Weight Room Title Bar

The Sub Chubb Club:
By Geepster

(Dedicated to the strong woman who made me finish this.)

The first part of the party was a blur. Just as I was reaching for the door to let our guests in, Bev placed a black leather deprivation hood over my head. I was totally blind. I remember Bev unzipping the ear holes and snapping the flaps back so I could hear.

“You wanted to have friends. Well, tonight you will get them. Sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for.”

She grabbed both my wrists and handcuffed them behind my back.

“The Dommes decided it would be better for you boys not to see each other this first time. We also have a few party games planned and being blind will make you feel less inhibited. Let’s get the show started.”

I remember hearing three other couples come through the front door. I assumed that the other three men were blindfolded too because we were all led carefully arm in arm downstairs to the basement. Once there, Bev took off my handcuffs along with the rest of my rubber clothing. All I had on was the black hood, the leather belly harness, and the black panties. She made me lay down on one of those outdoor furniture recliners and re-handcuffed my wrists behind the back rest. My ankles were velcro-strapped to the sidebars where my legs rested. The last thing she did was unzip my mouth hole and snap the flap back.

“I’d like to welcome you to the first meeting of The Sub Chubb Club. We have allowed you to come together like this for two reasons. One is to have social interaction with your peers. The other reason is more selfish on our part. We are going to use this club to make you fatter, more submissive, and have more fun with you in group settings. Right now we have some business to do upstairs, but don’t relax too much. We’ll be back before you know it. Use this time to get acquainted.”

With that Bev and the other three women left. It was silent for a long while. I was comfortable in my patio lounger, but all I could see was pitch black. I decided to break the silence.

“Hello out there. My name is David. Beverly is my wife and the host of this Domme Gear party. I didn’t know she was going to do this to us. I’m kinda shocked to be honest. Are you all undressed and tied to a lounger like me?”

The other three men grunted in the affirmative.

“Hey Dave! How fat are you? I’m 5’ 11” and 325. My wife calls me Porky!”

"Hi Porky! I’m 5’ 6” and 290."

“Ha! Ha! You guys are lightweights! My wife has been feeding me for a long time. Now I’m a 420 pound super-glutton. My nickname is Hungry Jack.”

“It’s not just the number of pounds, boys. It’s the way the fat gets distributed. I’ve been so lucky the way my boobs, belly, and ass have been growing. Pretty soon I’ll be the fat wife my master has always wanted. You can call me Sandy by the way.”

“Are you out of your mind? Just being fat doesn’t make you a BBW!”

“Now, Jack. Let’s not be too critical here. If Sandy is into being feminized, who are we as fat male subs to judge? We aren’t exactly mainstream either.”

“Well, OK. But even as a submissive guy, I’ve got this big Mr. Johnson that will never let me forget what side of the fence I’m standing on.”

“How lucky for your Domme. What’s she like, Jack?”

“She’s a petite little thing. She loves to take me to the All-You-Can Eat places and feeds me until I’m totally stuffed. All I can do is waddle home and lay on the bed like a bloated whale. That’s when she turns into a wildcat. Really wears me out....but I love it.”

“Wow! How about you Porky? What’s your Domme like?”

“She’s a total fat freak. Every morning she wakes up and tells me about these dreams she’s had where I bulk out to be 500 or 600 pounds. Sometimes she will even pack pillows in my clothes to simulate what being that heavy would look like. Almost scares me sometimes. I tell her I don’t want to be immobile and she assures me that they are just fantasies. I wish she was happy with what I have gained for her so far. But there is always that higher weight goal she pressures me about. I don’t know if I want to get any fatter.”

“I can understand how you feel, Porky. I think we all feel that way from time to time. Sandy, are you ever worried about getting too fat?”

“No. My master has a clear-cut goal in mind for me. Right now I‘m 280. She will not stop feeding me until I reach 375 then I will just maintain that weight. At 375 my breasts will be large enough to necessitate wearing a bra. My hair will be grown out and styled. I will no longer wear men’s clothing. For all intents and purposes I will live as my master’s full time super sized BBW wife. My master makes an excellent living as a chef at a high class restaurant. She is also an amateur body builder. Her favorite saying is that a man’s place is at home or the beauty parlor and that a woman’s place is at the gym pumping up.”

“Sandy, I don’t mean to be nosy, but how do you two have sex?”

“I will not go into details about it, Porky. Let’s just say she always takes the man’s role and I always take the woman’s.”

“Enough said about that, twinkie-pie. It makes my bum twitch. Hey, Dave! What do you think the women have planned for us tonight?”

“I’m not sure, Jack. All I know is there’s been a lot of banging around in the kitchen area upstairs. Sounds like they’ve been cooking.”

“Alright! I’m starving. But I’m always starving, Ha! Ha!”

“David, You haven’t told us anything about your wife. Does she test out all the new Domme Gear stuff on you first, hee! hee!”

“Well, Sandy, I can tell you she always keeps me guessing - just like tonight. Bev is very creative in the bedroom and makes our intimate times very special. She has not only fattened me up over the years, but she has gained also. I think of her like an earth mother Goddess - her strong personality takes you over and makes life very exciting. I’m thankful to her for letting us get together like this. I’m usually shy and never say a word. I think these hood blinders have helped us to be more open with each other tonight. SSshhhh! I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. They’re coming back.”

“Well, well. Have you chubby subbies been having fun down here? Ladies, let’s unsnap their nose covers so they can smell what we have brought down here. We decided in honor of you fat fellows we’d have an old-fashioned potluck dinner because you all have the lucky pots that we love so much. Everyone brought four dishes with them tonight - salads, veggies, main course, and dessert.”

If only I could describe how good all that home made food smelled. Bev started a timer and each Domme had five minutes to feed a sub her food course. They rotated until all four salads were served. Then on to the next course. This went on for approximately an hour until all the food was gone and all of our bellies were gorged to the max. Even though we couldn’t see the various Dommes feeding us, we got to know them a little better by their unique styles of feeding and the way they talked to us while we ate. I’d have to say that the party was a big success for all concerned. The couples couldn’t wait to schedule the next meeting of The Sub Chubb Club. Just when I thought we were going to get untied and all go home, Bev pulled one last surprise on us.

“Before you leave tonight, I wanted to demonstrate a new product from Domme Gear called the remote control butt plug. My husband David is wearing one right now, in fact.”

“Wait a minute Bev. I thought you said I was going to demo that on my Hungry Jack. He’s got one of those on, too.”

“No, no, no. You said I could do that with my Sandy!”

“What? Are you trying to tell me I made my Porky wear that butt plug all night for nothing? We were supposed to do the demo!”

“Hee, Hee! Sorry ladies. I tricked you into getting all the subs to wear one of these remote control vibrating butt plugs tonight. As you know, we have a contest every party to see who will win the $150 Domme Gear gift certificate. Each one of these plugs has a powerful motor that is guaranteed to make your man cum. It’s only a question of when. I will give the prize to the first sub who soaks his little panties. Ladies! Start your engines! NOW!”

Oh my gawd. This was so embarrassing. All the women were screaming at us like we were horses at the race track. That buzz bomb was making me jiggle around like one of the jello mold salads we had eaten earlier. The Dommes were laughing their heads off. I think Hungry Jack won with his big Mr. Johnson. Afterward, Bev thanked me for being such a good sport about it. I told her I was sure glad we left our hoods on. When I have to prove my love for Bev in a group like that, it’s better for love to be blind.