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Space Oddity
By Caffieneaddict6

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The starship careened towards the planet, the atmosphere causing flames to spew from the damaged wings and engine. The crash was fantastic, with parts flying into the indigenous fauna. As the new day dawned, the survivors crawled from the wreckage:

Paulina 'Polly' Curtis, the Russian science officer; Joy Song; the Chinese captain; and Tina Roth; the American weapons expert. "Joy!" Polly cried, "Joy!"

"I'm over here!" Joy cried over the flames. The two found each other, and then located the unconscious Tina, moving her away from the flaming wreckage. They searched for other survivors until the flames died out and the alien dawn came, but they were alone.

Slowly, Tina awoke, and Polly made sure they were all fine; but before long, despair set in. "We're doomed," Tina said, sitting against the trunk of one of the alien trees.

"Stop saying that!" scolded Joy. She turned angrily to Polly, who was using her scanner - the only piece of equipment she was able to salvage - to analyze some of the alien soil.

"Well, all my scanner can really tell me is that the air is breathable; which I'm sure you've both figured out by now, she said bitterly.

Joy sighed and put her hands over her face. "But," Polly said sharply, "all the minerals and such in the terrain are catalogued."

"So what does that mean?" Tina asked.

"It means that this planet is likely charted."

Joy brought her hands down from her face. "So they know where we are?" she asked hopefully.

"Well, not exactly," Polly responded. "I'm not sure exactly when our transmitter went out, but it shouldn't have been too long before the crash, so based on that they can probably narrow it down to a few planets. From there it's just process of elimination."

Joy and Tina looked relieved, and Tina even smiled. The girls used some of the wreckage to make a crude lean-to against a particularly large tree, and then Polly went out to look for food. When she had not returned by the next day the other two started to get worried. Their fears and hunger continued on to the next day. Joy was able to find a moisture generator from the ship and jury-rig it to give them a very sparse amount of water; but that was it. By mid-day, the two were worried sick when they heard a rustling in the bushes.

"Polly!" Joy cried, jumping to her feet. She ran towards the bushes, but stopped short when she saw what stepped out of the alien forest. It was Polly, with her hands tied behind her back; being escorted by spear-wielding aliens. The aliens were humanoid. Their bodies were thin and their skin pasty, with no body hair and large eyes that were only a slightly different color than their bodies. They were dressed in what looked to be animal skin pants and some wore skin-tunics; but most were bare-chested.

They raised their spears and jabbered at Joy in their native language; and she raised her arms above her head. From behind her she heard Tina shouting as she was taken captive inside the lean-to. Cautiously, two of the aliens stepped forward and tied Joy's hands behind her back, the same as Polly's. Tina was escorted to the rest of them similarly bound, and the three were huddled together while the aliens searched the crash site for more survivors.

"I thought you said this planet was charted!" Joy whispered harshly once they were together.

"I don't recognize this species and they sure as hell don't recognize us!" Tina chimed in.

"And I don't recognize their language either!" Joy said.

"I assumed it was!" Polly said. "All the elements are catalogued which means at least the system is charted, I-" But she was cut off as one of the aliens yelled something in their language.

The aliens had finished searching the wreckage, and drove the three women at spear-point back through the wilderness. Any attempts at talking were met with a quick poke from a spear or a harsh exclamation. They walked for hours, until they finally reached the alien village. It sat huddled in a clearing, a number of huts made from the trees and grass varying in size from tiny to the size of a mansion. A river ran through to one side and went off into the forest at either end.

The girls were escorted to a large building that was obviously a prison and thrown into a cell. The material of the walls was very strange, allowing light to filter through almost as easily as if it were transparent, but it was too opaque to even make out silhouettes of the figures on the other side. The girls collapsed in the center, too exhausted to even speak. Tina even passed out for a short time.

Hours later, the door to their cell was opened, and they were taken outside by the aliens. They were brought to a large clearing inside the village that must've been the town square; and in the center was a large stage with a single chair on it. The three were pushed into a line of other aliens that also had their hands tied behind their back. It didn't take long for them to realize that they were at a public execution.

The three started screaming, and Tina kicked an alien in the stomach, fighting as best she could with her hands tied behind her back. But in the end they were too exhausted to put up a fight. They were forced to their knees, and aliens held their heads up, making them watch the stage.

One of the alien prisoners was escorted up on the stage, and they untied his hands and then tied him to the chair. Another alien wearing dark clothing and intricate headgear that must have been the executioner walked onto the stage carrying an animal-skin bag. The chair had head restraints that kept the prisoner's head back and his mouth open, and the executioner held the bag over the prisoner's mouth and squeezed some of its contents inside. The bag contained a thick, dark green substance about the consistency of frosting; and once some of it had entered the prisoner's mouth, the executioner held the prisoner's mouth closed until he apparently swallowed.

After a moment his body changed from the pallid complexion of before to a deep reddish-color, with large spots of purple all over. He started to shake and convulse, and finally his eyes turned from off-white to black, and he slumped forward; with some viscous substance oozing from his mouth. The alien crowd cheered, and the prisoner was removed from the chair and taken from the stage. "Poison," Polly said grimly. Tina started to cry.

One by one the other prisoners were led up to the stage and executed, and by the time it was the girls' turn they were all sobbing openly. When the aliens grabbed Polly they were too broken to do anything but scream hoarsely. The aliens strapped Polly to the chair; Tina looked away but Joy kept her eyes locked on Polly's, trying to give her a soft smile but not quite managing.

The executioner came up and squeezed some of the alien poison into Polly's open mouth, and when he shut her mouth she swallowed resignedly. She waited for what she was sure would be excruciating pain, but nothing happened. After a few moments she opened her eyes. She looked around and realized nothing was happening at all.

The alien crowd stood in stunned silence, and then broke out into a chaos of angry shouting. The executioner grabbed his bag again and squeezed even more into Polly's mouth, forcing her to swallow again. And again, nothing happened. He motioned to the guards and they dragged Tina up onto the stage. They held her head up and opened her mouth, and the executioner squeezed in some of the poison, but again nothing happened.

Joy was dragged up next, and the executioner put an extra large amount into her mouth, but still nothing happened. The crowd was on the verge of rioting now, and the three were quickly escorted back to their cell. Their hands were unbound, and they ran to each other and hugged. They were too relieved to do anything but laugh and cry tears of joy, and they passed out in each other's arms.

The next morning, Joy was the first to wake up. At first she didn't remember where she was, and then the events of the previous day came rushing back. She tried to push herself up and the first thing she noticed was that Tina was a little softer than she had been yesterday. The Space Federation had a strict code that all its officers were in tip-top shape; and Tina, as the ship's gung-ho weapon's expert had been especially toned. But as Joy pushed her hand into Tina's shoulder, she noticed that it was kinda soft.

She pushed herself back and at first she couldn't see any difference, but as she looked as hard as she could she realized Tina's sleeping, tear-streaked face was a little softer than it had been the previous day. Joy wasn't quite sure whether she was imagining it or not, and then she turned to Polly.

Polly was definitely softer. Joy wouldn't've gone so far as to call her fat or even plump, but 'softer' seemed to describe it perfectly. Her sharp facial features were now puffy, and it was easier to see that her uniform contained a little more of her than it had the previous day. Joy thought about what could've caused it, and within moments she realized: the poison! Of course, Tina was smaller because she had only had a little while-

...While she, Joy, had had the most. Joy looked down in shock, and realized she saw her breasts much earlier than she should have. The second thing she realized was that she couldn't get her head down as far as she used to, the beginnings of a second chin were keeping her from lowering her head too much. And she finally noticed that as she inhaled, her stomach pressed up against the fabric of her uniform.

In a mild panic, Joy unzipped the front of her tattered uniform, and saw that her stomach indeed had a slight layer of fat over it. Where yesterday it had been flat and chiseled, it now protruded the slightest bit. She put both hands on it and shook it. It barely moved, but the fact that it moved at all was a drastic change from the day before.

Still shocked, Joy shook Polly awake without even zipping up her uniform. "Joy... wha...?" she said dazedly. Joy hurriedly explained their sudden weight-gain and her theory about the poison. Polly asked her to repeat it twice because she was so sleepy and Joy was talking so fast.

"Look at this!" Joy shouted, grabbing Polly's hands and pressing them against her stomach, moving them up and down so they shook her newly acquired baby fat.

Polly was too confused to do anything but agree while she pondered the situation. Then she reached into one of the pockets of her uniform and pulled out her scanner. She ran a quick scan of Joy.

"Well," she said, staring at the results. "You seem to be perfectly healthy, the scanner isn't even picking up any results of the poison, but I guess we can see it did something," Polly said, staring at Joy's exposed stomach. Joy put her hands over it self-consciously.

Slowly Tina awoke, and Polly explained the situation to her calmly and rationally while Joy sat to one side of the room, poking and prodding and jiggling her newly softened tummy. Eventually they all unzipped their uniforms, and Joy's initial suspicion was confirmed. Tina had simply lost some definition, while Polly had softened a bit more, with Joy still in the lead.

As the day wore on, their captors eventually returned and bound their hands again. They took them back to the town square, apparently to try again. This time all three girls were tied to the chair, and large amounts of the poison was forced into their mouths.

When Joy's turn came, she had visions of swallowing the poison and blowing up like a human balloon on the spot. Just getting bigger and bigger by the second until she exploded. She found herself oddly intrigued by the thought. The same as the day before, nothing happened to the girls, and the crowd came even closer to rioting. They were escorted back to their cell by angry guards.

Once they were left alone, Polly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to reveal that she had saved a little of the poison. She wiped it off her tongue with her finger, and pulled her scanner out of her pocket. The other girls waited expectantly as the scanner analyzed the substance. When it was finished, Polly's eyes opened wide. "Oh wow," she said.

"What is it?" Tina asked.

"I'm not sure. Nothing we've ever heard of. But its properties are... strange." Polly said.

"Well, what does that mean?" Tina asked impatiently.

"Well, uh," Polly started. "It's not dangerous to us. In fact, it's actually kinda good for us," she said.

"What?" Joy said, shocked.

"Well," Polly said. "Basically, it contains all the nutrients we need. In fact, it's nothing but nutrients! It provides our body with the water and food we need, so as long as they keep giving it to us we're in no danger of starving. And since it's pure nutrients there's no waste to get rid of, it's all absorbed into our body."

"But why are we getting fat?" Joy snapped.

"I'm getting to that," Polly said. "Basically, the calorie count is astoundingly high. Eating this stuff is like reverse liposuction."

Tina whistled. "So we just don't eat it, right?" Joy asked.

"Wrong," Polly said. "This is the only food we're getting, so we need to eat this or we starve. We just have to hope they keep trying to execute us," she said grimly.

"So what are we supposed to do in the meantime?" Tina asked.

"Get fat," Joy said, looking down at her stomach.

For the rest of the day, the girls sat around in the cell with nothing to do. Tina exercised furiously, trying to burn the calories, with the other girls joining in sporadically. Polly scanned the walls and dirt and anything else she could get her hands on out of boredom. Joy sat against the wall holding her stomach, imagining she could feel herself getting fatter by the moment, and wondering why she was so interested in it.

The next morning the girls awoke to a nasty surprise. They had each gained at least fifty pounds. Tina, the smallest to begin with was still the smallest. Her weight had accumulated mostly in her lower half. Her thighs and legs were out of proportion to the rest of her body, looking like the legs of a girl half again her weight. And her ass was huge, it strained against her uniform, and was big enough to rest a drink on.

Polly was still in the middle. Her weight had gone on in an hourglass form. Her stomach was smaller than it should've been, while her breasts were gigantic, and her ass rivaled Tina's. She also found that her face was oddly disproportionate. She had a second chin and the beginnings of a third, and her cheeks bulged like she had a mouthful of food. Her lips were fuller as well; they were thicker than her little finger.

Joy, however, was still the largest. Her weight had distributed evenly, making her look like the Michelin man. Her uniform was stretched skin-tight against her bloated form, and with it constricting on her chest and hampering her breathing she really felt like a human balloon. Polly ordered the three of them to disrobe so she could run tests and make sure the rapid weight gain had had no adverse affects on their health.

Sure enough, they were healthy as ever. Their skin was smooth and dimple-free, and they didn't sag at all. It was as if they were cartoon characters who had ended up on the wrong end of a fire hose. They didn't even have stretch-marks. Then Polly used her scanner to calculate each of their weight. Tina, at 5'4", now weighed 193 ilbs. Polly, who was 5'11"; weighed 202 ilbs. And Joy, at 5'7"; weighed 221 ilbs.

After looking them over, Polly ran her hands over Joy's stomach and jiggled it a little, giving her a light exam. But Joy found her nipples getting hard after the prodding. Luckily her industrial strength Space Federation standard issue bra kept her arousal a secret, but when they put their uniforms back on, she zipped hers back up even though the other girls knew she was in a lot of discomfort.

Later that day, the executioner came straight to their cell, without his fancy adornments. He said something to the girls that they couldn't understand, and then the guards held them while he pulled out three bags of the ineffectual poison. One by one he squeezed the entire contents of the bags into the girls' open mouths, and then angrily they all marched out, leaving the girls alone for another day.

That day passed much the same as the last one, with the girls extremely bored. Tina exercised as much as possible, although it was a lot more difficult today. Later they sat and told each other stories of their lives growing up and stuff of that nature. Joy was oddly quiet and spent a lot of time staring at her stomach.

That night, Joy awoke to an odd noise. It was still dark out, and the other girls were asleep. She listened intently, and realized it was seams breaking. As her eyes adjusted, she saw the back seam of Tina's uniform splitting open down at the ass. She also saw that there was much more of Tina than when they'd gone to sleep. Joy looked down at herself and saw that she too, was much fatter. In fact, the front of her uniform was straining so hard it looked like it would burst at the slightest provocation.

After a moment's debate with herself, Joy decided what she would do. She took one more look over and made sure the other girls were asleep, then she concentrated real hard, and inhaled as much as she could as hard as she could. Her bloated stomach swelled out, and once more she felt like a human balloon. She imagined some type of air tube inserted into her privates, and she was a big balloon, getting bigger and bigger and bigger... and then her uniform front burst open.

Joy was so aroused she couldn't think about anything else. She turned her back to the other sleeping girls and masturbated. And there, on that alien world, she had the best orgasm of her life. She had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from making any noise. She fell asleep content, and dreamed of being a gigantic balloon, floating over alien landscapes...

The next morning the girls were awakened to the sound of gunfire and yelling. The snapped awake and listened. Those were definitely guns, and the aliens had only had spears. And there, amongst the alien screaming, was barked commands in English. The three looked at each other in wide-eyed excitement, then their eyes widened even more in shock.

The three had absolutely inflated in their sleep. Their uniforms hung over their bloated bodies in rags. Tina's hips were wider than her shoulders. Her ass was like two basketballs put together. Her thighs were almost as big as Joy's. Her panties rode up her ass like a g-string.

Polly looked like a parade balloon version of her former self. Her breasts were titanic, and had snapped open her bra. Her panties also rode up her immense ass. Her stomach was almost as small as Tina's; but her face was bigger than Joy's.

Joy was gigantic. Her weight was still evenly distributed, but she was so big that she looked like a parade balloon on the verge of bursting. Her stomach jutted out in front of her as smooth and perky as a beachball. Her breasts rested neatly on top of it reaching almost to her chin.

The three looked at each other, then looked at Polly's scanner, hanging out of her tattered uniform. Polly pulled it out in a hurry, pointing it at herself first. "Two hundred and ninety-seven pounds," she read aloud. She turned it on Tina. "Two hundred and sixty-one pounds." She turned it on Joy.

Just then, the door was kicked in, and a Space Federation soldier stood there, rifle in hand. He started to say something, but then his jaw dropped open in shock at the three fat women in front of him. "...Three hundred and forty five pounds," Polly read.

The girls were taken back up to the rescue ship safely. It turns out that the planet had been charted, just not fully explored. And they had had the luck to crash on an unexplored part of the planet and run into an undiscovered tribe of aliens.

There were no clothes big enough to fit the girls on the ship, due to the weight regulations; but thanks to some creative sewing they were able to stay covered until they reached the safety of the Core Worlds.

Tina went on to lose the weight through a combination of liposuction and exercise, and rejoined an active crew.

Polly lost some of the weight, and stayed on the Core Worlds in a stationary position with what was basically a "medical excuse" for her weight.

Joy, however, resigned from the Space Federation, and settled down back on the Core Worlds; determined to see just how fat she could get...