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The Stadium Girl
By Irish

Tanya handed the usher her ticket and followed Virna into Dodger stadium. They walked around, found their section and went down the aisle to their seats. They were right behind home plate, terrific seats. After sitting down, Virna proceeded to order snacks from every concession person they saw. Soon, Virna was handing Tanya hotdogs and pretzels and cotton candy, washing everything down with soda after soda.

It was a sunny and warm day, perfect for watching baseball. As they fed themselves, the girls spent time chatting and people-watching. Tanya couldn't remember ever seeing Dodger stadium so full of people. What could be the occasion? As far as she knew, it was just a regular Saturday game. No reason to be a sell-out, much less standing room only. During the national anthem, she realized there were so many people at the game, they were standing in the aisles in every section.

“Wow, look at all the people,” whispered Tanya.

“Shh,” said Virna, enthralled by the pretty blonde singing into the microphone.

Tanya continued to gaze around her as she shoveled more and more food into her mouth. Almost absent-mindedly, Virna handed Tanya more and more food. This time it was pizza, brats, candy, ice cream, more pretzels, more cotton candy. Tanya didn't notice that Virna had stopped eating and was now passing all the concessions onto Tanya's lap, even piling the food around her friend's growing form.

As the singer finished, “home of the brave!” the crowd stood up and cheered. Only Tanya remained in her seat, cramming more and more goodies into her bulging cheeks. Even if she had stood up and clapped for the plump and sexy singer, she wouldn't have recognized her. Tanya had never met the singer in person, only seen old photographs of the girl in college. If recognition had been possible, things like the sold-out ballpark may have made sense to Tanya. As it was, she found herself in the middle of a feeding frenzy.

And the first pitch was yet to be thrown out.

Entering the stadium, a digital scale scanned Tanya's figure, calculating her size and weight with sensors all around the entrance gate. Another scale in her seat was busy recalculating her new girth.

Walking through the turnstile, Tanya was 166, size D breasts; as the Dodgers took the field, she was now just passing 178. Such a quick dozen pounds, with so many more to follow.

Did she really not notice her ticket read: LA Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals?

Virna smiled as she looked askance at her gorging friend. If she only knew, Virna thought.

* * *

“Strike three!” called the umpire. The fans cheered loudly as their pitcher struck out the side, bringing their team into bat during the first inning.

“I'm going to hit the ladies room,” Virna told Tanya as she got up and scooted down the aisle.

“Umph,” mumbled Tanya, almost unaware of her friend's disappearance. She had so much food in her mouth, on her lap, piled around her; she was even oblivious to the fact that nobody in the stadium was eating.

She, alone, was eating to heart's content. Stuffing, cramming, putting as much calories into her swelling shape as possible. Tanya would be unable to stop even if she had wanted. There was something happening to her that would only be made clear during the course of the game. It wouldn't have surprised Tanya to learn her friend Virna was responsible for her current pig-out.

More and more concession people lined up around Tanya's section. Since nobody else in the entire stadium was eating or drinking, they all made their way to her section. Instead of taking her order, they simply handed her more food. Others were busy stacking their treats on the seats next to Tanya, in front of her, behind her, in the aisles all around. Not only had Virna vacated the section, but so had everyone else. Soon, Tanya was alone in her section behind home plate. In fact, to those who were watching (and everyone in the stadium was watching) Tanya soon filled the entire section. There simply was no room for anyone else to sit with or near her.

She swelled and ballooned up and over her seat, spreading across the entire section of seats. Her hips and thighs rippled across ten seats on both sides. Her ass billowed out and behind her, actually climbing back up the rows, first five rows, then ten, fifteen. All the while, her belly and breasts consumed all of the rows of seats in front of her. By the end of the first inning, Tanya measured twenty-five rows of seats in all directions. The scales recording her growth were now located under the entire level of the lower stadium; they read 980 lbs, ZZZ breasts.

* * *

“Amazing, isn't she?” the blonde asked as Virna closed the door to the press box.

“I told you, she's everything you asked for and more,” Virna promised her.

“How big do you think she'll get?”

“As big as you want her to get.”

“Will she get full?”

“When you stop feeding her.”

“Will she stop eating?”

“When you run out of food.”

“Will she pop?”

“Not a chance.”


* * *

Back in section, well, let's just say, behind home plate . . . and moving down the baselines . . .

Tanya was now eating right out of the carts and heated-pizza bags and cartons, etc. The concession people were too busy dropping off the food to do any but feed Tanya their contents, sometimes dumping entire boxes and bags right into her open mouth.

Concerned only with putting more and more food into her yawning mouth, Tanya was unaware that as she spread out and around the lower sections, the people were “disappearing.” They weren't leaving the stadium, at least not through the turnstiles . . .

After two innings, Dodgers 1-Cardinals 0, Tanya 1250 lbs. Breasts the size of Volkswagon beetles, hips the size of airbags used to catch stuntmen jumping off buildings, thighs the size of tractor trailers, and an ass no smaller than a pair of great blue whales.

* * *

During the third inning, Tanya actually took a pause from eating, just long enough to miss her friend.

“Virna?” she called out, in between bites of pizza and ice cream. She was answered by two concession girls dumping pitchers of soda into her mouth.

“Yum,” she hummed. And that was the last time Tanya thought about Virna during the game.

Dodgers 1-Cardinals 1, Tanya 2000 pounds. Her measurements had exceeded the abilities of the park. Much to the delight of the girls in the press box.

* * *

“Well, now what?” asked Virna. “We don't know how big she is.”

“Don't worry, the important thing is that we keep feeding her. Besides, just look at her. Why do we need a number to tell us how big she is. She's enormous!” The blonde giggled.

“Well, at least the scales still work,” added Virna. “How big are the scales, anyway?”

“They cover the entire stadium . . .”

With that announcement, both girls broke into laughter.

* * *

Sometime during the fourth or fifth innings, Tanya had begun to encroach onto the field. Not quite across the foul lines, her size begged attention.

The remaining fans were those in the two upper levels. Only Tanya remained on the lower level. Along with hundreds of concession people; all of whom seemed tireless in their constant gorging of the zepplin-sized beauty.

It was these workers who received instructions from the press box to reposition Tanya so she wouldn't obstruct the playing field, or players for that matter. It was far too early for that, they were informed.

Soon dozens of the strongest men lined up along both sides of Tanya's legs, from her calves to her thighs. On three, they lifted her gargantuan sized legs and moved them so each leg was on one side of the baseball diamond. Covering every seat of every lower level section, her huge legs were now free to grow even larger. And the game could continue.

Sitting with her legs spread wide along the seating section, with the field in the middle, Tanya continued to expand. In fact, she grew even quicker in this position. Her ass now reached all the way back into the old concession areas, all around the stadium behind her. It began to grow up, piling more and more fat on top of itself as it climbed up to the higher stadium levels. It would not be long before her ass alone threatened the structure of the upper decks of the stadium.

Meanwhile, her belly was the major concern for the girls in the press box. Now freed up, with her thighs stretched out on both sides, Tanya's belly began an assault onto the playing field. For the first several innings, her belly was hemmed in by the back stop and netting behind home plate. The netting had been acting as a psuedo-fishnet outfit, stretching with her paunch, but keeping it at bay and away from the catcher and umpire. Instead, her belly had grown up and up and up in front of Tanya's body.

But as the fifth inning drew to a close, the netting was finally being stretched to its limits.

The girls in the press box knew Tanya was growing much faster than they could have hoped. Or planned for. They began to be concerned. Would the stadium hold her long enough for the big finale? They crossed their fingers and hoped for the best.

End of five innings, Dodgers 3-Cardinals 1, Tanya 75 tons!

* * *

“Well, Virna, I believe we underestimated Tanya's appetite,” the blonde admitted.

“I warned you,” Virna reminded her, “when you first brought this idea to me. She was going to surpass your wildest dreams.”

“That she is, that she is,” the blond nodded. “But I'm not complaining, just suggesting we reevaluate her progress and make the necessary adjustments before things get out of our control. Not that I wouldn't mind that.” Again the girls laughed. “As long as she makes it through seven innings, right?”

“My thoughts exactly,” added Virna.

* * *

The sixth inning saw a slow in Tanya's growth. Not because she was getting full, not because she was reaching her limit of growth. Rather, her clothes had reached their capacity.

Unknown to Tanya, Virna had seen to it that she dressed in a very special outfit. Granted it looked just like an outfit Tanya owned, but it was a very special replica of this outfit.

The pink satin sleeveless top and black lycra pants had been designed by NASA for use in planetary exploration. In short, they were made of highly elastic materials, so technologically advanced that Tanya was the first person to ever wear them as clothing. In fact, the only other time these materials had been used was in space, as covers for space shuttles and other enormous objects.

Now Tanya wore the world's largest stretch outfit and didn't even notice she should have been pouring out of her clothes sever hundred thousand pounds ago. . .

But even science has its limits; and so did Tanya's clothing. With the pants reaching their limit, they began to squeeze against her bulging thighs. As her top stretched beyond its possible limits, her breasts and belly rumbled to break free.

Unfortunately, these outfits had no seams, as seams would prove impractical in space. So rather than giving even an inch for her to grow, they began to constrict her growth, making her uncomfortable. To adjust, Tanya simply stopped eating until she could get comfortable.

Not unreasonable for a 500 ton girl who was about to fill an entire baseball stadium.

* * *

“Now that could be a problem,” insisted Virna.

“Nonsense,” the blond corrected. “We knew she'd reach the limits of her clothes. Just not this soon. but they've served our purpose, I think we'll just make it. Her growth has slowed just a bit with this new situation. We'll have enough time to release her and watch the fireworks.”

“So now what?” asked Virna.

“Send in the team.”

* * *

As the seventh inning began, the players began fearing for their safety. Not only had every single fan disappeared during the game, but the only remaining person in the stands filled the entire stands from the box seats up to the upper level. And now she was threatening to spill onto the field and overwhelm them.

In between innings, the players had discussed evacuating the stadium, using the player/press tunnels. The coaches had called up to the press box, for instructions, and received the same ultimatum: finish seven innings or else . . .

Even though the sun had not set on sunny LA, the game was continued in the shadows. The shadows of Tanya's two-story thighs and calves. Towering up and around the entire field, it was only a matter of time before they simple crashed over the rail and took over the grassy field. Her legs were bigger than the rolling hills of Malibu. Tanya's ass and belly were even more mountainous. Mountains indeed.

Keeping the right proportions as she blimped, Tanya looked more amazing than could be believed. Her head and hair had grown with the rest of her. She was now an immobile Tanya, 20,000 times her previous size. . . but save for the fact she was filling up a stadium, she looked like any other girl who had spent the day pigging out.

Very fat and happy.

* * *

Outside the stadium, vans and vans of people drove up, surrounding the stadium. Emerging from the dark vehicles, dozens of pretty girls made their way over the outfield fences, setting up equipment in the bleachers.

Inside the press box, the blond smiled, “Now the fun begins.”

* * *

In the bleachers, the army of girls began to extract bikinis and g-strings and thongs and lingerie from the bags they carried from the vans. They began to dress in rhythm, as if they had rehearsed this many times. In fact, they had done just that for months, under the supervision of the girls in the press box.

On the field, the seventh inning had just ended. The players ran frantically to the dugouts. Hoping the singing of “Take Me Out to the Ballpark” would signal the end of the game, none of them planned to return to the playing field.

Tanya was beginning to get impatient with her clothing. Wanting to return to her gorging, she longed to have these clothes off her body, allowing her free range to grow and expand and fill the rest of the stadium.

It was then she notice tiny little figures climbing all over her body. Dozens of the prettiest little girls were lining up along her calves, thighs, belly. Some were even attempting to scale her breasts. Good luck, she thought.

But there they were, all over her. And dressed, or undressed, in the most revealing outfits . . . In fact, if she weren't mistaken, they were all wearing crotchless outfits, or outfits that left their pussies quite accessible.

Soon the girls were writhing all over Tanya's body. Something out of story written by Swift and filmed by Russ Meyer. And then every girl was cumming and cumming and cumming. All over Tanya's outfit.

* * *

Funny thing about NASA's engineered space outfit: the one thing the scientists found could dissolve the material? Vaginal fluid, or more to the point, female cum.

After all, who has sex in space?

* * *

Within moments, the girls' cum spread all over Tanya's outfit and began to dissolve the fabric. In a matter of seconds, she would be free to continue her amazing growth into history.


Tanya looked around for the source of the voice. She spotted Tammi in the press box, which was now at eye level with Tanya. Since she weighed over 2000 tons, she was unable to reach Tammi, so she just sat back and listened with trepidation.

Going through her memory, Tanya realized why Tammi was her in LA, taking over Dodger stadium, turning her into the world's fattest person, fattest creature. The previous summer, Tanya had visited St. Louis and attended a baseball game between the hometown Cardinals and the visiting Dodgers. In her excitement, she decided to have a little fun with Steve and Tammi. During the game, Tanya had paid the entire crowd in the bleachers (where Tammi worked as an usherette) to gang up on her and Steve and feed them everything in the concessions. Unfortunately the cameras taped the entire event and showed it on TV where Tammi's husband and family watched aghast at the events. Six months later, Tammi was divorced. Steve was broke, having been sued by Tammi's husband, Rusty, claiming Steve had emotionally destroyed him by stealing his wife on national TV.

Now, another six months later, her she was. Only the tables had been turned. In a major way!

“WELL,” continued Tammi, “IT'S SEVENTH INNING STRETCH TIME . . .”

And with that, Tanya poured onto the field, no longer clothed, but completely naked. The girls had been evacuated by helicopters, just in time. Soon Tanya filled the entire stadium. Every seat, every section, every level. Her head just reached the top of the upper deck.

“SEND IN THE KID,” called Tammi into the microphone, her command carried out into the parking lot.

At first, Tanya noticed nothing. Then she saw a single helicopter approach her head. The helicopter hovered at first above her breasts, then went up above her mouth. Watching helplessly as any four million pound girl would, Tanya saw a large hose, the size of a water park slide, descend from the helicopter. Sliding down the huge funnel, Steve landed on Tanya's perky little nose. Without hesitation, he positioned the huge feeding tube into Tanya's mouth, making sure it reached into her belly. Unable to move, Tanya was unable to resist. She just closed her eyes and awaited her punishment.

As Steve was lifted off Tanya by the final helicopter, Tanya was sure she heard him say, “Be careful what you wish for. . .” And he was gone.

Now Tanya sat, filling the stadium, not sure what was going to happen next. But afraid of the possibilities.

“BON APETITE,” offered Tammi, her laughs echoing across the parking lot.

Much to her surprise, thousands and thousands of gallons of potato salad began gushing into her awaiting mouth and belly. This wouldn't be too bad, I love potato salad, thought Tanya.

But she didn't realize that the supply of potato salad was coming from St. Louis! The funnel in her mouth was two thousand miles long! Back in St. Louis, Tammi's entire school was busy pouring potato salad into the sewer sized tube. Making its way across country, the tasty treat filled Tanya like never before. Soon she was expanding like a star about to explode. Or was it collapse? She would probably do both before this was over.

Tammi and Virna estimated Tanya's weight at millions of tons . . . then they stopped keeping track. It wouldn't be long before Tanya would reach the limit of her growth. Or would she?

Tanya ate and ate, swallowed and swallowed. Spreading across Dodger stadium, the parking lot, Tanya covered most of downtown Los Angeles by the following morning.

Meanwhile, Tammi and Virna had retreated to their condo and were watching the spectacle of Tanya's growth on the local news. Evidently, Steve had set up camera crews to record every blessed second of Tanya's bulging bliss. Using this to start a new career in the media, Steve had recovered from financial ruin.

Tammi and Virna lost interest, having succumbed to their passion for each other. In fact, Tanya would soon grow so large, she would spread across and crush the condo where the girls were staying. Just one of the ironies of this amazing turn of events.

As for Tanya, she would never tire of potato salad, even after the St. Louis pipeline dried up. She's still out there, in California, eating whatever she can find, whatever people will offer her. Cults have cropped up, living among her mountains of fat. Honoring their goddess of fat, they call themselves, Mountanyans. Before long, they will cover the entire United States. So, say your prayers now.