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My Summer Girl
By Mr. Monopoly

Part Two: The Party

For the party we bought cakes, cookies, pudding, frosting, whipped cream, candy, ice cream, doughnuts, Twinkies, etc. When I told Kelly what I was buying, she got very happy. We had enough food to feed an entire town of people for a week, and we were planning on four fatties in one day.

The night of the party everyone showed up. We were all in Kelly's living room, when I announced the eating contest. "Alright girls, for our first event, we will have an eating contest; the winner will be the girl who's clothes burst off first."

"Sweet," they all said.

"Go!" And with that, they all began stuffing their faces as fast as they could. Nikki was the fattest, but Kelly was also pretty big. I thought it was gonna come down to those two.

After awhile, Nikki's pants stared to rip at the seams, and then they totally ripped and fell off her legs, revealing her white thighs. All the girls kept eating. Then, all the sudden, I heard a rip coming from Kelly. Her skirt had split down the side leaving her fat legs. It was a race between Kelly and Nikki. Nikki's shirt was skintight, though. It was digging into her fat already so hard that rolls of fat were shown everywhere. Nikki's boobs strained the little shirt even more. Kelly's shirt was also very tight, with her boobs pressing hard against it. Finally, Nikki's shirt ripped down the side and on her sleeve, falling completely off. She jumped up, screaming in her bra and panties, screaming and jiggling. I ran over and squeezed her tightly. She was so much bigger and softer.

Just then Erin's skirt ripped off, showing her legs as well. Beth was nowhere near the breaking point. And then Kelly's shirt finally came off. All the buttons flew off the front, leaving her big boobs and round belly free. She was still happy to be done, so I gave her a good squeeze as well. She was softer and sexier as well. I couldn't help but feel her round ass and large boobs.

Erin finished easily, while Beth had yet to rip anything off. Beth gave up and decided to leave. She said she wasn't good at being fat. It was fine with us; we didn't really like Beth, anyway.

So I handed the three girls their pig costumes. They were now smaller than I expected. The shorts were tight on their legs already, and the tank tops revealed most of their belles and plenty of cleavage. "Now it's time for our next activity. This will be an individual time with me upstairs. First, I'll take the winner of the contest, Nikki, with me."

She led the way up, with a little help from me pushing her big soft ass up the stairs. We went into Kelly's room, and I laid Nikki on the bed. She lay there, with her huge boobs on top of her fairly big belly, and her thick legs extended. She looked to be 250 lbs.

"Alright, fatty, pick a part!" I had body parts in a hat, and the one she picked would get a massage. She also got to pick a food out a hat to eat while she got massaged. She picked her big belly and doughnuts. She stared to eat, and I stared to massage. I sat across her flabby legs, pushing her big belly in all sorts of directions. Every once in a while I would hear her grown or ooh. When I was done, I slapped her belly, and she was on her way with some doughnuts in her hands.

She sent Erin up next. Erin picked her big squishy boobs to get touched. She also picked her favorite food, cookies. Not just any cookies, though, they had to be her favorite kind - the soft ones with the frosting on the top and sprinkles. I straddled her, as I did Nikki, and massaged her enormous boobs. They were bigger then normal and felt great. I started to rub my face in them, and she stared to groan as well. Then before she knew it, her time was up, and it was Kelly's turn.

Kelly waddled into the room and said, "Where do I get it?"

"You girls talk too much and don't keep you mouths full enough."

"Hee hee hee. Well, what's it gonna be?"

"Well, you get the special treatment."

"I like the sound of that!" Kelly fell down on the bed, and I proceeded to give her a full body massage - everything from the regular back massage to a belly and boob massage. I rubbed down to her butt and all around her legs. She ate whatever was around, mostly cake. When I was done, I started to get up, but Kelly pulled me down on the bed, straddled me with her huge thighs and gave me a passionate kiss.

"Wow, that was random!" Then I kissed her back and rolled her on top of me, so I could feel the weight of her soft body on mine.

She started to giggle. "I think they might start to wonder why I've been gone so long, and I don't want to share you, she said. We left and went downstairs.

"What are we gonna do now, Nate?" Nikki said anxiously.

"Well, I was thinking we could all watch a movie and eat popcorn with way too much butter and tons of candy."

"Fattastic," they all said.

So we cooked up the popcorn and took out the massive stashes of candy. When we went to sit down, Erin pulled me towards her and pushed me into her lap. And I fed candy to her the entire movie in between handfuls of dripping butted popcorn. The popcorn to butter ratio was that of cereal to milk. So by the end of the movie, I was covered in butter and sticky candy wrappers.

I looked over at Nikki and saw that she was drinking the popcorn like cereal, and I started to laugh because I had never seen anything like it before. "What's so funny?"

"You're drinking popcorn." With that, she picked up a chunk of cake with her chubby hand and flung it at me. Lucky for me, it hit Erin in the face. Kelly started to laugh at them, and they both picked up something and threw it at her. That was the start of a gigantic food fight. There was cake, pudding, cookies, doughnuts, ice cream, frosting, whipped cream, and all kinds of food being thrown.

I got a couple good shots in. I rubbed frosting into Nikki's belly and smashed pudding all over Erin's ass. I also got whipped cream in Kelly's boobs and mixed it all around. After the room and all of us were covered in food, we collapsed into our seats. "How are we going to clean this one up?" Nikki asked.

"Well, let's clean ourselves off first." Erin answered.

"Or clean off each other - with our mouths," I said.

"Yummy," Kelly replied. She got up and took off her tank top, leaving her just in her bra and tight shorts. I started at her face and worked my way to her lips, then continued down to her chest and got deep with in her cleavage. After that, I got both ehr arms and her back. I worked over her love handles, to her belly, and finished with her legs. She sighed with relief that it now was her turn, but, before she could start, I gave her a hug and a kiss, and got whatever was on the front of me on the front of her. So I did her boobs and belly again, then she wiped me clean.

Nikki and Erin cleaned each other, then we all cleaned the room up. It was late, and we were tired, so the girls just ate themselves to sleep and the party was over. We all had a good time and planned to have more in the future. But what happened the next day is a whole other story.

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