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Sunday Morning Rapture
By Thump

He woke up feeling groggy, and his first instinct was to roll over and go back to sleep, but when he tried to roll over he suddenly remembered why he couldn't.

It was Sunday morning and his lover had been feeding him non-stop all week-end and right now he could hear her in the kitchen preparing for another day of glorious food. Closing his eyes he laid there and let the feel of his “new” fat seep into him. He truly could feel it bubble and thicken and adhere to his already mountainous form. As he laid there all he could see before him was his enormous bubble of a stomach that quivered like Jello when he touched it.

His lower belly spread out on his thighs like thick butter and oozed between them, caressing his groin. With eager anticipation he ran his own hands across himself, discovering new folds, rolls and a navel that swallowed up his thickened thumb. He tried to reach the soft shelf that he loved between the bottom of his belly and the top of his groin, but because of the high arc of his still swollen belly he could only grunt and fall back on his pillow. He loved the feeling of being swallowed up by his own fat. To feel it ebbing and flowing across him as he moved. Like waves of fat crashing against his upper chest. How he loved to fold it like sliced bread and feel the sharp pain that nearly blinded him with orgasm. And then the raptured feeling of it crashing down with upon him and hearing the slap of fattened flesh as it pooled across him and slide down onto the sheets.

He loved his new body that his lover had created for him. It was something that he had only dreamed of, but now it was a fat reality and they each delighted in playing with it. He was her playground to feed, touch, fill, measure and love. He had begun with a 38 inch waist, 190 lbs, wide shoulders and muscled legs, but now...one year later he weighed in at an immense 296 lbs with a 56 inch waist. He still had the muscled legs and arms because he continued to work out as he didn't want to ever become immobile and he needed the strength to be able to carry around all of that weight.

“I can hear your stomach growling all the way in here. Breakfast is ready. Come and get it!” his lover called from the kitchen. Already the aroma of hash browns sautéed in onions and butter, grilled pork chops, French toast dusted with powdered sugar and fresh fruits drenched in honey and topped with almonds wafted into their bedroom.

This was part of their play with each other. They both enjoyed watching him struggle to get out of bed, and each weekend it was getting harder and harder.

He spread his legs out further allowing his belly to fall deeper in between. He stretched his arm across his chest and grabbed onto the bed hand rail that they had installed a few months ago. He willed himself to lift up and try to swing out as he stuck his foot out to try to reach the floor. He rolled back with a plop and could feel his fat reverberate across him. He tried again. Same result, but this time he laid there a bit dizzy from the exercise and he puffed and huffed and felt sweat begin collecting beneath his belly shelf.

“Hurry baby! Or else this bacon is going to gather on these thighs of mine and not on your belly!”

He grinned thinking of her round thighs that hugged him so well when she slid down him like a fat barber's pole.

He gritted his teeth and with a mighty haul lifted himself up and over, using his upper body strength to hoist himself out of bed. His feet landed on the floor, but still he stumbled against the dresser and grabbed onto it. The newest extension of his protruding belly surprised his equilibrium, and he tottered back and forth. His back swayed back with force as his belly popped up forward and his lower belly rocked back and forth between his thighs.

“You okay in there?” his lover said with worry in her voice.

“I'm fine. Be there in a minute.”

He grabbed onto the dresser with both hands to turn himself toward the kitchen but froze when he saw his own reflection in the mirror. Stunned, he looked at himself. He hadn't looked in the mirror since Thursday night and now two days later the toll of eating non-stop was very evident upon him. He peered closer into the mirror and noticed that he was now working on a third chin. His chest was thickening up, and his belly rose directly underneath it and fanned out in a tear shape that jutted forward in the middle and then flowed below his groin. His belly was a magnificent round pot of fat. A Buddha belly times two. A beer belly gone wild. It was beyond the dreams he once had, yet he knew he wanted it bigger and better.

“Admiring yourself? You are damn sexy!”

He smiled at her with lustful appreciation. She was a beauty. His beauty. He had helped mold her just as she had him. He use to tell her she was skinny, but that was no longer true. A year ago she was a plump, round bellied 235 and today a ripe, lush 303.

She wobbled towards him naked and fat. Her cantaloupe-sized breasts jutting out with huge pink nipples as they nestled comfortably upon her. Her belly was her masterpiece. The centerpiece of her beauty. A portrait of true fat and a tribute to her Mother Earth appearance. Her small hips accented the rolls of fat that were layered like a wedding cake on her sides. Her delicious round and protruding belly looked like it contained quintuplets and she was on her 24th month with them. It hung suspended from her waist like the full moon above a dark sky. Her dark curls between her round thighs was only a memory as her belly covered it up like flesh colored underwear. He loved to hold it and feel the weight of it. He had large hands, but could no longer hold it with just one. It was a bounty of flesh that poured like gold through his fingertips.

“Ready for breakfast?” she smiled with adoration in her eyes.

“Cinch me up first so I can pack in lots.”

She waddled to the dresser door, and with an appreciative eye he watched her belly swing back and forth like a pendulum.

“With that," her eyes pointing downward, "neither one of us are going to get any breakfast.”

He grinned and looked down at what “that” was and laughed. She always made him as hard as a teen-ager on his first date!

She pulled out the leather harness and indicated that he turn around. He had invented this contraption after seeing her wearing a pair of maternity shorts one day. She said that they were more comfortable because they hugged her belly and gave it support. He didn't notice the support, but had drooled at the belly it created on her! It shaped it like loving hands. Pushing it forward and kept it from spreading out and becoming misshapen. Plus, she noticed that while eating it somehow allowed her to eat more. He reasoned that it helped keep the intestines in a better position and also helped lift the lungs up so breathing was easier.

“Raise your arms, baby.”

He raised them as she slipped it around his waist. It looked like a cup holder with straps. It had a Velcro strap in the back that was easily adjustable. The collar went over his head and it left his chest and upper belly bare. A soft stretchable cotton was like a webbing above the leather bottom that cradled his bottom belly. That way his belly could breath and expand, but it would be molded into a firmer crescent.

He shivered as her belly bumped against him and her hands trailed in front to stroke him. The cool feel of the leather strap challenging him to break it apart. The smell of the food leaving him trembling and hungry. And the overpowering desire to fill himself up until near bursting coursed an erotic shudder through him. The fatter he became and the deeper and more shattering the orgasms. The feedings combined with the earthquake orgasms was addictive and he dreamed of them even while asleep.

“Time to fill up that belly,” she whispered in his ear as her pinky circled his deep navel. He smiled at his own reflection and knew that today he would astound them both.