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A Young Swedish Woman
By The Owl
(Original Story by the Humanist - with Rewrite)

Part Two
A Year in the United States of America

Eva left for the US as a 210lb beauty, after adding thirty pounds over the summer on top of the forty she had put on over the previous two years. She wore clothes that at the start of the summer had fitted comfortably but were now struggling to contain her large swingers and contain her oh-so-plump ass. Most of her wardrobe did not even come close to fitting her assets at all. So with her arrival in New York, where she would spend the next year studying, she set about finding herself some clothes which gave her more room. She was sensible enough to realise that with the amount of weight she had put on recently she was bound to put on some more during the year, so she stuck mainly to elasticised waists on pants and baggy jumpers and T shirts. She did, however, buy one dress for the Fresher's Ball at the end of the first week. It was tight and black and showed off her immense cleavage just perfectly.

Eva, upon her arrival at the campus, was quick to figure out the lay of the land. The university had three canteens which students were entitled to use as often as they liked between seven thirty in the morning to eight at night. Eva used these as a point of reference, working out the nearest to her room, the lecture halls and the library. After setting out her things in her new room, she went to try the quality of the food the university had to offer. She was so impressed with the sandwiches at the first canteen. A little too embarrassed to go back for more, she moved to another of the canteens and had a big bowl of pasta and garlic bread for her second lunch, plus a big slice of chocolate cake that had caught her eye on the way in. It had started again, Eva letting her desire to enjoy her food take hold, and the quality at the university turned out to be much better than she had expected. During the first week, it was a chance for new students to get to know each other and get settled in. Eva certainly did that, going out every night, partying with her fellow students and then spending large parts of the days moving between the three canteens and sometimes having two or three sittings of breakfast, lunch and dinner at the different places as to not show how much of a pig she was being.

At the end of the week came the much-anticipated Fresher's Ball. Eva brought out the dress she had brought just merely a week earlier for the occasion, and yet, as she put it on, she had incredible trouble getting her body to squeeze into it. Finally, on the third attempt she managed to get the zip to go all the way up to the top of the dress and, after a bit of work lining up her huge swingers, she was ready to go to the Ball.

Eva, the girl with the massive cleavage, proved to be a real hit with the young men at the party. She had such a beautiful face and although she was quite a big girl she carried her weight predominately where the men liked. After plenty of drinking and dancing, came the first time she met Steve. Steve was an American from New Jersey, and he had been sucked straight into Eva by the draw of her large swingers. They danced and chatted much of the night away together and finished with a kiss and arranging a date for the following week. Eva just could not wait for their next meeting. The dress had done its magic, even if she probably would never be able to squeeze into it again

The foreign students were all placed in rooms for two; Eva found herself sharing with a French girl called Michelle. Michelle was more petite than her roommate and weighed a little over 120 pounds and, totally unlike Eva, had virtually no cleavage at all. Both of the young women, although not sharing a first language, spoke excellent English. Over the first week, the two girls had got on really well and were becoming really good friends. By the end of that first week, Eva was comfortable enough with her to wander around their room in just her bra and panties. On the Monday of the second week, not content with the two breakfast and lunch sittings and three dinners, Eva purchased with some of the sizable allowance her parents had provided for her a bounty of savoury snacks and sweets for the night. So, after finishing some of the reading she had been set on her first day of lectures, she joined Michelle on the sofa to watch some TV. Eva sat, almost constantly munching away on her collection of goodies. She also encouraged her new friend to help herself to whatever she wanted, which was nowhere near as bit as the bags of goodies Eva poured into her mouth but was a dainty portion for someone as thin as Michelle. The rest of the week up to Eva's first date with Steve followed a similar pattern to that day. Eva spent plenty of her free time between lectures at the canteens and then, when her work for the day was finished, sitting down in front of the TV with her roommate and ploughing through bags of snacks.

She had been looking forward to her date all week, and, when it came, she decided her current clothes designed for comfort would not do. So she went out and brought some new skin-tight jeans and a t-shirt deep cut at the top so to show off her prize assets. What she did not really notice was how the sizes were already larger than the dress she had brought just two weeks ago. Dressed in her new attire, she set out on her date with Steve to the cinema and then onto a bar for a drink after. During the film, there was plenty of kissing and groping in the back row, plus the eating of the large popcorn Eva had assured Steve brought her beforehand. Then, it was onto a student bar where Eva and Steve got very drunk indeed and ended back at his room where they went at it through the night.

Waking up the following morning, Steve could not help but think that perhaps there was a little too much of the beauty before him. Yes, her breasts were large, but maybe even a little too big; they just did not stop swaying. Her ass was certainly plenty to grab hold of, but there was also plenty more besides. He found his new Swedish girlfriend really attractive. But if only she lost a few pounds, she could be an absolute stunner. Eva, as she herself woke up moments later, looked at the man who had taken her virginity and just thought how lucky she was to have found such a great man. He was smart, funny and, Christ, he had a great muscular body.

The pair continued to date for the next six weeks, and they were having a great time together, but Steve could not help but notice that, far from losing any weight, she seemed to be piling it on instead at quite a rate. Indeed, the fun she was having with Steve was doing nothing to quell her appetite, and in the eight weeks now since she had arrived in the States she had put on almost twenty pounds, making her stand at around 230lbs. The pair had a date that night, and Steve wondered what he should do about his growing problem.

Eva was in no way aware of any trouble on the horizon for her relationship; she just could not fault him and he at least seemed to feel the same about her. Their date for tonight was in a very nice steak restaurant, and Eva had tried her hardest to insure not to have snacked at all during the afternoon to make sure she had room for the treats in store. She found out of her wardrobe a loose-fitting but still relatively fancy top and pants, as she could see this being quite a feast. They both arrived at the restaurant, and they each ordered the sixteen-ounce steak. By the end Steve was quite stuffed and the thought of anything else to eat was furthest from his mind. So when the waitress asked, and Eva ordered herself some chicken wings he was shocked. When, after the waitress asked a second time, she ordered a piece of mud pie and asked to make sure it was a big slice, he was positively disgusted. It made up his mind that as well as he got on with Eva, he could not be seen out with this eating machine any longer. It was embarrassing, and he just did not find her attractive anymore. He still liked the girl so he tried to be nice about it, saying the usual, 'it's not you, it's me,' 'it's just not working out,' and ending with, 'you're a great person and you'll find someone who can really appreciate you.'

It did not, however, make Eva feel any better, and she cried herself to sleep that night and for many nights to follow. She also turned further to one of her great joys left: to eat and eat. This she did in the five weeks up to the start of the Christmas break. She no longer cared what people thought of her gorging so she did not bother to waste the energy walking between the canteens and just kept filling her plates time after time. There was little comfort to be found in anything healthy, so she stuck mainly to fatty meals and desserts. Even while doing work, which she still managed at least to keep reasonably well up with, she would munch away on bag after bag of crisps and sweets. Every evening, she would just plonk herself down on the sofa and watch TV while making her way through yet more food.

Michelle had been worried about her friend and during this time had tried to get Eva's mind off Steve. It had not been going too well, but due to constant pressuring she had managed to get Eva to agree to come to the end of term party the university was holding. She also a couple of days before the party managed to convince her to come along to do a spot of shopping with her so they could each find something to wear. Michelle quickly found herself a beautiful red dress in an eight, so then they went on to find one for Eva. Eva decided on a dress similar to the one she had worn to the Fresher's Ball although this one was in a plus size, and she decided to show a little less cleavage than before. While she was out, she also set about finding herself some new loose fitting clothes, as the ones she'd brought at the beginning of the term were decidedly tight. She then purchased some new bras and panties as well, as her current ones, like everything else, were struggling with her size.

Eva had a great time at the party; she was finally getting over splitting with Steve, and it was good to catch up with many of the friends she had been neglecting during the last few weeks. The dress she wore for this night out certainly did not have the effect with the boys the one she had worn at the start of term had. No one tried chatting up Eva that night, not that she even noticed; she was happy again with her friends and was not ready for that sought of thing yet. She crashed out in bed that night, happy for the first time in weeks and ready to start enjoying life again.

Eva woke the following morning as Michelle was rising from her bed and watched as she put together some of the things for her trip back to France for the holidays. Eva could not help but notice that Michelle was well on the way towards her Freshman 15. She noted that her roommate must have put on 10lbs to her slender frame; still skinny at around 130 pounds, she was pleased that now her friend had got at least the start of a cleavage. As Eva spun around and sat up on her bed, she started to look at the effects the term had had on her own body. First, she noticed that her breasts were indeed even larger than they had been at the start but not really that much bigger. It was what she found under them that really shocked her; over the space of the term she had developed a belly that now spilled out all over her lap. It did not quite stick out as far as her swingers but was not far off, and her breasts now had something to rest on that she had hoped for the summer before. As she got up, she noticed that it was not just her breasts that jiggled when she moved, but in fact it was her entire body and that was fine by her. The term had seen her weight go up 20lbs in the first eight weeks, but then in the final five weeks she had, through her depression, put on another 35lbs. Now coming up to Christmas she now hit the scales at 265 pounds, and Christmas always seemed to be a time for a little overindulgence.

Eva, unlike most of the students, was not going home for Christmas as her parents were away on business most of the time over the period. She saw Michelle off at the airport for her trip home and wondered what to do over the festive period. She started by doing some Christmas shopping, which she'd not gotten around to doing earlier but now was getting desperate as it all had to be sent by international mail. She found gifts for both her parents; she found for her mother a beautiful painting and her father a selection of CDs, as she just never knew what to buy him. By this time she was tired of shopping so settled down in the mall's food court and consumed a hearty lunch of lasagne, a selection of sandwiches and half a dozen doughnuts. She then had to find presents for Aida and Michelle; she found for each of them a bottle of perfume and some accessories. Pleased with her work before she left the mall, she went back to the food court for a couple of cream cakes and a coffee.

One thing she would have to do without for the three week break was the campus canteens, which closed during the break. As good as the canteen's food was she was glad of the excuse to try a more varied menu of food for a while. She started the first night of the holiday by trying an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant that some of her fellow students had recommended. She was certainly glad she had gone, and each trip to the buffet she found yet more treats. Spring rolls, prawn crackers, chicken and cashew nuts, sweet and sour pork - you name it, she had it, and it was all so heavenly. After about her ninth plate, she was not really sure she could manage anymore. She decided enough was enough and waddled out of the restaurant and went back to her room. When she got there, she cracked open a bottle of wine and curled up in front of the TV. After having been so stuffed earlier, she finally decided that she could now manage a little more and grabbed a few bags of chocolates out of the stash. She noted that it was a running a little low and would need to be replenishing soon. So there she sat, all night finishing off a whole bottle of wine and also a third and forth bag of chocolates. She was so stuffed Eva did not even bother to get off the sofa and go to bed; she just slept where she was.

The following morning, although a little cold out, it was otherwise a nice day, and, being Swedish, she could handle the cold. She decided she would do some sight seeing around New York. But that had to wait until she had some breakfast; she decided on a café just down the road from the campus. She decided if she was going to out and about all day it ought to be dainty, so she had a big fry-up with a mug of coffee and, just to be sure, she had half a dozen pancakes covered with syrup and ice cream. Belly satisfied, she made her way into the centre of the city to start her trip. In the morning, she looked at the 09/11 Memorial and went up the Statue of Liberty and was very impressed by the view on this clear day. Then, before she could go anywhere else, she started to hear her belly call that it was time for lunch. So she wandered into the nearest place she could find, which happened to be a Burger King, and ordered herself a super-sized whopper meal. Having ploughed through the burger, fries and coke, still not being content, she went down the road to a café and got her self a BLT baguette and a couple of cream cakes. Finally ready to continue, she went to the Empire State Building, struggling to think of anywhere she really wanted to go next. She stopped at a Starbucks for a coffee and the obligatory Danish pastry which turned out to be two, then three.

Still having not thought of anywhere to visit, she went off shopping for nothing in particular. Having spent around three hundred dollars on yet more clothes and other bits and pieces on the way back, she went to the supermarket to restock her stash. By the time she had finished, she could hardly carry the bags of goodies she had collected. So, shattered from her day's efforts, she decided dinner tonight would be a couple of large takeaway pizzas, saving her the need to go out. The night was spent as the last in front of the, box spread out on the couch - first tearing through the pizzas and then some of the bags of crisps and sweets she'd recently purchased. By the time she went to bed that night, she had got through over four thousand calories worth of food.

The next week up to Christmas day went much the same as the previous two days. She would wake up and get a fried breakfast from the café down the road, and then, for lunch and dinner, she would try different restaurants in the area, making sure to try enough to give them a good chance to impress. Then, before going to bed, she would just sit down in front of the TV and munch away on her treats. For Christmas, she had planned something a bit special; it was to be a food extravaganza from start to finish. She had to be up early to call her parents and some friends from back home as with the time difference their Christmases were almost over. That done, it was time for the real celebrations to begin; she had found out which restaurants around the area were closed and whose were open for a limited period. Therefore, she had booked a table at a restaurant to get a roast dinner at 2pm and another table at a steak house for 6pm. Accompanied with that, she had brought into her room a couple of dozen doughnuts and pancakes for breakfast and a chocolate gateau and lemon cheesecake for the evening.

The breakfast was a big task, and she failed to finish her assorted doughnut and pancakes covered in ice cream and syrup. Not to be defeated by a challenge, she continued after her initial sitting to keep on going back for more until shortly before one she finally ran out. Then she started to get ready for lunch. The place she had found for lunch, although not one of her favourites, did do a decent roast dinner. She ordered the pâté for starters and just the standard roast turkey for her main course. When the food arrived, she was shocked at how much her hunger had come back since breakfast, and she made easy work of the two courses. When the waitresses came over and asked if she wanted anything else, she did not need asking twice.

“Can I have a large slice of apple pie and custard, please?”

Large meant large in this restaurant and Eva, now on a mission, spooned it up with great vigour. With lunch out of the way, Eva was feeling very tired as a large meal often does, so she had a couple of hours sleep. She could not sleep too long as she had to make sure she was at the Steak house by six. So at six, there she was, sitting at her table at the restaurant where she ordered a lovely medium rare thirty-two ounce steak, chunky fries, onion rings and plenty of relish. It went down a treat; the sleep had done wonder to bring back her hunger. This time, she went without the dessert as she knew back in her room those two treats awaited her return.

Back at the room, she locked the door, kicked off all her clothes, turn onto the Christmas telly, cracked open a bottle of Port and then got a couple of dishes, spoons and the chocolate gateau. She plonked herself down on the sofa and dug into the first slice of the rich and creamy cake. As the time went by, the Port started to disappear, as did the cake. When it was about nine, the gateau was already two-thirds gone, and Eva, after a change, brought out the cheesecake as well. It was a bit blurry to Eva, but as the hours moved on, the gateau and cheesecake had fully been transferred into their new home: Eva's plumping body. She had moved into a state of semi-consciousness, induced by the large excesses of the day. It was an experience Eva strangely enjoyed and got her turned on so much that she started pleasuring herself there on the sofa; the two empty plates sat on the table beside her. There, she eventually drifted off into a deep sleep. It had been a Christmas like no other - that was for sure - but not in a bad way.

The end of the Christmas holidays was a lot like the first couple days for Eva, and, all in all, it had been one of the best, even if she had missed her family and friends. By the end of the Christmas break, Eva had amassed an extra twenty-five pounds on her bulging body. Not bad for just under a month, and it made her jiggle even more as she moved around.

When Michelle arrived back after Christmas, Eva noticed her friend had completed the Freshman 15 over the break. She had not been able to indulge herself the same ways in the evenings, so instead she had been taking larger portions at meal times and even sometimes going back for seconds. Before, it was only in the evenings that Michelle would pig out, but that had changed over the holidays as she had seen meals could be equally as fun. At the start of this new term, she started having more dainty meals from the canteen, along with her food binges with Eva each night. The results, Eva was sure, would be Michelle adding plenty more to the fifteen pounds before the end of the year.

Eva awoke, glancing at her clock and realising her alarm had not gone off, and suddenly realised her first lecture was only ten minutes away. She, as quickly as she could manage, threw on some clothes and made a dash to get to the lecture. As she jogged, she felt her body swaying every which way, like it had a life of its own. Before she made it a quarter of the way there, she was so out of breath she had to stop and sit down. After a good five minutes, she had finally managed to get her breath back and, now hopelessly late for the lecture, wandered down to the canteen for some breakfast. On finishing off her third plate of fried goodies, she decided two things: she would have to buy a new alarm clock and, secondly, could do with doing some light exercise as her dash for the lecture was just embarrassing, as well as a bit worrying.

One evening shortly after, Eva sat down with a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise - her second trip to the counter - she was asked by a young man if he could join her at the table. After she said yes, he sat down, and they chatted over their meals. She discovered, among other things that his name was Ben, and he was from Minnesota. He appeared to be very interested in Eva, and it had been so long since anyone had, that she lapped it up, and, by the time she had finished a generous slice of apple pie, they had arranged a date for the following night.

Eva - as had almost always become a necessity every time she went somewhere a bit special - had to go shopping first, as nothing other than her pants with stretched waists and baggy tops fit. She settled on a pair of jeans and a low cut T-shirt, showing off her huge mammaries. He had said he would leave where he was taking her as a surprise, but just to come with her appetite, which was something she was sure she could manage. When he came to pick her up at eight, she could not help but think he struggled to live up to Steve in the looks department. He was a good couple of inches smaller; he, rather than being well toned, was a bit on the fat side and his face just was not as appealing. He had, however, asked her out, and they did not seem to be queuing anymore, so she might as well give it a go.

He took her to a rather fancy Mexican restaurant, which was very authentic in its style. It soon became apparent she needed a big appetite as the portions were huge. The tortillas she had ordered as her appetiser were stacked high on her plate. It would have been a struggle for a lot of people to even make it through, but not Eva and her sizable hunger. Next was the Carne Asada, which was one hell of a steak, and it tasted gorgeous as it almost melted on the tongue as she ploughed her way through. Before finishing the plate, she had had to sneakily reach down and undo the top button of her new jeans as her waist expanded yet further. It was not often that a starter and main course were a struggle for Eva, but this had been like four meals in other restaurants. It was, even with her spilling out of her jeans, too hard to turn down dessert, and she ordered a slice of flan. When it came, she was somewhat relieved to see it was not quite on the scale of some of the other dishes had been but still incredibly tasty.

Eva had loved the food in the restaurant, and was sure she would have to come back again, but not sure whether it would be with Ben, who she found quite boring while not looking that great. Before deciding what to do about Ben, she had to think about what to do with her jeans, which would not be fastening anytime soon. She finally decided to pull down her T-shirt as far as she could and put a hand in a pocket to pull them up as she walked. She was successful in hiding the fact from everyone but Ben who had found it quite a turn-on as the way he had as she motored through all the food placed before her. When he made his move before they got back to their rooms, the free flowing sangria over the meal and fresh air made Eva keener than she would otherwise have been. So when he kissed her, she returned it with equal enthusiasm - so much so, taking her hand off holding her jeans, which then started to fall until Ben noticed and pulled them back up. Before long, they had found their way into Ben's bed, and he started groping away at her flabby ass, her gigantic breasts and her food-gorged taut belly. Then he entered her, and, as he kept moving in and out, her whole body swayed uncontrollably. She found the sex and the way he made her body feel so much better than anything she'd had with Steve. It was as if he worshiped her figure and loved to touch every inch of her. She decided that Ben was worth at least another date or two if he could make her feel so good.

So they went on another couple of dates, but they followed a similar pattern to the first. He was just too dull and did not turn her on, other than in bed, where he tried his best to make up. She had also noticed he was fascinated with watching her eat and realised he had been doing for weeks in the canteens before he had asked her out. The fact that he loved her eating habits and its results just was not worth being with someone who other than in bed she just did not like that much, so she finished with him before they even made a fourth date. What had intrigued her was the fact that there were other guys out there that would also like her sizable body the same way. In the three weeks since the start of term and those three dates, she had put on an extra twelve pounds, taking her weight just over three hundred.

The next couple of months were uneventful for Eva, and she just got on with her work, socialised with friends and carried on eating like there was no tomorrow. In the last couple of months, Eva had put on another nineteen pounds, taking her total weight to 323 pounds. It was now entering April and Easter was approaching fast again. Eva had no plans to leave for the holidays this time because the work was building up for the exams after break.

The Easter break saw the work and revision Eva had to do start to crank up a little. During Easter, however, was Eva's 17th birthday, and she was not going to let it pass without a bang. Many of her friends had opted to go home for the break, so the numbers were limited. That meant, Eva treated the rest to a day of pampering in a beauty parlour. They did all the things you would do, manicures, hair styling, make-up and Eva's favourite, a massage. She just loved the way it made her body feel as the masseuse's hand beat down on her soft flesh. She followed that by going to the great Italian restaurant she had found on one of her many fact-finding missions of restaurants in the Manhattan area. The array of great pasta dishes was incredible, and Eva found herself recommending almost everything on the menu to her four guests, having tried so many of them on previous visits. The day relaxing and enjoying her friends company had been a welcome relief in the sea of learning. With the exception of her birthday, the Easter break had been short of fun and high on the work factor.

As she peered into the mirror in her room, Eva saw her belly during the break had quite clearly become her most prominent feature, eclipsing her breasts in the distance it stuck out by a good couple of inches. This fact had Eva intrigued, and she wanted to know exactly what it was that she did measure, so she went out and brought a tape measure. It was proving difficult on her own, so she enlisted the help of Michelle for the operation. It read, as Michelle struggled to get the tape around, 48 inches across her breasts, 46 for her waist and 51 inches for her hips. That done, she also decided she would like to know her weight. Finding the scales in the bathroom down the hall did not go high enough (they stopped at only 250 pounds), she went to the mall and used an industrial styled scale, which showed her weight to be three hundred and forty two pounds. It had been a long time since she had measured herself properly, and it was only the clothes she brought that had been a true indicator. She knew she had become a very big girl but had not quite realised on what scale. It, however, did not bother her. She liked what she had seen in the mirror and liked the sound as the large numbers were read out - and so what if she was fat?

After Easter came the serious work, and pressure started to build on everyone. Eva went through her revision, doing long days and long nights cramming at her desk or in the library. Always, wherever she was, she would have a few bags of crisps or sweets to keep her company. As the weeks rolled on to her first exam, the pounds were inadvertently rolling on, too, so much so that she was finding it more and more difficult to get up out of her chair from her desk. Also, her ever-expanding belly had started to rub against the front of the desk as she sat to do her revision.

When the exams finally started, it was almost a relief, as at least there was no more revision to be done. The exams, Eva felt quite confident, had gone well, and the weeks and months of work had hopefully been useful. It may have had an affect on her size, but that was not something Eva would worry about.

The last exam was over. It was the 14th of June, and it was time for a celebration and a goodbye to all her friends. An End of Year party was planned for a couple of day's time, but Eva planned to make the next couple of day's one big party. She started by heading straight over to the canteen for a celebratory lunch. It consisted of a plate of lasagne with garlic bread, a bowl chicken chow mien, and then a few slices of pepperoni pizza and finally to finish the savouries a plate of fried chicken and fries. Then, to tempt her sweet tooth, she had a bowl of ice cream piled high, then a piece of cheesecake and, finally, a hot fudge sundae. She left the canteen full, but it did not stop her finding a spot out in the sun by the lake to lie and to work her way through four ice creams and three pound bags of sweets.

As the sun went down, she made her way back to her room to get ready for a night out. She would have dressed in something fancy if only she had something that fit; the exams had helped put on plenty of pounds but not given her the chance to update her wardrobe. She finally settled on a pair of jeans with an elasticised waist that was now running out of stretch and a top which had not intended to look like a crop top but now showed a beautiful tyre of fat around her middle. Satisfied it was the best she could do, she set off to the all-you-can-eat Chinese with some of the others who had already finished their exams. Eva, over the space of this year, had definitely got over any shyness of indulging herself in front of others, and her eight trips to the counter certainly proved this fact. The rest were happy enough, chatting and drinking wine, having finished eating long before Eva even started to get warmed up. Meal finally over, they went to one of the student's flats and continued working through bottles of wine, Eva, her added size helping, worked through a bottle and a half, and, although well on the way, was not in the same state as some of the others that had come back.

The extra weight may have stopped her getting into quite the same state the night before, but come the morning and her head felt like it was being slowly crushed in a vice. After a couple of aspirin, she opted for that ideal hangover cure: a big greasy fry-up at the café down the road. The portions were, as usual, huge, but Eva was a growing girl and just trying to numb the pain, so she ordered a second with all the trimmings to follow the first. As she left the café, having finished the second portion with surprising gusto, she felt her belly pulling her down with the contents inside. She filled the morning, starting on the packing of her things for leaving in a few days time and watching some TV. Lunch was a similar affair to the day before, only she added a fifth main course to the three desserts.

After lunch, she met up with her roommate, who had just finished her last exam. They had arranged to go to the mall to chill and get some retail therapy. On arrival, Michelle mentioned she had not had lunch yet and, not one to deprive her friend of a meal, Eva joined her in a trip to the food court. For someone who had already had a lunch suitable for four people at least, she surprised even herself by ordering a foot long bacon and cheese baguette from Subway and a dozen doughnuts from Dunkin' Doughnuts. It was matched by Michelle, whose appetite had been continuing to improve as the year had progressed but still was dwarfed by that of the ever-expanding Eva. Meal deposed of into their bulging bellies, they set about finding something for the party the following day. Michelle found a daring red silk figure hugging dress that had a low cut neckline to show off her new deep cleavage. The dress clung to all her new bulges - and none more so than her flabby ass that you could see swaying as she walked.

For Eva, the job of finding something to wear on these nights out was becoming an ever-increasing problem. Her immense size was making it hard to find decent fancy clothes that fit. Finally, she found a Lane Bryant store that as least catered better than most for her size while still keeping quite stylish. She chose a smart blue dress, which showed her curves off rather than looking like a tent. Gone were the days when she would show off all her deep cleavage in public, but the dress gave a little sneak preview with a slight slit down the front to anyone whom may be interested. While she was out, she also purchased a fresh set of baggy clothes to replace the pre-exam ones, which had become figure hugging.

Clothes shopping out the way, the girls went looking for CDs, make-up and books for the trips home. By the time they had finished, it was late afternoon, and Eva suggested a quick coffee before they went back. Of course, Eva's coffee came with a selection of four different pastries, and Michelle, who had not had two lunches, settled for one, not wanting to feel totally left out.

That evening, feeling a little lethargic, the girls decided rather than go out they would just stay in and save themselves for the following night. So when they got back Michelle ordered some pizza. Eva being Eva, decided that she wanted three family sizes, one pepperoni, one Hawaiian and one four seasons. Michelle sprung for a regular meat-feast. The pizza arrived thirty minutes later, which was too long for Eva to wait so she had been dipping into a bag of crisps up to its arrival. With the pizza there and paid for, Eva chose to strip down to just her panties. She still rarely wore a bra and clothes in the room anymore; they could just be too restricting - and what was there to be embarrassed about? Clothes stripped off, she dug in, alternating between pizzas after every slice for a bit of variation. It took a while; there was enough there for about ten people at a push, but the bottomless pit that had become Eva's belly finally, after around an hour, managed to squeeze in the last mouthful. After dinner, she positioned herself on the seat in front of the telly with a second bottle of wine for the two of them. After about an hour passed, not really hungry but through force of habit, Eva got Michelle to get some snacks out of their stash. They sat there on the sofa, watching rubbish on the telly, drinking glass after glass of wine and going through bag after bag of crisps, chocolates, and sweets. At around midnight, Michelle made them each a sundae that filled the bowls and went down a treat. At around two, they called it a night and headed for bed. Even for Eva, today's feasting had been pushing the boundaries, and she struggled to lift herself off the sofa. As she made for bed, she had to haul all the flab along that was pulling her down every step of the way. It felt as if her belly was hanging lower, which indeed it was. Like her breasts used to sag before the belly got in their way, it was now her belly's turn to do the same as gravity had really taken hold.

The next day leading up to the party, Eva tried to control her excesses a least a little as she did not want to be too stuffed to have a little dance later. The effects of the day before were still pressing home, and she was not ready for another day like that just yet. It did not mean, however, she did not eat - far from it, she ploughed through more than most people eat in a few days; it just happened not to be as much for her. Around eight, it was time to get ready. A few of her friends had come around to have a few glasses of wine as they got prepared. They laughed and chatted as they did each other's make-up, drank, sang along to CDs and got changed into their outfits. Eva, from experience, had insured the dress she brought had enough room to cope with any excess she would have gained since buying the dress. Michelle, on the other hand, was not so in the know, and Eva could see that a day and a half binging on food had left her tummy bulging out to the fabric of her dress. It may have been clinging a bit tight, but Michelle still looked pretty good in that dress, and Eva was sure she would not want for attention that night.

So they arrived around ten and quickly got chatting and saying their goodbyes to the friends they had made over what had been a year of great change and great fun for Eva and Michelle.

At the party, she happened upon Steve and his new girlfriend, Rachael, who Eva had heard about but not previously met. She was surprised by the appearance of Steve's new girl. She was not only skinny; she looked positively anorexic. It was not the first time she had seen him since, but this was the first time they were in a position where ignoring each other could seem rude. Steve, looking at Eva now, was sure he had made the right choice in dumping her., God, he could not be seen out with that lump of lard. One thing, though, she was far better looking than the skinny thing he was dating now. Why could he not find someone nicely in the middle? Boy, Eva thought, if only he liked his girls with a fuller figure. He is still so gorgeous, but, hey, you win some lose some. So they made polite conversation for a couple of minutes, made their excuses, said a quick goodbye and separated fast.

The party was winding down, and people were starting to leave, many of whom Eva would never see again. Eva hit upon an idea at the end of the party. She went and found Ben, who was happily, she discovered, still single. She got him to take her home just to give him a more personal goodbye, and, hopefully, some more of that great sex. With the added eighty pounds since they last had been together, Ben seemed to be even more aroused by Eva's fleshy form. The foreplay, she found, was great as he worked his way around her body. He kissed and caressed her body from top to bottom, making each curve and fold in her flabby form feel magical, working down from her huge breasts to the belly and its folds with a pillow-like feel and then down to her pussy that had started to be covered with a layer of fat. Then, when she was aroused like never before, he entered her wet vagina, just calling out, and the orgasms flowed through the night as he put in a truly championship performance. As she got up in the morning, nothing needed saying. It had been a mutual enjoyment of Eva's body and no more, and they just said a quick goodbye, neither expecting they would ever see the other again.

Back at the room, it was time for the girls to get packed, getting ready to go their separate ways. Eva noted that Michelle, while not matching in any way the same amount of gain as her, had still been impressively transformed. The vast increases in her meals and the evening gross-outs had taken Michelle from having no shape to being quite voluptuous. During their time at university, she had put on just shy of fifty pounds, taking her up to 169 pounds. The girl that previously had no cleavage at all to speak of now had an abundance, which was emphasised by the fact that her current 34D bra that was struggling to contain her breasts. There, however, was not where the bulk of the weight had gone; it was her butt that had received it, and any jeans she wore fought to keep her big round buttocks in check.

So, it was off the airport and to end Eva's stay in the US. She said her goodbyes to her new plump friend Michelle at the airport, who was staying on an extra couple of weeks to look around the states before returning to France. The girl that was leaving the airport was quite different from the one that had arrived just ten months ago. There was an extra hundred-and-seventy pounds of her, for one thing. Her stretch marks had gradually over time increased to a point now where they almost seemed to be forming patterns across her large sagging breasts and mountain of a belly. There was cellulite ravaging her ass and down her legs, just adding extra to the way in which she waddled as she walked. The fat in her belly had created a fold, splitting it in two and was now on the way to forming another. Her belly had started to lose the battle with gravity and had started to cover her pussy. Her breasts had been taken into check by her gigantic belly but were now escaping off to the sides, looking for space.

It was as if a new woman had replaced the girl who had left Sweden just ten months ago. Now she was on her way back. What would life have in store for the three-hundred-and-eighty pound girl?