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My Job at Subway
By InvizKing

Hi. My name's William. Pleased to meet you.

I used to work at the Subway, you know, the sandwich place. It was a nice job, not as hard as McDonald's. Well, this is my story of one particular day.

It was just me and Sherri working, and business was slow... as usual. So we had plenty of time to get the cleaning done, not having to worry about the customers.

Around 6:30, a girl came in. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had long red hair tied in a ponytail, sweet blue eyes. She had smooth, milky skin... and she was just the way I like my girls... plump. I love plump girls, and I love seeing them get plumper. I guess I'm what you'd call a feeder or what not, although I never actually did it before... well not in real life that is.

This girl was so gorgeous. She had a round belly, nice breasts and an ass to die for. She was wearing a pair of nice tight jeans, making her ass look even better and a tight white tank top. She walked right up to me and grinned... her smile was so lovely. I couldn't help but smile back at her.

"Hi there, sweety," she said.

"Um... hello... " I stammered out, "W-w-welcome to Subway. Can I take your... order?"

"Mmmm... you sure can... I'm soooooo hungry," she said. "Can't you hear my stomach growling'?" She placed her hands on her pudgy stomach. I actually did hear it grumble.

"Yeah, you must be." I was so turned on at that moment... I was beginning to get an erection. Lucky for me, my apron masked it.

"So, beautiful, what can I get you?" I added the beautiful part to get on her good side. She blushed.

"Well, it's a big order, I'm so hungry; I could eat the whole store!" I was really turned on when she said that.

"Um... well, that'd take a while." She giggled.

"I'll take three footlongs, clubs, extra meat, cheese... extra everything! And two turkey breast salads, extra everything on that too! And a large drink." I was dumbfounded.

"Wow... you're gonna eat all that by yourself?"

"Yep, I sure am!" I couldn't believe it; it was a dream come true!

I hurried as fast as I could to prepare her order. She sat down and stared at me, grinning. Sherri was in the back, too busy cleaning and washing dishes to bother helping me out. She was like that, just tended to zone out when she worked.

After nearly twenty minutes preparing her giant meal, I finally rang her up. Over thirty dollars, she also took fifteen cookies and four bags of chips. I was amazed... she couldn't eat all that in one sitting, she'd burst!

"Say... I don't think you'd mind me watching you eat, would you?" She blushed again.

"Why, does it... excite you?"

"Um..." I was just glad the apron and counter covered my huge woody. I just hope she didn't see it when I was making her food. "Well, I'm... just intrigued. I've never seen anybody order so much."

"Well, now you have. Enough chit chat, I'm starved!" Indeed she was, I could hear her belly, it growled louder and louder. She filled up her cup and immediately chugged it down with a tremendous Aaaaah. She filled it up again, and I helped her bring her food to the booth.

And she began. She busted open two bags of chips and gobbled them down ravenously. She bit out large chunks of the sandwich and swilled more soda. After her first sandwich, all the bags of chips and seven cookies, I already filled up her soda twice already, I never felt so horny in my lifetime. Her belly already looked rather bloated, I could see it stuck out more than before, such a turn on for me.

She gobbled down the rest of the cookies, another drink, sandwich and salad. Her gut began to push her tight jeans to the limit. She let out a loud moan.

"Uh, oh," I thought, "She really is gonna blow!" I scooted back a bit, just to be safe. She lifted up her now even tighter top and undid her pants. I gazed at her milky belly, it was round and chubby to begin with, but now, it was magnificent. I just wanted to lick it, touch it, rub it... when she caught me.

"You're staring at my stomach, aren't you?" she asked, still holding up her shirt.

"Yes," I said to her belly.

"I knew it, this does turn you on!" I gazed up to her gorgeous blue eyes.

Shamefully, I said, "Yes." She laughed, her belly shaking as she did.

"I knew it! You're a feeder, aren't you?"

"Well, not really, just always wanted to be."

"You wanna be my feeder?" she asked. If I was a cartoon, my jaw would've dropped to the floor and my tongue rolled out like a red carpet.

"Sure," I said with a rather macho tone. She laughed again.

"Whaddabout your friend over there?" she asked, pointed to Sherri. She was too busy counting money to notice what was going on, that workaholic.

"Well, you wanna rub it?"

"Rub what?" I asked, with my mind in the gutter.

"My tummy." I grinned.

"Yes!... I mean... yeah." She giggled again. I placed my hand on her belly; it was so warm and nice. Her belly bloated out somewhat...not much though, but it still made me incredibly horny. I just hoped that she wouldn't see my hard-on.

Well, as I rubbed her belly more, she ate more. I could actually feel her stomach swell. At the end of her meal, she looked rather bloated, her belly sticking out further now. Her shirt hugged her belly tight and was starting to ride up, exposing her navel.

"Mmmmmm.... that hit the spot," she grinned. Just then, Sherri looked over at us and said, "Are you gonna help me close or what?"

"Uh, oh..." I said... I had completely forgot that it was about time to close.

"It's okay, cutie, I'll be back tomorrow." She finished her sentence with a giggle.

"Hey, I don't even know your name!"

"It's April."

"Mine's William."

"Nice to meet you, William," she said with a hiccup and another giggle.

"I'll see you tomorrow... but until then..." She slipped me her number.

Well, after Sherri and I cleaned the store and closed, I went home and thought about what had happened today. That led to a little masturbation.

The next day, it was the crowded hub of fast food-dom that it always is. In three hours, we had four customers. I was glad I got paid to sit on my ass all day. Until I got a call-in order. It was for a 6-foot party sub. Well, since nobody ever comes in here, Sherri and I decided to make it right then.

We twisted the bread together, baked it and let it cool. After 2 hours and five more customers, we made it. The woman asked for extra everything... it reminded me of April. When we were done, the sub was nearly eight inches wide, five inches high and six foot long... and one hell of a Scooby Snack.

Well, it was about time to close again... open at ten, close at eight, sit on my ass, that's the good life.

But, sadly, April never showed up. At the time, I was rather distraught... until the woman came to pick up the sub. It was her...

She knew what time we closed... came in four minutes before.

"Hi there, William."

"Hello, April." She looked exactly the same, with the exception of her clothes. This night, she wore a gray pair of stretchy sweatpants and tight button down blouse.

"Guess what I'm here for?"

"You're kidding me!" I was shocked.... she was actually brave enough to eat that giant sandwich? "Look, I'm all for you stuffing yourself, but this is a little much... do you know how big that sandwich is?"

"Well, it's not your biggest one, is it? I'm sure I can handle six feet." But it wasn't just six feet, it was wide as well, and brimming with the toppings. "So, are you gonna come home with me and help me eat this thing?" she said with a smile.

After work, I escorted April back to her house. She led me in and I took a seat on her couch. I sat the sandwich down on the coffee table and began unwrapping it. She came back in, sipping from a gallon of milk. I gazed at her; she was so beautiful, and then I gazed down at her plump belly. Again, I began to get an erection; just imagining her eating that whole thing made me hard.

She slipped of her shoes and sat down next to me.

"Feed me, cutie." My grin was as wide as a child in Toys 'R' Us. I took the first one foot piece, and put it up to her mouth. She gobbled it down; I was amazed at how fast she gobbled it down. The oil sauce was dripping from her lips and lettuce fell down onto her blouse. She took a long drink from the jug, then I rubbed her belly.

"Gimme more!" she demanded. I lifted up the next piece and fed it to her. I noticed how hard her nipples were; I just wanted to throw the feeding out the window and bang her right now, but this was very enjoyable for both of us.

I poked her bloated belly and she giggled.

"I don't see how you're gonna eat all that." She answered me with a long belch.

I shoved more and more of the huge sandwich down her gullet. Her belly was growing bigger and wider. I think she was beginning to come right there.

I rubbed and rubbed her belly, and she ate and ate. Five feet of the sandwich and nearly all of the milk, and her belly was rotund. It was poking out from buttons on her shirt; she was hiccuping and burping like crazy.

"One more foot left... can you eat it all?" She patted her overstuffed belly and belched again.

"I'm gonna eat every last scrap of that." She smiled at me and gave a seductive laugh. Lord, I was so horny; I couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I wanted to see if she could eat the whole thing.

To my awe, she ate it all. Her belly was so full of food; she looked pregnant! When she downed the last of the milk, with each swallow, her stomach grew bigger and bigger. She wiped her mouth and with a tremendous "Aaaaaaah" as her tremendous belly popped off each button with a ping. Her belly pushed down the waistband of her pants, it bulged out like a balloon. I couldn't believe she ate it all!

"Now it's time for ice cream," she said as she struggled to get up. My jaw dropped once again.

"Are you kidding me?" She smiled and licked her lips. She coddled her belly as she made her way into the kitchen. I ogled at her round butt; I so wanted to fuck her.

She opened up her freezer, her belly pressed up against the fridge. She took out a half gallon of Breyer's Chocolate ice cream. She took off the lid, grabbed a spoon and dug in. I went up to her, and kissed her belly. I rubbed my hands up and down her body, finally fondling her beautiful breasts from under her now exposed bra. Her nipples were diamond hard. She moaned when I massaged her nipples; I could tell she was in heaven. She gobbled the ice cream faster, her belly swelling up to its limit. I couldn't stand it anymore; I took off her bra, pulled down her pants, and mine. I affixed the protection that I previously slipped outta my wallet and into my pocket on the ride home.

She didn't object one bit; she moaned louder and louder. We made hot sweet love; it was the greatest sex I had ever had. She was so hot and wet; she moaned louder and louder as I pumped faster and faster. There was a chocolate ring around her mouth from the ice cream; it dribbled down her chest. I rubbed my hands up and down her body, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. She was screaming her head off and must have came three times.

With a tremendous moan, I shot my load. We were panting quite heavily; her belly rose and fell with each breath. I looked up into her eyes, then down at her domed belly.

"That was the best dinner I ever had," she giggled. I laughed and kissed her chocolate-covered mouth and rubbed her bulging tummy.

"I couldn't have said it better myself."