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A Bad Night's Stand

Author's note: This is my first attempt at a full length story. I hope you enjoy it! If you do, PLEASE take a moment to drop me a line and tell me. Like every author before me has said, if I get enough positive feedback, I'll continue writing. Thanks in advance.

The room was dark and had a daunting quality about it. Pale moonlight shone through the smallish bedroom window, casting murky shadows of dancing trees from the surrounding woods. The slow and steady tick of a clock on the nightstand was the only sound that could be heard until Sarah began to awaken from her restless slumber. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and she was immediately aware that something was very wrong. The area between her legs was painfully throbbing as if it had been forcefully violated and she had a repugnant taste in her mouth that she could not identify. She felt incredibly groggy and lethargic, and was having a hard time bringing herself to move. She was about to reach for the small bedside lamp, when the clock sitting next to it suddenly caught her attention. She stared in disbelief at the reality that was facing her. The clock read 9:00 p.m., but if that were true, it meant she had slept the entire day and most of the night away. "That's impossible!" she murmured to herself.

Sarah attempted once again to focus, but her thoughts were muddled and fuzzy. The last thing she remembered was going out to a nightclub with her best friend Jennifer the night before. She vaguely recalled meeting a guy named Jeff but the rest of the evening seemed lost. She may have even spent the night with him, but it was all just a blur. Getting blind drunk and picking up strange guys at clubs was not her style, but last night was a little special. At twenty-four years of age, Sarah Richardson had just found out she was accepted to play a lead role in a major network sitcom, so she had decided to go and paint the town red with her best friend. She'd moved to California three years earlier and it finally looked as if all her hard work was finally about to pay off. It was her distinct look that had attracted the producer's attention. At 5'5", she was shorter than your average Hollywood starlet, but she had a killer body and beautiful face, framed by long blonde hair, to match. She remembered joking with Jennifer that now that she was going to be famous, she might even be able to move out of the creepy little house she'd been renting for the past few months. Isolated way up in the mountains, the little cottage house came at a great price, but Sarah could never get used to being so far removed from the general public. The feeling of being so alone bothered her, and lately, it had really begun to get on her nerves.

Thinking about the house jarred her back to reality. If it was truly 9:00p.m., Jennifer would be over shortly, and, not realizing just what had happened to her, she didn't want to be found in this 'condition.' Just as she attempted to get up, a wave of intense pain washed over her accompanied by an odd gurgling sound and her hands immediately rushed to her stomach. She felt painfully bloated and she realized the acute discomfort in her groin was now rapidly spreading to the rest of her body as it intensified.

Sarah frantically clawed at the lamp and clicked it on. She caught a distant glimpse of herself in the mirror hanging on the wall and began to wail mournfully. Her mouth was crusted with a black, pasty looking substance that was smeared all over her face and throughout her long, beautiful blonde hair. She made a desperate attempt to get to her feet, but the hurt in her belly was escalating and she fell to her knees clutching at her belly and sobbing. The only thought rushing through her head now was the fact that she needed to get help, fast! She began to painfully crawl across the carpet in her loose fitting flowered bathrobe with her gorgeous breasts dangling under her, brushing the floor as she moved slowly across the floor.

She had just reached the doorway when the most intense pain yet rocked her body and stopped her dead in her tracks. She curled up into the fetal position and groaned loudly as the pain became excruciating. "Uuunngghh!" Her hands again flew to her belly and she was horrified to feel it begin to grow. "NNnnnnngh!!!" Severe pain was gripping her in laborious waves as she continued to utter her mournful cries. "UNNNGGHHH!!!" With every outburst of hurt, Sarah could feel her stomach growing and swelling in her hands. She felt an incredible urge to 'push', with every violent spasm, and she began to pant between growth spurts in an effort to remain conscience. "Uh…Uh…Uh…Uh…Uuhhnngghh!!! Sarah's stomach was slowly reaching monstrous proportions as it easily pushed open her robe and exposed itself, slowly pushing her legs apart and causing her to appear hugely pregnant.

She lay helplessly on her side with her distended belly spread out before her, and just when she thought she might have had a second of reprieve, the sickening gurgle coming from her midsection began to intensify. With dawning horror, Sarah realized her entire body had now begun to grow, slowly rising like warm dough as it laggardly began to fill out and spread. She began to drag herself arduously across the floor, but it was a futile endeavor at best. She seemed to be growing fatter with every passing moment and she must have weighed close to two hundred pounds by the time she'd reached the door. She strenuously made it as far as the hallway when the effort of movement became too much for her to handle. Sarah exhaustedly prostrated herself against the wall and wailed at her situation. With a loud grunt, she was able to wriggle herself to a sitting position. The rest of her body was quickly catching up to her outstretched belly and she could only sit there and helplessly watch as it continued to fatten and grow.

Pockets of flab and cellulite began to take shape around her formerly trim waist and thighs as she sat there crying. Bigger and bigger she grew, fatter and fatter and fatter. Her loose fitting robe had now become a skintight teddy as her burgeoning body slowly and methodically began to burst the seams with their sheer size and girth. The remnants of her robe was still fighting valiantly to contain her now colossal mammaries, but it was no match for her expanding milk balloons and there was a loud, 'POP!' as her massive tits burst free of the robe with primal force. Little Sarah was now closing in on three hundred pounds and her distended belly hung in front of her like a lead balloon. Her once tremendously firm breasts were now so laden with fat that they began to droop and sag as they slowly got pushed off to the sides of her gargantuan belly, and her arms began developing into flab covered segments. She was almost numb to the pain, yet she could still feel her body enlarging by the second. She tried lifting her arms, but realized the hang of fat was becoming so heavy she could barely hold them up. Sarah was panic-stricken at this point, and in a last ditch effort to escape and get help, she began to rock her massive frame back and forth trying to get to her feet. She began to panic even more when she realized she was now becoming basically immobile and she still appeared to be growing Fatter. "Nnnnnng!" …….."Got….t-t-to…g-get…up!" she mumbled through her fat, goo crusted lips.

She heard someone entering the house through the back door, but she was unable to see who it was. She was so fat now that her triple chins had merged into her mountainous paunch, making an act as simple as turning her head impossible. She was about to cry out when she suddenly realized it was probably Jennifer coming over to pick her up. "Jen!" she cried. "In here!…..HELP!" A figure moved in the darkness and just before it revealed itself from the shadows, Sarah's eyes grew wide as it dawned on her that Jennifer NEVER used the back door. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted 'Jeff' from the night before and began screaming. In a rush of awareness, the horrors of last night came back to her and she began wriggling furiously in an attempt to get up and run. "N-N-NOOOO!!!" she wailed as he slowly approached, dressed in the same clothes she had seen him in last. Vivid visual images were racing through her mind and she began to cry hysterically. "P-P-Please!…N-N-No more!" She HAD spent the night with Jeff, but now she began to remember what was so 'wrong' with him. Jeff wasn't HUMAN! Her thoughts were racing frantically as the details of her little tryst continued flooding in like an opened dam.

She recalled meeting him at the club and noticing something odd about him from the onset. Still, she seemed powerless to resist his advances. She remembered that even as she left the club with him, something was telling her not to go through with this, but again, she felt powerless to resist. Sarah was openly crying as she relived in her mind what had happened next. They had gone back to her place at Jeff's request, and after cocktails and a major make out session, had proceeded to her bedroom for some uninhibited monkey fucking. She'd stopped off in the bathroom to change into her robe and when she emerged into the bedroom, Jeff had been waiting for her. She had removed his pants for him and fondled his aching balls before placing them in her mouth and giving him the blowjob of her life. Just before she'd thought he was going to cum she gave one long draw and released his cock from between her soft, warm lips. He had flipped her over onto the bed and within moments had entered her fast and hard. He'd proceeded to fuck her forcefully until she had almost cried out that he was hurting her. That's when she remembered things got really ugly.

She had opened her eyes in time to see Jeff begin to slowly transform into something not of this world, and she recalled flailing around frenziedly to get away. Sarah was shaking all over as the picture became clearer. Jeff had sprouted thick, black tentacles and quickly pinned her where she lay. The horrible metamorphosis had happened quickly as if his skin was nothing more than a mask-like covering, which he simply shed like one would a coat. She'd screamed hysterically and writhed in panic, trying to escape.

He had transformed into some horrible lizard like creature that had oozed a foul smelling liquid and she'd screamed hysterically as its secretions dripped all over her face and head. It had had razor sharp teeth and made a high-pitched squeal as it revealed its double set of genitalia to her. The 'thing' that was already inside her had mutated into a large black protrusion that tore at the walls of her vagina every time the beast above her would thrust. The other set had appeared to be about an inch or so higher than the first, and as it became erect, Sarah had seen it heading for her mouth and that's when she had lost consciousness.

The vision in her mind's eye of that black ribbed tube pushing itself into her mouth was enough to bring Sarah back to her current predicament. Last night she had been hopelessly held fast by the creature's thick tentacles, and now she was pinned where she lay by her own fat. She opened her eyes and saw the Jeff/creature was standing directly before her. "I'm glad to see you won't be giving us any trouble," he said as he patted her majestic belly. "Us?" Sarah thought as she strained to see behind him. She let out a small shriek when she realized 'Jeff' was not alone. Standing about ten feet behind him were two exact duplicates setting up some kind of horrible looking machinery in her living room. "W-What have you done t-to m-m-me?" Sarah wailed as she looked down upon her body. "What do you want?" The creature took a step back and proceeded to explain. "It may be a little tough for you to comprehend, but regrettably, we're an all male species who had to devise a way to procreate in order to survive. That's our mission here and you're 'helping' us further our race.” Sarah looked at her humongous stomach and began to sob all over again. She was now reaching monstrous proportions and the thought of giving birth to one of these creatures sent shudders down her back as she began to vigorously shake her head no. "Oh, no,” 'Jeff' chuckled. "I only wish it were that simple. I'm afraid this process is quite complicated and involves many steps. YOU'RE only function is to provide nourishment for our 'breeder.'”

With that, he motioned to the others. The three of them pushed some sort of button on their belts and immediately transformed into their alien 'selves', causing Sarah to shudder all over again as she sat there helplessly. She was now so fat that movement of any kind was next to impossible and she could only wonder what else they had in mind for her. The three beings began communicating to one another through a series of unintelligible squeals and clicks but amazingly, Sarah was still able to understand them. She heard their voices in her head and began to squirm when she realized just what they were up to. The alien that had 'fucked' her the night before approached her with a thick tube in his hands. It looked to Sarah like a vacuum hose, and although she tried fighting him off, it was useless. Her arms, now enveloped in mounds of fat, stood out to her sides like flippers now as they flailed helplessly at her sides and the alien creature had little trouble reaching over her mountain of blubber to reach her mouth. She tried clenching her teeth closed, but he forcefully shoved the tube in past her fat lips and into her mouth. The other two aliens were making some adjustments to the machine, and as soon as the tube was inserted in her she began to feel some kind of warm, thick liquid flowing into her belly. The liquid had an immediate impact on her already swollen frame as she began to further fatten and fill out, spreading further and further out across the carpet.

All sense of rational thought was leaving her as she continued to grow and her eyes were pressured closed by her expanding cheeks. Sarah's world began to darken and grow distant as she grew. Her mind was slowly turning to mush as she expanded larger and larger with every passing moment. She dimly thought she heard someone calling her name from the front door, then the scene ended as her world went black.

The next scene opened with Sarah's friend Jennifer opening the front door and letting herself in. She was a little concerned because Sarah had uncharacteristically not answered her repeated calls today. Jennifer was a tall, buxom brunette who had little trouble attracting attention from men and tonight she had come dressed to the nines in anticipation of meeting a man. Decked out in a black micro mini skirt, lime green tube top, and four-inch fuck-me pumps, Jennifer cautiously entered the darkened house in search of her friend. She crept into the living calling Sarah's name but she got no response. Fearing something may have happened to her best friend, Jennifer gingerly made her way through the dimly lit room in search of a light. She found a switch on the far wall and just before she flicked it on, she thought she heard something moving behind her. With a loud 'click,' the light blinked on and the sight that confronted her brought an audible gasp from the surreal quality it possessed. There sitting in Sarah's hallway, propped up in an awkward position was the fattest woman Jennifer had ever seen.

Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be sucking on some sort of tube. The woman had a very similar hair style as her friend Sarah, and it took Jennifer a moment to realize the shredded tatters of bathrobe which loosely adorned this fat woman was also very familiar. Jennifer's eyes grew wide as it began to dawn on her that the blubbery mass of womanhood sitting before her was indeed her friend Sarah and she began to scream. She turned to run, but was seized from behind by a series of thick, black tentacles. Jennifer began screaming hysterically and thrashing about in a desperate attempt to escape. "Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no!!!" In one swift move the alien spun her around and threw her up against the wall like a rag doll. "NNNOOOOOOO!!!" Despite its amazing strength, Jennifer was still putting up a good fight, kicking and screaming as she thrashed around under the brute's grip. She thought she had a slight chance of breaking free when a small needle suddenly popped out of the alien's chest and punctured her neck. Jennifer's body went limp as the paralyzing agent took affect and she found herself sliding helplessly down the wall. She could still see and feel everything but she couldn't move or even cry out for help. She lay there in a heap looking across the room at her monstrously fat friend, and warm tears began flowing down her cheeks. She didn't have very long to wallow in her sorrow, because all at once the creature was upon her.

She could not even close her eyes as it advanced and began to probe her with a series of poking and prodding. Jennifer was horrified beyond description as the creature drew nearer and nearer, until she could feel its hot breath on her neck. It was at that moment that she first saw the monumental protrusion begin to grow from between its legs, and she shuddered as she realized what was about to happen to her. The alien lifted her short skirt, entered her violently and began squealing as it forcefully thrust itself in and out of her vagina. She tried to shut her mind off to the vicious assault but it was no use. She was awake through the entire episode, screaming inside her head and slowly losing her mind. The alien finished with one final plunge and emitted an ear- splitting screech, then let loose its grip and watched as her crippled body slid helplessly down the wall. Jennifer was crying her eyes out when she suddenly felt something very odd begin to overtake her body. She felt a fullness in her stomach and looked down to see it begin to bulge and pulsate. The paralysis was slowly wearing off, and, sobbing softly, she wrapped both arms around her ballooning belly. She reached down and undid the button on her skirt, feeling her belly slowly push the zipper open as it surged forward. "Oh my God!" she wailed as she realized what was happening to her.

She began to slowly drag herself along the floor in an attempt to escape her predicament but it was another effort in futility. She had not gone four feet when her belly surged forward in a massive heave, leaving her stranded in the middle of the floor. She had grown so huge that her arms and legs were now dangling uselessly at her sides as she continued wriggling. She saw the three beings making adjustments to the machine that was 'feeding' Sarah, and began screaming when she realized they were coming to hook her up to it to. The tallest one approached her and forcefully stuck a tube in her mouth. He then rolled her over onto her side and rapidly pierced her skin with yet another needle. Instantly, her fear and panic receded and was replaced by an overwhelming desire to nurse. She calmly began sucking on the tube, which was being fed through Sarah's mountain of a body as she rubbed her belly contentedly. Her belly continued to swell, only a little slower now, as the aliens began making their final preparations. She began to fall into a blissful 'sleep' as she watched them don their 'human' appearances once again and head for the front door. She wasn't aware of the changes going on inside her and she didn't care. The only thing that mattered now was the tube. The aliens gathered their things and nodded to one another as they stepped out into the night to find the third and final 'breeder' needed to complete the process of rebuilding their all-male society. It wasn't very long at all before Jennifer's Ford Explorer pulled into the parking lot of the area's hottest club. The valet walked up and opened the door as the three well-dressed gentlemen stepped out and headed for the pulsating lights and blaring music of their 'hunting grounds.' The place was packed and the aliens smiled at one another before disappearing into the sea of available women…