Weight Room Title Bar

By Sasha Steele

The ordeal had lasted eleven months and was all behind them now. With time, the Wiliams family would heal and forget, perhaps even see the bit of good that had come out of it. What good could come out of a holiday that had turned so nasty as to have an entire family on vacation held up for ransom - and worst of all held captive for that long while the government pissed around?

The class action suit had paid off handsomely, and Wendy's dad could finally get out of that dead-end job he had been stuck in. It was like winning the lottery: a fresh start, new house in a new town, new school, and new friends. And they had all lost weight - none so much as Wendy had, though; the pounds just seemed to fall off of her in that hot climate. Of course, weighing four hundred pounds at the outset of the ordeal, she had the most to lose. The hardest part of all, as far as Wendy was concerned, was having nothing to eat, and she vowed that never again would she go hungry.

Dan didn't know what to expect coming to Castlemount high school on that first day. Athletically inclined, good looking and self assured, he didn't think there would be a problem fitting and so wasn't worried about making new friends. Because of her weight Wendy had had few close friends and had never dated. Coming to Castlemount, that first day she was as near average in weight at one hundred and sixty five pounds as she had ever been and so blended in with the rest of the students.

She knew, of course, that her sudden obscurity, pleasant as it was, wouldn't last for long as Wendy was rapidly gaining weight and soon would be back to her former size. All any of them had to do was watch her pig out in the cafeteria and they would know that something was odd about her. Before her time on that island Wendy's appetite had been enormous, but now it seemed completely out of control. Wendy was hungry all the time, and all she wanted to do was to stuff herself until she couldn't even breathe.

Gaining her weight back? Well, actually, Wendy felt insignificant, like she was naked without it. She wanted to grow fat again, fatter than she was before, as fat as she could possibly get. If it meant a lifetime of loneliness, then she was willing to accept that as the price that she would have to pay in order to feed her fetish.

Wendy had it all figured out, sitting there alone in the cafeteria that first day, a huge tray of food in front of her. Imagine her surprise when a really good-looking guy asked if he could join her. "Hi, my name's Dan, can I join you?” he had said, outgoing as hell. Wendy, a big mouth full, had almost choked but recovered and actually began to like the fact that he had chosen her to sit with. "Wow, you sure can eat," Dan had said, and Wendy was about to go into her well-practiced attack mode when he qualified his observation with, "Beautiful bodies need a lot of fuel, I guess."

Wendy hedged, but just a bit. "So you think I'm beautiful, do you?" she began her attack. "You wouldn't be saying that if I weighed four hundred pounds. Would you?"

"Jeez, lighten up, will you? Sorry. I guess I shouldn't have commented on your eating; it's really none of my business." Lunch period had ended and as they got up to go to their respective classes, Dan said, "I was just paying you a compliment, Wendy. I think you're attractive, and if you weighed four hundred pounds, I'd still find you attractive.” Wendy's afternoon went quickly, her thoughts occupied by that last comment; he would still find her attractive even if she weighed four hundred pounds. Could he have actually meant it?

Two days later Dan caught up with Wendy again in the cafeteria, and again she was eating with reckless abandonment. They talked, more pleasantly this time as Wendy let down her guard and moved toward her first new friend, and her very first boyfriend. Weeks, months rolled by; the school year ended, and as their friendship blossomed, Dan couldn't help but notice that Wendy had blossomed as well. Wendy had been putting on weight at an alarming rate since the day that they had first met and now weighed three hundred pounds.

At first, when she realized that Dan actually did care for her and they started dating, Wendy for the first time in her life was concerned about her weight. She had gained twenty pounds by then and wondered - if he had noticed - why he hadn't said anything about it to her. One night after a date, they were in a restaurant, and Dan saw that Wendy was struggling with her appetite. "It's okay, go ahead and eat, Wendy," he assured her.

Then she told him. “Dan I'm getting fat again. I-I can't help it; I've been fat all my life, and I can't stop eating. I'm sorry, but soon your girl friend will weigh four hundred pounds.”

Dan laughed, "Come on, you're nowhere near four hundred pounds and besides...."

Wendy cut him off in mid sentence. "No, but I used to be," she said, "before I met you, I lost it all on that island. I-I," Wendy didn't finish what she was going to say.

"You weighed four hundred pounds, wow,” he said incredulously, repeating, "four hundred pounds." Then he stabbed a bunch of fries on Wendy's plate and held them up to her succulent lips. "I love you Wendy and can't stand to see you suffering like this; I'd rather have you fat and happy than skinny and miserable. Come on sweetheart, eat up." Wendy opened her mouth and ate the fries while Dan stabbed more and fed them to her.

"But if I weigh four hundred pounds ,will you still think I'm beautiful?" she asked as Dan fed her.

"More beautiful," he answered.

"You'd think that I'm still sexy?"

"Even sexier," Dan offered.

"You want me fat!" Wendy exclaimed. "Want me to gain weight?"

"Yes, Wendy," Dan admitted, "I want you to gain weight. You can get as fat as you want to, four hundred pounds or even more, it's okay with me. I can't wait to see how you would look that big.”

"I can't believe it," Wendy laughed. "All this time I'm worrying about what you would think when I got fat again, and here you are actually wishing that I was fatter. Oh honey, you had better feed me, I'm so hungry!” Wendy said, opening her mouth wide for him.

And Dan fed Wendy her food and his food. Then they went to his place and Dan ordered a pizza, stuffing every piece of it into Wendy's waiting mouth. Their relationship took on a whole new twist, centering on Wendy's feeding and her weight gains.

They finished out school together, a couple in love with a circle of friends, the girls in the group all fat. They moved around campus hand in hand, Wendy's growing fat ass jutting side to side under the short skirt of her school uniform. She felt good about herself, felt sexy and desirable, and dressed and acted that way. Always together in the malls and at social events, they became the consummate couple: the handsome jock and his sexy six hundred pound girlfriend.