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Station Beta Z1
by J.P.

The port air lock doors opened with a pneumatic hiss as the cargo ship forward projection unit came in. Waiting inside were two men: Dr. Jim Hein, Science Officer, and Bill Panner, AP (All Purpose worker). Dr. Jim, the senior officer had seen it all before. He'd been on space station Beta Z1 for five years now, and had a space career on ships and stations for over twenty years before his current position. Bill had only been at the station for eight months, as an AP he basically did any of the unskilled labor that was required. The arriving ship had left Earth the day that Bill arrived at Beta. There was about an eight-month trip involved with the sub-light rockets used. Four months ago he had found out that this cargo ship had some special cargo indeed; his fiancée had finally received her work permit, also as an AP, and was sent to Beta by the MetroCorp.

"This is great!" Bill mused. "It will be so good to see her again. I just wish she had called me on the flight over."

Jim sighed in amusement, when was this kid going to dry behind his ears? "Kid, this is Beta, we're eight months from the Earth. Anyone who makes the trip is in hibernation. She couldn't call anyone! If she were awake she'd be a basket case from the boredom. Plus this is a cargo ship. It's not meant to take people, there's no room anywhere on the ship for any kind of living quarters.

Hell, her lifepod was probably tacked on to the outside of the ship!"

"Oh yeah," Bill said. "What's on it?"

"It's ProCal. Ya' know, that cup of syrup we have every day? Every seven to ten months they send us a few ships full of the stuff. We have to stockpile and ration it out, because you never know when you might run out, or lose contact permanently with the Earth. We still got tons of the stuff, but like I said you never know."

A door slid open behind them and three more men walked in. Chris the jumper (space jumper, he did any work outside the station), John the mechanic, and Tim the computer expert. There wasn't too much traffic at Beta, whenever a ship arrived it was a major event.

"Well did you see her yet?" Asked Tim. All of the men were eager to get a first hand look at Bill's fiancée Susan. Mainly because for the past four months he'd never stopped talking about her. After awhile the men were just as eager as Bill for her to arrive, just so Bill would shut up.

A silver rod about ten feet around came through the cargo doors. It slid in noiselessly, and after it was about ten feet into the room it stopped. Two seconds passed before a loud click was heard as the tube split lengthwise down the middle at the top of the tube. With a hiss, and a release of some cool mist, the tube opened like a clam to reveal the contents inside.

Inside the tube was a plain plastiform insert. It was memory plastic, which meant it would hold and take the shape of anything pressed into it. It was the standard safety material used in lifepods as it could absorb any shock. Once the tube had completely folded out, the plastiform resembled a king-sized bed. Lying in the middle was Bill's fiancée Susan.

Chris whistled his approval. "She's a regular sleeping beauty, Bill."

And she was. Brown hair to the shoulder, bright blue eyes looking at each person, a pretty face, and a darling figure. She was a little petite, but very cute. She was dressed in a hibernation suit, which basically looked like a one-piece swimsuit. She also had on her support mask. The support mask covered her face just below her eyes, and went to her chin. It controlled and monitored her bodily functions while in hibernation. Tubes fed into her mouth and nose and led to her stomach, lungs, and circulatory system.

"Hi sweetie? Didja' miss me?" asked Bill quietly, smiling ear to ear. He leaned over the bed to give her a kiss and help her out. For a second Jim almost let him, and then he realized what Bill was about to do.

"No you idiot!" shouted Jim grabbing Bill by the shoulders and pulling him roughly back. Bill was a little upset at being so roughly shaken out of a tender moment. He shook Jim's hands off angrily. "What the fuck's the matter with you! I was just gonna help her up!"

Chris intervened before punches started flying. He calmly laid a hand on Bill's shoulder. "Bill, there's a process to this, she has to wake up first."

Bill looked from Chris's hand on his shoulder to Susan's eyes, which were scanning around the room. "What are you talking about she's awake now!" he said pointing to her.

"No she's not." Added John. "This is just the start. Tell him Jim."

"Bill sometimes I forget how new you are to this. We haven't had any new people arrive since you got here, and you probably don't remember your hibernation. You have to wake the person up in stages. She's been hibernating like a bear for eight months now. Most of her bodily systems were shut down. They have to be woken up gradually. If you wake her up too quick, she's very likely to die from the shock to her system. Right now she's only in a deep sleep, not hibernation. Her eyes are opened to get them used to seeing light again. This will all seem like a dream to her." Explained Jim.

"He's right." Added Tim. "One of the leading causes of death on a ship or space station is premature hibernation awakening."

Bill slapped his head in frustration over his own ignorance; he then sighed and stuck out his hand, which Jim shook. "I'm sorry man, I'm way behind on my tech reading. Thanks, I almost killed her."

"No problem Bill. No problem at…" began Jim when a loud beeping could be heard. Yellow flashing lights started spinning on the walls and a nearby computer monitor came on. All of these were signals that the incoming cargo was about to be released. Jim was mildly put off by this. After spending more than twenty years on a ship or at a station he had developed a kind of sixth sense when something was about to go wrong. It had helped him before in many situations. Chris could see the look of consternation on Jim's face.

"What's up? It's just the cargo alert." Said Chris. Now he was mildly put off. Any time he'd seen Jim look like that he knew it meant trouble.

"I don't know. Something's not right. John where will the cargo be released?" Asked Jim, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

"Only one place it could come out. The forward projection. It ain't much really, just basically a nozzle that we attach a hose to. I even brought the connector." He held up a length of hose he had looped around his left shoulder. "I just plug it into that wall socket there" he pointed to a small nozzle attached to the nearby wall. "and the ProCal gets pumped into the storage vats."

"Well" Jim said "Don't you think you should get started?"

"Can't. Gotta remove Susan first."

"We can't move her." Said Chris. "It could kill her!"

"Then I guess we wait. How long will it be before we can move her Jim?" Asked Tim.

"About two hours. But that ProCal's going to start pumping any minute now, where's it going to go?" Jim still had a very worried look on his face.

"Well" thought John "it could just leak all over the floor. If that happens, no big deal, we just mop it up, sanitize it, and it should be fine. It could though get jettisoned into space. In that case we have to send Chris out with a vacuum to collect it. Lastly it could back up into the ship, and the ship's fail safe systems would shut down the pump."

It turned out none of those things happened. Bill was the first to notice. He stood there oblivious to the conversation, gazing lovingly at Susan. 'She's so beautiful' thought Bill. That's when he noticed her cheeks suddenly puff outwards as if she were blowing into a trumpet. They went back down and then flared up again. They went down and then flared up again, this time seeming to strain her face with the amount her cheeks puffed out.

Jim was meanwhile looking at the monitor on the life support system. It was starting to go through some major changes. That's when he suddenly realized what he'd been worried about.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Jim.

"What? What is it?" Everyone asked.

"Look! Look at her!" They did, crowding around the lifepod bed. Her cheeks were straining and her flat tummy seemed to be rising.

"It's pumping the ProCal into her!" shouted Bill. He began to desperately lean forward, intent on ripping her mask off.

"No!" Shouted Jim "Stop him!" The men grabbed hold of Bill and pulled him back just in time; he had almost reached the mask. "You almost killed her again! She can't be woken up yet!"

"But…but she's...the ProCal!" stammered Bill.

"Don't worry about it we'll get this taken care of." Assured Jim. His voice had a calming effect on Bill. He was a natural leader, and had handled many difficult situations. "John, cut off the pump."

John, his face a mask of confusion and helplessness held up his hands uselessly. "I can't! I don't have access to it!"

"What about you Tim? Can you do it?" Jim immediately turned to his next option.

"It will take time. Our computers haven't linked yet. Whenever a ship docks it has to go through a quarantine to make sure there's no corrupted material. Our computers are linked in only the most basic way right now, I don't have any override power." Said Tim, looking back to Susan. She was starting to look pregnant, her belly stretching outwards, bulging the front of her suit.

"Well get going on that. Hurry." Said Jim, Tim turned and ran out the door. "Chris get into a space suit and get out there. Maybe there's a manual shut off."

Chris had the same helpless look on his face that John had.

"What is it!" said Bill his voice rising to a high pitch with panic.

"Well, you know how long it takes to put on a suit…" started Chris.

"Just do it!" both Jim and Bill shouted.

"Right!" said Chris stepping back from the two and then hurrying out the door.

"John is there any way you can get in there and shut it down?" asked Jim again.

"No! This is a cargo ship. Every inch of the ship is jammed tight with stuff. They don't leave room for humans at all. That's why the lifepod was attached to the outside of the ship."

"That's ridiculous!" Shouted Bill. "How does anyone get inside to fix them? What if a circuit blows out inside?"

"They use nanoids. Small repair robots. They're smaller than an insect. They flood the ship with them, and then they fix it."

"We have some don't we?" asked Jim.

"Yeah but, we'd have to reprogram them, tell them to do exactly what we need."

"Well get going and do it! Hurry!" shouted Bill. John rushed out the door.

"What should I do?" asked Bill shifting his weight from foot to foot. Susan's belly was stretching to the point that she looked like she was over six months pregnant.

"Nothing. Just stay with me. I'm going to monitor the situation. But otherwise there's nothing we can do. We have to wait. One of those guys will be able to shut it down soon."

"But…but" started Bill still staring at Susan's ever rising belly.

"But nothing! There's nothing we can do."

"How could this happen?" whined Bill. Susan's face showed no signs of discomfort. Her cheeks were still straining, but her eyes calmly dance around the room, taking in everything but seeing nothing.

"I think I figured it out. Basically we have two different systems making a mistake. A cargo ship doesn't know how to deal with a passenger, and a passenger's lifepod computer doesn't know how to deal with a cargo ship. While in hibernation the lifepod was most likely hooked up to the ProCal as the source for her minuscule nutritional needs. Now that the ship has landed the ship is automatically pumping out the ProCal. Unfortunately she's still hooked up to it. The ship's computer thinks that Susan's just a receptacle for the ProCal, and sees no reason not to pump her full of the whole load." Both men looked back to Susan. She looked nine months pregnant and then some, her belly rumbling with the influx of the syrupy ProCal.

"How much is in that cargo?" whispered Bill as Susan's belly took on the look of a mother with triplets, heavy triplets.

"I dunno, lots. Her lifepod computer probably just thinks it's feeding time. Computers solve problems, but they don't think. Neither computer realizes a mistake is being made." Continued Jim.

Bill moved closer to Susan.

"I think I should unhook her anyway." He said.

"No! You'll kill her!" yelled Jim.

"Look at her! She's going to explode if we don't!" shouted Bill pointing to Susan. She looked like she had a beach ball in her stomach and it was being over inflated. Her belly and abdomen were now so stretched and tight with the thick fluid that it no longer rumbled with each small breath she took.

"No she's not! Look I'm the science officer! You don't know this stuff the way I do. The only thing keeping her alive right now is because she's attached to the lifepod. The life support systems are equipped to handle almost any conceivable situation and most inconceivable ones, like this. If damage is done to the body it heals almost instantly. I've heard of people crashing head on into asteroids and losing ninety percent of their body, but because they were in a lifepod they were rejuvenated without a scratch. It protects against any disease, heat and cold extremes, and just about any incident. Right now the system is making her belly more stretchable to hold it all. Once that reaches a limit I have hunch on what it will do next." Susan's belly held over twelve gallons of ProCal now, and was truly huge, rising four feet above the rest of her sleeping body.

"What will happen?" asked Bill becoming fascinated by Susan's amazing growth.

"She'll get fat." Jim said simply.

"What?" asked Bill finally turning away from the spectacle of his ballooning fiancée.

"She'll get fat. Any second now the life-support system will kick her digestive system into overdrive and she'll speedily digest that ProCal, which with her lowered metabolism, will all be stored as fat." They both watched and waited. Her growth was slowing, not because the pump was going any slower but rather because there simply was no more room. Finally as the great ball of her stomach began to shudder, and even Jim though she might burst, a light came on the monitor of the life support system and her belly started shrinking.

Both men sighed thankfully.

"That's quick!" Said Bill. Already her belly was shrinking back to a more normal size (normal for a woman that looked about ten months pregnant that is).

"You have to realize that ProCal's pretty amazing stuff. It's made to digest quickly, and it leaves virtually no waste. It's the perfect space-travel food. A high energy, compact food source, and it eliminates the sewage problem." Now that her belly was shrinking they could see where the ProCal was going. She was starting to puff out all over. Slowly at first, then faster and faster as fat accumulated on her body at a prodigious rate. It started first at the breasts, which were rather small. Now however they were getting bigger and rounder by the minute. No changes could be noticed in her belly due to the fact that it was so full, but it did seem to get softer and wider. Her hips and rear were also widening, and her legs and arms were getting thicker. She looked like she had gained almost fifty pounds in just a few minutes. Both Bill and Jim had to admit it looked great on her. Her slight frame was filling out evenly, giving her nice curves where there was once just mostly flat flesh.

"How-how fat is she going to get?" asked Bill licking his lips nervously.

"Who knows? A full-grown man with a labor intense job needs only one cup of ProCal a day. She's already had gallons, and is likely to have gallons more before they stop it, or it runs out." Jim said, somewhat amazed at how well designed these life support systems were. Bill reached again towards Susan's face.

"I gotta unhook her!" He stated, panic rising in his voice again. Jim, fed up with Bill grabbed his wrist hard and yanked it back. Then he raised his fist eye level to Bill.

"If you make one more attempt at that mask, before I give you the go, I'll fucking knock you out! Get me?" said Jim twisting Bill's wrist until he winced.

"But she'll get too fat! The health complications will kill her!" babbled Bill almost in tears now. "Are you just stupid? I told you, the life support system is equipped to handle any situation. Its going to make changes in her body, allowing her to safely put on the extra weight. If we take her off it too soon, she will probably die from shock, but even if she doesn't then she's likely to have those health problems, because we didn't give the machine time to make the changes. Now just sit down. Relax. There's nothing we can do until the pump stops. You'll be here for her when she wakes up." Bill wanted to say something more, but nothing else came to his rattled mind. They both just sat there and watched. According to the monitor she was over twice her starting weight, and gaining fast. She started at 112 pounds and was now past 230. She continued to gain weight in a very uniform fashion, the fat distributing itself evenly, all over her body. It was almost like watching bread rise. Soft fat was growing all over her body, plumping her up in all directions. Her facial features softened, she started growing more chins, and her body gained new dimples all over.

When she passed 300 pounds they decided to cut her out of her suit. It had been keeping up with her for awhile, but now it looked like it was a danger to her. Using a laser knife they cut the shoulder straps, down the sides of the suit, and at the crotch of the suit. As the knife progressed down each side her newly acquired flesh seeped out right behind the splitting fabric. Once all the cuts were made the top of the suit was lifted off revealing all of her glory. Bill couldn't blame Jim for staring the way he was. She seemed to be radiating good health and over sized beauty. She was approaching the four hundred-pound mark now. Her breasts were being dragged down to either side of her, she had jumped from a single A cup to probably over a double D in bra sizes, and was going to get much bigger, because the flow of ProCal showed no signs of stopping.

"When's it going to stop?" asked Bill. Secretly he wasn't so sure he wanted it to. She looked more beautiful than ever.

"I don't know, but even if it does, it will take a while for her to metabolize all of it." Stated Jim, who also couldn't help but marvel at how good the fat looked on her.

She was rushing past five hundred pounds and starting to fill up the bed she was laying in. Her waistline was close to 70 inches around with a crease starting down from the middle of her breasts. She was getting wider in all directions, not getting many rolls, just widening and widening more. Her breasts almost touched the bed on either side of her. Her limbs were soft and pudgy with fat spreading all around and Jim thought her hands and feet were especially cute, almost like a baby's they were so soft and fat. When she got over seven hundred pounds a call could be heard over the intercom. They had been so engrossed in watching her gain neither one had thought to check with the others! Twenty minutes had gone by.

"This is Chris. How is she?"

"She's gaining a lot." Said Jim. "What's the progress?"

"I've got the suit on and I'm heading for the air lock. I've checked with the others they've made about the same progress. It'll be a race to see who gets there first. I don't know if any of us will get there in time."

"Well just hurry!" said Bill.

"Right. I'm on it." Assured Chris.

Meanwhile they watched as Susan had enough ProCal to last a grown man for weeks forced down her throat every second. Her weight gain hadn't slowed down at all, but at the size she was at now, over eight hundred pounds, it was difficult to notice any changes other than her increasing bulk. She filled the entire bed now and was in fact starting to over flow it. She had sunk deep into the Plastiform mattress and seemed to be actually over coming it. Her belly, while lying down, towered over four feet from her.

The bed started to groan when she was over one thousand pounds. Bill was worried that she'd break it, but Jim assured him that it could take a lot more weight. The fat from her hips and butt cheeks were hanging over the edges now, and were almost touching the floor. She still had a calm, serene expression on her face, and the life support monitor indicated that she was in perfect health. When she had gained over a 2000 pounds Tim called them.

"Guys! I got it! I'm shutting off the pump now!"

"Uh, OK." Said Bill, absolutely dumbfounded at her size now. Tim thought that he was taking it rather well. He could see her on the monitor for that room and she looked titanic. A great soft sphere of flesh, her limbs could now barely be seen amidst all the fat from her belly, butt, and breasts. Tim looked at the monitor for the cargo. "Jesus! She's eaten almost all of it! There's about two gallons left!" yelled Tim as he shut the pump down.

Bill almost told him to just pump the last of it into her. He had a raging hard on, had in fact already come in his pants, and was close to doing it again. He never knew how beautiful someone could get. The pump shut down but she still continued to gain weight. How much was she going to gain? Her flab touched the floor on either side of the bed when she got over three thousand pounds. Her face and head almost couldn't be distinguished from all of the fat around it, but what could be distinguished was beautiful, she still kept her fresh cute face throughout the entire process. When she was more than two tons, at 4,373 pounds she finally stopped gaining. She was a living, breathing monument to obesity. Her staggering size couldn't be taken in with a single look. Her breasts were each the size of a person. While she was lying on the floor a full-grown man could stand to one side of her mammoth belly and be completely obscured from view on the other side. Her limbs looked like fleshy cones that practically merged with her enormous torso. Her smooth skin was unmarred by stretch marks or cellulite, and almost seemed to glow with its soft healthiness. Jim stuck around another half-hour when Bill could finally detach her from the life support machine. He told him what to do and then left him so the two could be alone. Carefully he leaned over her, one hand sinking into her flesh as he put it there for support. He detached the mask, which was basically stuck to her face with an adhesive. The adhesive dissolved automatically when the wake up process was finished. The tubes inside her had already been withdrawn, now she just needed a gentle wakening. Once the mask was taken off and discarded, Bill took one more look at her. Her eyes had closed, and she was breathing easily without assistance. Her face was so full and round now! He kissed her gently on her super sized and lush lips. Her breathing quickened and her eyes fluttered a few times before finally opening. She had to blink a few times before she could see clearly, and she smiled when she Bill's handsome yet concerned face.

"Hi honey." She said. It took her two or three tries. She seemed to have trouble speaking, and her voice sounded deeper. It must be an after effect of the hibernation she thought. "I had the strangest dream. I dreamt I was drinking from a river, and just kept drinking and drinking, never stopping. I couldn't seem to get enough." Bill smiled a strange smile and cleared his throat.

"Yeah. Well honey, there were a few complications with your hibernation…"