Weight Room Title Bar

The Sub Chubb Club
By Geepster

Part One

Bev removed the rubber ball gag from my mouth.

The ball had a clear feeding tube stuck through the center that connected to an overhanging douche bag. After about an hour of Bev's constant encouragement, I was able to suck out last drop of milk shake mix she had filled the bag with.

"How do you feel, David?"

"Really full."

"I can't believe you ate the whole thing. Ha! Ha! What a good boy you are!"

I tried to smile as she massaged my bloated belly with her hand gloved in black leather.

"What's wrong baby? You haven't been yourself lately."

"It's nothing, I'm OK."

She yanked the chain hanging from my nipple clamps.

"Don't lie to Momma. Tell me what's bothering you!"

"Well.....it's just that........I don't have any friends."

"What? Haven't we been married for over 5 years? Am I not your best friend and lover?"

"Yes, Bev. That's true. Our relationship is fantastic. It's just that......"

"Just what?"

"You have a ton of friends through your Domme Gear business. Your life is fun. At my work, I don't associate with anyone. I just sit at my desk all day doing accounting."

"The reason you don't have any friends is because you're anti-social. When was the last time you smiled or even said hello to anyone?"

"OK, I admit it, I'm shy. But our alternative lifestyle doesn't make it any easier."

"Mmmmm...you have a point. Let me think about it. In the meantime, hand me the lube. I want to try out my new strap-on."

The next day at work I got a phone call from Bev.

"Good news honey! I think I came up with a solution to your problem."

"What is it?"

"This Friday night I'm having another one of my Domme Gear house parties. I've asked all the ladies to bring their chubby subbies along. You guys can have a little get together in the basement while we party upstairs. Great idea, huh?"

"What are these guys like? Are they weird?"

"Oh yeah, really weird! They're all fat and passive just like you. Ha! Ha! You ought to get along great."

"This should be very interesting. But I'm kinda nervous about it."

"You've got nothing to worry about. After 5 years of my expert training, you'll be the best fat sub there. I'm serious."

"You're making me blush. I'm just glad you won’t be too far away."

"What do you think going to happen? Maybe it'll be like one of those Fox TV shows - WHEN CHUBBS ATTACK! Ha! Ha!"

"Just don't leave me, Bev."

"I never will, baby."

It was hard to keep my mind on the work that week. I couldn't stop thinking about the party and all those people looking at me. As usual, Bev worried herself sick over the party plans and what she was going wear. She really enjoyed modeling and having her customers actually see her in those outfits helped her sales a lot. Bev informed me that I would be expected to dress up, too. She told me to put on a leather belly harness and black speedo. That was topped with black rubber pants and shirt. Before I could get those stretchy pants up, Bev slipped in one of her new toys - a remote control vibrating butt plug. She said I was going to be the demo for it tonight. One press of the button brought me to my knees and confirmed it was working.

"David, I think we're ready to party!"

"Just don't zap me with that thing when I have a drink in my hand, Bev!"

Just then the doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of our first guests.

(To Be Continued)