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My Summer Girl
By Mr. Monopoly

Part One

One day I was hanging out with my friend Mike. We were just watching TV and talking about stuff - you know, the usual.

"Hey, Mike,” said his sister as she walked into the room, eating cookies.

"Hey, Kelly, what do you want?"


"Well, I'm hanging out with Nate, leave. Go hang out with Jenny or something."

"I can't; she is shopping with her mom. Come on, I can't just watch TV with you and Nate."

"Fine, whatever. Anyway, dude, you should have see the game last night, a grand slam to win it."

"Yeah, Mike, that was a good game," Kelly said.

"Shut up! I'll let you hang out with me but be quiet."

"Fine jerk. I'll leave!" With that, she stood up and marched out of the room into the kitchen. I noticed her heavenly body jiggle with each step. It was easy to see to, because she was wearing a tank top and short shorts. Her love handles popped out the sides over her shorts and her butt pushed the fabric tight on her shorts from the front her tank top didn't cover her belly and showed almost al the way to her belly button. Her big breasts almost spilled out of the top of her shirt and her arms were quite soft.

Mike and I continued talking about the game, while Kelly rummaged around in the kitchen. "Hey, tubby, don't eat those; they're for tomorrow."

"Damn, why can't I eat anything in this house?"

"There are brownies in the oven; just wait three more minutes to stuff you face with them."

"Shut up! I'm not that fat."

"Yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night," he whispered to me.

Kelly decided to munch on something else, sounded like chips, till the brownies were done. As soon as the timer went off, we heard a chair fall over. "God, yes, I'm starving."

"You ate a tray of cookies like five minutes ago," Mike said as we got up for some food. We all ate the brownies and Kelly had the most. I told Mike I had to go home; me and my parents were going out with some family friends. I said bye to both of them and left. I turned around at the door to get a final glimpse of Kelly.

Later that night I went on my computer to talk to some people. A few minutes later, I was talking to Kelly. I asked her if she would ask Mike if he wanted to hang out tomorrow. She said he did, and I could come over at like 10-ish. I told Kelly thanks and asked if she would be home when I came over. She said she might be, and I said it would be cool to see her if she was home. And she said she would try not to leave.

The next morning I woke up at 10 and headed over to Mike's. When I pulled in, I noticed his car was gone, and so were his parents' cars. I knocked on the door, and Kelly answered promptly. She was dressed pretty much the same as yesterday.

She told me to come in. I walked in and asked where Mike was. She said he just ran out to go get something. She said he would be back soon. So I followed her into the computer room. She sat in front of the monitor. And I looked over her shoulder. First at the screen then down at her chest. It was so big and perky. Her breasts were probably C or bigger.

She told me that she was bored and said we should go to her room and play some video games. I said sure. And we went up stair to her room. I followed behind her, watching her butt move up and down. I almost grabbed it, because it was so tempting.

We got to her room, and I noticed food in front of her TV where she sat down. She patted a spot next to her for me to sit. I sat down, and she moved closer to me. She grabbed a Twinkie from a box next to her, then put it in her mouth and chewed it slowly. She asked me if I wanted one. I declined and watched as she ate another - and another. She was about to stop eating and turn on the TV, when she said, "I'm not really in the mood for video games; I'm kind of just hungry."

"That's cool. Let's go eat then."

"Well, I got some food up here; we can stay in my room."

"If you say so."

"Want to sit on the bed?"


So we got up and sat on her bed real close, and I could feel her warm body next to me. She took out a box of doughnuts and asked me if I'd help her eat them. I agreed and took one out of the box. I fed it to her, and she chewed it slowly and sexually, then licked her lips, and I gave her another. With my other hand, I rubbed her soft belly. When the box was gone, she got on top of me, and her breasts hung down, and I placed my hands on them and squeezed them nicely. She gave me a long passionate kiss and then got off me. "How did you like that?"

"Wow, that was amazing."

"I know, but let's save some for later."

Then I remembered I was fooling around with my friend's sister. How was I gonna do this? It didn't matter; I was too happy. She got off the bed and said, "We should get Erin here; she would love to know about you."

"Hey, how did you know I like you and your big fat body?"

“Well, you were always taking looks and, I dunno, other stuff. . ."

"Well, I hope you don't mind."

"No, not at all. I always thought you were cute. So let's call Erin." Kelly called Erin, her very plump friend, and told her to come over and wear something revealing and sexy. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang, and Kelly told me to answer it. So I did.

"Oh, Nate, I wasn't expecting you. What are you doing here?"

"Hanging out, feeding Kelly - you know, the usual."

"Oh, I didn't know you were like that. That's nice; good thing I brought tons of food."

"Oh; do come in; you fat sexy thing." Erin waddled in and as she passed me; I grabbed her big butt, and she thought nothing of it and only giggled. When she got to the kitchen, she put her bag down and turned to me. She kissed me, and I put my hand on her boobs.

A moment later, Kelly walked in and giggled at us. "Hey, I want a turn!" She pushed Erin and then kissed me and grabbed my butt - and I did the same.

We spent the day eating and touching each other - and cuddling - and belly rubbing.

They both enjoyed it very much and I did, too. Summer was never the same after that. They always wear sexy revealing clothes whenever they are with me. Their fat is always bulging out. Their bellies hang free from their tank tops, and their chins jiggle when they chewed. And their butts sway when they walk. Their arms are soft and flabby, and their boobs are big and soft. They get touched a lot.

Near the end of the summer, me and Kelly were with each other. She said, "Nate, we're gonna have to go back to school pretty soon."

"Yeah, I know. We should do something special," I said as I rubbed her now bigger belly with both of my hands. She had just gotten done eating a big chocolate cake and a big bag of cookies. I lay down on top of her and put my face in her boobs. She giggled.

"We should have a party - and invite a bunch of your fat friends."

"Yeah, that sounds sexy. We could have Erin over - and Nikki - and Beth. Oh, they would love that."

"And you guys could all wear different outfits."

"Like a cheerleader - or nurse - or school girl,"

"Yeah, that would be sexy. I can just see you now in a school girl uniform."

"Ok, I'll be that then. But that's only three. What will the last person be?"

"Nikki could be a stripper."

"Ooh, dirty, I like it. We are gonna need a ton of food, so you can feed us pigs, tee hee."

"Oh, and we can do that, too. I'll dress you guys up in tight piggy costumes, and I'll feed all of you."

"And we could have an eating contest..." our ideas went on for a while. We invited the girls, and they all said they would love to come and couldn't wait. Kelly was gonna be the schoolgirl and Nikki the stripper, and Beth was gonna be a nurse and Erin the cheerleader.

Nikki had very big breasts and a soft hanging belly, and Beth had a big butt and large legs, but also had a nice belly and boobs. Erin had grown all over, but I still enjoyed her boobs and squeezing her butt - it was very soft.

The costumes I had to make were the four piggy outfits. The outfit was a pair of tight short shorts that said fat piggy on the butt, and a very small tight shirt that would barely fit around their boobs, and each shirt said something different for each piggy. Beth's said big booty; Nikki's said big boob; Erin's was the plump plumpy; and Kelly's was my big fat soft piggy. I was closest to Kelly, and I liked her the most. She was prettier then the rest and had a better soft body. I loved to touch her all over and give her belly rubs no matter where we were. And when we were at her house I would grab her butt and rub her boobs. This was gonna be the best party ever.

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