Weight Room Title Bar

Body Snatcher
By Sasha Steele

Part One

Holly looked at herself in the mirror and knew that she was beautiful. Her body perfect, five foot six, one hundred thirty five pounds. Her hair long, blond, kink-curled. Her face exquisite with beautiful green eyes, full pouty mouth, big smile perfect teeth. Holly could hardly contain herself - she was that beautiful. No wonder the guys fell all over themselves for her. "Eat your hearts out, guys," Holly said, pursing her lips in a kiss to her gorgeous reflection in the mirror.

Terry flushed the toilet and came out adjusting herself in the mirror; she was a beautiful brunette as vain as Holly. The girls returned to their seats. They were clubbing, four girls in all in their little troupe, out to tease the boys and have a bit of fun. Holly had on her sexiest outfit. A black leather mini, black tank top, black tights and black platforms, and, in spite of her own vanity, she looked hot.

So being approached by strange guys wasn't odd; in fact, it was expected. After all, she figured, who could resist her? When Sean asked her to dance, Holly was at first going to say no, tease him, flirt, let him sweat a bit. But when she looked into his gorgeous blue eyes, she melted, caught in the very same trap that she herself liked to spring on poor unsuspecting souls. God, she wanted him. He was so hot; she was almost speechless.

"Wow, he's like so gorgeous!" Terry exclaimed as the girls touched up their makeup in the powder room. "If Holly doesn't want to fuck him, then I sure will," she said. They all giggled at that.

"Hmmmm," Holly mused, "you'll have to fight me off cause I'm horny as hell and Sean has offered to drive me home." Holly and Terry shared an apartment and she read her mind. "Calm down, girl; it'll be his place, not ours," she laughed. Finished touching up her makeup, Holly took one last lingering check of herself in the mirror. "Perfect," she said, "see you, maybe in the morning." And, winking, she left the club with Sean.

Sean's apartment was an expensive uptown suite in one of the rich classy areas. "God, Holly thought. "Really good looking and rich as well; this could be the start of something good. They talked a short while. Sean offered her wine; she was a bit tipsy already but drank it anyway to help set the mood. Then Holly started her slow tease, stripping to her sexy black underwear and posing herself for his pleasure as she rendered herself naked. Removing his clothes, Sean was hard and ready, and Holly saw that his magnificent body was the perfect male counterpart for her beauty.

It was wonderful when Sean took her, both of them cumming in climax together in a wonderful orgasm. Holly lay in his muscular arms; her head swam as he kissed her. She had drunk too much; the room began to turn and then she passed out. Sean got up and punched up a familiar number on his cell. "She's out," he said. "Where are you?"

There was a short delay as she checked. "Just pulled onto First Ave. now," came the reply in the dreamy voice of the woman that he both loved and adored.

"Good, I'll meet you down there," Sean said, hastily throwing his clothes back on and heading for the elevator. In the underground the black limo pulled up right in front just as Sean exited the elevator. The door of the custom built limo automatically opened up wide, sliding toward the back of the car. An electric motor whined as a section of floor slid in; the car seat turned slowly moving outward and Sean felt himself grow hard again as the full magnificence of his mistress emerged.

She was the most beautiful sight that he could ever imagine, dressed exactly the same as Holly lying unconscious on his bed had been: black leather mini skirt, black tights and platform shoes, black tank top and black leather coat. Her long blond hair was kink-curled the same as Holly's, her beautiful green eyes, makeup, everything the same. In fact, Hilary Manson was identical to Holly in every respect but one. She was fatter, immensely fatter. As a matter of fact, Hilary weighed well over a thousand pounds.

The automated seat raised Hilary to her feet and Sean placed his hands gently on her massive broad shoulders, leaning over the protrusion of her huge-huge stomach in order to kiss her. Sean loved Hilary this fat and wanted her even fatter. He loved to feed her and watch her grow almost as much as she herself loved to gorge on food, making herself grow fatter and fatter by the day. Sean hated when she decided it was time - as she had done a few weeks ago - and started the selection process.

Hilary broke the kiss and looked at her horny love slave. "Don't be so down, darling; you can fuck me one last time this fat and then again to compare with the skinny version of me.

Breathing hard at the prospect, Sean still looked saddened. "It's just that it will take so long to get you this big again, he sighed.

"Yes, my love, Hilary said, placing her fat hand on his cheek, "but think of all the fun we'll have doing it. Sean thought about it and had to agree. Helping his mistress to once again put on over a thousand pounds was a thrilling aspect, indeed.

Part Two

Hilary swung an immensely fat right leg around into a quarter turn and then took another tiny step back with an equally huge left leg as a powerfully built attendant brought a mobile chair up against her big fat forty inch wide ass. The hydraulics easing her twelve hundred pounds to a sitting position Hilary were carried by the device into the elevator with her large entourage in tow.

In Sean's apartment - which was really hers, as Hilary owned the entire building, the block in fact - she wheeled over to where Holly lay naked and still unconscious on the bed. The chair whined as it lifted the mountainous seductress to her feet. Placing a round soft fat ham of a hand on Holly's buttocks, Hilary said, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, really sweet. Don't you think, Sean?"

"With a thousand pounds on her, yes," he answered, watching as his mistress examined her captive's young smooth body.

"You did enjoy her, though," Hilary commented thinking of how she had watched their love making on the limo's monitor and how she would attempt to duplicate the scene, as closely as the handicap of her great tonnage would allow, that is.

"Only thinking of you, my sweet," Sean said, placing his had on the vast expanse of Hilary's blubbery back.

"Get her ready and then take her out," Hilary ordered. A female assistant gave Holly an injection that made her come around a bit while still remaining in somewhat of a dreamy state. They got Holly dressed, and she was giggling as she was taken out.

"Help me with my coat, Sean," Hilary instructed her lover, and he withdrew the leather coat from her hulking shoulders and arms the size of overstuffed duffle bags. Her mammoth tits, set atop a freakishly huge belly pushing out the waist band of her black leather mini skirt three feet in front, were hardly contained in the sexy black bra and skin tight black tank top she had on. She sensuously flicked her long blond curls over her shoulder and pursed her thick lips just as Holly had done earlier. "So you like me this fat, do you then, Sean?" she breathed.

Hilary took a small labored step toward the bed, panting with her effort as she turned her back to Sean. Her colossal sized legs clad in black tights impaired even small movements as she balanced herself on chucky platform shoes. "Undo the skirt for your fat goddess, my little darling," she ordered, trying to catch her breath. Hilary's short leather skirt hung revealingly from her belly in front and down from the huge protruding butt that stuck out as far in back as that stomach of hers did in front, and it flared out tight and wide over her bulging hips.

Sean fumbled with the zipper, then went to his knees pulling Hilary's skirt to the floor. Looking up from this position she seemed as big as a house, even bigger. Sean stood up, a ragging hard-on evident in his pants. He wanted her so bad, had to have her, but she teased him just as Holly had tried to do. He took off her huge sized lacy black bra and fondled the biggest breasts he had ever seen, drew down her tights and panties, removing them along with her platforms as she sat on the bed and then undressed himself. She was now ready for him.

Hilary's immense hips and backside spread out, covering more than half the length of the bed, the thickness of her enormous butt cheeks holding her up to no less than a semi squat position. Her grotesque gut stuck out beyond her knees, thick, giant sized thighs forced apart to accommodate it between beach ball sized knees. This was the heaviest that Hilary had ever been. She lay back, struggling with her weight and immensity, finally with Sean's help positioning herself so that they could copulate.

Sean positioned himself between those hulking outspread thighs and buried his face into the blubber of her clean shaven fleshy mound, finding her oversized hardened clitoris with his tongue. "Aaaaaaaaaah, aaaaah, mmmmmmm," Hilary moaned her delight as Sean worked on her wet pussy with his mouth. "Fuck me babby, ssssssss, fuck your big fat goddess," she urged. Sean had to go way up on his knees, spreading her legs wide in order to enter her, and then rhythmically pumped away, leaning only slightly into her mountain high obese belly.

"Aaaa, aahh, oooo," Hilary moaned as Sean fucked her. He couldn't see Hilary's beautiful fat swollen face buried beneath her massive tits and a bulging collar of thick fat around her neck, beyond her mountainous stomach, but he didn't care as he got ready to cum. Hilary couldn't see him either as she screamed her voluminous orgasm, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Sean came too and then moved to her side. "Feed me, I'm so hungry, oh God, I need to eat, FEED ME!" Hilary shouted breathlessly.

Trays upon trays of food were brought to the bedside by Hilary's staff who had been busy preparing things while she got fucked by Sean. And now he fed his huge mistress, countless sandwiches and cakes and pies and ice cream and goblets of wine. Turkey and roast beef and chocolate and pudding. "Hmmm, hmm, hmm, Hilary munched as she ate, "hmm, hmm, hmm." Between bits Sean would rub her barrel of a belly. For hours they brought food and Sean fed his huge goddess until finally she was satisfied, her hunger appeased, and she drifted off to sleep as he continued to massage her massive flabby gut.


Terry examined herself in the mirror; she had always had that cute chubby look that the guys found so appealing but now she thought that she looked just plain fat. She had put on nearly forty pounds. At first Terry thought that Sean and his friends where just plain weird. It had been seven months since Holly had hooked up with Sean and the girls had all been led into the world of the idle rich. And it had become a world that Terry, or any of them for that matter, didn't want to give up. After all, the guys took them places that they would never have been able to go, bought them clothes and things. They didn't have to lift a finger; it was wonderful.

So what if they were always taken them out to eat and encouraging them to put on weight? Sean and Holly had hooked Terry up with Tom, and she had fallen in love. If Tom wants me fat, then fat I'll be, Terry had vowed, and looking at herself in the mirror, her stomach bulging in the tight skirt she had on, Terry in her heart of hearts thought that she looked pretty damn good, anyway. Besides her friends had all put on weight, too. And Holly - well, Holly had ballooned - and, if anything, they were all even more sought after by this new circle of guys than they had been before.

Holly had put on over a hundred pounds in the last six months. Since inheriting an unbelievable fortune from her aunt Hilary, who Terry had found out was a hugely obese mountain of fat, Holly had been eating with reckless abandonment. She was already way over two hundred pounds and still, to Terry's utter amazement, was as popular with the guys as ever. And it seemed that not only did Sean want her to gain weight, but Holly actually wanted to get fatter herself. Terry couldn't figure it out.

Hilary's staff had taken the giggling Holly to a secret lab where she was kept well-fed and sedated until she arrived. The transference of Hilary's being into her own clone complete, her old body was lifeless, all memories and feelings now transferred into Holly. Hilary (now Holly) had grown many clones, at various stages of development and controlled their environment as much as possible until she could use them.

Hilary had taken not only Holly's body but her mind and soul as well: Holly's thoughts and feelings now her own, Holly's memories now belonging to Hilary - along with everything she had and everyone that she knew. Holly's thoughts and experiences mingled with her own and with so many others whose bodies Hilary had stolen and fattened to unbelievable proportions.

If she, the richest most powerful woman in the world, wished to indulge in her every whim, then that is exactly what she would do: anything that she wanted to. And what she wanted to do most was to eat and to eat and to eat, deliberately turning her extraordinarily beautiful self into a mountain of fat, into the fattest woman in the world, and then do it over and over again.