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Susan was one of the few lucky women who cold eat all day and not gain an ounce. At 5'2" and 105 pounds, she had a great modeling career ahead of her, but she was not happy. She felt something was missing from her life, but couldn't put her finger on it. Then one morning while she was watching television, she noticed that she was very hungry. But due to her diet, she refused herself that extra snack. As she crossed her slender legs, she closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like to allow herself to eat all that she wanted. Pizza, tacos, lasagna, beer, cakes, ice cream, and all the gooey pastries she could shove into her belly. She saw herself as a bulging beauty. "To bad it's not true...," she thought.

Susan had an erotic dream that night. In it she was in bed, surrounded by a large group of people, all of whom she felt warmly toward and who shared her affection. Each of them had a culinary treat for her. The first carried a tray of a dozen jelly doughnuts. These she wolfed down with an unexpected hunger. Then Susan noted a large pitcher in the hands of the next friend at her bedside. Taking it she was delighted to find it was a gigantic chocolate shake with which she washed down the doughnuts. In the dream, it seemed like hours were passing as she ate and ate unbelievable quantities of food, her belly growing full and tense, ballooning out and resting on her thighs. She felt thoroughly stuffed and found it to be the most pleasurable sensation. Susan woke up to find, to her disappointment, that it had all been a dream. She was shaking with lust. But who could she tell these feelings to? Who would believe that a woman would want to be fed huge quantities of food.

She had mentioned her dream to one of the hair dressers on the set that morning. "It's ok, dear. That is you body's way of fulfilling it's secret longings,' she was told. "Best to put it out of your mind, you have your career to think about." Susan tried to put it out of her mind, but each time there was a break, she kept thinking of stuffing herself with food. "What is wrong with me?", she thought. Later that day an official looking man approached her and asked her if she was the person on an envelope. She was. The man smiled and informed her of her inheriting a large trust fund, the interest of which came to several hundred thousand dollars a year. She looked up and then decided that this would be her last job.

Susan finally had the opportunity she was looking for. By being frugal with the money she inherited, she would never have to work again. She knew that from now on her time was all her won. But what would she do with it?? All of these new opportunities now available made her ravenously hungry. She didn't have much food in the house, so she ordered out for pizza. She could hardly believe that she was doing the talking when she ordered an extra large with more toppings than she could remember. She couldn't wait for it to arrive.

When the pizza arrived, Susan tore into it with gusto,. As a dollop of tomato sauce rolled down her chin, she realized that she felt happier than she had felt in years! She could quit the job and do anything she liked. She could realize any dream, fulfill any fantasy. she recalled her erotic dream of eating with pleasure and a shiver went down her spine. That was it! Now she could afford to indulge an appetite for food that need know no bounds. She continued eating pizza until she had finished the entire pie. Then she washed it all down with nearly a quart of milk. She felt pleasantly stuffed. Now ;this was a feeling she could grow to love.

As Susan sat stuffed on the couch, she undid the snap of her jeans. The thoughts kept running through her head, "Why not?", and she started making a list of foods, and the people she would invite for the weekend. She was going to have a food orgy. She would make her dream come true!

While Susan was preparing her lists, the TV remained on. As she glanced up, she saw the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling! Featured that night was one called Godiva. She was full figured; with huge breasts and a comfortable paunch. Susan was overwhelmed! Suddenly all of her thoughts had a focus. She toyed with her golden lucks. "HMMMM. I could let my hair grow," she thought. "It would be that long in a few months belly, her boyish hips and her tiny bouncy breasts. In a flash, she was off the sofa and in her car. When she returned she had enough groceries to feed a family of 12. In addition, she had an exercise bike and a rowing machine. In a small bag was several bottles of L-ARGININE + L-ORNITHINE, human growth hormones. she felt erotic chills at the idea of not just being fatter, but BIGGER.

Susan knew it was too late for her to be much taller. she might grow 3 or 4 inches taller, but that was all. This program would make her BIG. She would grow fuller and bulkier. MMMMMM. She imagined herself in a few months. Big and beefy, like Godiva. She imagined herself sitting down to breakfast, her plump thighs spreading as she sat. A platter of eggs, bacon, home fries, and pancakes are before her, but she can hardly see them past her massive 48GG bust. She shovels down the food, then pats her great paunch comfortably. MMM She flexes her muscles. She feels powerful. Paul would be over soon. He was a fantastic lover, the best really, but she ate too much when he was around. Susan returned to the world to find her fingers gently massaging her femaleness. Wow! Was she ever wet! She went upstairs to put on a bikini and high heels. She was HUNGRY!

Susan stepped out of the shower and surveyed her slim form. soon, she thought, she would be voluptuous, then zaftig, then chubby, the...... FAT! GLORIOUSLY, ABUNDANTLY FAT!! She slipped on her bikini and heels. Her first goal, she decided, would be to burst out of this top from a deep breath. Her hands were trembling as she took her first pills. They slid down her throat. She could almost feel them stimulating her body as they did a child's, to grow, expand, add firm healthy flesh. Of course she would be a growing girl.....growing WIDER.

Susan went down to the kitchen, her heels clicking on the tiles. "Hmm, so many choices." She smiled evilly and took a banana. "I've always wanted to learn to do this," she thought to herself as she peeled the banana with her lips. OOPS. The banana broke off halfway. No lover would enjoy that! She resolved to teach herself.

Fourteen bananas later she could peel the thing from top to bottom and slide it all the way down her throat without breaking it. However, fourteen bananas had turned ever her flat stomach into a tightly stretched ball. Susan felt uncomfortable, so she took two more pills and spent a half hour on her workout machines. She felt fantastic and VERY HUNGRY! Susan hummed merrily as she cooked a platter of fettucini carbonara and opened a bottle of rich, red chianti. In no time at all the platter was empty and she had that warm, satisfied feeling she had had in her dream. Yet, she felt different somehow. For the first time in her life she felt sleepy after eating a big meal. Susan went to her room. Before bed she ran her hands over her slim hips. MMMMM Soon they would be wide and womanly. She was asleep before her head touched the pillow.

Once again Susan had her dream. Only this time it was different, it had a real substance. She could feel herself with her belly full and taut. This time as she looked in the face of the person who brought her the first of many courses, she could see that it was Paul. The look of love and animal lust on his face were overwhelming. Susan wanted nothing more than to consume everything he offered her. In her dream she was growing to overwhelm her surroundings. She was becoming the center of attention. She felt power, she felt lust, but most of all she felt a sensuous pleasure that drove her wild. When she awoke from her dream she found she was shaking from the intensity of the orgasm she had had in her dream. It was so real she half expected to see Paul sitting at her bedside with some exotic offering of food.

When she went to get the mail, Susan found that she had been placed on the mailing list for FFI. She couldn't believe what she was reading. And she was getting turned on by the stories and letters form the member. She just kept thinking to herself, "Wow, a newsletter just for Feeders and Feedees of the world." She found herself just reading over and over all the stories. But she was reading one story more than the others, a story written by Bob Lawrence. She just couldn't believe the way he could put into words what it was like to be fed. And the way Bruce Powell's stories could put you in the right mood for eating.

Susan took the newsletter with her as she walked through her house on the the was to the kitchen. "This deserves more attention," she thought. A she passed through the kitchen, she picked up a platter of gooey pastries and headed for the back porch. She lay down in the lawn chair and began to read and eat. she stuffed pastry after pastry into her mouth as she read first the stories then the letters, then the column by Dr. Phat. She ate faster and faster as she got more and more tuned on. As she began reading one of the stories for the second time, she reached down and undid her skin tight pants. Her belly leaped out and settle on her plump thighs. She resumed eating the three dozen pastries that she had brought out with her. After another fifteen minutes, the lower button on her blouse popped off due to the strain caused by her enlarging belly. an hour later she had finished reading the newsletter for the third time and had finished the pastries. She felt too stuffed to move, so she stood and removed the rest of her clothes and lay down for a little nap.

Susan awoke feeling alive, energized and hungry. she walked to the bathroom and she felt just a bit bigger. Flushed with anticipation, she stepped on the scale. 106 pounds. She had gained four pounds! She was delighted. She also checked her height, but alas, one day was not enough. A look in the mirror revealed a slight bit of roundness to her belly that wasn't there before. She was excited and quickly swallowed two more pills. she went downstairs and prepared a platter of eggs, bacon, home fries, and pancakes. It was easy to see it all past her 32A bust. When she finally put down her fork, too stuffed to eat another bite, there was till some left. No matter. She went to her workout and glowed for over half an hour. She returned to the kitchen and finished the platter. Her stomach was, by now well rounded. "MMMM, my tummy must be stretching," she thought out loud. "I don't feel nearly as bloated or uncomfortable as yesterday." However, she was almost as sleepy. She put on some stretch shorts and halter top and sunbathed, a cooking magazine and a box of chocolates by her side. The warm sun felt great and once again, she dozed off.

Days turned into weeks and Susan's routine varied little. Every day she would get up late, have an enormous breakfast, and work out on her machines. After five weeks the changes in her were fantastic. She now weighed in at 158 pounds, over fifty pounds heavier than when she started. She was the same height though. So much for the growth hormones. But she had gained quite a bit of muscle. The added weight did not make her have to heave herself out of chairs like she thought she would have to. But she had to admit that she was getting a bit lazy. She seemed to spend less and less time on the machines and more and more time in her chaise lounge out on the lanai. She would spend hours out there munching on sweets and treats that Paul or one of her other friends brought. She looked down. Her 32A bust was now a 36C, and even those cups were beginning to bind. Her waist had begun to form a roll that would soon turn into a fold. Her thighs were becoming very plump.

She lay in the sun browning her expanding body. Paul was in the kitchen preparing another snack for her, even though her belly was still stuffed from breakfast. She knew that he would insist on feeding it to her himself. Her hands roamed over her now bulging belly and found herself already moist in anticipation of the loving to come.

After a nap, Susan woke up late in the afternoon. She got up and walked to her bedroom. There she took off her pants and donned a pair of old sweat pants. They had become skin tight over the last few weeks and she had to roll them over her widening hips. She then walked into the kitchen to find that one of her lovers had left some pasta as a snack. As she sat down to the table, she felt her belly push against the sweats and she smiled. She ate the entire plate of pasta, even though it was enough to feed a small family of say five or six. Again she felt tired and move to the couch to take another nap. As she drifted off, massaging her bulging belly, she thought, "Eat and sleep, eat and sleep. I don't seem to do much else anymore, except eat and sleep.

As she drifted off to sleep, she kept thinking of all her plans, of bulking up and growing larger and stronger. They were such distant memories now. "What has happened," she thought. "I did everything right, but the exercise just doesn't seem important anymore." and she fell asleep

What Susan didn't know was there were about 12,000 other people who were taking the growth hormone that were experiencing the same thing. Young girls who were gaining ten to fifteen pounds a week, weight lifters who were ready to change their profession to sumo wrestlers because of their ever increasing weight. All because of a bacteria that had got into the compound during processing that had caused their appetites to become insatiable.

Susan awoke in the middle of the night to a feeling of profound hunger. She raced over to the kitchen, yanked open the freezer door, and began to spoon cool, smooth, creamy ice cream into her mouth. In a few minutes, she finished ;half a gallon. She pulled out more goodies: cold cuts, cheeses, and milk and sat down in front of the the refrigerator, stuffing it all down. As much as she ate, she died not feel full. Her stomach bulged out more and more, yet she did not feel sated.

Food now became her obsession. She could never get enough to eat. There were days when she sat in front of the refrigerator and stuffed herself unto she couldn't breathe. Then she would close the door of the empty ice box and begin to empty every cabinet in the kitchen.

This went on for the better part of six months. Every day she would put on more and more weight. Every week she had to get something else to fit over her exploding figure. She would look at her reflection in the mirror with something next to approval. She was into the size 40's now. Her desire to be as big as the woman wrestler had passed. She was now much bigger. Her 55EE breasts lay on her bulging belly. Her 60" hips brushed the door frames in most places now. But still she couldn't get enough to eat. Some of the girls that she had as friends had begun to balloon also. Their times together resembled nothing except a food orgy.

Susan waddled ponderously down the stairs. They creaked in protest with each stop as she guided her immense 422 pound body to the door. She huffed and puffed, her several chins jiggling in unison. Her 60GG bosom was riding like a pair of watermelons on her huge, stretched-marked paunch. The doorbell rang again. "Damn!", Susan thought, "Doesn't Claire know how hard it is to move when you're this big? Oh well, if she doesn't yet, she will soon." Susan opened the door and Claire entered. She was wearing shorts and a halter top. Both looked great on her, or at least they did 26 pounds ago. No she had love handles bulging over the waist band and her breasts were falling out of the halter. She buried her face in Susan's caressing bulk. "OOOO," Claire said, "I can't wait until I look like this." She helped Susan out of her tent - like robe and eased her onto the couch. Skipping out of her clothes, Claire caressed her new flab and then lay down beside Susan. The women began to make love.

Claire caressed each of Susan's mammoth breasts in turn, gently batting them back and forth between her cupped hands. They juggled and rippled to and fro like jello. Claire nuzzled them, blew a raspberry on one enormous nipple and watched it stiffen. Just then the doorbell rang. "Could you get that please?", Susan asked.

Claire put her robe on and went to the door. She opened it a crack, when two large men burst in and grabbed her. She felt a needle enter her arm.. In the confusion she could see other men bringing in huge quantities of food, enough for a banquet. She felt strange. She was breaking out in a cold sweat, followed by hot flashes. She felt dizzy. The men holding her set her into a chair. Susan hoisted her vast bulk form the sofa and waddled over to her.

"You've been a bit too timid about gaining weight, Claire. In fact, I think you feel superior to me because you are still somewhat slender. That's going to change. The drug is changing your metabolism. You will turn most of what you eat to soft, cuddly fat. You won't be able to stop eating." Claire was frightened. Already she felt ready to eat a horse ...... raw. "I'm not letting you leave here until you're bigger than me. don't worry, you'll learn to like being a blimp."

As the first plate of food was brought near Clair's mouth, she felt an almost painful tug in the pit of her stomach. A vast empty feeling that seemed endless. She brought the huge piece of fried chicken to her lips, the grease dripping off the leg, and took an immense bite out of it. She was immediately rewarded by an almost orgasmic sensation running through her. This feeling was nearly double as she swallowed the food, feeling it slide down her throat to rest in her empty belly. She immediately took another bite...then another...and another. Faster and faster she began to eat, only stopping long enough between bites to quaff large schooners of milk, surprised to find that the milk was mixed with rich, dairy cream. A fattening treat to be sure. After only several minutes, she discarded any utensils, or for that matter, table manners, as she grabbed handfuls of food and began to stuff them into her greedy mouth.

After less than an hour of this unleashed gluttony, the effects of the food and growth hormone were becoming evident. Her belly began to rise like over - yeasted dough, quickly spilling over her sweat pants. Her breasts swelled and ballooned upwards and outwards, slowly separating over the growing mass that was her stomach. Her arms and thighs expanded, along with her steadily growing ass, as layer upon layer of soft, jiggly flesh accumulated on them, the fat on her arms alone resembled soft, melting cheese.

During this, Susan sat back and marveled at the accelerated growth of Claire. As she watched, her mind was torn between two arousing thoughts. The first was the sensation of cuddling Claire's newly blimpish body next to hers. The other, a desire to grow even bigger!

The feeding continued over the next few hours. Every ounce Claire ate almost immediately transformed into fat. Soft, supple, rippling fat. By the time her body had gone past 350 pounds, her clothes were nothing but shreds. Claire continued to stuff herself faster and faster. The faster Claire ate, the hotter Susan became. At that moment, Susan picked up a spiked slice of cake and the tingling began. Within moments the two women were eating as if all the food in the world would be gone if they didn't eat it.

Bye the end of the afternoon both women had attained a mammoth size, each well over 600 pounds. Whole Claire had a huge belly that hung almost to the floor when she stood, Susan had a great ass, and thighs that were as big around as Claire had been at the beginning of the day. The two women dozed in each others arms while caressing their new found fat and dreamed of growing even bigger.....

As the women slept a deep sleep, they didn't notice any of the men who had been over that morning returning. A needle once again entered the arms of the sleeping women. It contained a strong sedative. Laboriously, their bloated bodies were loaded onto a truck. It roared into the night. At an airfield the women were loaded onto a plane. Dr. Winston, the creator of the growth bacteria, had other plans for them. How fortunate that Susan had revealed where his lost sample had gone. The airplane landed at a remote lake, deep in the wilderness.

The mammoth females awoke the next day, sore and groggy form the trip. They didn't know where they were, but as their heads cleared, Susan began to sob and Claire screamed. They were each in a STALL! It was filled with straw and they were both naked. Around their necks was a strong collar attached to the wall with several feet of chain. And on the collar was ..... a bell.

Dr. Winston was busying himself in his laboratory, his lithe assistant, Kimberly, working next to him. He gazed at her centerfold like form. He was glad that those two women had accidentally swallowed the bacteria and lived. Now he wouldn't have to give it to her, at least, for now. Those two blimps in his barn were now filled with the bug. He could now accelerate his plans to phase two.

He held up the syringe and smiled. "The special diet should have them up to half a tone in a few days, and with this in them, they'll start milking. Each of them will produce several gallons a day. When that is mixed with dairy milk, we should have women fattening up from one end of the state to the other. In no time, Kimberly will be only sexy woman left, and I will be her agent. He went out to the barn. In a few minutes Susan and Claire were sleeping off the effects of this latest injection. They were literally turning into "fat cows."

As the girls began to awaken from their grogginess, the hunger pangs shot through them. All thoughts of their abduction and imprisonment were lost to the searing throbs of pain... the pain of an empty stomach. Two men in jump suit style uniforms came out to the pens, opened the gates and led them by the chains attached to the collars around their necks into the lab. There they waddled over to two large cushioned seats, each barely wide enough to support their huge asses, which settled and flowed over the cushions.

From the ceiling there came two funnel - like devices, one for each of them. They were lowered until they rested near the fattened females' lips. almost immediately there began the slow flow of a concentrated food paste. The paste oozed out of the tip of the funnels and into the open mouths of the girls.

Clamping their mouths over the openings, the huge women greedily began to suck on the dispensers, gulping the paste, unaware that it was genetically altered to boost the caloric content of the ingredients several hundred times over, or that the flow was increasing.

These facts weren't lost on the doctor, however, as he watched with glee the already tremendous women growing wider, rounder, fatter, with each swallow. Their legs were soon lost underneath the fast spreading apron of their bloated bellies, their heads became lost on a blob of fat as the flesh of their shoulders merged with their bulging breasts, and bellies. Fatter and fatter, and fatter they became, soon losing all resemblance to human beings and more like amorphic globes of flesh.

All this wasn't lost on the doctor's assistant. for, unseen by the doctor, she began to twitch her legs together, as she was being sexually excited by the scene unfolding before her. Kimberly had never been so aroused before. The combination of power and helplessness that the two mountains of fat represented was very erotic. As if drawn by an invisible hand, Kimberly entered the room.

By now Susan was 1233 pounds of lard, but more than that, her mammary glands had increase dramatically in size and weight as they were stimulated to their natural function. Meanwhile, Kimberly removed her clothes. She climbed onto Susan's vast body. Susan's nipple was hard and red and the size of a penis by now. Kimberly massaged her breasts and vulva. When she was good and wet, she squatted on the engorged teat. AAAAAAAA. It was great. Slowly, she rode up and down on the freakish organ. MMMMMMMMMM. She was a wild woman.

The doctor looked up from his work and saw his paramours erotic dance. "NOOOO!!", he screamed, but she couldn't hear him through the glass of the control booth. Susan's right breast was the first to erupt. Gallons of warm, sweet milk sprayed into the air. It landed on Kimberley's face and hair. She licked it off her chin. MMM it was good. Next, Susan's left breast erupted best orgasm of her life. She continued to ride the nipple, milk squirting from between her legs. The doctor burst into the room, but he knew it was too late. Kimberley was still on Susan's breast and he could see that her own nipples had already doubled in size, as had her tits. He dropped to his knees, sobbing, as he saw that Kimberley now had a pot belly!!!

The doctor hunched over his computer console, trying to find a way to reverse the effects of the infected milk. Kimberley walked into the room in a bikini. It was the last thing she could still fit into. Even so, her love handles were bulging over the waist and her breasts were bulging under her arms and around the edges of the too tight cups. As she had been for the last several days, she was eating. Meanwhile, Susan and Claire were contentedly feeding, their enormous tits hooked up to milking machines. Gallons of contaminated mil was being prepared for distribution, but what good was it. Kimberley was already too fat to be a model anymore.

Suddenly he was distracted by Kimberley's moans. She was leaning against a wall, her eyes closed and panting as if she was having sex. OH NO! Big wet stains were radiating from the center of her top her top which was straining to contain her rapidly inflating, lactating bosom. With a tear, the bra gave up and her two fat boobs, now udders, flopped out. She was massaging her mound vigorously, then she peeled the too tight garment off. He was astounded.

She slid backwards onto the floor, rubbing her flabby cunt and whispering, "Fuck me. Oh please, fuck me." He removed his clothes, mostly for pity for what he had done to her and proceeded to make love to her. Another surprise! It felt wonderful! Now that Kim was all soft and round and flabby, sex had never felt better! His penis turned to steel. Kim moaned softly and squirted some milk as she had her first orgasm. Pumping against her big, spongy mound was driving him wild. Kim was happy too. She knew that she was about to get knocked up. Then she could fatten up and join the other "cows". She could hardly wait.