Weight Room Title Bar

Slave to Hunger
By BlackFrye

Part Two

It was our fifth anniversary as Eldonia crested 6000lbs. She had become a formless blob of pink fat flesh...the only thing that could show she was once human was the two 600lb sacks of breast flesh on the floor...and the blubbery head that sat on top of the mountain of flesh. Her legs had disappeared underneath her belly fat; her ass and belly had become all one blob. The only way to tell them apart was when Eldonia would pass gas, which was rare because her body was efficiently using most of what it was taking in.

A few modifications were made to the house. Eldonia was moved to the center of the house in a giant room about half the size of a high school basketball gym. She sat on a large metal platform scale...it could hold 20,000lbs, so I wasn't worried about making any more changes for support. The metal platform was cushioned for her comfort, and a 20,000-gallon feeding machine was erected. The tube came from the cieling now. I had cranes set up on each side, which could lift 10,000lbs each so she could be lifted for cleaning and other matters.

As I said earlier, I had planned on getting her pregnant when she hit 6000lbs. ..and I did so. Of course there was a problem going about it. Having consulted with a few doctors and friends, I knew the best way to do it was to use a suction device on my penis and have a machine pump the seed into her vagina. I gave the go ahead to construct such a device. Once it was built I was brought in, but before I begun I climbed my wife's belly, stopped her the feeding and pulled the tube away, kissing her chocolate stained face. “It's time to have a baby or two.”

She groaned and belched loudly. “B..baby,” she said slightly. “Beautiful......”

I chuckled and kissed her lips. “Yes, a beautiful baby.”

She groaned out one last word before nodding off: “Food.” I smiled and put the tube in her mouth again, and she suckled in her sleep. I climbed down off of my wife and sat down in a chair near by.

“Let's begin, doctor.”

Eldonia was slowly lifted off the ground by the cranes. My penis was attached to the milker and began to suckle me. I didn't need any pornography to help me. All I had to do was watch my wife eat. I came...and came and came. One of the doctors had to hold me as I seemingly came forever. To my recollection, anyway. The seed was then collected, and the tubing was inserted into Eldonia. Eldonia grunted in her sleep and came on the attendant who was inserting the tubing. The seed was quickly pumped into Eldonia. I watched as the seed reached her vagina, knowing new life was on the way.

Well, it was bound to leak out. After all a 6000 woman is big news. Within days of the story hitting the news stations we had all sorts of people 0 out front. Feeders and Feedees. Fat worshippers. Fat cultists, some seeing Eldonia as a goddess. Then there were the religious groups. Holding signs up such as “Gluttony is a sin” and “Stop torturing Eldonia!” Of course, I didn't respond to those nuts.

Then there were TV crews, wanting to get an interview. Despite protests by the groups outside I continued to feed her more and more food.

Her pregnancy really kicked her appetite into high gear. It took four shifts of people working 24 hours a day to make her food in order to keep up. Luckily, I had some of the liquid food stored away to give the shifts enough time to form a stockpile.

The months rolled on and on...when she reached her eighth month of pregnancy is when things got extremely strange. The doctor came in and performed a special form of Ultrasound. There were twins inside her. I knew that much. But what I didn't know that each baby's estimated weight was about 90lbs. I was shocked. I wasn't worried for Eldonia because if Eldonia's mother could push out Eldonia, Eldonia could push out those twins.

Then one night Eldonia stopped eating. She grunted loudly...a loud gush was heard under her. I was awoken by one of the attendants around 3:00 in the morning. I came down to see that Eldonia was hoisted up, and the doctors were beginning to help Eldonia deliver her babies. The first slid out rather easily; the doctor fell to the ground holding the big ball of blubbery infant flesh. It cried slightly and flailed its fatty flipper limbs around like newborns do when they are born. The doctor checked the child out, ensuring it was ok, and passed it to a nurse who began to clean it up.

“Congrats, you had a baby girl.” I beamed with pride and awaited the second infant. The second infant was stuck - not because of birth defects or anything like that - just that the baby was too fat. Eldonia whimpered and sucked on her feeding tube to calm herself down. Finally, the infant came out with a thud. The doctor fell on his back catching him. That infant didn't move but cried like the other. “A boy,” the doctor said, and a grin could be seen on my face.

Eldonia was cleaned and cared for monitored closely. The children were cleaned and weighed, my daughter weighed about 95lbs; my son, on the other hand, clocked in at 143lbs. I climbed onto my wife's body and took the tube from her mouth and kissed her. “We have a son and a daughter,” I said softly. She groaned and belched.

“Beautiful?” she asked with a huff afterwards.

I smiled. “Yes dear...beautiful. You're tired...sleep now. I'll put the pump on high so you can regain your strength quickly.” She nodded and fell asleep. I ordered the pump to be put into high gear. I watched my lovely family and smiled. Life was good.

It's been 10 years now. Our life has never been better. My daughter, who we named Allison, is rather intelligent for a 10 year old. In fact, she's a genius. She's currently attending college via the Internet. She's already lined up for job offers as soon as she graduates. My son follows in the footsteps of his mother. Though he's 10 years old, he's 1400lbs. He's on full time feeding but he is being educated. He's currently in 10th grade. Less smart than his sister but smarter than most. He has many friends via the Internet and is very happy.

As for Eldonia, Eldonia is totally absorbed in her food. She only acknowledges my presence when I take her tube away from her to talk to her. She can merely grunt and groan, but I know what she's thinking. Eldonia now weighs 20,000lbs. It's a wonder she's even capable of breathing. Doesn't matter. I will keep getting her fat 'til she asks me to stop or her health can no longer take it. By the looks of things we got a few more years to go yet.