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A Young Swedish Woman
By The Owl
(Original Story by the Humanist - with Rewrite)

Part Three
Back Home

Eva, on her return to Sweden, arranged to stay at her friend Aida's for a couple of days. So, at the train station, Aida and her brother waited for her friend to return from her year away. Alex was excited about seeing Aida's pretty friend again. “She was a bit too chubby last summer; I wonder if she has lost that baby fat by now?” he thought. He also thought about those heavy drooping breasts and that jiggling fat ass.

The train arrived.


It was Eva's voice, but it was hard to recognize her! She wore a large T-shirt with a college logotype on it, over a pair of loose linen pants. Her pretty face was changed; it was rounder with dimples and the beginning of a second chin - no, a second chin! She was holding a bag over her shoulder and the t-shirt stretched tight over a massive chest, two immense breasts hanging all the way down to, and, a bit below, the waistline of her trousers. Under the breasts, a hanging bag of fat, her stomach, protruded and jiggled with each motion. The linen pants were filled to the brim with her fat thighs, and her rear stuck out behind her, sagging low.

Aida hugged her, and her hand could not meet around Eva's massive fat teenage body.

The girls and Alex, shortly after getting back to Aida's home, went down to have a swim before lunch.

Eva, now seventeen, was obese, but her face had not changed and was as stunning and model-looking as before. When she sat down on the blanket beside Aida, she raised the XXL T-shirt over her head and revealed tits that reached down to her lap, spreading all over the upper body. They were marked with long stretch marks and veins were visible under the extended white soft skin. The aureoles were as big as saucers, and the red nipples stuck up half a finger as broad as thick sausages. Her tummy rested in her lap. They were looking at a young woman of about 380 pounds!

She slowly got to her feet and wriggled out of her trousers. She only kept on her knickers, huge white panties stretching over her shapeless, hanging buttocks. They looked like they contained at least 50 pounds of fat each! Her grotesque breasts reached below her panty line. She was too fat even by Turkish standards.

She took sun oil and oiled them one at the time, lifting each tit to get oil under it. She then leaned backwards, let the breasts hang to each side and admired her fat round tummy. Her ass spread outwards under her revealing deep cellulite. She smiled at Aida.

“Please put some cream on my back, Aida!”

Eva got up on her arms and knees. Her tits swaying uncontrollably to all directions, her tummy sagging under her and her enormous ass vibrating, she lowered herself, pulling her tits up in front of her so that she could rest her pretty face on them. She looked into Alex's eyes as she wriggled her shapeless globes of fat, causing ripples that seemed never to want to stop, shaking her deformed cellulite ass, shaking it, smiling, shaking it again…

“This is my version of belly dance!”

They laughed. Eva slowly got to her feet, took off her knickers and waddled naked out towards the water. Her tits moving over her flabby stomach that just barely revealed her big swollen fat sex and an ass that lived its own life, the obese Swedish girl welcomed the summer.

Eva's swim was certainly on the short side. It took her no time at all to get absolutely exhausted, but she did however find the added weight enabled her to float a lot easier, as her fat worked as a great buoyancy aid. So as Aida and Alex swam around her, she just lay back and relaxed. Her appetite before too long won out, and she got the other two to join her in going back for some well-earned lunch.

Lunch, as it had been the last time Eva had been there, was a large affair, only this time it did not seem quite as large, having gotten used to putting away such large portions every mealtime. Eva spent the next couple of days catching up with her good friends, relax and enjoying some find food with Aida's family and looking forward to seeing her parents again after so long.

It had been almost a year and a half since Eva's parents had seen their daughter. Although Eva had talked to and sent regular email to her parents, she had never sent any pictures. The difference was immense. They had already seen their daughter change from a 140lbs beauty, who had she lost another 5lbs could have been a model, swell to 180lbs over the two years between fourteen and sixteen. They had, however, missed how a summer of overindulgence had put another 30lbs onto her frame, leaving her with totally unruly breasts and a behind that had plenty to crab hold of. That had been followed by a year which had left their once little girl's body looking completely unrecognisable. She was 385 pounds of pure flesh; there was roll after roll of fat bulging out everywhere over her body. Eva was more than double the young woman she had been the last time her parents had seen her. It was only in her face you could tell it was the same person. It was obviously rounder and had some accompanying extra chins, but she still had the beautiful features in her face that she had always had.

So, after a couple of days spent with her friend Aida, came the meeting with her parents back at their place on the coast. Eva, totally at ease with her appearance, choose to wear a pair of sweats and a jumper that failed to quite cover the bottom of her huge belly. It was quite a sight for her parents, who had no idea their daughter had gotten anywhere near as big in the last year. Two hundred pounds on your young pride and joy can be a bit of a shock, and it sure was. As she walked in, it took a while for them to realise it was even their daughter who had been dropped off back at the house. And then it came.

“Err, hi, welcome back, honey. What the hell have you done to yourself? I, err, can't believe it what happened. Urgh, you're huge!” her dad said

“Well, I….”

“It great to have you home, darling! Well, let's get you settled in and then we can have a chat,” her mother interjected

So Eva settled back into her room while her parents, Eva was convinced, were preparing an assault on her weight gain. She took her time preparing her defence, but from the looks they had just given her, she knew it would be some battle - they looked disgusted. Others had looked and sneered before at her size in recent months, but no one she cared deeply about, and it hurt. And for the first time, she was actually concerned she had made a big mistake. It would have been better if they were a similar size to Aida's parents; then they couldn't help but keep quiet. They were not, however; in fact, she estimated her mother was around 150 and her father 180 pounds. And both were tall like Eva, so they looked pretty slender.

It was inevitable. Her parents called her into the living room, and the 'chat' began. Eva was determined to keep calm and fight from her corner in a resolute manner.

“So what happened, Eva? How did you let yourself go so fat? Darling, you can't be happy looking like that, can you?” said her father, quickly on the offensive.

“I know I have put on a lot of weight, but I am happy with it, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.”

“Come on, Eva; you must know it's not healthy - and how do you ever expect to find a man looking like that?”

“I make sure I do plenty of exercise, believe it or not, and finding a man is my business.”

“Look, Eva, you've got to lose some weight.”


“It for your own good, precious. Your mother is going to set you a diet, and you're going to stick to it; it is the only way.”

And so, reluctantly, Eva was put on a diet; she just did not know how she could get around it. The battle had been won by her father, but Eva was ready for the war.

The diet started that evening, and, although it was a hearty meal for most, it barely took the edge off Eva's hunger. She pleaded after the meal for more.

“Look, mother, I know you want me on a diet, but can't we do this gradually, please? I have not had a meal that small in years – please, just a little more. . .”

Eva could see her mother's face kept its resolve and knew there would be no more food tonight. It took Eva hours to fall to sleep that night; the pain of her stomach calling out for food was just unbearable. The next couple of weeks followed a similar pattern: the meals Eva was given were adequate for someone of average build, but to Eva it was agony. Her mother was watching her like a hawk, and there were not any sign of weakness from either parent's position. She had even been banned from going out alone, as to prevent her cheating. By the end of a fortnight, Eva had lost 20 pounds and was worrying she would waste away and never be able to enjoy any fattening food again. That is when she knew she would have to take drastic action, so she decided she was old enough that she would move out. Her parents had been so generous in her year away that she still had money left over. She was sure she could make it last for a while at least. She would rent a flat and then look for a job - what could they do to stop her? Absolutely nothing!

The next day, Eva managed to get her mother to let her leave the house alone as her mother had work to do. The first thing she did was go to the bakery in town and order a dozen doughnuts; as she bit into the first one, the taste was incredible, and she knew she was doing the right thing in moving out. She sat down on a bench in the town square and devoured the entire box, appreciating it all the more for the fortnight of torture.

Eva, hunger satisfied for the first time in ages, set about finding a flat to rent; she brought a local property paper and worked her way through the rented list at the cheap end of the market. It took most of the day, but eventually she found a flat that, although small, was cheap, pleasant looking and well maintained. She could move in a couple of days, and she put the deposit down then and there. Before she went home, she had what she would call a proper dinner to go with the doughnuts and lunch she had already eaten. She found her third trip to the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet was enough; it was incredible how fast her appetite had shrunk back down.

When Eva got back, she told her parent she was going to go. They were distraught and tried to convince her it was best she stayed at home - it was where she belonged - but she was having none of it, and, anyway, she had already put down the deposit.

So it was a couple more days of torture, lessened by the fact she snuck in a few bags of sweets and her parents were giving up, knowing they had lost this weight battle. Then she was off to start out on her own. Her parents, if they regretted it, did not show any remorse for pressuring her into leaving.

The flat was certainly small. It was open plan, with just the toilet and shower boxed off in one corner; there was a kitchenette, with a table and a couple of chairs, the sofa doubling up as her bed. The first thing she did in her new flat was sort the kitchenette out, put on the fridge-freezer and fill it with the few goodies she just could not resist buying on the way over. Then she went out again and brought some more things to fill the small cupboards and fridge to bursting point.

That first night she decided would have to be dedicated to the official end of her diet. It was to be one of her famous binges she loved so dearly. She had a couple of pizzas in the oven, a lasagne waiting to follow, an apple pie in the fridge and a tub of ice cream in the freezer. It was when she had the dinner laid out that she realised as she sat down that the chairs were not designed for a girl of Eva's size. Her huge butt spilled out over the sides and she struggled to ever get comfortable. Not deterred, she dug into the first slice of four cheese pizza “Umm, pizza, how I've missed you so!”

Then it was on, and the pizzas disappeared so quickly that the lasagne had not even finished cooking by the time she was ready for it. That went down slower than the pizza but still soon disappeared. It was the pie and ice cream that proved to be a challenge for her shrunken stomach, but she persevered, and, although it took a bit of a rest, it also disappear before she went off to sleep.

The following morning, Eva realised the second problem of having such a small flat. All was going well until she tried to get into the shower and then she found it certainly was not intended for a girl of Eva's size. She could fit, just about, but to turn around was an impossible task, so much so that to wash her back she had to get out turn around then move in backwards. 'Oh well.' she thought, 'it's a small price to pay. Now, what's for breakfast? I'm starved.'

She calculated that with a modest expenditure, she had enough money to keep her going for about two-and-a-half months. So, the sooner she could find a job the better; she certainly did not want to go back grovelling to her parents, and that was for sure. Preferably, she would like a job in business management, what the course she had gone to the US in the first place had been all about, but now was not the time to be fussy. She needed a job pretty quick.

One thing, living and fending for herself, Eva soon realised was that cooking could be quite a mission. Particularly, when it was Eva you were cooking for. She no longer had the money to eat out or the Uni canteens readily available, so she had to be creative. The fact she still had not a job gave her plenty of time to do just that and she kept the culinary treats coming thick and fast. It took a month, with still no job on the horizon, but Eva was back to the same size she was when she went home: 385 pounds. Eva was proud of her achievement and was now determined to make four hundred by the start of September, another three weeks away, just to prove she had beaten her parents and their diet.

August was a month of great rejection for Eva; the job applications kept on being followed by rejections. She had by the end of the month only about enough money left to get her through to the end of September; she certainly could not afford October's rent. One area, however, where she had been succeeding was her goal of 400 pounds before September. With five days to go, she was up to 397, and she invited Aida around to help in the final push. Eva had spent the day preparing a spread of astronomical proportions. The oven was constantly full of more and more food, although quite a bit disappeared into Eva's waiting maw and not the table. Aida was meant to arrive at seven but it took till half past for her to finally come, leaving Eva desperately trying to resist the full table and kitchen surfaces.

“Hey, what took you so long? I hope you have brought your appetite; there is quite a feast in store.”

“Don't you worry about my appetite! These two hundred and fifty pounds need plenty of maintaining,” Aida said, holding her belly for added emphasis.

So the girls started to dig into the mountains of food that awaited them. It was incredible, the quantities that the girls could devour. Eva just ate like a girl on a mission; Aida was trying in vain to keep up, but it soon became clear who the true 'eating machine' was. Aida, once she was too stuffed to eat anymore, started to urge Eva on yet further and massaged her belly to ease some of the pain. It was six hours before Eva finally gave up on the constant supply of food Aida pushed upon her. She just fell asleep there, not wanting to move from the agony of food sloshing in her belly. The following morning on the scale in a local mall rest room she found she had indeed passed four hundred pounds, in fact, by an extra four. This, she decided, was the end of her revenge of sorts over her parents, and she would not set goals of her weight anymore. It was just childish.

At four hundred pounds, she now found the shower was even more difficult as she was that much wider than she had been when she moved in. She now had to move in at a slight angle, but would still feel the doorframe squeeze against her bulges as she entered. Another thing, she had found that her sofa bed did not have the support a normal bed would have, and it was straining every night as she plopped her self down on it.

By the start of September, she was getting desperate, and she was trawling around the offices and retail centres in town every day just on the off chance. By the middle of September, she was at the point where she was almost ready to admit defeat when she saw a vacancy in the local bakery. She popped inside, and they gave her the job just about as soon as she asked. Looking at her, the manager must have thought she knew how to prepare food.

A job in a bakery was certainly not what Eva wanted to do for sure long-term, but she quickly came to appreciate the short-term benefits. Firstly, she now had money to spend; her salary, although not great, covered the rent with enough left over to buy the goods for plentiful breakfast and dinners. Secondly, she was able to snack throughout the day on an array of baked goodies and got to also take some leftovers home each night to enjoy grossing out in front of the TV.

Since she was still feuding with her parents, Aida had invited her to spend Christmas with her and her parents. They made her feel like one of the family, and that meant she was treated to non-stop gluttony, provided by Aida's mother for all of her brood. She missed her own parents a lot over Christmas, but she could not back down. She just loved her food too much for that.

Michelle came over from France in the middle of January, and Eva had been looking forward to seeing her friend ever since she said she was coming over. So the time had come, and Eva wandered over to the station to meet her friend; at first, she had problems registering it was her as she approached but then got that welcoming smile. Eva may have put on forty pounds in the seven months since she had left the States, but it was not so noticeable. Michelle, on the other hand, had put on ninety and it certainly was. She had at 259lbs had moved from pleasantly plump to just a plain fat girl. Her lower half was just huge, and her butt was now actually bigger than her friend, even if Eva did a hundred and sixty pounds on her.

“Look at you; you have certainly learnt a few lessons from the master,” Eva said, holding her belly up with her hands.

“Well, I am not up there with you just yet.”

“At this rate it will not take long.”

So the pair spent a pleasurable week, catching up, and Eva showing what Sweden had to offer - particularly the restaurants in the surrounding area. On the final night of Michelle's stay, the pair had been pigging out on pizza, chocolate and ice cream all night when Eva came up with a suggestion.

“Hey, I have a tape measure over there in the drawer, and I've missed my measuring friend over the last few months. How about we see where I am?”

“Sure, but you have to measure me first.”

Eva measured her bust, which was 42 inches across, then her waist, which was 40. Finally came the hips, which were a whopping 55 inches – but, then, what do you expected with a two-hundred-and-sixty-five pound pear-shaped beauty?

“Well, someone has certainly found the pleasure of good food recently! But, hey, this was my idea, so get to it.”

When Michelle finally decided where to actually measure Eva's unruly bust, the measure read 57 inches. Her waist was just an inch smaller at 56, and her hips had now grown to 62 across. Well, with 424lbs, the numbers can get very high. Michelle left the following morning, and Eva marvelled at how she had bottom that swayed, oh-so-beautifully as she moved, how different she was from the girl she first met sixteen month earlier. She was so glad Michelle had also found a man she loved and who loved that arse.

It was a month later, and one evening, just after she had gotten back from the bakery, she got a knock on the front door of her flat. After the third attempt, she got up off the sofa and waddled over to the door; as she opened it, she was shocked to see it was her parents there to meet her. They had not been there in the six months, since she had moved out, although her mother had started ringing her every so often. They were there to make their peace, and Eva was happy to accect their apologies for forcing her into leaving. They clearly were still not to happy at her size, but were willing to accept it so not to lose their girl forever.

For her eighteenth birthday in April, Aida arranged a party for Eva, which many of her friends and family were invited to. Some people who had not seen Eva were shocked that a girl that size would ever wear a dress like the one she had chosen. For a change, she had worn a bra which pushed her breasts out right in front of her, the low-cut dress showing her bountiful cleavage at its finest. The dress also clung up against her enormous belly and her well-cushioned derriere. Eva oozed confidence in her appearance and had enjoyed the night immensely, although things were about to get even better in two ways. Firstly, one of Eva's old school friends turned out to be the guy she had drooled over for years at school but could never get to ask her out. Now he was looking even better than she remembered, and Eva could see the guy couldn't keep his eyes off her all night. And just as the party was winding down, he came over and asked her out for a date.

Eva was delighted. This guy was the mixture of Steve and Ben that she had been hoping for all this time. She wasted no time in saying yes and arranged a date with Fredrik in the town's best Chinese restaurant. Second, for her eighteenth birthday, Eva had a shocking present from her parents that she just had not expected. It came in the form of a trust fund they had set up when she was born, which had grown considerably - just like Eva - to the point now where it was worth just over eleven million Krona ($1,500,000). They had never told her about the fund, and when she opened the card they passed her, the shock hit Eva for six.

What life would bring now, she just was not sure. But she was confident that it could only get better!