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A Sizeable Marriage
By Big Dave Hilll

The following is a true story...

"I am getting really fat!"

My wife, Janice, stood in front of the full length mirror in our bedroom, wearing only a bra and jeans. She poked at the generous roll of flesh that bulged out, over the waistband that was stretched taught.

"You're not fat, you're beautiful," I said, and hugged her from behind. I fondled the soft, smooth flesh.

It was true, in the year we'd been married she'd put on fifty pounds onto her originally-140-lbs body. She couldn't really account for the extra weight, except that the job she'd taken didn't require much physical activity. I think she also started to snack at work. She always seemed pretty comfortable with it, and I loved it, although I wasn't very vocal about it. I didn't want to make her self-conscious.

"I'm turning into a fat cow," she said with a frown.

"No you're not, you're just a little chubby. You're still beautiful, even more than ever before!" I kissed her on the lips for emphasis, and she melted into my arms.

We found our way to the bed and out of our clothes. We made love. I'd noticed that as Janice's weight increased, so did the excitement in our lovemaking. It had become hotter and hotter as time went by - I was in ecstasy.

After we'd finished, we lay in each other's arms, lightly kissing each other. Janice patted the slight bulge of my stomach.

"I wish you'd gotten fat along with me," she said with a smirk, "it'd make me feel thinner."

I grabbed the roll of blubber around my own middle and gave it a shake. "I have put on weight, look!"

"Yeah, but not that much. You've just got that little pot belly, I've got this huge gut." She grabbed her belly with both hands and vigorously shook it, sending waves through her torso. It certainly was more substantial than my little pot.

"Would you feel better if I was bigger and heavier? Is that what's bugging you?" I asked earnestly.

"Well, yeah!" Janice replied. "I feel fat next to a skinny fella like you."

I was far from skinny, having about 200 lbs packed onto my 5'11" frame. I was also far from toned. I thought about getting bigger for a second or two, and looked at my sexy wife lying next to me and ran my hand along her thick, soft thigh.

"Well, if it would make you feel better, honey, I'll try and put some weight on for you."

Janice smiled a huge, bright smile. "Really? You wouldn't mind? You'd do that for me?"

"Sure, I guess so. I don't think that'd be so bad. I don't know how fat I'd get, or how long it might take, but I enjoy food, so-"

"Let's start right now," Janice said, and jumped out of bed. I raised myself up on my elbows so I could she her considerable ass jiggle and bounce as she ran down the hall. When she returned she had boxes of cookies, brownies and ice cream in her arms. She dumped the sizeable load onto the bed and said, "Sit back and get comfy."

It took awhile, but Janice fed all that food to me right then and there. I was stuffed and a bit queasy when it was all over (it took a couple of hours!), but after a nap I felt okay. I definitely felt heavier, but I knew that was just because I was temporarily stuffed.

Almost exactly a year later, I was just entering the room when I heard Janice call from in front of the mirror again, "Oh my gosh, I'm 202 pounds! I'm huge!"

"You're not huge, you're beautiful, and very sexy," I said as I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck.

She was prodding at her belly. I reached around and lovingly caressed it with both hands.

"But I'm over 200 pounds now, I can't believe it! 200 is soooo faaaat!" she said, and frowned an exaggerated frown.

"You're not fat," I said, and moved next to her in front of the mirror, "I'M fat!"

I hefted my sizeable stomach in my hands, then let it drop and jiggle. I turned and smiled at her.

"Yes, you certainly are," she said and kissed me on the lips. "It's been awhile since you were on the scale, let's see what you weigh."

I strode over to the scale in the corner and stepped onto it. The dial stopped at 307.

"Wow, honey, I've put on ten pounds," I said over my shoulder.

"Oooh, fabulous," she exclaimed, and hugged me around my big stomach.

I checked myself out in the mirror. I definitely must make Janice feel slim now, I thought to myself. My big, fat belly was the most obvious change, but the rest of me was much bulkier as well. From my double chin and chubby cheeks, to my soft, round arms and my fat, jiggly ass, I was fat all over.

"C'mon tubby," Janice said, and spanked me on a chubby butt cheek, "it's time to eat."

"Meet you in the kitchen in a minute," I called after her, and pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt. The pants were tight, with my flabby belly hanging over the elastic. The T-shirt was skin-tight, and didn't quite meet the waistband of the pants, so a couple inches of flesh were visible in between. I shook my corpulent belly in my hands and headed to the kitchen.

"Whoa, big boy," Janice said when she saw me enter the kitchen, "we need to get you some bigger clothes... Larger clothes for our growing boy!"

She set a plate with a 48-ounce steak in front of me, loads of mashed potatoes, butter, and some very fattening-looking bread.

"Is this just for starters?" I asked, and Janice just grinned back at me.

About four months passed by, and my wife and I were back in the bedroom having a similar conversation. We'd had one of our frequent marathon lovemaking sessions, and not long after she was back in front of the mirror again.

"I am such a fat pig, look at me!" she said.

"You're not," I replied, "you're beautiful - and you lost 15 pounds! My poor little muffin is wasting away."

I grabbed her stomach from behind, and gazed at her plump reflection in the mirror.

"Hey, let's see how you're doing, my chubby Romeo," she said, and directed me toward the scale.

I stepped on and it read 310. Janice looked from the scale to me, then back at the scale. Her face showed concern.

"You're the same weight!" she exclaimed in surprise.

"Must be all those salads," I joked, and rubbed my belly with both hands.

"How can you be the same weight?" she asked, her brow furrowed with alarm.

"I don't know, maybe my weight's just leveling out, don't worry about it honey."

"Leveling out, do you think so?" she asked, her voice filled with anxiety.

I merely shrugged. I'd been eating lots, but maybe my metabolism had changed? I had no idea.

"We'll see about that!" Janice said in a determined tone, and marched out of the bedroom, leaving me slightly baffled, but mostly just amused.

What followed were a month's worth of extravagant meals, each encompassing several courses, and every one preceded by a glass of a drink I wasn't familiar with. It tasted sort of bitter, but Janice insisted I drink a full glass of it before every meal. She called it "the magic love potion," and although it didn't really taste that appealing, I quickly got used to it and it became a sort of ritual.

After more than a month of this pampering my weight started to increase again. My clothes had grown more than tight. I walked in the door one day, and instead of my usual greeting of a kiss on the lips, Janice simply grabbed two handfuls of my stomach and squeezed them. She squeezed so tight I grimaced at the pain.

"I think you're ready, big boy," she said, and curled her finger as a sign to follow her.

She led me through the hallway to our bedroom. Following behind her, I could see that she had shed some mass from her ample behind. What a shame, I thought.

"Sit there," she commanded, indicating a new chair I'd never seen before. It was overly large and looked like it was made of heavy-duty stuff.

I eased myself into the seat, and before I could blink, Janice was handcuffing my wrists to the arms of the chair. We only used the handcuffs for playful, intimate games, so this definitely piqued my interest. Then I noticed the machine across the room - it was bigger than a refrigerator, but I had no idea what it was. Janice grabbed a headset that was attached to the machine by a long tube and approached me.

I must have looked worried because she first told me, "Don't worry sweetie, you know you can trust me," then she put the headset on me. It had straps that fastened around my head and a mouthpiece that went in my mouth, opening it about as far as it would go. The only sound I could make sounded like, "gaaaaaaaah."

"There's no need to worry, dear, this won't hurt a bit. I saw this device in a Feeder magazine, and I ordered it because I thought you were just getting fat too slowly!" Janice smiled when she said this. "This should at least double your weight, as far as I can tell, by the end of the day."

My eyes grew wide with concern and I uttered another, "gaaaaaaaaaaah!"

"Don't worry, my chunky little Romeo, it won't hurt. That's what the 'magic love potion' was for - it made your body and skin more pliable, so you won't feel any pain or even get many stretch marks. It'll also cause your body to absorb these nutrients very quickly, turning them right into fat."

I struggled in protest, afraid of what this machine might do, but Janice held my head tenderly and whispered, "Don't worry, baby, you'll like it."

Janice walked over to the machine, and with a flip of a switch it came to life, humming away.

"I'll leave you with it, sweetie," Janice said as she headed to the door, "and I've got some apple pies baking in the over for dessert."

As she left, with the machine humming in the background, I couldn't help but notice that Janice's clothes were looking bigger on her. Was she losing weight? Was she on a diet? Oh no, that would be terrible, I thought.

Then something came out of the tube and hit the back of my throat, tearing my thoughts away from my shrinking wife. The tube went far enough into my throat that it passed my taste buds, so I couldn't really taste anything. It felt good though, think and creamy - almost like warm pudding. I could feel the mystery substance pouring down my throat as I swallowed, down into my stomach. Janice was right, I did like this!

It was only minutes before I'd swallowed enough of the stuff that I felt my stomach was full. It kept on coming, though, and I kept on swallowing. With the hum of the machine and the warmth in my belly, I was getting light headed. I started to drift off into ecstasy, my mind wandering and almost fading out of consciousness.

Some time later my thoughts were brought back into the real world - the machine was gurgling and grinding, expelling air from the tube and into my stomach. It had run out of ammunition, and the shock of it spewing air caused me to utter, what can only be described as the squeal of a pig.

Janice ran in and switched off the machine. "Done already, big boy?"

She turned from the machine to look at me, and her face showed complete amazement.

"Wow, look at you," she exclaimed.

She pressed a button on the chair that started some sort of hydraulic lift. The chair shifted and raised itself, and forced me into a standing position. Immediately I noticed I was having trouble standing. I shuffled around with considerable effort so that I was facing the mirror.

I was HUGE!

My clothes had long since been torn off my massive, flabby body. I could barely even recognize my own face, with huge, fat cheeks and a massive second chin. All the fat around my throat and face made it difficult even to speak, as I found when trying to declare, "Wow."

My torso was massive, with huge, soft breasts and a gigantic belly that seemed to wrap right around my body. It bulged out at the sides so much that my colossal, blubbery arms were resting practically parallel with the ground. I tried to run my hands over my expanded body, but my arms felt like they were heavy and new, they were difficult to manipulate. Even my hands and fingers had grown pudgy and inflexible.

My gigantic stomach was so large and flabby I couldn't even reach around it. I couldn't even reach as far as my belly button (which itself was now a deep, gaping hole). As I looked over my chest and the crest of my immense gut, I knew I'd never see my genitals, let alone my feet, again! My stomach bulged out and hung to my knees. It formed love handles the size of large pillows.

I shuffled a little to one side to see what my profile was like. Maneuvering was quite a challenge now, as I had no sense of the space I now occupied, nor the weight I had to negotiate. Even turning my neck was a chore, my head being nestled in a thick sea of flab.

My profile astounded me. My belly stuck way out in front, with my breasts perched on top. It hung out far and low, and at the sides my arms looked like fat, floppy flippers, almost useless due to the amount of flesh that constricted their movements. I couldn't believe it, I couldn’t reach around even half of my gargantuan gut!

My ass was massive, too, sticking far out behind me. I wanted to feel it, I could see it was soft and jiggly, but I couldn’t grasp beyond the tops of my love handles. Remarkably, the formula that allowed me to gain all this weight also seemed to prevent cellulite, so my butt looked like a couple of giant, perfect spheres. I would have made a great Sumo Wrestler, I thought - the biggest ever. Too bad movement was such an effort.

Finally, my legs were huge like tree trunks. Each of my arms was as big around as both a regular person’s thighs combined - my thighs were indescribable! They were so portly and round, they squished together even below the knees, and forced my feet far apart. Every movement and shift of weight rubbed the fat of my belly or thighs against my cock, causing it to be firmly erect (although this was completely hidden from my wife in my mountain of fat).

Janice looked at me in astonishment. I looked at my reflection in astonishment. I didn't know what to think - I was somewhat aroused and in awe of my own body, and somewhat frightened of the consequences. I lumbered around to face my wife, whose jaw was practically on the floor.

"Oh my gosh," she whispered, "you are incredible!"

"Think so?" I managed to mumble through my fat cheeks - I think maybe even my tongue had grown fatter! Both my movements and speech had become think and slow, as if the air I operated in consisted of molasses.

She approached me and gently touched my belly, then started to rub it. She hugged as much of me as she could, which just barely brought her close enough to my arms that I could reach her my hands. She kissed and licked my belly, sending shivers down my spine. I wanted to kiss her lips, but my stomach kept our faces too far apart.

Grabbing handfuls of soft flab in her hands, she laughed, "Look at you! You are so-o-o fat!"

I smiled (even that had become tougher, having to move the extra weight of my fatter face). "I don't think I can stand much longer," I warned her.

"Back up a little," she said, directing me to the bed behind me.

The backs of my legs hit the edge of the bed a lot sooner than I expected them to, and I fell backwards a bit into something of a sitting position. I was sitting much higher than I was used to, due to the extra cushioning of my ass. The bed creaked a bit, but didn't break.

"I had it reinforced," Janice said with a wink.

She put her hands on my belly and forced me backwards. I teetered backwards on my gigantic ass, which acted as a fulcrum, and landed on my back. It was a frightening sensation! My flabby breasts kind of fell to the sides a little. My stomach was pushed high in the air, as the bulk of my buttocks elevated it, my torso was rest on an angle. My head was at the lowest point, my hips at the highest. My gut squished out to the sides, but it was still too tall for me to see or reach over - all I could see was a mountain of white, creamy flab.

Janice laughed as my legs flailed slow and ponderously in the air, elevated by the sheer size and padding of my butt. I was like an enormous turtle stuck on its back.

"Oh my handsome beached whale," she giggled. "Shhhh! Stop kicking."

I did as she said. I couldn't see her, but I felt her pushing at the bulk of my inner thighs, and moving some of my belly fat as best she could. Then I jumped (or rather, tried to) as she grabbed a hold of my penis.

"Ah, already rock solid, are we?" I heard her say slyly. She started to rub her hands up and down my penis, masturbating me until I climaxed.

I let out a guttural moan and seconds later Janice had come around the other side of the bed, where my head was lying on the mattress. I couldn't lift it up, the pressure of my upper body forced it down.

"How was that, sweetheart?" she asked.

"Great," I mumbled, exhausted.

She caressed my fat face and my chest, kneading the soft blubber. I closed my eyes, and nearly drifted asleep until she giggled again. I opened my eyes and looked up at her.

"You're just so big," she said and laughed, "now I'll always feel thin next to you - you big sexy, bloated, blubbery hippo of a man!" She punctuated this with a fit of laughter.

I was starting to feel a little self-conscious, but that evaporated when she kissed me on the lips, hard and long.

"Think you can fit a little apple pie in there, honey?" she asked, and poked at my stomach.

I nodded as much as I could, causing the flesh around my face to wobble. She pressed a button on the bed which caused it to tilt on hydraulics (which she must have had specially installed when she got the chair), and drop me into a standing position.

She walked through the door and into the hallway before turning and signaling me to follow. I made a lumbering turn to the left, then experimented with walking. The girth of my thighs was considerable, which made moving my legs really tough. My arms weren't much use in helping me balance, either. I took small, unwieldy steps toward the door. Basically I waddled, teetering gently from side to side. This made Janice start to giggle again. Even I had to smile, though a little frustrated. My body was constantly in motion, jiggling and bouncing. I could feel every step send ripples through my flab, and could even see them in my breasts.

When I got to the doorway I got stuck momentarily, causing Janice to laugh even more. She goaded me on with calls of, "C'mon tubby, you can squeeze through," and I did. The short walk to the kitchen took quite a long time, and when I saw the four pies sitting on the counter, I started to salivate. Janice must have seen it in my eyes.

"Oh, you are hungry, aren't you, fatty? Well go on, help yourself, they're all for you."

I waddled over to the counter, and reached forward to grab a pie. My massive belly hit the edge of the counter first, preventing the rest of me from getting anywhere near it. Janice laughed, and when I struggled further, she laughed even harder.

"Oh, wait a second," she said, trying to stifle her mirth, "here you go," and placed a pie into my pudgy hands.

I hungrily ate the pie whole, making a mess of myself in the process. For some reason my appetite was incredible, probably from all the energy it took to move my considerable bulk from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Janice slapped my butt cheek and watched the waves travel through the abundant, supple flesh.

"Wow, you're really an eating machine, aren't you? Oh, how I love seeing you so big and sexy, so soft and squishy, so hungry... So helpless!"

This last comment got my attention. I turned my pie-covered face toward her, and uttered a barely intelligible, "What?" through a mouth full of pastry.

"Now then," Janice began, while massaging my belly with her hands, "you're going to have to be a good little piggy, aren't you?" She had an evil glint in her eyes. "If you're a bad little piggy, I won't feed you any food. I'll leave you stranded on your back in bed like the beached whale you are..."

I started to feel a little threatened, and yes, helpless! I nervously grabbed hold of the flab at my sides with my own bloated fingers. I realized that now I would be dependant on her to feed me, cloth me, even to feed me. For a moment I was terrified!

"But if you're good," she continued, her expression now very alluring, "then I'll take good care of my piggy. You'll get whatever you want to eat, and we'll have the best sex you've ever imagine - you just won't ever see your feet again," she said, and giggled childishly. "What do you think? Do you like that, my chunky piggy?"

I nodded and smiled, and Janice put a pie in each of my hands.

I started to stuff the first pie into my mouth, then I thought about Janice losing weight. I held out the other pie as an offer to her.

"No thanks, chubby," she said, "I don’t want any. I wouldn’t want to turn into a big fat blob like you now, would I?"

As usual, her smile dulled the edge of her comment, so I continued to make quick work of the pies.

"Good. Now eat up, you big, fat, bloated piglet - you'd better hurry and be done with this snack before supper!"