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The Baron's Memoirs
Lisa's Slip Up

by J.P.

Another rather intriguing tale I'd like to share is about Lisa. Lisa was the second of my girls that I fattened prodigiously. She was a relative newcomer to my island, having come willingly in response to one of my coded advertisements. She was of medium height with raven black hair and an athletic body. She had large firm breasts from her constant exercising and I guessed that she had not so much as a pound of excess fat anywhere else.

I enjoyed Lisa the first night she arrived, as was my custom, and she agreed to serve me as one of my concubines, in return for a life of luxury. At this point she really wouldn't have had a choice though. She joined the harem and began learning of the required daily activities. She acclimated well to this new life and she brought me pleasure on more than a few occasions, however her pride in her looks led to her downfall.

Lisa wondered where I spent many of my days. I had her come to me almost only at night, along with any other girls I might fancy. The girls often spoke of my almost mythical sexual appetite, and she had certainly felt the truth of that, but if I liked sex so much, where was I during the day? It became a little quest of Lisa's to find out. For a little while the girls had her believing I was a vampire. She discovered where I often was one day.

She had wandered to a sun roofed porch overlooking a fabulous display of one of the many beaches on my island. There she saw me with Tina who was eating her all day feasts as usual. This was a few months into her punishment. I estimated she was almost five hundred pounds at that point. Lisa literally stumbled in on us. I was taking donuts and other pastries and crushing them to my body and my organ while my fat and glorious Tina dutifully ate them off, lingering on my flesh as she did so. After several minutes of this fore play I lay on some cushions on the floor while Tina straddled me with her massive hips. A daring position, but one I particularly enjoyed. Her mass enveloped me, from my abdomen to my ankles nothing could be seen; it was covered by Tina's soft flab. She carefully rode me, all the while eating more crme filled pastries. Lisa slipped away at that point.

Later that afternoon as I headed towards the spa for a relaxing soak I overheard some rather striking conversation. Lisa was talking with a few of the other girls.

"And I saw him fucking that fat sow! She was enormous! I don't think I've ever seen someone so fat! She was eating the whole time, and he kept giving her more! That's where he spends his days?" exclaimed Lisa in obvious disgust.

"Yeah that's where he usually is. He loves watching her eat." Said one of the girls.

"What's wrong with him? He's got all of us around, especially me," I could almost hear the other girls' groans as she said this. Lisa wasn't that popular with the others. Way too vain they said. "And he spends his time with that porker?"

"Well she wasn't always like that. When she came onto the island she was only 116 pounds. A few months ago she pissed The Baron off and he made her eat all day long every day. She's been constantly eating for months now. She's probably over four hundred pounds. She's come to enjoy it too."

"How could anyone enjoy living like that? I'd want to die. Oh! I get sick just thinking about it!" exclaimed Lisa. I remained out of sight. This unnecessary outburst against my beloved Tina was raising my temper.

"Well you saw how much attention he gives her, it might not be as bad as you think."

"Well maybe I'll have to change the Baron's mind. I'm not playing second fiddle to some fat cow. Next time he calls for me I'll really give him something to remember."

'Oh you certainly will, silly girl' I thought 'Some big changes are in store for you.' I was tempted to call upon her that night and begin a suitable punishment, but I decided patience and a little doctor's advice would better suit my plans. I had Dr. Shreck flown to the island. We talked in my study.

"Joshua" only the Doctor calls me Joshua any more. "I passed Tina on the way in, she is looking fantastic! She's still taking the vitamins and doing her prescribed exercises?" he inquired.

"Yes, I have my nurse make sure that she does. She's very important to me; I want her to stay healthy. How are things at the lab?"

"Good. With the extra funding plus some creative input from some new minds I'm making breakthroughs. Of course my ultimate goal is to come up with a way for the human body to put on fantastic amounts of weight without health problems."

"Yes, a worthy endeavor, and one I want to consult with you on." I told him what I had heard Lisa say about Tina. Dr. Shreck was also angry, for he was very fond of Tina as well. "I want to make her fat, huge, enormous. But I want to do it in a special way. I often read in the stories on the Net about girls gaining weight very fast, within minutes they become gigantic womanly spheres. Such a thing isn't possible is it?"

The doctor shook his head. "No. It's a fantasy I've often had myself, but there's no way to put on weight that fast."

"I want her to feel as if she suddenly put on all of this weight, I want it to be a tremendous shock to her to see herself as a bulging fat woman of at least Tina's size. Then once she starts to come over her shock that's when I truly start to fatten her. Do you understand?"

Dr. Shreck nodded slowly, a smile forming on his lips. "A wonderful idea, it would certainly teach her a lesson. There may be a way. If we knock her out, and keep her asleep with anesthesia we could force-feed her the way coma victims are fed. We'll feed her non-stop. She'll be unconscious the whole time. When we reach the weight you want her to be at, we let her wake up and discover what's happened to her."

I smiled; this was the perfect plan. In her mind she would probably feel as if she just went to sleep, but what a nightmare she would wake up to! "I think that we have found the way. Fly back to the mainland and bring back whatever you need, I'll pay for everything. Bring in extra help if you need it. Hurry, I'd like to start tomorrow if possible." He left with an eager smile on his face. I made funds available to him for whatever he needed and thought about just how big I would make the vain Lisa.

The doctor returned the next day with all of the equipment he thought he'd need, plus huge supplies of concentrated glucose solution, which would be her diet for the time being. A king-sized bed was set up in the infirmary with life support systems and monitors of all kinds. The bed was put onto a scale and then its weight was brought to zero on the computer monitoring the scale. That night the doctor and some men snuck into the sleeping quarters of Lisa and ensured that she didn't wake up by using just a whiff of Ether. Carefully carrying her back to the infirmary she was placed on the bed, and Dr. Shreck and the nurses went to work. First an IV was inserted into each wrist. One would supply a carefully measured dose of anesthesia to keep her constantly asleep; the other was a glucose solution. Another IV was inserted into each thigh, both pumping in glucose, and a catheter was also inserted. Finally a clear tube with a soft rounded end was carefully pushed down her throat until it was just inside her small stomach. Wires and electrodes were attached and were used to constantly monitor her condition, especially if she were to experience any bodily system distress. I wanted her fat, not hurt.

"Well we're ready. She has three IV s of glucose and a highly concentrated glucose solution will be filling her belly almost constantly. She should be assimilating close to 25,000 calories a day. One thing we want to do is really stretch out her stomach. For this I've added a little device. It's essentially a balloon. Inside the tube is a balloon that will periodically inflate inside of her stomach, thus stretching it, causing it to become more and more distended. She should have a huge appetite when she finally comes out of this. Well, would you like the honors Baron?" asked Dr. Shreck as he gestured to the IV machines and the tube feeding apparatus. I smiled broadly as I flipped each switch on and began the process of fattening my prideful young concubine. As much as I wished otherwise she didn't begin to inflate like a balloon. The IV s merely started their perpetual drip and clear fluid began to run down the tubes and into Lisa's sleeping body. I watched for perhaps an hour, but there really wasn't much to see. Her belly did begin to swell and stretch after more than half an hour, but that was about it. I left her in the care of the two extra nurses who were hired just to take care of my sleeping beauty.

The next morning I went to see her. Nothing new really. She hadn't had any problems yet. Her belly was swollen like a very pregnant woman's but otherwise she seemed no different. Her weight had increased by more than three pounds but the nurses explained that it was more from the large amounts of liquid pumped into her than anything else. It would take her body some time to acclimate itself to the amount of calories being consumed, but soon she should put weight on quickly. Every time her stomach made some room more of the solution was pumped into her. It wasn't nearly as exciting as watching Tina eat so I left, and promised to check on her tomorrow.

A week went by before I actually saw Lisa again. Different matters had kept me occupied. The nurses said she had come close to waking up three times, but they were always able to put her back under before she woke. She had made some gains they said. Looking upon the sleeping Lisa I had to agree. She was wearing a flimsy hospital gown, and underneath I could see the bulge of her newly acquired flab. She was getting a rising potbelly, and she looked softer all over, with also a slight widening of the hips. Checking the monitors I found that she had gained twenty-seven pounds. The nurses told me that her metabolism had slowed down, and began just storing everything consumed. Her gains had stabilized to almost four pounds a day now. That was amazing. The plan was working perfectly. What was she dreaming? I wondered. Were sugarplums and other sweets dancing through her head? I visited her much more often from then on.

Each week brought new rolls of fat to her body. Her arms and legs widened. Her breasts first rose higher on her chest and then sagged to either side as gravity claimed them. Her face softened and dimpled. Her neck was quickly disappearing under double and then triple chins. A month after we started she was up to 250 pounds. Her hips were marred by cellulite, but we constantly rubbed oils and lotions onto her skin to prevent stretch marks. Her belly was by far the biggest part of her body. It grew more than a foot away from her and spread wide to either side due to the fact she was laying down. I loved to be there when the balloon would inflate. Her already distended belly would suddenly expand up and out, tight as a basketball, and much larger. It would bulge this way until I thought she would burst and then remain so for an hour or more before deflating again. The whole time she was blissfully unaware.

Another month passed bringing her up to 370 pounds. Now she was truly beginning to take on the dimensions I wanted. No doubt she would be horrified at what she saw of herself, but I wanted still more on her before I woke her up and truly began fattening her. Her breasts were bulging fat bags, drooping almost to the floor, pinning her huge arms. Her thighs were so wide that the insides touched past her knees. They were sure to rub together, no matter how far she spread her legs. The bed was becoming filled with her body. She took up more than 60% of a king-sized bed. Another month I felt was all that would be needed.

After the third month she weighed in at a marvelous 506 pounds. A gain of almost 400 pounds in only three months. She did fill up the bed now; there were just small corners that another person could sit on. Her hips were easier measured in feet. Six feet to be more precise. Her ass was wider than three of my more slender girls put together. Each breast weighed more than twenty pounds. Her belly was the wonder though. How much could it hold? I couldn't even guess. The constant flow of glucose and the periodic inflation had done its work. It preceded her by almost four feet, and hung down to her knees. When full it spread even past the width of her gargantuan hips. Now this was a good start! We carefully removed the needles and bandaged her properly. We also (with great difficulty) moved her back to the main living quarters with the other girls. None of the other girls knew what had happened to her and they were likely in for quite a surprise when they saw her. All of the girls were asleep when they brought Lisa back, and none woke until the next morning when Lisa let out a bellow (I doubt that she could shriek any more) of horror.

I ran to their chambers and was met by raucous laughter and cries of fear and dismay. A shocking discovery had certainly been made. The one laughing loudest was, not surprisingly, Tina. I rushed onto the scene. All of the almost thirty women were crowded around Lisa's bed. I pushed my way through to finally reach her. Lisa had found the strength to sit up and was crying wretchedly, vainly trying to hide her enormous body with the sheet.

"My dear Lisa what's wrong?" I said as I walked up and took her hand.

"What happened to me? How could this happen? Am I dreaming?" she sobbed clutching my hand and trying to reach my shoulder to lean on.

"My dear what's the matter? You look beautiful!" I said as I stroked her hair.

"No I don't! I'm fat! How did this happen?" she cried, then shook causing her fat body to roll and quake delightfully.

"I did it to you my dear. I forced you to sleep these past three months and pumped you full of a fattening compound. You've been getting fatter every day now for three months." I said as calmly and soothingly as I could.

She pulled back from me suddenly. "Y-you what?! You did this to me? You ruined my body? You did this on purpose!?" She screamed, shaking in rage and betrayal.

"But my dear I thought you wanted me to pay more attention to you. Now you can truly rival my beloved Tina for my affections." I said as a smile crept over my face.

"Oh my God! How could you?! I have to leave, I have to get out of here!" she shouted as she tried to shift her massive bulk out of the bed. I had anticipated this.

"Well if you insist Lisa. I'm sorry you're so disappointed. If you must go there is a boat at the other end of the island. It will be going back to the mainland this afternoon. It's only about an hour on foot. You should have plenty of time. But perhaps you'd like some breakfast first. So much exercise shouldn't be done on an empty stomach."

"No!" She yelled as she finally pulled a hip over the side of the bed and swung a leg down. Several other girls and I helped her to her feet and into a pair of sandals that were just barely big enough for her. She was also helped into one of Tina's old swimsuits. It was a huge two-piece that Tina couldn't fit into anymore. It looked wonderful on Lisa, not so much as an inch of her monumental stomach was hidden as she waddled to the door, leaning on every piece of furniture she could. Once she reached the doorway I squeezed by her.

"Just go straight that way. You'll see a path to the other side of the island where the boats dock. They were told they might have a passenger today. They should dock in Miami sometime tonight." At that Lisa looked down at her blubbery breasts and stomach, and again tried vainly to hide them, the thought of people off the island seeing her was no doubt a frightening prospect. "If you'd like to stay I'd be more than happy to take good care of you." I said looking at her quite sincerely. She couldn't meet my gaze, but turned away and began wobbling toward where I had pointed. I shrugged my shoulders and walked with the rest of the girls to the breakfast table. I knew she wouldn't get far.

It was perhaps noon that I began to worry that she may have actually made it to the boat. If she was determined enough she could make it in probably three hours in her current condition. I was pretty sure she wouldn't go through with it though. She was too vain to want to be seen by anyone now. The thought of being in a boat with strange men while she was so scantily dressed would be horrifying. She also had nothing of her own anymore. All of her money, identifying papers, anything that signified she even existed was mine. A little insurance on my part to keep my small empire from falling apart due to any loosed slaves. Finally her hunger must have been huge by now. I was sure there was no way she could fight it. I decided to call the men at the boat and see if she had arrived. I had no more picked up the phone when an enormous shadow fell across me. I was on the sun roofed porch that Lisa had first seen me with Tina three months ago, Lisa was here now wobbling unsteadily on her feet. I was very worried that she might fall on me. She was sweating and dazed with hunger. I put the phone done and regarded her.

"Yes Lisa? Something I can help you with? I thought you were leaving?" I asked nonchalantly.

"Need foodà" she whispered.

"What?" I asked.

"So hungryà" she moaned.

"Well I'm not surprised. You weigh over five hundred pounds now." I remained seated, waiting for her to say some magic words.

"Pleaseà" she begged.

"Please what?" I asked again.

"Pleaseà" she begged as a tear rolled down her plump cheek.

"Please what?" I asked again.

"Please feed me." She finally said and let out a defeated sob. I stood up immediately and took her by the hand. I kissed her forehead gently as I led her to a specially widened chair as I rang for service on the beeper at my belt. Food would arrive within minutes. I sat her down in the reinforced extra wide chair. She practically fell into the soft cushions. Once seated she sighed in relief to finally be off of her feet. "Food is coming my little plum." I said as I reached under one of the armrests and pulled out a sturdy nylon strap. She watched almost in a daze as I took her arm and placed it on the armrest and then wrapped the nylon strap around it to snap underneath the other side. She didn't resist at all as I did the same with her other arm and then both of her ankles. A fifth and very stretchy and elastic belt was wrapped just on top of her mountainous belly. I lifted each breast carefully so they would not be pinched or hindered by the belt. I hummed a little song as I did so. Finally one more strap, this one around her forehead, to keep her head still was attached. Then using a pair of scissors I carefully cut off the straining bikini she was wearing. I intended to make her so fat that clothes would be both impractical and rather ridiculous. My fat little piggy was all ready for her first real meal in months. I leaned in close and whispered to her sweetly.

"Oh Lisa, what I have planned for you. Right now you barely weigh five hundred pounds, but before I'm done I'll have you triple that!" her eyes widened in fear and disbelief. "Night and day I'm going to stuff this," I said as I kneaded her soft and empty belly with my hands. "Non stop feedings of the most fattening foods I can buy, all for you. You'll make Tina look undernourished before I'm done. I'll stuff you to bursting every day, then stuff you even more. With each pound you gain, every new roll, every widening inch you'll become more and more beautiful. I'll make love to you nightly as I stuff more food than you could imagine into you. Let's begin, I'm sure you must be starving."

The first of several carts began to arrive on the porch. They were mainly fruits and sandwiches, quick, easy to prepare, they were appetizers before the main courses that were on the way. I meant everything that I said to her, if I had my way she would never be without something in her voluminous belly. Some servants and I began feeding her the fruits and sandwiches. She gobbled them greedily for the first half-hour and then began to slow down. We gave her ten minutes to rest before the hot food arrived. A pot of soup and leg of beef with a syrupy glaze was next. She began shaking her head as much as she could, which was very little, and crying "No, I'm too full!" We ignored this as we gently pinched her nose shut so that she would open her mouth and we could deposit another ladle full of soup or mouthful of tender beef down her throat. We went slowly; knowing that her belly would stretch it just needed some care. An hour later she finished the leg and soup. I gave her fifteen minutes to digest before we both had desert.

Another cart, full of pies and pastries covered with whipped cream was brought in front of her. I massaged her belly, feeling how tightly packed it was, there was room for more though. As the servants began feeding her again despite her moaning protests I carefully lifted the tight stretched skin of her lower belly so that I might have access to her plump sex hidden underneath. It required another servant to hold that belly roll so that I might enter my piggy properly, and as I thrust into her she was stuffed more and more with the fattening sweets. Her moans of pleasure and pain mingled like a sweet song in my ears as I took my pleasure of her. "Faster!" I commanded the servants as I sped up my own tempo. Entire slices of pie, and cream filled pastries were shoved into her mouth as I continued to ride her. Her belly was rumbling and waving with each thrust, and as I filled her with my own cream the last pastry was eaten. Much to her relief I'm certain.

Every day and night after that was spent in constant forced gorging and of course marvelous sex. Some say that when someone is truly obese that it's almost impossible for them to get full. I disagree. It takes dedication, care, a lot of food and a little force, but not a day went by that Lisa's ever growing stomach wasn't stretched to its limit and then some. Her gains were staggering. Whereas Tina had slowed down when she reached the five hundred pound mark, Lisa raced past her. Within another month she was more than 800 pounds. Another month made her the first girl on the island to reach one half of a ton. It was not necessary to tie her down at all; she was immobilized completely by her own weight and bulk. She kept gaining like this until under Dr. Shreck's orders I had her stop her massive weight gain and constant forced eating. At that point she weighed 1673 pounds. She was attended by nurses all the time, and Dr. Shreck gave her whatever aid she needed to stay healthy and comfortable. She still eats prodigious amounts of food, sometimes more food in one meal than Tina will eat all day, but she is gaining only very slowly now, and has crept up to 1709 pounds and is likely to remain that way for some time. Her breasts each weigh more than two hundred pounds and defy any measurement we can try. Her waist is probably more than fifteen feet around, with her hips and ass exceeding that by a few more feet. Her fingers are bigger around than a roll of quarters and she can barely wiggle them anymore. Her legs seem to have disappeared under the avalanche of her awe-inspiring belly. The rolls of fat on her hips just kind of merge to the point where one has to wonder if she even has legs at all. If one looks hard you can find her dainty feet buried under overlapping flab from her calves. She is magnificent, the biggest Dr. Shreck had ever seen.

However she is still not the biggest girl on my island.