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Susan's Christmas Wish
By ~Jim~

On Thanksgiving Day, Susan Walker and Bryan Bedford were watching the Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade from his apartment window. Bryan asked Susan what she wanted for Christmas this season, “Susan, what would you like for Christmas this year?” Susan wasted no time answering, “I want to get big by eating tons of extremely fattening foods.”

Her mother Dorey hired a new Santa because the other was too drunk to work. After the Parade was over, Dorey went to her apartment, and Susan left her a note that she was at Bryan's apartment.

When supper was served, Susan was telling her mother about her Christmas wish. Dorey said to Susan while she took her plate and put slabs of turkey on it, “Susan, I don't think that it's a good idea for you to have a Christmas wish like that, to blow up like a balloon.” But Susan didn't care. She was hoping to get fat to the limit, get a boyfriend and get married. Finally, the three enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinner.

A month later, the kids rushed to Cole's to see Santa (a.k.a Kriss Kringle). After three kids visited, then Susan went to see him. He asked, “What's your name, young lady?” and she answered, “My name is Susan Elizabeth Walker.” Bryan was looking on, and Susan took a little tuck at Santa's beard, and she seemed amazed. Later, Dorey walked over and said to Susan, “I don't want you to waste his time.”

Several nights later, Kriss baby-sat Susan while her mother and Bryan went out. Then, Kriss asked Susan what she wanted for Christmas, and she wasted no time answering him, “I want to get fat by eating high calorie foods, a boyfriend, a house, and want to get married.” Kriss thought that it was a good idea for her, and they both kept it a secret.

When Christmas came, Susan walked to the coffee table, and there was big envelope. The contents: $1,500, keys to the home and a bus ticket. After she got dressed, her mother walked in. She gave Susan a hug because she was leaving. She would write to her to see how she was making out.

Later, Susan arrived at the house, and she walked in and saw a big table with a high calorie breakfast: 10 fried eggs, 10 pieces of buttered toast, 8 slabs of bacon, 8 sausages, 7 hash browns, 4 powdered donuts, a large stack of pancakes, and a large orange juice. It said on the breakfast: MERRY CHRISTMAS SUSAN. She wasted no time and started to chow down, and the eggs started disappearing as quickly as possible, and she really enjoyed herself. Finally, after she finished all her breakfast, she leaned back in her chair and lightly patted her belly. She rested on her sofa watching television. Twenty minutes later her stomach rumbled, she got up went into the kitchen, took out a giant bowl, and she dumped a whole box of Apple Jacks, poured milk and walked back into her living room, devouring spoonful after spoonful of them. After she finished, she rested for two hours.

Her clock read, 11:30 am. She got up, feeling stuffed with all the food she ate for breakfast. Her lunch was served on the table: 4 bun length hot dogs with mustard and onions, a large stack of French fries, a large chocolate milk, a big slice of blueberry cheesecake. After she finished lunch, she went back into her room to rest.

Hours later, her supper consisted of 2 thick steaks, 2 baked potatoes, buttered rolls drenched with margarine, broccoli in cheese sauce, large milk, and a humongous slice of pumpkin pie. After she finished dinner, she was so stuffed and full she went to bed at 9 pm.

Two months later, Susan weighed herself, and the scale read 237 pounds; her body was semi-egg shaped, arms were flabby, fingers were like cooked hot dogs, butt was wide, legs were chubby, and feet were a bit swollen. She was proud that she had gotten her wish, and she decided to continue to keep blowing up like an extra large beach ball. Susan even enjoyed herself being fat and all the food that she could get her hands on. Also, she wanted to get bigger clothes, so she could go to places.

One afternoon, she went to a big and tall store for men and women, and Susan picked out 4 new dresses, 4 pairs of jeans, 4 bras, 4 panties, 3 shirts, and 2 pairs of shoes. After she finished getting her clothes, she went to get lunch at McDonald's she got 2 Quarter Pounders with Cheese, 1 Big Mac, 2 large Fries, 6 Piece McNuggetts, and Super Sized chocolate Milk Shake. While she was eating, there were 3 teenage boys making derogatory comments to her. But, Susan got up, went to the ladies' room, loosened her belt, and her belly was growing, and her breasts expanded like water balloons. When she took her seat, there was a loud ripping noise, which was her jeans that ripped open on her sides, and the bare white flesh showing. The teenagers roared with laughter. After she finished eating, she went home and rested.

When supper came, she went to Home Country Buffet. She made a giant plate that was piled with: 4 pieces of fried chicken, 3 scoops of mashed potatoes with beef gravy, 2 scoops of macaroni and cheese, and 3 buttered rolls and a big glass of chocolate milk. Susan sat down, tucked her handkerchief inside her new dress and enjoyed her humongous feast. She couldn't wait to eat more of the food that they had!

While she was munching away on her fourth plate, a handsome boy sat with her, and he introduced himself, “Hello, my name is Buddy, what's yours?” “My name is Susan, nice to meet you.” The two shook hands, and they talked a bit, and they had desert together, and he really liked the way she was eating, and she told him this was her Christmas Wish. The boy was stocky and very generous. “I love the way you eat,” Buddy gave Susan a compliment, and Susan said to him, “Awww, thank you, this was my wish from Christmas.” After the night was over, she gave him her phone number, and they wanted to meet each other again.

When she got home, her face lit up, and she couldn't believe that she got a boyfriend, and she even got his #, and she kept it in her diary. She went to the bathroom, stepped on the scale and saw she'd ballooned to 300 pounds with all of the food that she had gobbled down. She had her shower, watched a little television, had a big snack and a soda and went to bed.

A month later, Johnny called Susan and asked her if he could come over for supper and stay for the evening, and she agreed. Susan made two batches of baked Ziti, bowl of Italian bread drenched with butter, and later she would fix a dessert for him and a giant one herself. Before this excitement, she weighed herself, and she was up to 345 pounds. She was still feeling great, and she whispered to herself, '45 pounds to go, to get to 400, and when I get there, I am going marry Buddy, and he loves the way I look.'

At 3pm, her mother and new husband Bryan, came over and Dorey's eyes bulged. She couldn't believe that her daughter had blown up like a balloon by eating so much high calorie food, and she asked her blimpy daughter, “Susan honey, what happened to you?” Susan answered with a smile on her round face, “This is my wish, from Mr. Kringle.” Bryan said to Dorey, “Dorey, don't worry she looks beautiful.”

They talked, and Dorey gave Susan more money and hugged Susan's soft plump body and kissed her head, and Bryan hugged her and patted her bloated tummy and told her to, “Keep it up, Big Susan,” and she kept his promise. When supper came, her doorbell rang; she opened it, and there was Buddy; he brought her candy and a dozen roses. After she put the candy in the fridge, she put the roses in the vase and gave him a hug, and he gave her a kiss. Finally, they had supper and listened to PURE MOODS, which includes “Tubular Bells” from “The Exorcist.” Buddy had three plates, and she had eight plates, and the first batch was gone. She leaned back, and he patted her flabby tummy, and he loved the jiggles of it.

After supper, they went into the living room to watch some television. Susan laid on the couch first, and Buddy went on top by resting his head on her mountainous belly, and he was so comfy on her, and she played with his hair, and they loved each other.

Several months later, Susan was up to 455 lbs, and it was time for her to deliver the news to Buddy. “Buddy, will you marry me?” Buddy's face lit up, and he took her plump hand, and he said, “Yes, I will marry you because you are such a big sweetheart, since the time I met you at the buffet.”

Two weeks after, they were newly married, and they bought a home with two dogs, and two cats; they hired a maid and a cook that made great meals. Susan loved her new husband because he liked taking her out to places; he signed up to be on a bowling team and captured the championship. They loved going on vacations and that sort of thing.

Finally, Susan enjoyed her wish and her new husband, and the two lived a long and happy live together.