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Something Good
by Mr. Kay

Wednesday. Early Evening. Like most Wednesdays, it begins in a rustic gin mill near my home. It is a quiet, dark, place aptly named The Still. This is my favorite haunt, a place to meet the kind of men that can appreciate what I have to offer. And I have a lot to offer. My name is Rita, but I bear no resemblance to any film stars popular in the typical mainstream society. I am 38 years young, almost 5 foot 9 inches tall and a massive 290 pounds of pure pleasure. I live for the love of pleasing myself and anyone lucky enough to be my man for a Wednesday night. Believe me, something good is going to happen tonight.

7:00 PM. The Still is a typical watering hole in a small town, much like a lily pad in a pond. A good place to stop and find out what life has to offer. This town is a small place, ordinary in most ways. Most of the people know their neighbors well enough to know most of their little secrets. But there are secrets which can still surprise most people and I have one of those. I am single, but not alone. Most of the women would have heart attacks if they knew what their men really liked and why they liked their Wednesday night outings. They like me and what I can do for them. Believe me, something good is going to happen tonight.

7:30 PM. 8:30 PM. A slow night but no problem. It always gets a little warmer as the darkness takes over and turns the day into night - a night with no boundaries. Warmer has nothing to do with the temperature. The night is a hot time, and tonight is no exception. I notice a man I have never seen before sitting with a couple of other men - both of them know what I can do. But it is the new man who intrigues me. Fortyish, thickly built, my height and maybe 250 pounds of solid man. He hasn't noticed me yet - but he will. I have never spent a Wednesday night alone when I wanted a man. Believe me, something good is going to happen tonight.

9:20 PM. Time to take matters into my own hands. I know what a man likes. He likes a woman who moves when she walks, and movement is my specialty. I can move all the right parts of my body whenever it suits me, and I am dressed to show it all off for my prey. That's how I think of this little game - sometimes I am the hunter and sometimes I am the hunted. I like it either way, as long as I get a little variety. Lately, I have been the hunted pretty often, so tonight is going to be a great change of pace. I get a big charge out of taking charge, and this looks like a good one to take charge of. I check to make sure I look my best and get ready to stalk my prey. Believe me, something good is going to happen tonight.

9:40 PM. I make my move. When I approach, both of the men I know stand and greet me warmly. They know what is in store for their friend. After introductions, they invite me to sit and enjoy myself in their company. Albert, the new man, is mildly surprised that I joined them, but the surprise gives way to admiration as he gets a better look. I know my breasts are impressive and I like to show them off. At 46 DD, they are a site to behold, and the smooth little silk dress I am wearing only accentuates every curvy inch. My cleavage is almost magnetic to their eyes, as my dress is cut very low and wide. I can almost feel them getting aroused as I give them all the time they need to admire the view. Their drinks seem to dry up much faster than they did before I arrived, but that doesn't seem to bother them. Albert compliments me on my dress and I flood with warmth as I realize that this is going exactly as I planned. Albert is in for a treat, because, believe me, something good is going to happen tonight.

  10:25 PM. Only Albert is left at the table with me, and he makes it clear that he is ready to leave. I like to take a little time make him really want me, so I delay a little and order another round of drinks, this time a double. I want him just a little more relaxed than he already is, and he seems eager to accommodate my desires. I feel like I am firmly in charge by now and it's time to let him know exactly what the score is. I bring his hand under the table and put it between my thighs, already moist in anticipation of what is to follow. He is eager to find out how far this little game is going to go, and his fingers reach higher up my legs looking for the pot of gold. I let him get within an inch or so of his target, and then I firmly clamp down and tell him that if he is a good little boy, there is no limit to what heights he will reach before this night is over. I whisper in his ear, " Believe me, something good is going to happen tonight. "

10:45 PM. Our drinks are finished and I let him lead the way out of The Still. As soon as we are in the parking lot, I tell him that we are taking my car and going to my house. The look on his face tells me that he is pleased with this turn of events. I lead him to my car and hand him the keys, telling him to drive. He is in complete ecstasy by this time and he comes around to hold my door for me. He is startled when I tell him to open the door for the backseat and when I get in and shut the door, he hurries around and gets in the driver seat, a little unnerved for the first time. I tell him that I am used to being pampered and waited on and that this is only the beginning of an evening to remember. He actually whimpers a little, so complete is his submission to the situation. Of course, by now, my blood is beginning to boil and my panties are soaked, so I give him directions to my house and tell him to drive. My car has a small spotlight on each side in the back seat, just enough to cast a little light on me and make me completely visible form the front seat. I am sitting on the passenger side of the rear seat and now I begin to check my makeup and my hair with a small mirror. I notice him straining to watch me in the rear view mirror, and I decide to tease him a little. I powder the valley of my cleavage, and he moans a little in appreciation. Now for a little more intensity. We have about 5 minutes to my house, if he doesn't wreck my car, and I decide to put on a little more of a show. I reach down into the front of my dress with my right hand and ease out my huge left breast, letting it lay on top of my dress. I powder the nipple delicately and it pops up instantly in response to the stimulation. I also apply a drop of perfume just above the nipple and then delicately ease the breast back into it's home, taking a little extra time to readjust both titties to ensure they are sitting exactly right. By now, Albert is nearly out of control and our saving grace is my house appearing in front of us. He quickly parks the car and gets around to open my door. As I swing my legs around to get up from the seat, I make sure that he gets a good look at my legs all the way up to my panties, and just as quickly, smooth my dress back down and move towards the door at the side of my house. Believe me, something good is about to happen.

11:05 PM. As I unlock the door, he edges up close to me, eager to get into both my house and my panties. But what he doesn't know is that the evening is still young and there is much more to come. I open the door and enter the darkened hallway without turning on the light. He follows me and closes the door. We are now in near total darkness and the first of many surprises is about to unfold. I turn and kneel in front of him, very slowly opening the barn door to release the raging stallion within. As I remove all obstructions and get his cock out without ever touching it, he is absolutely motionless, as if afraid that if he moves, it will all stop. I gently place his throbbing rod on my tongue, careful not to take him in my mouth. I just roll it around for a few seconds, tasting the dew already forming on the helmet of his warrior. By now, I am soaking wet and almost dripping from between my legs, but I am careful not to take things too quickly. I let him slide off my tongue, and his knees nearly buckle, but he recovers and waits for what is next. I gently let his rock fall down onto the top of my mounds, and by moving ever so slightly, get it to rest squarely in the valley of my cleavage. Now he tentatively starts moving his hips in towards me, slowly at first and more aggressively as he realizes that this is what I want. His movements start to resemble a slow horizontal piston, but after several long strokes, I pull back and let him dangle free momentarily, in anguish at my withdrawal. His rod pulses on it's own, mirroring his quickened heartbeat, but I take it gently and put it back in it's dark little hiding place, not an easy task because of it's current size and stiffness. He groans loudly and I assure him that only the first act is over, with the play continuing shortly. I rise and take his hand and lead him into the kitchen, although he can hardly walk with the pole in his pants threatening to burst out. I reassure him that his patience will be rewarded many times over, and by now he is sure that something good is about to happen.

  11:15 PM. The only light I turn on in the kitchen is the small light over the stove top, it can't be more than 5 watts. It casts a soft glow throughout the kitchen and now act 2 is about to begin. I move around the table and pull out a chair, turning it to face him. I tell him to remove his shirt, slowly, and as he does, I slowly spread my knees until my huge, fat thighs are completely separated and begin rubbing my pussy throughout my soggy panties. As he removes his shirt, I lift my left leg and lay it on the table to allow my hand more access to massage my mound. After he removes his shirt, I tell him to remove his shoes and socks and then take his pants off. This takes all of about 20 seconds and now he is naked except for his jockey shorts, now sticking out several inches in front. I tell him to take a seat while I get out of my clothes and he nearly passes out. He managed to get to a chair and sat down quickly. I stood up and slowly began to undress. First my shoes came off, then I turned my attention to my dress, which buttoned up the front. Each button slowly came undone, 12 in all, and I stepped out of the dress. Now all that was left was my bra and panties. I stood there in all my glory, all 290 pounds of me, more folds of flesh and curves than he had ever seen, and I know he was getting worked up to a point he had never known existed. I moved to him and turned my back to him, asking him to undo the hooks of my bra. Another moan of ecstasy, and his fingers were swift and sure. As the last hook came out, rolled my shoulders forward and the straps fell away. I turned around and the bra was still held in place by my huge fleshy tits, but only momentarily. I let him reach up and remove it, releasing my mounds to his full view. They hung down past my large sunken belly button, the silver dollar size nipples pointed at the floor, and his breathing was starting to get shallower and faster. I knew he couldn't take much more of this without exploding, so I backed away a couple of feet and motioned for him to follow me. I led him through the dark to my bedroom, and we entered and turned on the lights full force this time. He got his first full look at me and his eyes almost popped. I was more woman than he had ever tried to handle and we both knew it. I told him to wait for me on the bed while I went into my huge bathroom. I went in, removed my drenched panties, and put on a transparent pink floor length gown, so sheer as to be almost nonexistent. I stood in the doorway, with the light in back of me, and the view for him must have been surreal. All of my curves, all my fleshy rolls, were silhouetted for him, and he couldn't believe his eyes. I motioned for him to get on his feet, remove his jockey shorts and put on a short robe I kept for just such occasions. It was loose fitting, but only waist length and his cock was in full view. He was slightly embarrassed, but only for a moment. I then informed him that we were going back to the kitchen for a late snack, and he willingly followed. All this time, he hadn't said a word, and this turned me on more than he could have known. And now, something really good was going to happen.

11:35 PM Back in the kitchen, I told him to sit and he instantly obeyed. I opened the refrigerator and began to remove large quantities of food. A bucket of fried chicken, a huge plate of leftover spaghetti and lasagna, cold cuts, a 3 pound beef stick, a large tub of butter and a gallon of milk. When it was all on the table, I turned to him and asked him if he wanted anything. Dumbfounded, he stammered a quick no, I think he was beginning to figure out what was going on. He watched while I devoured all the chicken in just a few minutes, just an appetizer for me. At this point, I stood and removed my dressing gown, explaining that I didn't want to get it stained with any food. He could only stare while I continued to pack in more food, now beginning to get a little sloppy and let it fall all over the front of my body. After all three pounds of the beef stick disappeared, and the cold cuts were gone, I washed it all down with almost the entire gallon of milk. I stood and looked at myself. I looked as if I were 9 months pregnant, and he couldn't take his eyes off me. I walked over to him and asked him to clean me off with his tongue. He couldn't believe his eyes when I used a chair to step up and lay back on the table, on my back, my legs as far apart as they would go. He used his tongue with a gusto I thoroughly enjoyed and by the time I was free of any food debris, I had already cum once. Next he dove into my soggy pussy and lapped that up like a starving dog and I came again in just a couple of minutes. The exhilaration of cumming that hard and often while I was stuffed like a turkey just about made me pass out, but Albert was still in for 1 more surprise. I finally managed to get up off the table, almost impossible in my engorged state, and now it was Albert's turn on the table. He got up and laid flat on his back, his cock rising like a flagpole. I went to the fridge and got out a gallon of ice cream, which I proceeded to gulp down a couple of large spoonfuls at a time. After every few spoonfuls, I would stop for a moment and lower my mouth over his waiting rod while I caught my breath and swallowed the ice cream. Then back off for more food. I did this until I thought I was on the verge of throwing up, and Albert was whimpering in ecstasy. I motioned for him to follow me and I once again led him to the bedroom. On the way, I picked up a dozen huge cruller donuts I had bought earlier in the day for just such a situation. When we arrived, I lay down and instructed Albert to feed me the crullers no matter what. He ended up stuffing the last 3 donuts down my throat and forcing me to chew and swallow. My belly was now so large that he couldn't even fuck me properly so I rolled over and presented my huge ass for his approval. He rammed me from behind with that swollen cock and I came on about the third stroke. I came so hard I nearly threw up again, but somehow I held it all down. He came about 5 seconds later and filled me up on that end too. I was stuffed with food and stuffed with cum and the feeling was as near to perfection as I could imagine. Now only one last task remained. I summoned the strength to turn over and find that he had collapsed beside me from near exhaustion. I spun around and got my mouth on my final snack of the night, that wonderful cock now covered with our combined juices. That taste was better than anything I had gotten in my mouth all night, and from the amount of thrashing around from Albert, he couldn't have been happier. After I cleaned it completely with the final tongue bath of the night, we both fell asleep oblivious to anything around us and slept the sleep of the well-nourished and well-fucked.