put some of this in the fridge."

"Wait a-"

"No, sugar and carbohydrates are the worst thing for you right now. You'll need fruit, vegetables and plenty of water."

"I'm HUNGRY!!!"

"You'll be snacking through the day, it's better to eat plenty of small nutritious meals then to fill up on one big fattening one. But..."

Serena slid three pancakes onto her plate.


Serena slid one more.


"No, if you aren't going to be able to stick to some kind of regime, this is useless."

"Rrrrr, fine."

Serena went and put half of her meal in the fridge, as she came back, she noticed that Britney was eating.

"Okay Ser, these fruits aren't bad, but I need protein."

"At supper tonight."

"Look, if I exercise more, can I eat more?"

"Mmmm, I suppose, but you have to do the right kind of exercise. Why?"

"This kind of meal won't get me through the day."

"I'm gonna have to maybe tweak this diet for you."

Serena went back into the kitchen and got out the half of the stuff she had put in the fridge and gave it to Britney.

"This is still small."

"You want to lose weight, you have eat less of fattening foods and more good foods. Maybe I should-", Serena was reaching for the food.

"Okay, okay.", Britney put a hand up and Serena stopped, they ate breakfast and after got ready for the work day.

Serena was once more cooking, and she was glad of it, she had tired of just cleaning. Over the day, Britney would bring Serena stuff to eat. She would have some cookies, a few eclairs, croissants. Serena would cook, while Britney took the front counter. Every once in a while Britney would bring back some of what Serena cooked and Serena would eat it. As for Britney, Serena had set up healthy snacks which Britney would eat when hungry, such as fruits and nuts.

(I don't know why, but I've been having trouble with getting on with this. Part of the reason is because I don't know what a woman's size changes are. Also I've been preoccupied with trying to do something with my life. Also, well at any rate, I'm going to try to get to the good part now. One final thing, I've read fics where one character tries to lose weight while the other one gains: But they both end up gaining, I wanted to try where one character actually loses. Now on with the show.)

Serena started gaining as Britney started losing. Over a month Serena gained 50 pounds as Britney lost 70.

Serena noticed a new fullness, as Britney found her stomach and hips go down. Serena now weighed in at 150, while Britney had gone down to 450.

"Wow Brit, everthings bigger, my boobs, butt, everything."

"Yeah, well, your stomach hasn't grown."

"Huh, why would I want a bigger stomach?"

"Well hon, a lotta body strength can come from the stomach. Plus yer gonna need something to hold your boobs up."

"Well. I..-"

"Ya been working out, ain'tcha."

"Why? Is there something wrong with that?"

"Well hon, ya gotta work out the right way."

"What do you mean?"

"Look, ya gotta go for muscle development, not to lose fat."

"Isn't working out all the same? Okay there are some different types of working out

There's working out to gain muscle mass. Then there's working out to lose weight. There's a whole bunch of things you can focus on.


"The point is that, hon, you've been working out the wrong way."

"I have?"

"YES hon, you have."

"Then, how do I work out?"

"Sigh I think I told you this before, but, I'll try telling you again: You're trying to devolop muscle mass. That means working out with weights. Or better yet, doing push ups, while you can."

"While I can? What does that mean?!!"

"How big you wanna get?"

"I.... I want to get as big as I can."

"Well then you may get too big to do push ups."

"Too big? TOO BIG?!! How can I get too big? I mean that's... That's-"

"Calm down hon. Nobody said you had to get that big. But you're belly, or other parts may get to the point where you can't do push ups."

"Whaddya mean?"

"Look hon, do I have to spell it out for you?-"

"But, that's... I mean....-"

"Fine hon, I'll show you."

Britney started to try to kneel. Her huge belly and legs pushed against each other. Her arms not able to make it past her breasts.

"Whoa Britney, stop."

"Phew, so you, see."


"Okay, stay there a minute, let me get something."

Britney came back a few minutes later. She had a roll of something in her hands.

"What's that?"

"Measuring tape."

"What are you going to measure?"


"Us?! :Serena


"I'm not sure I want to be measured."

"C'mon girl, it'll be fun."

"Sigh fine."

"You go first Brit."

"No, you."

"But... I don't wanna."

"Fine, crybaby."



"A friend of mine used to call me that all the time."

"I can see why."

Serena simmered.

"Just ribbbing ya. Okay go ahead.", Britney handed the tape to Serena.


"You think I can measure myself."


Serena got behind Britney.

"Wait a minute hon.", she pulled her dress over her head.

"There, okay, go ahead."

"Okay, let's see, your bust is... Wow... 95 inches."

"Damn, I went down. Knew... Hell it's going to keep happening. Oh well....", she hefted her breasts.

"Had to happen sometime girls."

"Brit, you sure about this?"

"Aw, c'mon, hell ya I'm sure, now keep going."

Serena had been lingering around Britney's breasts.

"Uh, right.... Waist...130 inches."

"Well that's gone down too."

"By how much?"

"Hh. enough... You mind?"

"Oh sorry... Hips 140."

"140, what?"


"Just... Okay, your turn.": Britney


Serena handed Britney the measuring tape.


"Hey hon, I don't go that way."


"Get undressed."


"I want to take an accurate reading."


Serena started undressing with Britney behind her.


'What am I thinking.', Serena thought, 'She could rape... No..She wouldn't.', Serena was undressed.

"Okay, bust 42."

"42... 42... How can I have a 42 inch bust."

"Well, you do.", Britney groped them before Serena could.

"Hey!", she would've spun around if Britney hadn't held her solid."

"About a Double D cup."

"Hold on I can't be that big. I was barely a C cup."

Britney let go

"Okay, waist, 36 inches."

"That big?"

"Hon, that's small."


Britney's hands didn't move.

"Uh, you can move your hands now."

"Uh, right."


"46, that's huge."

"Relax hon."

"46, 46, forty...", at first Serena sounded scared but then: "46.. I've got 46 inch hips. Wooo." She turned and hugged Britney.


"Sorry.... I'm getting bigger."

"Yeah, but I'm concerned about your tummy."


"Look, from now on you work out the way I say, got me."

"Yes ma'am."

"I'm serious."


The next day after work, Serena decided to go out shopping. Everything was going fine, until she noticed two guys following her.

'Oh damn.', she didn't turn around, she simply ducked into the first store she could.

"Hi!", she said to the rather large man at the counter.

"Hi, what can I get for you?"

Serena looked around, she had stepped into a fast food joint.

"Oh well... Uhm actually, there's some guys following me."

"Right.", the man came from behind the counter and went outside. There was a bit of yelling, than he came back in and got back behind the counter.

"Can I take your order now?"

"What happened?"

"Sigh; those kids come around here up tp no good, I've had to kick they're asses a couple of times now."

"Those didn't look like kids to me."

"Well I think of them as just kids, now, you going to order?"

"Right, two burgers, two fries and a chocolate shake."

"To go?"

"For here."

"Right.", he spoke into the mike: "Two rb's, f's and shake.", to Serena; "Small, medium or large?"


"Right... Large."

'Which is what I hope to be soon.', Serena thought.

"You sure you can handle that?"


A few minutes later the order came. As Serena got her food and sat down she noticed a few stares. At first she started to put her head down. But then:

'If yer gonna be big hon, ya gotta act like it.', Britney's voice came in her thoughts. So Serena held her head up high and ate, even meeting a few stares. One old lady looked away and "Hhmmphed.", Serena just kept on eating.

She got up, put her stuff in the trash, went to the bathroom amd paid.

"Boy I wish my girlfriend had your appetite."

"You, thanks.and thanks again."

'Those kids should be gone now, if they're still there, come and see me, my name's Rob."

'Thanks, I'm Serena. Bye."


'No wonder those kids were chasing her', Rob thought, 'She's too damn sexy for her own good, aw well.'

Serena got back to Mama Tamberlan's without too much incident. Britney eventually got the story out of her.

"I told you hon, ya got too much weight, up here, Britney poked Serena in the chest. And not enough in the other places."

"Like where?"

"We need to get your arms bigger, yer legs are big enough, but ya need more upper body strength."

"My tummy."


"Lemee think about it,"

"Britney gave her a look."

"But, I wanna get big real fast."

"You sure about that... I... We can do it, but be sure, because it can be like a roller coaster ride, you start out slow, than things speed up and it's hard to stop."

"Yes I'm sure."


"Ya got the new clothes?"

"I, uhm, I sorta forgot."

"Hhh, fine I'll go get them tomorrow. Okay, the next weigh ins, in two weeks."

"So soon?"

"After I'm done with you. You'll.... You'll see."


The two weeks passed quickly. Britney noticing the new clothes fitting her less, while Serena had a complaint.

"Brit, all these clothes are too big for me."

"That won't last long trust me. Besides you got the belt, and you'll grow into the T-shirts."


As the first week past Serena had noticable growth. She was dying to weigh herself, but Britney wouldn't let her. At night Serena had taken to admiring her growing form in the mirror. Britney had given in and let her have panties, they more than a few times would become wet.

'Wow, my tits are getting so big.', Serena thought one night as she admired herself. 'So's my ass, but I look good.'

Britney would get up early in the morning and cook Serena some special goodies, besides eating those, Britney prepared a special shake for her. And a big dinner. At the end of every night, Serena felt like she might burst, but that wasn't all, Britney had Serena work out in the morning every day. She would do weights. And most important, she would do chin ups. Thus Serena wasn't just getting heavier she was maintaining herself.

The time was over.

"Okay hon, time to weigh in.", Britney.

"You... You wanna go first?"

"I can tell yer dyin to, go ahead."

Serena stripped, except for a t-shirt and panties

Serena got on the scale.


Serena jumped up and down, Britney grabbed her mid air.

"There's no way I can weigh 210, it's impossible!"

"Oof. Yer gettin heavy. Ya won't be able to do that for much longer or you'll break the scale."

"I'm.... 210?.... How?... I mean..... Wow! I'm...", Serena rubbed her breasts, "I'm getting big.": She rubbed her butt and hips: "Real big. Wow!"

"We're not done yet, let's measure you."

Serena had a big smile on her face: "Right!"

"Bust 52 inches."

"52?!", whoa

"Waist 42. Hmmm."

"Hips 56."

"Whoa, I am getting big."

"You been getting back aches?"

"A little."

"Sigh, we need to work on that tummy.": Britney

"Ya know-", Britney looked at her

"Yup, yer gettin big alright."

"Brit like I was saying."

"And I was-"

"They stared at each other, than burst out laughing."

"You go first Serena, it's your body."

"I... I've been looking at myself, and I don't mind if my belly gets bigger.... Just as long as I can move around."

"I've noti... Well, rather heard yer looky looks."


"It's fine, I've done it myself on occasion."

"Hmm, you ain't spying on me."

Britey's eyes closed: "Hhhh."


"S'fine, yer gettin to be real sexy. But if you keep this up, a lotta guys, well stuck up assholes won't find you sexy."

"That's fine. I've had enough of stuck up asses."

"My turn."

Serena got off the scale and let Britney get on.



"You only lost 20 pounds?"

"Looks that way."

"But I've gained... Let's see, I was 150, now I'm 210, so I've gained...210-150, 200- 150-"

"You've gained 60 pounds."

"No way... I mean it just... It isn't-"

"Look, I know about food and how to get fat. Okay!"

"Fine, sorry."

"No, it's just that I told you, you would get big fast. Now do you believe me."

"Phooo, yeah."

"Sides, 20 pounds in two weeks, that's good, that's ten pounds a week."

"Yeah, but maybe we should-"

"NO way! I am not going to eat more rabbit food than I am now!"

"Hhhn, fine...", Britney stared at her..."For now.", Serena couldn't help but add.


Serena nodded.

"Okay, may I?", Britney got behind her.

"Oh, c'mon!"

"Do you wanna know or not?"


Britney felt Serena's breasts.

"Double E."

"How do you know?"

"Used to work in the lingerie department. Women like having someone female, and... Matronly do this. Especially female, but being big doesn't hurt."


(Here we go again. If it feels like I'm rushing it a little, well I am. Now on with the fic.)

Serena and Britney, wathced some T.V. after weighing in. While Britney was eating nuts, soup, fruit and diet meals. Britney had Serena on pork chops, potatoes and some veggies. With a very thick shake.

"Brit, what's in this shake?"

"Don't ask. Just drink it."


"I don't ask you what's in those meals you make for me, do I?"

"Sigh, no."



After her meal, Serena had choclate and more choclate.

"C'mon Brit."

"Look hon, you're living every woman's dream, or one of them, to eat as much as you want and not care."


After an hour of digesting they went to bed about ten.

Over the next while, Serena could tell she was getting bigger. The clothes while still very, very loose seemed to get a little smaller each day. Britney was slowly losing: However she was still losing at a much lower rate than Serena was gaining. Everyhting was fine until:

"Ring, ring."

'Huh, what's that?', Serena.

"Ring, ring."

"Damn.", Serena was getiing out of bed, she was halfway up when it stopped.

'Britney must have gotten it.', Serena went back to sleep.

"Beep, beep, beep."

Serena hit the snooze alarm. Then ten minutes later got out of bed. She put on a t-shirt and was going to help prepare breakfast. As she got to the kitchen, there was Britney dressed with a jacket on.


"'Bout time, you're ten minutes late."

"Sorry, the phone went off and I was in a deep sleep."

"Fine hon, here.", Britney handed Serena a piece of paper.

"What's this?"

"The code for the alarm, your going to be opening."

"WOW! Really?... But wait, what about-"

"I got deliveries to do. They have to be done."

"This early?"

"I.... I been letting them slide."


"Never mind! You're going to open and take care of the rest."


"Most of the stuff has been taken care of. Just man the cash. If you have to cook, I know you're good enough to watch the cash and cook stuff."

"But I never really learned how to use the cash register."

"Yer kidding."

"No, I've been in the back cooking all the time."

"Hhhhhhh, okay, c'mon I'll show you.", they went over to it.

"Right all prices are on this paper. You look, cupcakes are 3.00 dollars for one. Dozen is priced here.", Britney pointed.

"Three dollars for one..?"

"Those are quality cupcakes. But we do have sales once in a while. Anyway, include tax and the price comes up."


"Fine I'll show you. Get behind the counter."

So Serena did.

"Can you see?"

"No.", Serena leaned closer.

She didn't really notice Britney's blush.

'Damn, what am I thinking.'

"You okay Brit?"

"Yeah, now watch.", Britney put in the amount for a cupcake, added the tax and brought it up: "Ya saw?"

. "Yeah, I saw."

"Good, any problems?"

"Well...Heck Brit, it's going to be my first time doing it. I don't know if I can."

Britney rubbed her chin..:"Maybe you're right....Tell ya what, why don't we take the day off. We'll open tonight."


"No, it's decided, we'll open tonight."


"Serena! Who's in charge gal?!"



"You...You are."

"That's right..Who... Hhhhh.", Britney noticed Serena's crestfallen expression..."Look hon, it's not that I think you're not ready. It's just not time for you to man the cash."

"But I can do it. I can."

"One: Give me the time to teach you to do it. And.....", Britney was thinking.

"And what?"

Britney put her hand on Serena's shoulder: "Can you trust me gal to say that you'll get your chance soon enough?"

Serena closed her eyes and nodded her head: "Fine." few minutes later Britney had left. She had said something to Serena and left a note on the door.

'Hmmph.', Serena thought: 'I can't believe she doesn't trust me enough to watch the cash.... But she said there was a reason. I don't know.'

Serena decided to go back to bed for a while. It was about 6:30 in the morning when she had gotten up. So she decided she'd profit by sleeping for a while. She lay in bed thinking.

'I'm getting fat. Every day I'm getting a little fatter.'

Her hand started to stray downwards as she thought of this. She stopped it.

'Maybe I'm getting too fat.... Who does Britney think she is? I can handle the cash. Heck in my last job I had to handle the cash every once in a while. Sure I made mistakes, but I barely had the chance to do it. I was too busy helping people. And heck we had a cashier.'


Serena looked at the clock, a half hour had past.

'Great.', Serena knew why she couldn't sleep. She could feel it coming.


'I'm hungry. Damn... No..'

She remembered what Britney had told her.

"Look hon, I know you well enough to know that you're a little mad at me."

"No, I'm not.", Serena

"Just promise me you won't open the store."


"Please hon, I gotta do these orders, and I don't want to have to worry."

"Fine. Hmmph."

"Also, promise me you won't torture yourself."


"You..... Look, just don't torture yourself because of me, alright?"

"Why would I torture myself?"

"Can you promise me that?"

Serena shook her head: "I don't get it."

"You... I need you tonight, to work, I'll be really tired, so you gotta keep me on my toes."

"Right... What's your point."

"I need you in tip top shape."

"Hhhhhh, just go already."

"Fine, just remember what I said, okay?"


And Britney had left. Now Serena was lying in bed not able to sleep because she was hungry.

Serena looked at the clock



'Now, I'm torturing myself... I'm hungry and I don't want to eat....Just like Britney said.'


'I'm...I'm....I'm just so mad, doesn't she trust me? She said she did. And yet.'

Serena remembered a conversation she and Britney had:

"Brit, you can't have ribs and pork."

"Look hon, we agreed, once a week, one meal, I can eat whatever I want."

"Yeah, but.... I know you have choclate every once in a while and...-"

"Look hon, I need a good meal once in a while. Not always rabbit food."

Serena rubbed her face: "That's great, no.... See ya later.", and Serena had left.

"Aw c'mon gal. Come back."

But Serena didn't, it was one of the few arguments they had.

Serena mulled it all over in her mind.

'I'll diet... No I don't want to diet.'

She looked at the clock: 7:28. She turned back and closed her eyes.

'That's it, I'll do a bit of exercise the way I want to. Just to slow down a little.'


Serena got out of bed and went to make herself something to eat. She ate a lot as had become the norm for her. She went back to bed set the alarm and slept. She woke up, felt hungry again and ate. As she was looking in the fridge, she found some shakes with her name on them.

'Well, bottoms up.', she drank two. Serena after that felt sleepy again.

'Damn I wanted to exercise.', she went back to bed. Once more setting the alarm before she did.

"Beep, beep"

Serena hit the alarm.

2 p.m.

'That was a good sleep.', Serena didn't feel hungry at the moment, Britney wasn't here, now was the time she could exercise. She got out a t-shirt and a pair of jogging pants and changed, she headed to the gym.

She did some sit ups. Or at least tried to, although her stomach wasn't too big: Serena now found it soft. She did fifty and stopped.

'Britney said to first let it grow, but...'

She then did some jumping jacks. She did a hundred and worked up a sweat.



'Great, I'm hungry again.'

Serena went and had a chocolate cake Britney had set aside for her. After that Serena went down to the kitchen and began to cook stuff for later, so that they would be ahead. As she finished:

"Hey hon."

"Huh?", Serena jumped: "Oh Brit, you scared me."

"Hmm.", Britney rubbed her chin: "You been working out?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Yer wearing sweats for one."

"Oh, well, a little."

"An, you cooked some stuff."


"Serena, you know damn well that our customers like there stuff baked while..."

Britney's hands went down her face.

"Well, c'mon I... You alright?"

Britney's left hand clinched for a sec, Serena noticed.

"Hey, what's-"

"Everything's fine, go upstairs and shower."


"I'm in charge, go on."

Serena decided not to argue with Britney.

Serena went to the upstairs bathroom and got undressed, she looked at herself in the mirror.

'My face looks the same. My arms have only gotten, well they look normal now.'

She hefted her breasts: 'Got big here, my stomach only sticks out a little.... I'm... I'm not fat yet... Do I want to be?'

Serena closed her eyes and envisioned herself. Seeing herself swell. Seeing her body become larger. Her arms growing bigger, her tummy. Not just voluptuous, but fat.

"Hhh, hhh.":Yeah I want to."

Serena got in the shower and washed, as she did she thought.

'Britney must have a reason why she didn't want me to man the cash. Maybe I'm too inexperienced, maybe... I don't know, I mean I can deal with customers, right. I mean what's so different....'

Serena smacked her forehead with her free hand.

'Duh, I'm not trained to deal with customers here. I mean, I'm putting Britney on a diet. I'd probably be discouraging people from buying.'

Serena smiled: 'Sorry Brit, now I understand.'

Serena finished her shower and got out. On the door there was a note.

"Take the night off I can handle things..... Also I want you to think carefully about your decision.":

It was signed: "Britney."

"What the....? Nah I guess I goofed, now I guess she's letting me know. My decision?", Serena nodded her head: "To gain weight, but I already know."

Serena went to the fridge to get something to eat.

(Okay, sorry to disturb this, but must note, this is fanfiction. It is fiction. I will be..... Playing around a little with how much a person can gain, so sorry to offend. Yadda, yadda.)

(Just... Well, this is my first fat fanfic, my first serious one..... Okay, gotta note, some fans of Sailor Moon will probably send me hate mail. Before you do go look at Naoko's work. She once did a weight gain story in a manga. That's right. Which one? Who's Naoko? If you're asking the second question: Go look at some Sailor Moon info. That's it. No flames please without knowing which manga and who is Naoko Takeuchi. NOW on with the fic.)

Serena was sitting watching T.V. when she heard Britney come up the stairs. It was about ten thirty. Serena got up almost spilling her shake. Britney walked by without saying a word.

"Hmmmph.", Serena: But then Serena thought better of it and went to Britney's room.


Serena nodded her head: 'She must be dead tired from working by herself.... Still it's her own fault. Damn, I wanted to talk to her. Oh well.... Wait I know.'

Serena left the room and came back a few minutes later. She left a note taped to Britney's door.


Serena watched a little T.V., read a little, ate a lot. Later did exercise, the way Britney had taught her, and about twelve thirty went to bed.

"Knock, knock."

"Huh, wuzzat?": Serena: She looked at her clock: two thirty.

"I found yer note."

"Brit... Britney.", Serena said sleepily.

"Yeah, you wanted to talk?" "Hhhh, like the note said.... In the morning."


"Look, I need to sleep if I'm going-"

"I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry.", Britney

".... Huh?"

"Good night Serena."

"Hold it!", Serena was now awake.

"Look, I felt guilty. I just wanted to say that I shouldn't've been so mean."

"It's... I'm sorry too."

"Dang, guess we both been stupid. We'll talk in the morning, get up early."

"But, ahhh. Yeah, guess you're right. Night."

"Night.": Britney.

Serena fell back to sleep.

"Knock ,knock."

"Huh?", Serena looked at the clock, it was seven thirty in the morning.

'It's late, must've hit the snooze button.'

"Girl, we gotta talk."

"Huh? Britney, why didn't you wake me sooner."

"I figured I disturbed you last night, so I'd let you sleep."

"Oh..... Right.", Serena got out of bed and put on a nighty. Then realized.

"Hey Brit, hit the light, would you?"


Serena went to the drawers and started to get dressed.

"Uh, brit?"


"Uhm, could you give me a minute?"

"Oh, uh, sure, sorry."

Britney closed the door.

Serena took off her nightgown, and got dressed. The only thing a little tight was her panties, the rest too loose.

Serena opened the door and came out.

"Okay Brit, what is it?"

"We... We need to talk"


Serena followed Britney as they went to the front room.

"Why not the kitchen?"

Britney blinked, she sat down. Serena did the same.


"Sigh, this ain't easy for me. I have to ask you-"

Serena shot up: "I'm not fired, am I?"

Britney smiled and then laughed: "No hon ya ain't fired.", she made a motion with her hand for Serena to sit down. Serena did.

"So, what is it?"

Britney's finger rubbed her lips, she stopped.

"Hon, how serious are you about... getting fat?"

"A hundred percent."

"So, no cheating?"

"How... HOW can a person cheat when gaining weight?"

"Look hon, I want you to think very carefully about your answer, alright? Did you cheat?"

Serena looked Britney in the eyes. Her head lowered. She nodded.

"Yeah... I.... I can't believe I 'm saying this, yeah I cheated."

Britney nodded: "Gonna cheat again?"

Serena shook her head.

"...... Okay hon... I gotta ask: Do you really want to be fat?"


"Whoa... You sure, cause right now you ain't fat-"


"Lemmee finish... You wouldn't be able to get into most magazines. But there's more than a few that would take you."

Serena blushed, so did Britney, though Serena didn't see it.

"The point is hon, I wanna... Well you said you wanted to be fat-", Britney waved off Serena's interruption: "Ya see, I can....", Britney looked down...: "I can make you bigger faster.

"Fas...Fast... Faster?!!... That's impossible!!"

"No hon, it's not.", she once more waved off Serena's interruption: "I told you I know how to get fat. Right now your most men's wet dream though most wouldn't admit it.... And..."

Serena laughed: "Brit, c'mon, hhh, hhh, hhh. Okay for sake of argument, what's wrong with that?"

Britney smiled a little and sighed: "Those two guys?"

"What two..... Oh... C'mon, so what.... What's your point?!"

"The point is..... Look hon, you look great."


"If. If you want to stop now, I'll understand."

"What about you?"

"Don't ask."


"You answer first then me."

"That's childish."

Britney gave her a look.

"Fine, no I don't want to stop now."

"Okay, hon, but understand, after this I want to work on your stomach and arms for a while, if you keep going, I'm going to turn you into a big girl."

Serena nodded slightly, she liked the sound of that.

"So, if you want to stop, now's the time."

Serena shook her head: "No... But why do you want me to... I mean, why my arms and stomach?"

"I... I want you to get stronger. Bigger... And..."


"You won't have every guy in town trying to...."

"Rape me."

"Wasn't going ot say that."

"Let me think about it."

Britney got up.


Britney facefaulted.

"Just like that!"

"I said I wanted to get fat. So when do we start."


"Tomorrow, but..."

"We doing this or not."


"Okay, let's get to work. Two weeks, the weigh in."

"But, the month's almost over."

"Hhhhh, end of the month then, now let's get to work."

Serena had completely forgotten that the shop was open.

"But we opened last night."" Look hon, we work during the day. Last night just happened, now we got work."


Over the day Serena was on the usual diet. So was Britney, but something bothered Serena, she wondered why Britney wanted her big so fast, but in the hustle and bustle of the day she forgot about it.

Night came and Britney made Serena work out harder than usual. When Serena asked why Britney told her that she would be working out a little less, but only for the next two weeks. They later went to bed after watching T.V.

The next morning Serena's alarm went off at six. She got up showered, and went to find Britney, she was in the kitchen.

The kitchen was a bit of a mess.

"What's up?"

Britney jumped almost spilling the glass in her hand.

"Ya scared me, didn't expect you up for a while."

"We gotta work soon, don't we?"

Serena looked around, she saw chocate, lard, butter, cream, some diet powder containers, and weight gain stuff too.

"What's up?"

"Hhhh, just go into... Give me a bit of time, wiil you?"


"Sorry, just wanna do this on my own, okay."


"Don't be like that hon."

Serena shook her head: "Sorry."

Serena left and decided to go online, just for fun she put fat in as a search. There were some diet sites: Then Serena saw something interesting.

'A weight gain site?'


'Damn.', Serena shut down the computer and went to the kitchen.

She looked at the table. There was Britney's usual breakfast. But Serena noticed hers was smaller than usual.

"Hey Brit, what's going on?"

Britney sat down in a huge chair.

"Whaddya mean?"

"Well, my breakfast."

"Yeah, sit down and eat."

Serena sat down. She looked at Britney pointedly.


"C'mon, eat up, we got a long day ahead of us.:

"But, how I am I supposed to gain weight eating less?"

"Look, this is a new plan alright, I told you I would get you bigger faster, well, I will. Just eat up."

Serena shook her head: "Fine, whatever."

They ate in silence. Serena's breakfast, while smaller than usual was still big. So she was suprised at the end. She was just getting up when...

"You're not done yet."


"Sit down."

Serena sat back down. Britney went to the fridge and took something out. It was a big mug.

"What's that?"

Britney put it down in front of her: "Drink it."

"Is this what you were making this morning?"

Britney closed her eyes and shook her head.

"Serena, no more questions. okay. Hhhh, please just drink it."

Serena lifted the glass. She sniffed the contents. "Hey this smells good."

"Yeah I-"

Serena started gulping it down.

Britney grabbed it: "Not so fast girl, slowly."

Serena nodded guiltily and drank it more slowly.

"Urp.....Oooh, what was in that?"

"Did it taste alright?"

"Yeah.", Serena rubbed her tummy: "But."

"Then don't worry."

"Yeah, but I'm not sure that I can get up."

"C'mon girl.", Britney gently grabbed her arms and pulled.

"Urp.... Gimmee a few minutes, okay?"

"Hhhh, fine, just be in the kitchen in a few minutes, okay?"

"Yup, urp."

(Sorry to do this, don't know how good this will be. Just.... Never mind, at any rate. Trying to cut down the old smoking. Usually I smoke a ton of cigarettes while typing fics. Now I have to cut down. So if the style changes, I apologize. Now on with it. Oh if it gets better, yay.)

Britney was at the cash getting annoyed, just when she thought she couldn't wait anymore Serena came down.

"Girl, it's been fifteen minutes."

"Sorry, but whatever you gave me takes time to digest."

"Hhhh, fine just get to the kitchen."

"Right.", Serena went: "Urp."

'Damn, I thought she would have an easier time taking that down. Well, as she gets bigger it should get better.'

The day for a little while went by as usual. Serena in the back cooking while Britney was up front selling. It was as usual until:

"Oh hey Brit. What's behind-"

"Here.", Britney from behind her back had a glass.

"Brit.... I-"

"Look, just try it for a while. If it doesn't work out, we can try something else."

"Sigh, okay."

Serena started drinking fast again.

"Hey!! Slow down!"

She did. Serena slowly drank it. She finished and rubbed her belly.

"Brit, how long since the last one?"

"I gave you about an hour and a half."

"I... I...", Serenea leaned on the table.

"What is it?"

"I need to sit down."

"Hold on, I'll get you a chair."

It took Britney five minutes, while Serena massaged her stomach. Serena waited there burping. When Britney came she said Serena could sit down while she cooked. Over the day Serena did her best and it went alright.

The next day everything went the same until that night when Serena got sick. Britney held her head as Serena threw up into the toilet. Britney after Serena showered said she should tweak the shakes. But Serena told her not to. That she was eating too much with the shakes and would try to eat less while taking them. After three days of having trouble moving about after drinking the shakes Serena adjusted to them and was in fact asking Britney for more. Britney had to tell her to take it easy on them. She told Serena:

"Look hon, I said fast, I don't want you getting too big before your body can adjust."


"Here, have some chocate."


Britney, although lessening the amount Serena worked out: Still made her work out. In fact Serena could barely walk after the work out since Britney was making sure to focus on her legs.

"Ya gotta be able to lift that big, beautiful body of yours.", Britney

"I guess so still I'm getting a little thick in the middle, dont'cha think?"

"Look hon, it's good fer ya and yer starting to sound like me."


"No, s'alright. Big girl can talk however she wants."

'Big girl.', it gave Serena a warm feeling.

The days past, Serena noticing fast growth. Especially her stomach. Not exactly, the rest of her was getting bigger, but her stomach and arms were starting to catch up. She liked the fact her arms were getting larger. But, although she sometimes started to find her hand wandering downward when she looked in the mirror. She wasn't sure she liked having a big belly.

When Serena first started gaining weight she had a little more than slightly bottom heavy hourglass figure, however with Britney's shakes and the exercises, though Serena didn't know it: She was quickly getting a pear like figure, her legs and butt kept growing quickly, her stomach was not far behind, and her breasts while still getting huge: It seemed to Serena they weren't getting as big as fast.

The day of the weigh in came. Serena wanted to do it in the morning, but Britney insisted they wait till that night. So they did, when the time came, Britney seemed reluctant.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothin Ser.... How about you let me mesure you?"

"Uhm, don't we usually weigh in first."

"Yeah, but...", Britney looked down.

"What? Is somethin-"

"Just let me measure you alright."


Britney took out the tape measure as Serena stripped. Serena looked down.

'Well, goodbye feet.', since Serena couldn't see her feet over her girth.



"Okay, bust: Sixty-seven inches. You're a-"

"That's it: Sixty-seven inches?"

"Hey girl, you're huge, you're a triple G, I think."

"Triple G, whoa, still-"

"Okay, waist, seventy-five inches."

"Seventy-five.... My God, I mean, how, I thought I looked.... That's too big. I don't want a fat-"

"C'mon hon, it's fine."

"NO! I look pregnant. I hadn't checked.... I mean....-"

"Lemmee check your hips... Hips: eighty-five inches."



Serena carassed her hips, "Whoo, there big.... I'm.... I'm so... BIG!"

"Yup, glad you sound happy about it."

"I.... I am.", Serena did a jump.

"Careful girl, the floors strong, but if you growin at the rate you are.... You'll have to be more careful."


"Sigh. I explained to you before... Aw well, I guess that's it."

"Brit, you haven't weighed in, nor have I. Why not?"

Brintney lowered her head: "Okay, measure me."

She handed Serena the tape measure.

"Okay bust: Seventy-seven."

"Seventy-seven.... Well, am trying to lose weight, not bad."

"Waist: Eighty-eight inches."

"Hopin' my waist would go down a bit more, ahh.... Well."

"Brit, you ready to weigh in?"

"You... You first."

Serena got on the scale.

"Three hundred and eight pounds."

Serena froze.

"You alright hon?"

"I.... I'm really big.... ", Serena cupped her breasts. She then rubbed her belly and finally her hips.

"I'm hu... I'm big."

"S'okay hon, ya wanna-"

Serena went over and hugged Britney: "I'm big.... I'm big!!!"

"Calm down hon."

"Hhh, hhh, right.... Your turn....."

Britney looked at her and then got on the scale.

"Four hundred and ten pounds."


"Drop it, just drop it okay."


"Look, if you wanna stop, I-"

"No. No way. I.", Serena rubbed her belly, then hre breasts: "I wanna keep going, but-"

"Then, just drop it for now, okay?!!"


Serena and Britney quietly got dressed. They each were in their own thoughts

'Why isn't Britney losing weight? She is, but she should be losing much faster. Is she... No, she wouldn't.'

'The girl wouldn't understand, but she.... Am I doin the right thing? She said she wanted it. Am I takin' advatage?'


"You said drop it so I am. If your going to ask me to stop, don't, though I have one complaint."


"My boobs should be bigger."


I don't know why, but I think they should be bigger."

Britney nodded. "Fine, see what we can do."

Serena nodded back, "Great."

"I admit it, if we change some exercises, they should, well..."

"Hhh, hhh. Your embarrassed."

Britney turned red. "Look hon... Never mind."

Serena patted Britney on the back. They left once more in silence, but amicalble silence.

(Gonna rush here, I think, don't worry though, will try to put more story in later.)

Over the next two weeks, Serena tried making Britney's program a little more strenuous. As for Britney, she was as good as her word and Serena got more, or rather, the exercise program was a little more like before. Although more chest exercises. Britney wanted to slow down Serena's growth. She thought Serena was going a little too fast. But Serena said no. So Britney made sure she was strengthening her body to be able to handle it.

As the two weeks were coming to an end Serena was starting to have a problem. Into her second week, about nine days, she was noticing something.


"Yeah." It was during the day, Britney was at the cash.

"Can I talk to you about something?"

"Look hon, I'm busy.", someone was with her.

"Oh, can I meet her?", the other voice said. It was a woman.

"Elle, ya know I said no.:


"Serena, we'll talk tonight, kay?"


The day went on. Finally it ended. Britney went to the kitchen and found a surprise, there was Serena in a t-shirt and panties.

"Kay' hon, spill.?"

"Well.... My uhm, my shorts are too small."

There folded on a stool were Serena's jean shorts.

Although Serena was getting too big to be able to manage, or should not have been able to manage. Somehow she was still able to get on shorts and pants, although that wasn't going to last much longer.

Britney took a long look at Serena, Serena blushed and looked down. Britney could see it. The big panties she had bought starting to get tight. Serena's t-shirt starting to ride up. Britney could almost see her belly button. In fact she could see the bottom of it. Just a little, but enough.

Britnet slapped her forehead and her hand went down her face.

"Hon..... I-"

"C'mon Brit, this is good I just need-"

Britney gave her a look and nodded slightly.

"Know how to sow?"


"Adjust clothing?"

"A little, but I'm not very good at it."

"Well hon, you're gonna have to learn and fast."

"Huh? But can't we buy-"

"Stop right there. Look, Serena at the rate you're going, you'd outgrow. Or I should say get too.... Too.... Big.... Too.. fat for any clothing we'd buy."

"I'm not going-"

"Damn right, your going that fast."

"Then what..... Wow!!"

"Hhhh, yeah, it's good, at the same time. How big-", Britney

"We weren't going to talk about that, remember?"

Britney nodded: "Okay.... Serena, here's what we'll do. I'll let your clothes out for you: Adjust them. But you have to learn how to sow."

"Okay... Wait a minute, why don't we just buy really big clothes?"

"Two reasons: One, I've got a plan. Don't ask. But we ain't getting new clothing. Not yet.-"


"AND, do you know how expensive large clothes are?"


"Exactly, now if you know where to buy. That's fine. There's places online. But if you want to try buying in some stores. Good luck Lucy."

"Uhm, okay so.... Why don't I just go out and buy some clothes...", Britney gave her a look, "In a cheap store."

"Sigh.... Serena, can't you trust.... Ya know what, I'm not going to ask you to trust me. Either you believe me or you don't."

"Hhhhh, okay, so your going to adjust my clothing. Then what?"

"Look we're gonna weigh in soon. When we weigh in. Then I... Then we'll take care of it."

"Soon, but it hasn't even been a month."

"Hon, at the rate your going, we better weigh in soon. Just to decide-"

Serena gave Britney a look.

"Alright, alright. Hold your horses. Anyway, we have a lot to discuss, after the weigh in."

Serena nodded.

Britney turned around and started walking upstairs. Serena stood there.

"Well, c'mon hon. Unless you want to be wearing that all night."


They went upstairs. Serena followed Britney. They got to the living room.

"Okay girl, wait here, or don't wander too far.", Britney went to get some stuff, Serena waited a minute and then went to the kitchen. They came back into the room at the same time. Serena holding a mug, while Britney had some cloth and a box of something.

"What's that?", Serena and Britney.

"Go ahead.", Britney.

"Shake. You?"

"Sigh. Sowing kit."


"Yeah, sow."

"No, I mean... I know your going to sow. But how is this-"

"Look, I'm gonna do what I can. You watch me. Later I'll start teaching you."


"Look, I'm not going to do much right now. I'm just gonna... Be right back."

Britney left the room again, while she was gone, Serena got up and looked at the stuff.

"Hmmm.", 'Shears, scissors, thread. Needles, cloth.... She does it by hand. Wow.'

Britney came back and was holding some clothes. She tossed them at Serena: "Try these on.", Serena caught them. She unfolded them. It was a long tank top and sweat pants.

"Okay.", Serena started to put them on.

"Hold it, take off your clothes."

Serena thought about it for a minute and then stripped.

'Her boobs are really getting big. And that ass.', Britney.

Serena put on the stuff.

"It's a little tight in the hips and chest."

"Yeah girl, most of your weight seems to go there."

Serena blushed.

"Right.", Britney almost got up and then thought better of it. "Why don't you take out the string?"


"In the sweat pants."

"Uh, okay." Serena untied the knot and pulled the string out.

"Uh, a little better. But won't they fall down?"

"Not for long. Now watch."

Serena sat there for an hour watching as Britney played around with her clothes. Sometimes she'd complain as Britney took them apart. After another half hour:

"Brit. I'm tired. Right, I'm almost done. Learn anything?"

"Yeah I think so."

"Well, do what you want."

Serena went to the kitchen. It took Britney another half hour to finish. When she did she went to find Serena. She was in bed.

'That girl.'

Britney went to the kitchen ot get something to eat. But there on the table was a semi decent meal.

'Just when you think you have her pegged. Whammo.', Britney sat down and ate. She finished and arrived at an empty sink. She smiled and nodded. After her dishes were done she went to bed.

The next morning Britney woke up Serena.

"Huh?", Brit, it's six A.M.."

"I wanted us to get an early start on the day."

"Oh. Uhm could you give me a minute?"

"Sure.", Britney turned around as Serena got out of bed. But Britney couldn't resist a peek. Serena was naked. Britney quickly turned her head back.

"Whatcha' doin?"

"Uhm.... Well.... I couldn't sleep in those clothes. So.... I uhm."

"S'okay hon I understand. Give me a minute.", Britney went to get somethin while Serena got dressed, which suited Serena fine since it took her some time to get dressed.

Britney came back a few minutes later while Serena was still struggling with her sweat pants.

"Hey Ser I brought you this loosened stuff."

"Hhhhh, Y'know I almost had these sweats on."

"Hon, yer finding out one of the problems with bein' big."

"Hh, guess so."

"Let me help you get those off."

"I can manage."

Britney waited while Serena struggled and actually managed to get them off. It took a little more than five minutes.

Britney walked in and handed Serena the sweat pants.

"Here, let me help you get those on."

"I can do it."

"Britney patted Serena's arm: "Look hon, we don't have all morning. Let me help you on with those and I'll tell you an easier way."

"REALLY?! Fine, go ahead."

Britney had to get close to Serena to help her. Both of them blushed as Britney put on Serena's sweats.

'That was fun. But.... What.... I don't go that way, do I?', Britney.

'Why does this remind of me of Darien... Before...'


"Hey hon don't get upset, it's not the-"

"No, I was just thinking of..... Never mind.... Now what was that easier way?"

"Well, if you slip your clothes over your head. Your.... I guess dresses. You can get them on."

"Really.... But I don't have any. Not any that fit."

'Man... She's really... How big will this girl go?', that thought gave Britney a warm feeling: 'What the hell?': "Uhm, anyway, I'll see what I can do."


They went, had their breakfasts, and got on with the day. One thing happend, about noon Britney closed the shop for an hour. Serena asked her why. Britney just said she had something to do. It was getting a little past noon, Serena was getting tired of waiting. Just as she had decided to get Britney. She entered the room. Britney tossed something at Serena.


Serena caught it. It was her jeans.

"Hey thanks."

She started pulling down her sweats.

"Let me do that."

"I can get it.", It took Serena a bit of effort, but she got them off.

She was going to put her jean shorts on the same way when.

"No.... Silly, put them over your head."

"Huh?" Serena looked them over, "Wahdya do to them?"

"Go ahead."

Serena slipped them over her head and torso. She got them to her waist.

"These are really loose. Wow thanks."

"You have a belt, don't you... Never mind, you can borrow one of mine."

Britney was back quickly. She gave Serena the belt. Serena got it on.

"Wow, thanks.", Serena gave Britney a big hug. Then pecked her on the cheek.

"Oh, um, sorry."

"No.", Britney blushed. "No that's fine.... Uh, c'mon we got work to do."


They went back downstairs and back to the first floor.

The day of the weigh in was approaching. Serena had gotten used to her new way of dressing. However all her clothes were getting smaller on her. The clothes, once extremely loose, now were quickly getting too small. Britney however didn't want to get her new clothes. About the only things that still fit her were the jean shorts and top. And Britney had had to adjust those one more time. Then it finally arrived.

"Ready Brit?"


"Who goes first?"

"How about you huge honey."

"Uhm, sure."

Serena got on the scale.

"410 pounds."

Serena froze, Britney came and put her arms around her.

"Huh?", Serena shook her head: "What'cha doin' Brit?"

"Didn't want you jumping up and down, that's all."

"Oh. Your turn."

"Right.", Serena got off the scale and let Britney get on.

"380 pounds."

"Hmm. Well I lost weight."

"Yeah you did....."

"Yeah, while you really gained. You gained about.... 102 pounds. Hon, I just realized... Yer bigger than me."

"I.... I am... But you.... You didn't really-"

"We're gonna talk about that, after. Don't interrupt, tonight."


"Want me to meaure you Ser?"


"Okay, bust: I don't believe this.", Britney turned red, but Serena couldn't see it.

"What? What is it?!"

"Nin... Nin... Ninety inches."

"No... No way I can't have a ninety inch bust."

Serena was denying it, though she had to hold the tape measure up too.

"O... Okay, waist: Ninety three inches."

"That's better."

"Hips 117 inches."

"One... One hundred... And seventeen?"


"Whoa.... But... At five hundred pounds, we... Weren't you about that big?!"

"Not quite, but still... Unless, you have more muscle than I did."


"Been working you out so much. Plus your quick weight gain. You...", Britney had a frisson. She shook her head.

"My turn."

"Uh, yeah right."

Britney got undressed. She gave Serena the tape measure and:

"Okay, bust: 70 inches."

"My gals are going down. A little too fast maybe."

Serena ignored that, "Waist: 77 inches."

"Now that's good news."

"Hips: 83 inches."

"Pretty damn good, still pretty big, but goin' down...... Hey Serena, do you want to know your cup size?"

"I'd like to say no, but now I gotta know."

Serena put down the tape measure and let Britney get behind her.

"Man, you got big melons."

Serena smiled a bit, and felt a little heat, "Thanks."

"Okay. your about... Hmmm.", Britney's hands roamed Serena's melons.

"Uhhh, ohhh, you mind?"

"Sorry, just doin' my job."

"Uhhhnnn, right."

"Uhm, I'd say about a triple I cup."

"Triple I?... I didn't know they went that big. Whoa.", Serena felt her nether regions move a little in response."

"Yup.... I can double check."

They just stood there for a moment, Britney's hands on Serena's breasts.

Serena put her hands on Britney's forearms. They didn't move, then. Serena moved them away slightly.

"Uh.", Serena was shaking a little. "No Brit, it's alright."

"Uh, yeah right.", Britney realized her hands were still in the air, she put them down quickly.

"Uh... Wanna get something to eat?"

".... Yeah Ser, I... Uh, not a bad idea."

"Uh, maybe we should get dressed first?"

Britney nodded, "Uh... Uh-huh."

They dressed in silence, each glancing at the other, eyes trying not to meet, when they did both looked away. When they were dressed they silently left the room and arrived at the kitchen. Serena got in first, turned on the light and stood there for a moment.

"Uh, Ser."

"Right.", Serena went to the fridge and started getting stuff. She went back and forth a few times between counter and fridge. Placing stuff on the counter.

"Brit, get some plates, will you?"


Luckily, they had set up some stuff which didn't need much heating up.

"Brit, give me a hand getting this set up, would you?"


They put some stuff in the oven. Got some stuff to the table. And were almost ready.

"Serena, you have two shakes out."


"Hhh, look girl-"

"Don't... Please don't call me girl."

"Okay, Hon. We gotta talk."

"About time."

Britney pursed her lips and nodded, they set up the table and sat down.

"Ser.", "Brit.", at the same time.

"Okay Serena, you first."

"No, go on Brit."


"Hhh.", Serena.

"Phhh, okay g- Serena, you've been gaining weight awful fast."

"So, and you-"

"I know. I hav-"

"Let me say it please.", Serena gave Britney a look. Britney waved her on.

"You... You've... Well not barely, but you haven't beenlosing.", Serena sped through the last part as it looked like Britney was going to interrupt.

Britney lowered her head and closed her eyes.

"You, sorry, but you haven't really been losing weight."

Britney nodded, "I want to discuss one thing with you then return to that."

"C'mon Brit...."

"Please, we will talk about it, tonight."


"Okay, you've been getting too big for your clothes, right?"


"And I'm almost too small for mine."

"So........ Ah."

"Yup, I say we switch clothes."

"Yeah, it's not a bad idea, but..."

"But what?"

'Your clothes are a little too... revealing.', but Serena didn't say it. "I guess it's fine."

"Look, I can adjust my or rather your clothes, if there's a problem."

"That's great.", Serena almost bolted out of her chair.

"Whoa hon."

"Right.", Serena sat back down: "Okay Brit, about your diet."

"And yours."

"Me first."

"Hmmp, fine."

"While I've been super gaining you've barely lost weight."

"Hey! I've been losing."

"Yeah, about twenty pounds every two weeks, sometimes less."

"Hhhhh, yeah and that pertains to what I want to talk to you about."

"Pertains?.... Oh yeah, right."

"Hhh, hhh. Surprised to hear me use such a big word?"

"Well, at any rate... I know I'm not that bad at dieting, so what's going on?"

"You mind if I start at the end first?"

"Inductive reasoning, I think."

"Yeah, so... Let me talk for a few minutes, please hon, no interruptions."

Serena nodded.


"Do my best.", Serena.

"Okay, Hhhhh, here goes. I want you to take over the cash."

"You want-", Britney gave her a look."

"I started wrong... How much, how big and how fast.... How big do you wanna get?"

"As.... As big as I can."

"Hhh... Do you want to be able to move?"

"What kind of question is that? Why wouldn't I be able to move?"

"Serena, I've done... You... We.... I've been working you out like a maniac, no?"

"Yeah, so what."

"I know.... I know people who, sniff-"

"It's okay.", Serena put her hand on Britney's, she pulled it back quickly.

"Sorry, but it's not okay.", Britney wiped her eyes, "I know people who can't leave their houses... Who.... Who can't even get out of bed."

"I.... Whoa... No way, why wouldn't someone be able to get out of bed?"

"Because, they're too.... No, that's wrong, because they gained weight quickly-", Britney silenced Serena with a look, "They gained weight quickly with no preparation. They just got fatter and fatter. Their bones and muscles couldn't keep up. Now they're.... They're homebound."

"Whoa.... I....", Serena was dumbfounded. She was simply too stunned to speak.

"Now look girl, I ain't trying to scare you, at least not too much, but at the same time. I want you to think about where you're going. I mean I don't want you to end up that way."

"No fucking way do I want to end up like that.... Sorry, but... I mean.... How in the.... How does that happen?"

"The point is, I don't want that to happen to you. I want you to-"

"Brit, would you please just-"

"I will, lemme finish. I don't want to see you like that. I... I care for you too much to want to see you stuck like that."

Serena nodded her head, "Sigh, but why and what can.... I mean, how? How-"

"There's different ways, psychiatrist's work on this a bit, but I can give you some of the lowdown. But it ain't all pretty."

"Go ahead."

(Gotta stop here for a minute. Okay, this is fanfiction. And fat fanfiction. Please don't bother sending hate mail.

I am putting this in because it pertains to the story, if you are offended, you can stop reading now: My opinion? It's a story, if you want my opinion, you can send me a decent E-mail. Sigh, just want to put up an enjoyable story and try this. Will, maybe put some stuff about how I feel about whatever at the end.

Okay, I am usually live and let live, but.... Some things don't appeal to me. I like the idea of people being free to experience life. To be able to go where they want and do what they want, as long as they don't hurt anyone else. Freedom.... So, immobility? Is it being free? Being force fed does not appeal to me. I like choice, if someone chooses immobility? Their choice. But this is just a story, so let's get on with it.)

"Well hon.... Sometimes some people get depressed, then they eat and eat. They don't think about-"

"Like.... Like me...?"

"Sigh, if that's how you feel than-"

"No... No. This is my choice."

"Good, now don't interrupt, please, let me tell you the whole thing."


"Not a peep. Not a .... No stopping me?."

Serena nodded

"You can ask questions after I'm done.... This, this is a little hard for me."

Once more Serena nodded.

"Okay... Uhm.", Britney rubbed her chin: "Some people gain because they are depressed, friends have left them.... Or a boyfriend. Don't interrupt. Now, some gain because they want to. Some are on drugs, and automatically gain. BUT, there's always one factor that's the same, they don't exercise. People just gain weight without being prepared. The metabolism slows down. As they get bigger they sleep more and eat more without doing any or too little exercise. Before they know it, they don't want to get out of bed. Then the depression increases. Plus they feel embarrassed by their size, they don't go to the gym. Or family members and friends make them feel worse, so they eat more. And their, let me finish... Their self esteem goes down. Then they eat more and feel less like going anywhere. Food becomes their non judgemental friend. Maybe they lose their job, not always because of weight gain, but because of sadness. Hhh, the point is no exercise, or not enough.", Britney nodded, "Okay ask away."

"I... Well, let me get this straight. Some... Ya said that so fast. I guess... I get the exercise part. But, well, why... No I know why I want to. But why do people let themselves become immobile?"

"Hhhh, okay, usually they don't, it just happens over time. An yer startin' to sound like me again."

"Sorry, but.... Know what, the point is exercise. As long as I stay in shape, I should be fine, right?"

"Yeah, but there's one thing I haven't mentioned."


"Some people get bigger, just for the sake of getting bigger, they get addicted to it."


"It's called bigorexia. I don't.... Well hon, when were you planning on stopping?"

"Huh? When you get thin, maybe, I hadn't really thought of it."

"Look, maybe we should.... Well, when was the last time you talked to your family?"

"My family?.... I call them all the time."

"Maybe you should think about seeing them.?"

"I.... Not yet, I can't, I'm just not ready."

"Then when?"

"Can we.... Can we get off of this please?"

"Hhhh, yeah sure. But there's one more thing I wanted to talk about."

"Just a sec.", Serena went to the kitchen and came back holding two shakes."

'Brit, remember, this is her choice. I will not.... I hope she knows what she's doing. But...', "Sigh.", Britney

"What's the matter?", Serena sat back down.

Britney shook her head: "Okay hon, I want you to... Don't drop the shakes, you mind putting those down."

"Sure.", Serena put them on a coffee table.

"I... I want you to man the cash."


"Don't jump up and down."

Serena sat back down

"I.... I'm going to be-"

"I have to train you first."


"It's going to take at least four days of training."

Serena nodded her head: "Uh-huh."

v "Your going to have to learn how to deal with customers."


Britney shook her head: "Ya got anything else to say besides "right."?"

"Uh.... Sorry, I just... I don't know.... What'll you be doing?"

"I'll be cooking in back."

"But don't-"

"Look, I've... Oh, don't worry, you'll be getting most of the extras. As for me, trust me, I should lose more weight."

"But, I don't-"

"Hhhh, well, it's hard to explain, but.... Look, let's go to bed, You'll have a hard day of training ahead of you tomorrow.""I'm hungry, I'm going to stay up for a bit."

'Her choice.', "Right, just don't stay up too late, okay?"

"Yup, night Brit."

"Good night.", Britney head to her room.

Serena had a lot to think about. The day had gone by okay. Although Britney had once or twice said she should slow down. Other than that, it had gone fine.

'I guess now I can understand why she worries. But, I'm not going to stop exercising..... And I'm going to be doing the cash soon. Wow! But how is this going to work out?'


Despite anything Britney may have said in the past, Serena wasn't going to let it worry her. She finished off her two shakes and went to the fridge to get some food, although Serena and Britney had eaten as they had talked. Serena ate her meal had two more of the special shakes and went to bed.

(Right, have to say: As I said, I don't know too well the changes in women's sizes. I will have to edit this before it is sent out. If there are any inconsistencies, I apologize. And if I have offended somehow with this story. Well, them's the breaks. But... Later.

Will be rushing again so... If you don't like it, will try to.... Been said, on with the fic.)

Over the next week, Serena was being trained by Britney, cooking and working out. Sometimes when Serena was too sore, Britney gave her a day's break. But , all in all, Serena was still gaining, plus, Britney was bringing her more food for some reason. It seemed to Serena that seventy five percent of the time she had something to eat. And Serena's appetite was just about big enough to handle it. Though, the fridge was starting to get a bit full as Britney seemed to be bringing in meals and stuff after going out at night: Though Serena seemed to be able to keep it down most of the time.

The training did consist of Serena learning prices and how to use the cash, but it also consisted of customer relations.

The training went a sorta like this.

"Okay Ser, I'm a customer. Got it?"


"Uhm miss, I'd like six muffins please."

"Yes ma'am."



"Serena, never call anyone ma'am. Unless they say so. Do not call your customers ma'am. And try not to call men sir. It seems impolite, I know. Try asking your customers their names. But, only as a last resort, or if they ask, call them sir or ma'am."

"Right.", Serena noted it down in a small book.

"Okay, let's try again. I'd like six muffins please."

"Okay.", Serena started to ring her up.

"Oh, and I'd like a chocalate cake and some bread. And some croissants."

"Uh, are you sure you want all that?"


"That's getting annoying Brit."

"I couldve, nah, I could've done it twice. You made two mistakes."

"I did?"

"One, after the customer asks for what they want, what do you say?"


"We went throught this yesterday.". Britney

"Do you want anything else with that?"

"Right, so why did you not say that?"

"Habit, I guess."

"Well, you gotta get over that. What was your second mistake?", Britney



"I asked the customer if it was too much.", Serena

"Right, the customer is.... The customer is almost always right. If they... And this barely happens. But if they ask for something free, they're wrong. Other than that, the customer is always right."


"Now, what if a customer asks you out. If a guy wants to go on a date, let's say."

"The answer is no."

"Not bad, but why?"

"Uhm, I'm busy?"

"Busy with what?"

"I... I'm washing my hair?"


"Would you stop that!"

"Look hon, I'm trying to train you, okay?"

"Hhh, fine."

"So.... The answer is your.... Working. If they insist, say you'll go out as friends. But, the point is-"

"Not to get bad relations with customers."

"Good gi.. Going. Okay, now let's say a woman wants to go out to eat?"

"I.... Tell her no."

"Right, why?"

"Because, I have to work."

"That's good, for now. But sooner or later, customers are going to invite you out, and you will have to go."

"Huh? But didn't you say..."

"Look, not all the time, and it's your choice. But... You don't know the etiquette."

"Etiquette?! I'm very polite. Why would you say-"


"No, you-"



"Sigh, there are many types of people in the world, right?"


"Don't... Hhhh, well for heavier people there are certain do's and don'ts. Just like any other type of people. You think you know all of them? Do you?"

"Sigh. Guess not."

"Now, maybe I'm taking this too seriously. But I would like you to know what not to say. You been hanging around me most of the time. Now I'm pretty easy going, but some people aren't. I.... I just want you to be able to fit in."

"Fit in?"

"In case you haven't noticed, you've become different than most people. But that doesn't mean you're the only one, or a pariah. It just means you're going to be in different circles than your used to."

"But, I have friends, sooner or later I'm going to see them again..... Right?"

"Sigh. So it begins."


"Look hon, what's the first thing your friends will say when they see you?"


"No... "Oh, Serena you've gotten hu-", this is depressing. I don't know your friends, maybe they're different, maybe I'm wrong. At any rate, do.... So you understand how to treat customers."

"I think so. But are you saying my friends won't like me?"

"No, I'm sorry.... Look, people can be very judgemental. If you have good friends, no problem. Please don't worry."

"Hhh, yeah. I'll try not to."

"Good, now ya wanna stop and get something to eat."


The week had mostly past. It was Sunday night. Britney had been training Serena for most of the week. On Friday, Britney had given her a break Tonight was there last night of review, tomorrow Serena would be on the cash. Serena and Britney were going through the last practice. Serena had gotten really good. There was one point that Britney had dreaded, yet part of her wanted to tell her and she had. That sometimes customers would offer her food or buy something for her to try. Serena had gotten used to all the little rules and seemed ready to go.

Serena had a little problem though: The clothes Britney had gotten her still fit, although they were getting a little tight in the hips. She wanted to say something. Yet she didn't want Britney going on one of her jibes about her gaining too fast. Still she knew she would have to say something soon, or try to fix them herself.

Britney brought Serena out of her thoughts about her lower garments.

"Okay gal, go to bed and try to sleep well. It might be tough tomorrow."

"Sigh, do you have to call me gal?"

"Look hon, it's a term of endearment."

"Oh, but.... What might be tough tomorrow?"

"You'll see, just get some sleep."

"I think I'll have a bite to eat first."

"Hon... Sometimes I.....W-"

"Why are you getting on my case about my weight?"

"I'm not, it's just that..... I don't know, you're right, I'll try not to. I just worry."

"You have me working out so much that it's hard to get out of bed sometimes."

"Yeah, well, with your diet, I'm starting to feel like.... My stomach, sigh...."

"Are you l..."

"Hon, I know I'm losin... On second thought, I don't want to jin... Ya know."


"Well Ser, I'm off to bed, don't stay up too late, 'kay?"

"Yup, you have a good sleep."

"Night.", and Britney went off to bed.

Serena stayed up for another hour and a half to almost two hours. She cooked and ate, she stuffed herself. But for Serena it wasn't enough, but she stopped after she had three more shakes. She rubbed her belly as best she could, or at least the top of it.

"Ah, that hit the spot."

Serena made her way to bed and fell asleep. In her sleep, she had dreams she wouldn't remember too much of in the morning, but while sleeping. Her hands wandered, or tried to. But there was much much more of Serena than there used to be. She had to be content with kneading her huge breasts.

The next day:

"Knock, knock."

"Huh? Andrew?"

"Andrew, huh?"

"Oh, uhm Britney, give me a minute. Serena made her way out of bed, she put on her dress and her t-shirt. Serena shook her head.

"Uh, why'd you mention Andrew?"

"I didn't... That is, you said his name."

"I did?", Serena asked confusedly.

"Look hon, we gotta start setting the place up, or you do."

"Uhm right."

"But first breakfast."


Serena and Britney made their way to the kitchen.

"So hon, you remember all that I taught you?"

"Yeah, don't worry, won't let you down."

"Hhhh, hope not.", Britney shook her head: "Sorry, it's just been... I don't know."

Serena patted her on the back: "It's alright, we're trying something new. It's like... Never mind, I hope, well I'm going to try to make sure everything goes okay. You're a good teacher, I think... I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing."

"Wow, you're so positive."

"Just don't want to jinx it."


"Hhh, hhh, ha, ha, hhh. Sigh. That was.... A good laugh."

They were now at the kitchen.

(Okay, this may be my last note for a while. If you liked this, you can Email me at sfayp@yahoo.com: Something like that. Now want to say that I may rush the story along. This story has taken up a lot of my time. Was it worth it. I'd say so. Now, not going to give anything away. But I hope I don't disappoint if I go fast. And this is a big story or rather fanfic. Thanks for reading, as for anyone who is offended. Constructive criticism is welcomed, flames, not really. Now on with the show.)

They made breakfast, ate in a bit of silence, each thinking on circumstance and decisions.

'Serena, she's getting so big. She's huge, I've been doing all I can to keep her mobile. And she's doing it. But sooner or later that girl... No, that huge woman is going to have to slow down. I mean I don't know how she does it.'


Serena didn't notice Britney's sigh, she was thinking as she ate.

'I have.... Damn, Britney hasn't said anything. She's been nice about it. But I've barely go out. I mean, every once in a while, we jog in the morning, early morning. But, I.... I just don't feel.... Big enough, strong enough. Soon, I know once I'm ready, I'll face the world, but I want to be the biggest and strongest I can be....

Could I.... Could I have bigorexia? Ah... Nah, I know soon I'll be ready.'

"So, Brit, what's up?"

"Huh, oh, just thinking."

"Me too."

Britney looked at the clock.

"We got a little more time. But we have to get going soon."


They ate, now talking a little. Britney review with Serena one more time. Serena was a little annoyed but knew Britney was just trying to help. After Serena finished off the last of her meal. Britney told her it was time to go down.

They started setting up the shop, making sure the counters looked tidy and just giving it a clean looking sheen.

"Ser, one last thing, sometimes.... Well, sometimes we put out chairs, but today no."

"Huh, you have chairs?"

Serena looked about the shop. It was big. Like the rest of the place, in fact it was gargantuan. Serena could see there could be room for chairs.

"Why not?"

"Hhhhh, look, for your first day: I want to make this easy, sort of. Now you'll be standing too, at least as long as you can stand it."

"That's fine."

"And remember what I told you, I'm the cook now."

"Uhhh, oh yeah right, so you don't come out of the kitchen... But why not?"

"You want this job or not?"


"Remember, you're in charge out front. And what is the absolute and I mean absolute last resort?"

"I'll call the cops."

"Right, but you shouldn't have to use that."


They finished up their cleaning and after Britney asked Serena if she had any, any questions at all. Serena said no. Britney had review everything with her. She had even told her what to say if someone asked why she was in the back.

They both stopped took a moment, then Britney looked at Serena. Serena looked at Britney, Britney looked pensive, then she went and unlock the door and set up the bell.

"Okay hon, all yours."

"Yes.", Serena did a jump, there was a slight tremor.

"Ooops, sorry."

"Sigh, try not to do that hon, I'll be in the back."


And so the day started. At first it was quiet, it was only a little after seven. Serena went and got some stuff out of a fridge that was right behind the counter. For Serena, this was the first time she had really got a chance to look around here. When she had been interviewing for the job, she had been too busy staring at Britney and trying to get the job. Most of her time was spent cooking in the back and Britney usually turned off the lights when the day was over. So this was Serena's first real time getting a good look.

As Serena was looking around the room, noting the absolute.... The beyond hugeness and having a bite, it happened.


'Wow, my first customer.'

Serena wiped her face with a napkin. Britney had made sure everything she needed she would have at hand. There was a bathroom in the shop, Serena noticed then snapped to looking at her customer.

"Hi, welcome to Mama Tamberlane's how may I help you?"

The man, a big man, looked at Serena.

'He looks familiar.', she thought.

The man was looking around, he looked at Serena.

"Yeah, I'll have some cupcakes, a few chocolate cakes, some chocalate doughnuts and...."

At first he had been in thought as he had been doing the order, but now he was looking hard at Serena. Serena meanwhile had been tapping everything in on her terminal. It used to be a cash register, but Serena and Britney had both decided that before Serena began they should update a little. Or more than a little. So they had made certain changes to update.

Serena looked at the man, he was staring at her.

"Uhm, are you okay?"

The man from looking at her hair wasn't sure where he had seen her before, but he knew he had. He started looking her up and down. Serena turned red but was getting a bit miffed. She asked him if he wanted his order. He asked her if they had ever met. She said he looked familiar. They looked at each other. Then the man said

"Serena.... Wow..... You got big."

"Uhm, how do you know me?"

The man just sort of looked her over. Fortunately Britney had taught her to deal with this.

"If you don't-"

"It's me Rob, the fast food place."

"The fast food......", Serena thought for a moment: "Oh, yeah, hey how are you doing?"

"Oh, not too bad."

They talked for a bit. Each getting to know the other a little more. Serena found herself starting to flirt with him a some, despite herself. Rob mentioned he had told her he had a girlfriend and was getting uncomfortable. Serena diffused it by saying it was her job to be friendly with the customers and that he should know that and apologized.

"Phew, sorry Serena, say are you seeing anybody?"

"Huh, but you said-"

"No, no.", Rob waved away the thought with his hands, "I know a few friends, even some not like us who would love to go out with you."

"Uhm.", once more the training came into play: "I have a lot to do here, maybe in a month or two.... Uhm, not like us?"

"Uh.... Oh the order.""Right."

Serena brought up the order and asked if he wanted it fresh. Rob said he was in a rush. But was really surprised it could be made fresh.

"Oh yeah, here at Mama Tamberlane's we can make it fresh."


Rob waited while Serena took the food from the shelves behind her and pack it. Rob payed, on the way ou he said:

"If you have some time, I'll probably come back maybe-"

The next customer came in and Rob left with a:

"Talk to you later."

The day went on: There were many customers, but two stuck out in Serena's mind.

One was a woman with a large top heavy hourglass figure. She said her name was Melanie. Serena couldn't help but stare at her breasts a bit. When she was called on it. Serena said that she was just wondering how she had gotten her figure.

"Why do you think I get a lot of my food here.", she patted her breast: "Gotta maintain the old workings." Melanie thought a moment, then stared at Serena's chest.


"Though, I've got nothing on you."

She continued to stare.

Serena couldn't really cover her chest up too well by crossing her arms. But she automatically crossed her arms over them. Then uncrossed them and went to the cash.

"So, what do you want??"

"Sorry dear, I just was trying to help."

"To help?"

"I'll have a dozen croissants, some vanilla cookies and....some ecalairs. Made fresh."

"Yes ma'am."

As Serena waited for the order to come up on the computer as done, Melanie explained.

"Look, dear-"

"Please...", 'Customer is always right.

"What were... Ah well, your going to get a lot of diffferent people in here. Now you've just started, right?"

"Uh-huh... I mean yes."

"Well, it's best to look yoor customers in the eye and not at....", Melanie hefted her breasts: "At any specific body part."

"Ah.", Serena reddened: "Uh, sorry about... Uh."

"No, it's fine.... It's fine. I'm used to it. How's Britney?"

"You know her?"

"Yeah sure, is she around?"

"Uhm, you can't see her. She's busy right now... It's a long story. But she... Well."

"Hmm. What's your name?"

"Serena.", Serena held out her hand.

"Melanie.", they shook hands: "But I think I already said my name."

"Well, a pretty name for a pretty woman should be said more than once.", Serena's hand went to her mouth.

"I'm s-"

"You're charming. I-"


"Oh, uhm that's your order.", Serena made her way to a flap on the wall and got the order: "Here you go."

"Mmmm ,smells good, looks good too... Just like you dear. Bye.", Melanie left.

"Uh, bye.", Serena wiped her forehead: 'I flirted with her... I mean, I used to play a little, jokingly every once in a while. I must be more in need of a man than I thought.'

"Sniff.", Serena wiped at her eyes: 'No, I won't let Dari- The jerk ruin my first shot at this.', Serena breathed deeply and got herself together.

The last customer to stick out in her mind was a little girl, at least Serena thought she was little girl at first.

'Serena was going to ask: "Are your parents with you?", But thought better of it.

"Uhm, can I help you?"

"Yeah.", the young girl said: "I'd like... some banana cake. Uh, some peanut butter stuff. And.... Uh.... A few doughnuts. And some strawberry cake. And some...Uh.... You have blueberry?"

Serena had to hold her toungue, this girl was ordering a lot of stuff. Serena didn't know if they had it all. She started typing.

"Okay, peanut butter, banana, strawberry and blueberry."

"And a few doughnuts."

"Right doughnuts. Would you like chocolate or something else."

"No chocolate! At least not much. Just two... No three chocolate cookies."

"Okay. What kind of peanut butter would you like?"


"Peanut butter what?"

"Cookies, cake, what?"

"It doesn't matter!"

"Uhm, right."

Serena imputed it as best she could. She typed in her questions.

The response was: "Yeah hon can do it. Somes on the shelves. Ask her if she wants it cooked."

"Uhm, you want it fresh baked or off the shelves."

"I don' t care, as long as it's.. Just get it done, alright!"

Serena nodded: "Yes ma'am,"

Serena's hand went to her mouth.

"You.... You called me ma'am."

"I'm sorry, I-"

The girl rushed over, Serena was ready.

"Thank you. Oh thank you.", there were tears in the girl's eyes. She went for Serena's hand. Serena pulled back, until she realized the girl wanted to shake her hand. She let her.

"Uh.... I..."

The girl released her hand and bowed: "Excuse me.", the girl looked up, there were tears in her eyes: "You wouldn't understand what it's like."

"I... Here, have a tissue."

It was actually a napkin, but the thought was there. The girl wiped her eyes.

"It's just.... Sniff. I... I just want."

Serena came from around the counter. Then stopped. She clenched her hands, then went back.

"So, what is it?"

The girl looked at Serena: "I.... I wish I could be like you."

"Huh?!", Serena knew she wanted to be big. She had avoided really looking in mirrors. She didn't really want to have too much of an idea of how big she had gotten until she was ready. She had an idea, but not a complete picture. This young, thin girl, wanting to be like her, put her off.

"Uh....", Serena clenched her hand under the counter: 'Do not disagree with the customers.', she thought.

She waited.

"I... I've always been small. It's... It's... I just want to get bigger, even fatter."

"Uh.... What's your name."

"Oh, sniff.", she wiped at her face and nose: "I'm Lauren."

"I'm Serena.", They bowed to each other.

"So, uhm Lauren... I, uhm, I have to ask or did I?"


"Uh, do you want your order fresh or off the shelves?"

"I.... I...."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be crude, my apologies."

"I...", she lowered her head and pinched the bridge of her nose.

Lauren's head came back up: "No, I unloaded on you. I don't even know you."

"Now you do, I'm Serena, and glad to meet you."

"Sniff thanks.... Oh the order, uhm, just as soon as possble please."

"Right.", Serena looked at the shelves, most of it was there, except for the banana cake. She took the stuff off the shelves and put it on the counter, then put the order in the computer.

"Right, uhm.... The order's in.... Sooo, uh where do you-"

"I'm fifteen."

"Huh?", Serena took a good look at the girl, she looked, maybe twelve.

"Okay, I admit it. I am actually... Totally honestly fourte... I'm fourteen years old and, sniff.", She wiped her eyes.

"Then why did you say-"

"Sigh, I'm a grade ahead in school. I say to.... I've tried it. I tell someone I'm, sigh, fourteen, they ask me what grade I'm in. Next they say I'm lying."

"Oh, I'm...", Serena nodded, "I can see where that can be tough."

"Hhhhhh. So-"


"Oh your order's ready."

Serena went and got out the order, brought it to the counter and the girl paid.

"Uhm, what's the most fattening food here?"


"The stuff that really makes you gain?"

"I.... I don't know if any of...", Serena clenched her fist again, "I'm uh sorta new at the counter. I can, uh tell you the next time you come by."

"Oh, okay, I don't know if I'll.... Ah, I'll be back if this works."


"Ya know what, I'll take a few more things."


The girl ordered, including two pieces of chocalate cake. She paid, left the cake on the counter and started to head out.

"Uh, you forgot your cake."

Lauren smiled, "Silly, that's for you. Thanks for listening. Bye."

She left.

That was just morning as the day went on, Serena had many more customers. She wouldn't remember them all completely at first. But those three had made an impression.

As the day wore on, Serena's feet started to get sore, but she soldiered on. A text message came on her computer.

"That's it hon, close the blinds and put out the closed sign. Serena did so. Britney came and locked the door. There was a knock.

"Uh hi, are you still open."

Britney gave Serena the keys: "Your call. I'll be in the back."

Serena looked at the keys, then the door, thought about her aching feet and then unlocked the door.

"Come on in, but try to make it fast."

"The man came in, he was handsome, he had red hair and blue eyes. He reminded Serena a little of Darien. But she got past, this was a customer. She went behind the counter and waited.

"Yes s... What can I get you?"

"Uh... Uhm, what's delicious, but not too fattening?"

"Sigh, uh, give me a sec would you?", Serena typed the question in the computer.

The answer: "If this one's looking for some diet food, he's in the wrong store."

"Uh, I don't know. I sorta just started."

"Okay, what really delicious?"

"Hhhh.", Serena rubbed under her chin. She noticed that she had a bit more chin.

"Uh, I'd take the chocolate. Is it for a lady?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Chocolate... A chocolate cake."

"Right.", the man hadn't really looked at her till now. He looked, he stared, his eyes resting on her breasts for a long minute.

"Yes?". Serena.

He looked up to her face, then her stomach.

"Uh, could you give me a minute."

"Sir.", 'Oops.', "We're closing soon.

"Right, just a minute.", the man took out a cell phone and tapped something in. He put it to his ear and listened.

"Hmm, uh-huh, uh-huh."

"Excuse me."


Serena got annoyed with this guy's attitude. She went from behind the counter and plucked the cell phone from his hand.


"The following bakeries are open: The lakeside-", Serena tapped off .

"Uh.", the man looked at her.

She handed him his cell phone. He just stood there, she put it in his pocket.

"I think if you were looking for another bakery, you best get going."


Serena realized she must look mad, she felt mad. She wiped her face and tried to not be. She scrunched her eyes closed and put on a smile. She knew it wasn't good. She sighed, wiped her face and went behind the counter.

"Sir, if you are not satisfied with what you see, there are other places. It is closing time and-"

"I'll.... I'll take the chocolate cake."

"SIR. It is late and-"

He took a bunch of bills and banged them on the counter.

"I'll take the chocolate cake!"

Under the counter, Serena scrunched her hands and closed her eyes.

"Very good sir."

Serena went to another fridge behind the counter and took out a chocolate cake.

"WIll, this do?"

"Uh, yes."

Serena rang him up. Counted the bills and handed them to him.

"Your change sir."

"Keep it."

"I'm am afraid that is not possible. If you do not take your change, I cannot sell you the cake."

"Al, phh. Alright."

The man took his change. Took the chocolate cake: "Uh, may..." He put bill on the counter: "A tip."

"I'm sorry sir, I cannot take it.", she picked it up and put it in his hand: "Please leave."

"Look I want to give you-"

"It is closing time, if you do not leave, I shall.... Please leave, sir."

"Hmmmph.", the man went out the door in a huff.

Serena went and locked the door behind him. She wiped her face with both hands and marched upstairs.

"Be back in a bit Brit.", she got to her room, turned around and let herself fall onto her bed

"CREEEAK.", the bed however held. Serena rested for about three minutes, got up, went to the kitchen and washed her face. She then went back downstairs to help Britney.

"Hey, hon, what happened to you?"

"I...", Serena spilled about the last customer and what had happened.

"Sounds like a FPH."

"FPH? What's that?"

"Ya really want to know?"


"Sigh, a fat person hater."

A fat person hater?."

"Yeah... I was going to chew you out, but now I understand. But you did good for your first day."



"Brit... I.... I.... I think I want to get a hair cut."

"You WHAT?! You have beautiful hair. You look like a prin-"

"Please don't say that. I just feel like.... I feel like I won't be comfortable with the person I want to be until... Until I can sever this part of my past. Ya know, just to... I don't know."

"Hhhh, hhhhh, if you feel that way about it. I can cut your hair."

"You.... You can cut my hair?!"

"Look hon, I went through a lot of jobs before I came here.....", I'll be back in a bit, you close up, don't let anyone except me in. We're closed now. So, I'll be back, then we cut your hair.

"Uh, but."

"What color do you want?"

"I... You know what, I want to be a redhead."

"Cool, see you in an hour."


Serena cleaned up, decided that she should exercise, despite being sore, she worked on her legs. She did upper body exercises too. She then ate.

She realized Britney was a bit over an hour. Just as she started to worry, the buzzer sounded. She rushed down as best she could. Her legs felt really sore, she opened the door, there was Britney.

"Your red in the face hon, what'cha been doing?"

"Phew, exercising."

"Without me?!"

"Sorry, but I really needed to."

Britney nodded and pursed her lips. She shook her head: "Sorry hon, yeah, you just gotta be careful."


"Never mind. At any rate, let's go upstairs."


Serena and Britney went upstairs. Britney had a few bags with her.

"Hey Brit, want me to get some of those."

"Naw, I'm alright, I might as well do this while I still can."


"Never mind."

They got upstairs.

"Alright Ser, stay in the kitchen, I'll be back, I just gotta get some stuff, but first.": Britney went to the fridge and moved some stuff around, then got her packages in.


(Okay, this has been a long story, time to come to some kind of finish. Will not give it away. Must say, if you enjoyed this, please send me an Email. It will be appreciated. Gonna have a little rant at the end. Not gone insane, will explain then. A bientot.)

"Okay Ser, gonna be back in a few minutes, do what ya want, just don't get comfortable."

"Right.", Serena went to the fridge and got out three shakes, she drank them down by the time Britney got back.

Britney had a towel, a box, and some scissors.

"Right, get a chair and sit down, I'm going to cut your hair."


"Why not."

Serena got a chair sat down and waited.

"Now Ser, you'll have to take a shower after this, okay. Or you can leave it, but it's itchiness."

"Hhh, I know."

"Okay, what kind of haircut do you want?"

"Uh, I want it short. I want it red and I don't want to have too much problem with it."

"But you don't want an brush cut?"

"No, not that short."

"Do you want it long in the back?"

"No, I want it short, but not so short that I look like I'm in the army."

"I'll try. Gimmee a minute.", Britney went and got something. Serena couldn't see it because she was sitting down. She heard Britney put it down.

"If... If you want you can take your top.... Damn forgot.", Britney left for another minute. She came back.

"You sure?"




"Okay, this'll take a minute."

"You want to take your..... Do you want to take.... Your top off."

"Uh, no... No, it's okay."

"It'll get full of hair."

"I'll be fine."


"Just gotta do this."

Britney took a small cloth and put it into and around Serena's collar. She then took a towel and put it around her neck.


"Yes, for crying out loud!"


Britney undid Serena's buns or meatballs and let her hair fall loose.

"Sigh, seems a shame."


"Okay.", she took the now fallen hair in one hanful and started to cut. Serena shut her eyes. Serena couldn't help it, a tear fell out of one eye. She wiped it away.



"Just do it!"


The next thing Britney did was wet Serena's hair and put it up into spikes. Or rather made it stand.

She started to cut. She would cut and wet it again. In less than fifteen minutes she was done. At least with the cutting.

"Okay Ser, you want it dyed?"


"Okaaay. Close your eyes real tight. Ya know what, we should probably move to the bathroom for this."


"Well, in a barber shop, they have chairs that lean back so you can do this in the sink. But here, it'll be difficult."

"Let's just get this over with."


Britney started, she did all the necesary steps to apply. Then, there was the waiting. Britney, at Serena's request, got her a shake. They were waiting when.



"It's starting to burn."

"I think that normal. Wait a bit.:

Serena waited, but it started to burn more and more.

"Ow, ow, ow. Get it out!"

"Let's go to the bathroom."

"I... Yeah."

They rushed to the bathroom. They arrived about the same time.

"Okay, I'll fill the tub. You-"

"Uh, Brit, I"M GOING TO have a little problem... OW!... Bending over."

"Right, your going to have to shower this out. Get undressed."

"But. Ow! Okay."

Serena quickly pulled her clothes off and got into the shower. She turned it on.

"Close your eyes damnit."

Serena did. She felt a liquid go into her hair.

"What are you doing?"

"You have to wash it out. You able to do it."


Serena washed. Britney watched as the liquid went down Serena's enormous body. Britney felt a stirring down below.

"Is it out?"

"Uh, a few more washes."


Britney put more shampoo into Serena's hair. It took a while, with Britney feeling both uncomfortable and turned on. Serena washed her hair one more time and Britney didn't see any red in it.

"Okay hon, you should clean yourself off. Clean yourself good with soap and then you should be fine."

"O... Okay."

"Uh, Brit?"


"You, uh mind leaving the bathroom?"

"Oh, uh sorry.", Brit left.

"Uh, Brit.", Serena called from inside the shower.

(Okay, sigh, gotta warn, this may get mature. So, if your a minor, yadda... Sigh. You shouldn't be reading this)


"Is... Is this stuff hazourdous to my health?"

"Could be, why?"

"Uhm, could you stick around for a while?"

"Uh, okay?"

Serena washed as best she could. But realized, despite the removable shower head, she was having trouble soaping her whole body. She did the best she could, then.

"Brit, uh.."


"Would you... Would you... Could you please help me shower?"

"Uh... You sure?"

"Yes please, would you?"

"Are you-"

"Damn, would you please-"


(Ya know what, it's time to finish this. So sorry to disappoint. If pleased good, if not will cheer up later.)

Britney went into the bathroom and got undressed. She got into the shower. Serena blushed, she asked her if Britney could wash the hard to reach place.

"Uh, sure.", Britney blushed.

Serena gave Britney the soap.

"Okay, I'm starting. Britney washed between Serena's enormous breasts.

"Oh, that feels good. She slowly washed off the rest of her body, Serena was getting more and more turned on. Especially when Britney started between her legs.

"A... Uh... A little more up."

Britney did so.

"Little more."

"Uh, Ser. I better stop."


"Britney went and knew where she was very close to. She quickly washed Serena off and moved her hand.

"Uh... I."

"Ser, I was getting too close to."

"Oh, I uh, hhh, hh, hhh.", Serena clenched her hands and unclenched them.


Britney washed the rest of her off and rinsed with the shower head that was in her hand.

"Okay, done."

"Yeah, go on."


"Just. Just go."

Britney did.

Britney went to her room and did a little business, Serena could here her through the bathroom. Serena got a towel and dried herself off, then got out a hair dryer and dried the rest of herself off. She left her clothes on the floor went to her room and got dressed. Serena then sat on the bed and let her mind blank a bit. But she thought.

'I wanted her to... Sigh, what's wrong with me. I never was.'

Serena started to cry.

'Darien, we were supposed to have such a beautiful future, what went wrong? Why wouldn't... Damn, why didn't you marry me?'

"Serena!", Britney

'Damn,': "Yeah."

"C'mon down."

"Not now!"

"Please hon."

"Sigh.", Serena made her way to the shop. She smelled something good.


She got to the baking area.

"Whatcha' makin'?"

"I decided to make pizza. Ser... I have something. But I wanted to talk to you while the pizza cooked. Sit down."

Serena pulled out a chair and did.

Britney looked into her eyes and then sat on her abundant lap. She faced her.


Britney got into better position and then kissed her on the mouth, she put her arms around Serena.

"Mmmpph... MMM.", Serena pushed her away.

"What are- OH!"

Britney had stared caressing Serena's breast through her clothing. Serena had had enough. She grabbed both Britney's wrists.


"Just checkin', a minute ago you were upset that I wasn't...."

"Weren't what?!"

"In the shower, remember."

Serena let go of Britney's wrists. Britney got off her lap.

"Hon... You had a hard day, now what's bugging you?"

"I.... Nothing."

The oven dinged.

"Pizza's ready, hungry?"

"Brit, why did you-"

"You were upset at me for not going.... Low enough, I wanted you to realize what you really wanted."

"You... You could've... I mean who says-"

"Girl, forget about it."

"Don't call me-"

"I should call you kid. Look hon, when, sigh, let's eat."

Britney got the pizzas out of the oven.


Briteny went upstairs and came down with a box in a bag under one arm and a mirror.


"It's about time you looked at your new haircut."

"I... I had forgotten."

Britney took the mirror and slowly showed Serena her new haircut.

"It.... It's so short and so red."

Her hair was short in the back and a little poofy on top. But not as short as a brush cut.

"My... My hair.", Serena wiped a tear from her eye. Britney went served her some pizza and then got some beers from the box.

"I... I don't drink, I always get sick from drinking."

"You won't anymore, trust me..... You're... You're big enough that it won't make you sick, just eat while drinking."


"You need it, trust me, so do I ."

So, they got drunk and ate.

They talked and Serena didn't get sick, although Britney had to slow her down on her drinking every once in a while.

Britney told Serena that her boyfriend was getting a little mean with her. No, he wasn't being violent. He just had yelled at her a lot more and mocked her. Which he had really never done before. Britney said it was because she was losing weight and he didn't like it. Serena asked her if she wanted to stop.. Brit said no.

They eventually made their way to bed. However they both ended up in the same bed, when Serena took off her clothes, Britney asked why. Serena said never mind, but Brit got it out of her that they were getting a little tight. Britney decided to get undressed too. She said, just to be fair. And so they slept, naked and holding each other.

The next day when Serena woke up Britney was gone. She woke up about 7 A.M.. She got dressed and went downstairs. Brit was already cooking. So after that the work day started.

The day was at first passing fine, but as the day wore on Serena's already tight clothes started to get tighter.

'Am I really gaining this fast.', she thought.

Serena had had to undo the front fly and button on her dress, and it still stayed on. She couldn't take it. She typed in a message on the computer. Went to the door and put up the: "Be back in ten sign.". Britney came out.

"Again?! Your clothes are getting too tight again?!"

"I... Look I can't help it."

Britney could see Serena's big belly pushing out from her dress. She could also see where the rest of Serena was pushing against the material.

"Okay hon, I'll be back in a minute."

Britney went upstairs and left Serena there. She thought of having a shake, but thought better of it.

Britney came back downstairs holding some clothes over one arm and scissors in her other hand.

"Scissors, why do you need-"

"Sigh, get undressed alright?."

Serena pulled at her shirt, it was a bit tight and took her a few minutes, but she got it off. Her dress however was too tight, although she tried.

"Okay hon, stay absolutely still."

Britney came over to her and brandished the scissors.

"What are you....Oh.", Serena had figured it out.

As carefully as Britney could she went down the side and cut enough that Serena could get out of the dress.

"Thanks Brit."

"Here.", Britnet threw the clothes she had brought down at Serena: "Try these on."

It was a t-shirt and a jean dress. Serena put the dress over her head and got it on. She put the shirt on.

"They're a bit tight."

"Sigh, I was afraid of that. Those were the clothes I bought when I weighed five twenty."

"Five twenty... You mean I.... I-"

"You weigh more than five hundred and twenty pounds now."

"Woo hoo.", Serena jumped up. When she landed the ground shook slighty.

"Hon, you can't do that anymore."


"Here the floor's reinforced. Somewhere else. Well,... Hhh. Well hon, gonna stop?"

(Okay, have to say, we should be out of the mature stuff, for now.)

"...... I.... Not yet."

"Look hon-"

"No, you look, I'm not ready to stop yet, what's the real deal?"

"I... I'm worried about you."

"But there's something else."

"Look HON! I like you, I like you a lot, but you're... Hell, I'm not ready to...", Britney shut up.

Serena shut her eyes and bowed her head, she looked up. She approached Britney. Britney froze. Serena looked into her eyes, and gave her a peck on the cheek. Britney's hand went to her cheek.

"Don't-", Britney.

"Let's take things slow, I like you... A lot. And it's a lot to get used to."


"Brit, this is my choice and my body. This is what I want."

"Maybe, but maybe you're trying to block out the world. Bymakingyourselftoobigforit.", Britney had rushed through before Serena could interrupt.

"Hmm.", Serena rubbed under her chin, once more she noticed a lot more chin: "Maybe, but it's my choice."

"You sure?"


"Then I'll try to support you a hundred percent. I may support you too much."

"How could you support me too much?"

Britney shook her head: "Sorry, of course not."

"Oh, Brit, we better open back up!"

"Damn, you're right. Okay, try to make it through the day with what you're wearing, I'll make a call tonight or a few and see what I can do."


The week was passing mostly uneventfully, except for two things, on Wednesday, Serena had been serving customers and on her feet all day. Britney had provided a stool, however, part of Serena's training was that, to try not to sit as much as possible. Chairs and tables had been provided, although there was a sign up that no one should stay over an hour. Britney had put that up for Serena's sake. Serena was a good people person. But as Serena had started to find out: Customer's after they had stayed a while would want her to have a bite with them. It was alright, Serena's appetite had increased so much that she was starting to seem a bottomless pit. But Britney wanted her to try not to let her weight gain get ahead of her muscle training. So, at times, Serena had to ask people to leave. Some didn't appreciate it. But she told them come back later. Some didn't, but eventually some did in the same day. As for those that didn't, they would be back a few days later. And Serena told her customers that this was a temporary situation, until she had adjusted to this. Eventually there was understanding.

At first customers worried about Britney. Britney would call them on the phone and assure them she was alright, but as most customers got to know Serena, they got to like her. And they would ask about Brit in passing. Some would want to see her. But, they were told she was too busy and she would call.

That was the how some of the week passed. As for the occurences: Britney had to adjust Serena's clothes during the week. As the week wore on however:

Back to on Wednesday.

Serena had just finished with a few customers, she was getting used to it and wasn't enforcing the hourly rule so much, it was almost closing time.

'Another hour... Man, not yet, but I am getting close to being stuffed.', Serena smiled, 'Wonder how long that'll last... Phew I gotta get off my feet.'

Serena had a jean dress on. Britney had had to adjust it a few times. The sides were sort of a string job which showed off a lot of Serena's legs. She had complained a little, but was getting used to it.

Serena started to sit, as she did she heard a noise, she wasn't sure what it was at first. She was so busy trying to figure it out and her feet were so sore, that she didn't really notice the tightening.

She was only starting to sit. She was going slow. She wasn't sure why. She sort of felt discomfort, but put it off.

She sat, as she did: "Riiiiiip, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap."


Serena looked down at her legs. She could see from the sides that her dress had ripped. fortunatley the waist was holding.

"Aw, fuck... Brit!"

'Damn, I'll have to message her. Serena got up slowly. She could she that her legs were now pushing out from the sides. She couldn't see her butt, but she could feel the draft.



A gargantuan woman walked in.

"Hi, I'm looking for Britney.", she was carrying a two big bags in her hands: "I was supposed to ring and leave these outside the store, but I was in the neighborhood: The woman had a southern accent.

"Hi, I'm Serena.", Serena held out her hand.

"Deborah.", the woman put the bags in one hand. As best they could they tried to shake hands.

"Brit's in the back."

"Oh, well I'll go see her."

"Sorry, not allowed."

"Look girly, Brit said these were for her. I give them to her or they don't get where they're going."

"Look... Miss, store policy. I can't allow you in the back If I do I get into trouble."

They stared each other down. At first neither budged. But then a bead of sweat went down Deborah's face.

'This girl, she's tough.'

"Okay missy, you win.", Deborah put the bags on the counter.

"Oh, um.", Serena came out of that place she would go to when the chips were down.

"Uh, do you want to buy anything?"

"Well honey, I'm watching my figure.", the woman had at least a hundred pounds on Serena.

Serena stared at her. She shook her head: "Uh, okay then."

"Well hon, I'm trying to watch my gain."


The woman turned, as she left: "You'll do fine, I know a few friends who I'll send along sooner or later. AND, I'm going to call Britney to see that she got that. No peeking: Big girls honor?"

"Uh, sure."

"See you around. Or my friends will."



Serena went to the door and locked it. She put up the sign, then went into the back.


There was Britney stirring up an order which had been called in.

"Hon! What are you doing here? You should be-"

"A woman named Deborah left this for you."

Serena hefted the bags. Britney got to her as soon as possible. She grabbed them away.


"Damn that... Shouldn't be- Sorry, be back.", Britney headed up the stairs, as she did she asked: "Door locked?"



Serena went back to the front and snacked. She was snacking more than a lot these days.

Serena slapped her forehead: "Damn!", in the rush and strangeness of the situation she had forgotten about her dress. She reddened.

"I hope...", 'Damn, I hope.', she got redder. Then she thought about how big that woman had been with her beanbag chair sized breast: 'Will I get that big.', Serena felt wetness below: 'Get a hold girl. You got a big problem.'

Britney came back down.

"Brit, my dress, it ripped!"

"Hhhhh, again. Try to get through the day."


"Just make it a little while longer, the counter will block you."

Serena clenched her hands: "Brit!"

"Al... No g... Hon, sooner or later, you'll have to get used to this."

"Get used to this?!!"

"Serena... Look, at the rate your going."..... "At the... Look, make it through the day okay?"

"My butt's hanging out."

"Alright, be back."

Britney went upstairs, came back down and threw something at Serena, she caught it. It felt soft.

"What this?", she unfolded it. It was a pair of panties.

"Put them on. They're the same color as your dress, no one will notice.

Serena took off her dress and got dressed again.

"I... Ah what the hell.", she went back to the front.

"Hhhhh.", that girl.

That was the first thing that happened. Brit expanded the dress once again and put in a stretch waist line. When Serena asked what was in the bags. Brit just said materials. Serena pressed, but in the end, let it go.

On Friday, Serena was a little worried, her dress was getting tight again. As for her t-shirts, Britney had converted them to tank tops and was saying she would have to soon make them into tube tops. Serena's big belly was starting to push the shirts up, and her boobs were pushing against the material. She was worried, but at the same time, it was starting to turn her on.

Serena was worried, but it was putting off the customers, so she did her best to put it out of her mind.

She was talking with Brendan and Emily. They were two new customers. Emily was about three-fifty and Brendan about three hundred. Brendan was explaining that when he had met Emily he had been thin. But as they had been together he had started to gain weight. Emily was a foreigner and when first arrived, she had turned to food to console her when she was sad. But had never got off the habit. In fact her habit had instead spread to even when she was happy. Brendan had at first....

Serena listened to them talk, they completed their sentences for each other. For Serena it was a bit boring since she could barely get a word in edgewise. She was eating and drinking shakes, she was now on her fifth. She had of course eaten a lot. She had eaten enough for almost two buffets. But customers were willing to buy stuff for her and Britney was sending stuff for her to taste. All in all, Serena seemed to always have a treat on and in her hand. Serena was so bored, and yet trying to listen that she didn't take account of the tightening of her clothes. Specifically around the waist.

Serena was on her sixth shake when she felt her waist being pressed in upon

"What the?!!"


Her dress fell to the ground.

Everyone stopped.



"Uh.... Can.... Wasn't expecting that, huh?"

"They stared at her."

Serena smiled, she nodded: "Must have shrunk in the wash."

They stared at her some more, then couldn't help but laugh.

"Shrunk in the wash... That's-": Brendan

"A good one.": Emily.

There was another moment of silence, then: "So, how long have you two been going out?"

"Uh-": Brendan

"What?": Emily.

"How long have you two-"

"Oh yeah we..."

And they were off again. Serena had saved that situation. She got through the day in her panties and tank top. She was covered by the counter, of course Brendan and Emily and maybe a few more customers might've got a look. But Serena just was blase. When Britney heard, she was upset, she said they could get in trouble. Serena just said that she was getting used to her clothes breaking like SHE WAS TOLD TO. They didn't get along for a while, but over a big dinner Serena had made, Britney couldn't resist, especially the chance to go off her diet a bit. Serena had kept her on her diet, despite the little tensions between them. Then, it was the night of the weigh in.

(Okay, phew, almost there. For those of you still with me. Thanks. But I... Gonna put this in earlirer: Ya know, don't have to read in one sitting. Need a break, but have to finish.)

"Who goes first?", Britney.

"Why not you?"

"What about you Double H?"

"I... I gotta try to get myself ready."


"Try to make sure I don't jump up and down."

"Okay, here goes.", Britney got on the scale.

"330 pounds."

"Holy crap, I lost fifty pounds in two weeks, that's impossible!!!"

"No Brit, I learned from you. You know how to make people fat, I'm learning how-"

"But Serena.", Britney ran to her and kissed her on both cheeks: "Thank you, thank you... I'm... I'm getting thin... I'M GETTING THIN... I can...", Britney shook her head: "Uh, your turn."

"First I want to measure you."

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea."

"Please." Serena said it in her little girl voice, which didn' work too well when you looked at her, but Britney gave in.


"Bust: 77 inches."

"Phew, I'm losing, no wonder my jerk of a boyfriend is upset, when you-"

"Waist: 59 inches."

"Woo, I'm getting a good figrure."

"It's the s... The work outs."

"What were you, sigh, never mind."

"Hips: 79.... Inches."

"'Bout time', now you."

"I'm... I'm a little, not scared, but..."

"Go on, ya big baby.", Britney gave her a little push.


"C;mon Ser."

"Right.", she got on.

"597 pounds."

Serena clenched her fists and got off the scale.

"What's wrong hon?"

"Trying, trying not to jump up and down."

Britney went over to her and caressed her face.

"Calm down hon, calm down."

They couldn''t help it, their faces got closer and lips touched. Serena's open, she felt Britney's toungue lick her lips. Then... Britney drew back.


"Let's get this done with."


"Are... Are you sure you want me to..."

"Go on, let's... Do it."

"Right.", Britney got behind Serena, Serena helped her hold up the tape measure.

"Okay, bust.....Omi...167 inches."

"I.... I don't... Whoa... How big... Imean, what's my cup size?"

"Uh.", Britney tried, but they were too big.

"I'm not sue, I'd say maybe... Could be bigger, an....", Britney felt around some more.

"C'mon, c'mon."

"Uh, maybe... A triple, whoa M."

"Whoa... Serena froze... Whoa is right."

"Okay... Hips.. I mean waist.", Britney moved the tape. "Okay, waist: 172 inches."


"Hips: 197 inches."


"I'll be back."


She came back with a calculator

"Okay Ser, you have about a thirteen foot bust."

"Thirteen.. Thirteen...."

"Do not jump up and down."

"Almost fourteen."


"Deep breaths.", Britney.

"Right: Deep breaths."

"Gonna get this done with... Don't freak out."


"Fourteen foot waist."

"Well, cool, but-"

"And sixteen foot hips."


"Remember, that's in... That is I'm not calculating out in... A skinny girl, 36 inches would have a three foot bust: 36 over 12. Still, you're much, much bigger."


The day of the next weigh in couldn't come soon enough for Serena, nor Britney. Britney asked Serena to help her up her loss a bit. Serena said they would take it slow, but would do it.

That night after they had done, Britnet gave Serena a big t-shirt and overalls. Serena looked like she was going to get really mad. But Britney called her name loudly and told her they would have to go out and that Serena had to learn what it meant to be a big girl. Serena was curious about that, but Britney said that she had to learn to control her temper. Serena said she didn't have temper and started to cry, saying if Brit had those clothes she should've let her have them earlier. Britney told her she was sorry and Serena went and sulked for a while.

They made up in a while, they both knew there was some issues between them that sooner or later they would have to face up to.

The two weeks went by. Serena manned the cash. When she first started she hadn't really regared the strangeness of the shop. She had just sort of let it go. Like another issue. But now she realized that this place was geared, not just the bedrooms: But the whole shop was geared for a big.... No, a gargantuan woman. But... She let it go.

The two weeks past, Serena had grown out of the overalls and t-shirt. So, Britney gave her a kimono. She didn't like it at first, but soon her youthful enthusiasm took over and she loved it. Britney said she would get her a few more, bigger ones. But for now she would adjust this one. But they made sure to wash it every, at least second night. Brit had given in and got Serena some stuff to wear at night, so she just wasn't going around in a stretched out t-shirt and panties. Then the day came.

The only other thing was that over the week, sometimes Serena's charms would show as the kimono got a little tight and she had to tie the knot bigger.

"Brit, you want me to go first this time?"

"No, I have to know.", Britney got on the scale.

"270 pounds."

"Wow, I lost 60 pounds, compared to-"

"No Brit that's good, that's great, sure you want to go on?"

"Hey, that's my line."

They laughed together.

"Okay, ready?"

"Ser, go on the scale."

"You don't want to know your new figure?"

"I.... Ah what the hell, my mom didn't raise chickens."

Serena did the best she could, Brit helped at times.

"Bust: 63 inches."

"Waist: Uh, 48 inches."

"Wow, I'm almost... N... Thin."

Serena stopped then continued

"Hips: 64 inches."

"Whoa, I'm getting to an hourglass figure."

"Okay, Ser, your turn."

Serena made her way to the scale.

"797 pounds."

"I..... I...-"

"Do not, I repeat, do not jump up and down."

"Uh.", Serena caressed her own lips, almost pinching them, but not quite: "Right."

"I'll measure you.", Britney rushed over.

"Serena nodded.

"Okay, bust:.. Maybe I should start with-" "Please Brit."

"Sigh, bust: Whoa, bigger and bigger."



"Omi... I..."


"Right...HHH, hhh."

"Waist: 247."


"Hips: 279"


"Calm down."

"Right.", Serena turned and lifted Britney in a hug."



"Serena, please don't do that again."


"Do you know how immense you are? I'll be back.", Brit was back quickly

"Okay: Bust: 17 feet."

"I do not-"

"Waist: 20 feet."

"I... I.."

"Hips: 23."

"Serena come with me.", she followed. They went into Britney's room. She had a cover over something big. She uncovered it, it was a mirror.


"I want you to take a long good look at your self."

Serena looked in the mirror. There staring back was an enormous woman, huge proportions, a triple chin, red hair, giant bean bag breasts, an even bigger stomach, and huge hips."

"Whoa... I'm huge.", sniff, A tear went down her face.


"I'm.. I'm so happy."


To be continued, later.

Okay ladies and gents, hope you enjoyed the story, any inconsistencies, I apologize, as for any mad rants, not tonight. Will continue this at a much later date, or do small installments. Anyhting else. Thank You for reading.

Oh, yeah, remember, Naoko did one like this. So, if flames, before you do, you must know which series she did like this. Short story in manga, but she did it. Naoko Takeuchi, if you are complaining about the series this fanfic is partially based on and don't know, go look up some Sailor Moon stuff.

Little extra:

Serena looked in the mirror closer.

“Hey, I’m not that big!!!”, she sounded upset.

“Okay, if I remember right.”, Britney punched in on the calculator: “Bust, almost three feet.”


“That’s sticking out.. No wait. Five feet.. Let me finish.”, Serena was quiet.

“Waist… Wait,.. Six feet diameter. And hips, seven feet diameter.”

“That’s better. But-“

“C, circumference of a circle equals to 2 times pi times r.”

“Oh.”, ‘I have to get bigger.’, Serena thought.