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Sweet Revenge
By WasSlender

Part 1

Sue sat on the park bench and cried to herself. She wondered how D (her roommate) could do this to her. Of all things, she had stolen the man that she was crazy about. When she had confronted D earlier about what she witnessed, D said in a cold and unemotional voice that these things happened, and she had hoped it would not change their relationship in the future. She then walked out and left Susan alone in the apartment.

Now she reflected on their relationship, the both of them had grown closer since they had become roommates about a year ago. They had confided in each other their secrets, fears and weaknesses, just like sisters. They had both looked upon each other as the sister that neither had, and this made what she had done even more painful.

What had frustrated Susan even more was that it was the results of her efforts that resulted in D developing her new voluptuous figure which she had obviously used to steal Danny.

She had thought back to the first time the two had met. It was about 20 months ago when the two had met through a mutual friend. They had hit it off right away and quickly became friends. When the opportunity arose for the two of them to become roommates about a year ago, Sue had jumped at the opportunity.

Back then D was kind of chunky and always struggling with her weight. After Sue had moved in she saw that D had poor eating habits and never exercised. It took her a couple of months, but she was able to get her to change. Since she was a natural in the kitchen, she immediately took over the cooking duties and food shopping. It was no problem to work her magic in this area, but it was more difficult to get D into an exercise routine. However, with her constant guidance (nagging) Sue got her to the gym on a regular basis. In fact now it was part of her daily routine, and the results were now quite evident. D had lost the baby fat and her body had toned up nicely.

She had remembered how Dan looked at her when she brought him to the apartment, and there was no mistake in what he thought of her when she saw them in the park, kissing and hugging, making out like a couple of teenagers in heat. She had wondered what Danny would have thought of her if she was still chunky and out of shape.

Then a light bulb went off in the back of her mind. If she had changed D's eating and exercise habits in the past then she could do it again. She then spent the rest of the afternoon making plans.

When D returned home that evening there were some tense moments, but they finally began to talk. As D went into the refrigerator, she found a small treat. It was a box containing some pastries. They then sat down and talked. Susan made sure that D ate the last one. When they went to bed that evening D felt everything was all right between them, but what she did not realize that Susan's revenge was only beginning.

The next morning as Susan developed her plan, she divided it into three phases. The first was to increase the amount of food which D consumed daily without divulging her plan. As she pondered the problem it was answered when she went shopping for groceries that afternoon. Since it was early summer she would use fresh vegetables.

Starting that evening she made sure that D would be served a large salad and with a big serving of vegetables. As the summer passed Sue steadily increased her portions. It reached the point where she was eating a large bowl of salad with a big plate of vegetables containing two or three different types. She also noted that D was in the refrigerator, always snacking on some type of healthy snack. As Sue watched her she smiled because her plan was right on schedule.

Since Sue was using fruit and vegetables, it did not have an effect on her weight. In fact it help her to control her weight, because it stopped her from eating junk food. By the end of the summer she knew that D was ready for phase two.

Part 2

Phase two was quite simple: Sue would begin to substitute different types of food into her diet and reduce her amount of daily exercise. In late August she found a new job that was closer to where she lived and had a gym in the facility, and since she worked flex hours she could make full use of it. Two days later she told D about the gym and how she had planned to give up her membership in the gym, which they had joined together. Initially, D was disappointed but happy for her friend. As Sue left the room, she knew D was too lazy to keep working out without Sue pushing her.

Regarding her diet Sue slowly began to substitute different types of foods. Initially, she increased her carbohydrate consumption by serving different types of pasta dishes and reduced the vegetables and salad served at each meal. Susan also started to stock the refrigerator with other types of food then fruits. Sue also began to bake again, making different type of treats, using the excuse that it was now cooler. D also found herself spending more time alone because of Dan's work schedule; they were only able to see each other on weekends, and with Susan's new job she wound up working a lot of evenings. So there was D with a lot of time on her hand and the refrigerator with the sweet treats, which Sue had baked. Each evening when Sue arrived home, she would immediately go and check to see what she had eaten.

By the end of September Sue found out that D had not been to the gym in the past two weeks from an old friend. The second was that she noticed that D's clothes were getting tight. When she remarked about the gym, D simply said that she had been quite busy at work, but would start working out next week. Sue was quite pleased with herself because everything was going according to plan and her efforts were beginning to show some results.

During the next month, Sue continued to introduce different types of foods into her diet. Each new dish was a bit richer and more fattening. She also continued to improve her baking skills, creating and increasing the different types of treats, which were in the house. By mid-October it was common to have three different types of desserts in the apartment at any time, while four months earlier you could not find anything but fruits, nuts and a package of cookies. D's appetite did not show any signs of slowing down. She was a woman who liked to eat, and being surrounded by all this tempting treats only seemed to increase it. The results were now quite evident on D's figure. She had filled out and appeared heavier then when they had met.

By the end of the month Sue noticed that D was wearing a complete set of new clothes and when dressed up she looked even more voluptuous, sporting a true hourglass figure. She also had figured that by now Danny would be getting turned off by her weight gain and expected problems soon to develop in their relationship.

But one night when they were talking, the topic came up regarding their individual relationships. D had remarked that their relationship was getting more serious. Even though she had gained some weight, Danny seemed to enjoy it, and he couldn't seem to keep his hands off of her when they were together. She had also noticed that D seemed quite relaxed and quite sure of herself. As they were going to bed, D remarked how happy she was that they had their little talk, because she had felt they were drifting apart. Sue smiled and said it would never happen, and they hugged and went to their separate bedrooms.

While in bed, Sue laid awake and thought about their conversation. She hadn't figured on Dan's response to her weight gain. The only reason she had put the plan into place was to teach D a lesson and get Dan back. She was confused and pondered if she should give up on her plan. As she thought about her problem she drifted off into sleep. During the next few days, she thought about what she was trying to accomplish and decided to abandon the plan and get a life of her own. Her new motto was to forgive and forget. As Sue sat at her desk, she had to smile because if she had continued with the plan her Christmas present to D would have been about another twenty pounds.

That Friday Sue was supposed to go out with a friend, but by early afternoon she was not feeling well and decided to cancel and go home to rest. When she arrived home she immediately took a shower, drank a cup of tea and went to bed. She suddenly woke up when she heard some noise from the living room. When her senses had cleared, she realized that it was D, who had obviously been drinking. Whenever she had too much to drink she became quite loud.

As Sue got up, she heard another voice. It was Barbara, a woman who she didn't like. Sue found her obnoxious and didn't know how she and D had ever become friends. As she stood by the door, deciding if she wanted to go into the livening room, she heard Barb bring up her name. Barb had asked D about her roommate. D said, "As stupid as ever," and both women laughed.

D told Barb that not only had she stolen Dan, but had convinced her that it was not her fault. She then told Barbara that Sue was an easy mark and bragged how she was charging her an extra $50.00 dollars a month for the rent, and that Sue did not suspect anything. Barb had a real good laugh, then D said, "Remember the brooch I gave my boss for her birthday? I told you I got it at a flea market. Well, it was Sue's, and it belonged to her grandmother. When Sue found it missing, she looked all over for it and I even helped her. Finally, she decided that she must have lost it. I bought her a cheap imitation, and she thought it was so nice of me."

After Barb stopped laughing, she told D that she was terrible. They continued to talk but Sue was in shock and just went back to bed and cried into her pillow. The next morning she awoke early and just laid in bed for about two hours, thinking about the conversation she had over heard the previous night. She was totally devastated and felt betrayed by someone who she thought was her friend. As she thought about her present situation, she remembered what her father use to say: "Don't get mad, just get even."

She decided that she was going to get even and teach that bitch a lesson that she would never forget. She then collected her thoughts and got up to start the day. She knew it would be hard to face D and control her anger, but all she had to do was live a lie, and treat D as if nothing had happened. While taking her shower she decided the perfect punishment for D was to follow though with the plan; but instead of her just becoming plump, she would turn her into a blimp! ! !

Part 3

When D awoke she saw Sue in the kitchen and asked her what time she had come home last night. Sue told her that she had not felt well and came home early, taken a shower, medication and gone to straight to bed. The medication had knocked her out because she slept straight through the night. When D remarked that Barb and she were in the living room and were quite loud, Sue answered that she had never even heard them.

Then Sue smiled and asked if she wanted any breakfast. D answered that she just wanted some coffee and aspirin because she had a hangover. They talked about their plans for the weekend while Sue made some coffee and toast. By the time they had finished D had drunk two mugs of coffee made with extra sugar and cream and three pieces of toast covered with butter and jam.

After breakfast Sue went to the library to do some research for new cookbooks and methods to gain weight. Once she was finished she went to the local health food store and bought some supplies. While she shopped she never figured that a store of this type would contain so many natural foods that would help her with the plan. On Monday evening, when D came home from work, she found Sue who greeted with a special fruit drink. Sue told her that she wanted to celebrate because her project that she had been working on had gotten rave reviews from her bosses. In fact, one of her bosses remarked that if she continued to produce work of this type, she was going places with the company.

As they toasted D took her first sip of the drink and thought it was delicious. She wanted to know the ingredients. Sue told her it was a combination of fruit juices and a little rum. What she left out was that it contained a scoop of weight gain powder, and she smiled because each drink continued about 1600 calories. D loved it so much she drank three of them.

Dinner consisted of three courses and combined with desert was about 2,000 calories. To complete the meal Sue had put a natural herb in her tea that would make D very sleepy. Within an hour after dinner D had taken a shower and gone to bed. While Sue relaxed before going to bed, she thought in one meal D had consumed over 6,800 calories - a few more meals like this and she would be splitting some seams. She then reminded herself that patience was a virtue and she had to go slow or D would realize what was happening to her.

During the next few weeks, Sue experimented with new recipes, using the food supplements from the health food store, and she continued to create different fruit drinks for D to sample. The week of Thanksgiving Sue stared at D one morning while she was getting dressed and noted that she was now pleasantly plump and moving towards becoming fat. Her face was rounder, and a double chin was beginning to form. Her breasts were noticeably larger and were beginning to sag under the added weight. Her tummy, hips, butt and thighs were all noticeably rounder. Sue concluded that D's hourglass figure would soon reach its limits, and she planned to push it along during the weekend.

Danny had taken the week off and gone home to a big family reunion; initially D was scheduled to go but had to cancel when she couldn't get the time off from work. Since neither of them had any close family, they decided to spend the holiday and weekend together.

On Thanksgiving morning, Sue arose at the crack of dawn to begin preparing the feast. If everything went according to plan, the poor darling would be reclining on the couch too bloated to move. She had carefully planned out the menu and serving schedule to assure that the maximum amount of calories would be consumed by her little piggy.

At approximately 11:00 a.m., D appeared from her bedroom. She was dressed in a pair of loose fitting sweats and promptly announced that she was starving. Sue immediately told her that the kitchen was closed until noon and promptly suggested that they take a walk so that they could enjoy the day and work up an appetite. When they returned 90 minutes later, D's stomach was definitely rumbling.

Sue ordered her to sit down in the living room and quickly returned with a small cart. It contained a tray loaded with cheeses and crackers and a large pitcher of her special punch with two glasses filled. She placed the tray on the table and gave D her glass. During the next hour the girls feasted on the crackers and cheese and drank the punch. To avoid drinking any of the special punch Sue would periodically return to the kitchen under the premise to check on the turkey, and fill her glass with straight fruit juice. On the third trip she returned with another platter with shrimp and vegetables with a special cream dip. She placed it directly in front of D and sat down. Within another hour D had finished all of the punch and most of the second platter. To kill some time Sue got her some more punch and suggested that they watch the football game on TV.

She allowed another hour to pass before she unveiled her special surprise. After returning from her bedroom she lit up and passed D a joint. D looked at her and laughed then eagerly accepted it. After she had finished her 3rd joint and was quite relaxed, Sue began a conversation about cooking and different food. When she noticed that D was good and hungry she began to serve dinner. Sue made sure that D had a large helping of everything cooked. It was a traditional meal with one exception; everything was covered with butter or cream sauce. In fact to make it extra fattening she mixed some weight gain powder in the gravy and sauce that she had served her. Sue then made sure that the most fattening items on the menu could be easily reached by D when she wanted seconds.

During the next 90 minutes she sat back and watched D eat almost non-stop. Sue amused herself by carrying on the conversation and drinking most of the wine. In fact D was so busy eating, she never noticed that Sue had hardly eaten anything. After they had finished and relaxed for a few minutes, Sue made sure that she did her part and cleaned off the table and washed the dishes. While she sat in her chair Sue could see the results of the feast, as D's stomach bulged outward through the loose sweats.

Once the kitchen was cleaned, they returned to the living room and watched the evening news. D took a short nap and was awakened by Sue when she handed her another joint. As they smoked two more joints, Sue had put on a cooking show, which she had tapped a few days earlier. The entire show was devoted to the subject of making special treats for the holidays. During the show, Sue asked D if she would help her bake cookies and other holiday treats for church and the local shelter; D eagerly agreed.

After the show Sue served dessert. When she returned from the kitchen, the cart was loaded with three pies and two mugs of coffee. After her first piece of pie, Sue encouraged her to try a piece of the other two pies. D at this point was so relaxed and high that she was powerless to resist. As a result she ate two more large servings of pie. By now D was so full she could hardly move, so Sue immediately jumped up and cleaned the table and dishes.

At 8:00 p.m. Danny called and talked with D for about an hour. When she was finished, Sue offered her another joint and they got high again. At 11:00 p.m. Sue served her another large piece of pie with ice cream, smothered with whipped cream, and a large cup of tea. Shortly after they had finished the snack, D went to bed. After saying goodnight, Sue sat on the couch and reflected on the day.

Everything had gone according to plan; D had consumed approximately 14,000 calories, but more importantly, she had reintroduced marijuana into her life. She knew from past discussions that D had an addictive personality and enjoyed getting high. When she was in college, she had developed quite a habit and it had taken a while to kick it. Now all she had to do was get her to smoke a few more joints during the weekend and D would be again hooked.

The weekend had settled into a routine that was established on Thursday. Then on Saturday night Sue got an unexpected surprise. After they had finished dessert, D had gone to the bathroom when the doorbell rang. When Sue looked through the peephole, she saw it was Danny. She quickly moved him into the living room. She positioned herself in front of him because she wanted to see his reaction when D entered into the room.

She was rewarded by the look on his face when D entered the room. For that brief moment she noticed a look of shock on Danny's face, but to his credit he quickly recovered and greeted D. After they kissed and hugged they settled on the couch, and talked. Danny made some excuse that he was tired from the long trip and was going home. Home to sleep.

As D walked to the door, she knew that the relationship was doomed. Later that week she found out from a mutual friend that Danny was spotted at a club on Saturday night and he was trying to hit on this blonde. That evening D had asked her if she and Danny could have the apartment for the weekend, so they could spend some quality time together. She explained that he had lent his place to a friend. Sue agreed and decided to visit an old friend for the weekend. By Friday everything had been set; Sue was going to leave early Saturday morning and return on Sunday night. She made sure that the kitchen was well stocked for the two lovers and had even gotten D involved with the cooking. But on Friday night when she returned home she found D sitting in the living room with the lights out and she was crying. When Sue asked what was wrong she found out that Danny had dumped her.

As they talked, Sue offered to cancel her plans and stay with her, but D insisted that she go because she wanted to be alone. The next morning Sue left early, and as she closed the door she realized that instead of a lovers' weekend, D was going to probably spending the time bingeing.

When she returned on Sunday two things happened. As she expected D had been pigging out all weekend, and more importantly, she'd met Andrew, the man of her dreams. They had met on Saturday night and it was love at first sight. When she checked the refrigerator, she had found that it was almost empty, noting that she would have to food shopping tomorrow. As she closed the door she smiled and thought, what a perfect weekend, she had found a man and the plan was working to perfection.

Part 4

During the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, things were relatively quiet. D kept to herself and spent most of her free time at the apartment, withdrawing from all of her friends except Sue. When they talked, it was about the upcoming holidays or Danny. Due to D's state of mind, Sue decided not to tell D about Andrew. When she went out, she always said she was going to a party and asked her if she wanted to go, but as always D declined.

In fact, all D did these days was get high and snack. The girls spent Christmas Day together, and it was during dinner that she told her about Andrew. At first, D was surprised then she became quite sad. As they talked, Sue told her it was time get on with her life. D agreed, and they decided to go out and bring in the New Year together. When the question came up about a date for D, Sue told her that she would take care of everything.

After dinner Sue stared at D while she was cleaning up the kitchen and noted that she had put on at least another 10 lb. since she broke up with Danny. She smiled to herself because D was now fat, and if things continued as planned she would continue to fatten her up during the new year.

D was now out of control, and it was all a result of Sue's conditioning. She knew that she could manipulate D's moods and the amount of food that she ate. Sue felt that the turning point came on Thanksgiving weekend, when she had re-introduced marijuana into D's life. She was now hooked on it again and after she smoked she could not control her appetite. Two days later they went out to buy a new outfit for D, and they finally settled on a black dress that was a size 16. As D modeled it for her, Sue thought from size 8 to 16 in about six months!

As the girls got dressed for New Year's Eve, Sue heard D crying and went to her bedroom to see what was wrong. As she entered the room D was standing in front of the full length mirror in her new dress. She turned to Sue and said, "Look at me, I've really gotten fat. No wonder Danny dumped me. How did I let this happen?" Sue went over to her and gave her a hug, and tried to comfort her. As they talked D asked her for help to lose the weight and get back into shape. Sue promised that she would, but deep down knew that it was a promise that she would never keep!

On New Year's Day, D arose with new resolve that she was going to get her life together and her figure back. When she walked into the kitchen, Sue had already prepared a big breakfast. When D looked at her with a puzzled look on her face, Sue smiled and said that they would party and be merry today and diet tomorrow. So, the remainder of the day D ate like there was no tomorrow. By the end of the day she sat on the couch, and her belly was bloated and hung out over the waistband. Sue came up and poked her in the tummy and said that some one has been a real piggy today and then offered the last piece of cake left in the house. D was so high she just laughed and accepted the offering.

The next morning D began her diet in earnest. For the next few days she was always hungry and miserable, Sue had made sure that she stuck to it, and would only serve her normal portions of tasteless food. D had become used to eating large quantities of rich foods and now it seemed that Sue was trying to starve her. Sue also insisted that she start going to the gym. D went, but she never really pushed herself, and she really didn't like to hear the comments from other people who had not seen her for months.

While she was in the locker room one day, she heard two women talking about her. The conversation centered on how fat she had become. One of them commented that she now resembled a heifer cow, and it was no wonder that Danny had dumped her. Both laughed and left the locker room talking about Danny's new girlfriend. That comment really hurt D, and after she had showered she stepped onto the scale and was shocked to see that she had only lost one pound.

As she walked home, her sprits were down, and as she crossed the street she remembered that Sue wanted her to stop at the bakery and pick up a loaf of seven grain bread. As she entered the store the smells were overwhelming, and her mouth filled with saliva. As she ordered the bread she stared at the tray donuts. She decided to have one, but wound up ordering three. As she continued home she greedily ate the treats. Sue stood across the street and smiled because she knew that D could not resist. After almost three weeks of dieting D had lost a total of three pounds and was discouraged at her slow progress. She had planned to be another 7 - 10 lb. lighter, but her daily treats had slowed her progress. Sue sensed her frustration and knew D was ready to give up.

If timing is everything in life, then Sue was ready to make her move this weekend. It was D's birthday, and the girls were going to celebrate, but first she was going to make sure that D never set foot into a gym again. To begin the weekend they decided to work out together. Sue was a real drill sergeant and put D through a grueling workout, and by the end she was completely exhausted. As they left the locker room, she told Sue that she felt better after a hot shower, but was still tired. Sue knew that the real effects would not be felt until tomorrow morning.

Now the partying began, and since it was D's birthday, Sue had told her that she could cheat on her diet this weekend. To begin they went to a local Italian place, where the food was good and the portions were large. Sue surprised D by ordering their dinner in advance and had made sure that D's portions were larger then normal. The first course consisted of a large platter filled with cold meats, cheese, vegetables covered with seasonings and olive oil, along with bread and butter. Once that was completed, out came the soup, cream of mushroom, served with garlic bread. The main course consisted of a creamed pasta served in a large bowl, along with a side order of chicken cooked in butter and herbs.

During the meal they shared a bottle of medium red wine. Dessert was pastry and coffee. They finished dinner and went to a local bar and had a few drinks. They returned to the apartment, and D went immediately to bed.

Saturday was D's birthday, so Sue surprised her with breakfast in bed. She prepared for her a 3-egg omelet, home fries, sausage, toast, sweet rolls, and coffee, and everything was smothered in butter. Placing the tray loaded with food in front of her, she told her to hurry up and eat because she had a big day planned for the birthday girl. D was still full from the previous evening meal, but she did not want refuse her friend's offering, so she ate until she had finished it. As Sue removed the tray D reached down and touch her bloated stomach. When D tried to get out of bed every muscle in her body ached, the results of the work out. She had to take an extra long hot shower in order for her to move around.

As promised, Sue had planned a day packed full of activities, and every time she moved she was reminded of the work out. Even though they did not stop for lunch, Sue made sure that they were constantly snacking on some treat. When they returned home late that afternoon Sue began to cook dinner. She followed the same pattern used on Thanksgiving Day. By the time the birthday cake was served, D sat on the couch completely stuffed and stoned. When she saw it was her favorite kind of cake, she couldn't resist eating three large pieces. By the time she was finished, she could hardly move and quickly dozed off to sleep. As Sue looked at her, she figured that she had consumed about 15,000 calories during the day and knew she would not return to her diet after the weekend.

On Sunday the combination of rich food and the result of the work out discouraged D from moving around, so to keep her occupied Sue went out and rented three movies. The girls sat around watching the movies, getting high, and snacking. When Sue saw D's face on Monday morning, she knew her plan had worked; D had gained nine pounds during the weekend. She was quite discouraged because she hadn't eaten that much to warrant such a large weight gain. There were two factors which she did not take into account: first, she ate a lot of food when she was stoned and she simply didn't remember it; and second, Sue had loaded her food with weight gain powder.

Sue tried to encourage her to continue and recommended that she had to get back to the gym to start work off those pounds. D told her that her back was bothering her, and she was going to see the doctor about it today. In reality she was still too sore and did not want to go back until she felt better and figured that a few days off would not hurt.

That evening Sue asked her about her back, D answered that she had strained her lower back and the doctor had restricted her from working out for the next two weeks. Sue played along with the lie and told her that she felt responsible for the injury. So to make amends she made sure that D rested a lot and slowly began to introduce richer foods into her diet. In fact, if she did not have to go to work, her days would have been spent either sitting or lying down, and the most exercise she would have gotten was lifting a fork to her mouth. By the end of the period D had lost all interest in working out and returned to her normal eating routine before the diet. The diet lasted 1 month and resulted in a 7 lb. Weight gain. D was now ready for phase III, a massive weight gain!!!

Part 5

During the next 6 months, everything worked as planned. By the end of February, D had passed two important psychological barriers. She had passed the 200-pound mark and now wore a size 18 dress. Sue continued to systematically increase her daily portions at each meal. She used a system of adding an extra tablespoon of food for each item on the menu at every meal they ate together. Within a couple of months she had doubled D's initial portion served to her at each meal. This did not include second helpings, which were always within D's reach. Also, Sue made sure there were plenty of sweets and leftovers for snacks. As a result, D's average monthly weight gain increased to 8 - 10 lb., and D did not really care.

During this period two important factors occurred which influenced both women's lives. First, D was laid off from her job in a corporate re-organization. D was given a generous severance package of five months salary. After she could not find a job initially, Sue encouraged her to open her own consulting business. With her assistance, she had five accounts within two months, and the business was making money. By June, D had more work than she could handle. This pleased Sue even more because D never left the apartment, and isolated herself even further from her old friends. In fact, during this period D's only social contact was with Sue.

It also provided Sue with the ability to further control D's eating habits. Without anyone telling her that she was getting really heavy, D ate whatever and whenever she wanted. Since there was not further need to stimulate her appetite, Sue cut off her supply of marijuana. By the end of May, D had stopped that habit. Finally Sue got D to do more of the cooking since she was home all of the time, and by the end of June she had become a fairly good cook. This was important to her plan, because D was now producing most of the food that was being used to fatten her up. An unexpected benefit of her cooking was that she was always nibbling, and this increased the amount of food per day. As Sue watched D in the kitchen one day she smiled and thought this seen was a true example of poetic justice. As a result of this event, D's average weight gain per month was 12 - 14 lb., and Sue could not have been happier.

The second factor was Sue's relationship with Andrew. By the end of March they were truly in love and began to talk about marriage. On the day which marked the six month they had been together, Andrew proposed to her. Sue naturally accepted. When they talked about setting a date, Andrew wanted to get married in early fall. As they talked about it, Sue wanted to wait to early January of the following year. When asked for her reason for waiting, Sue replied that it would give them time to plan and set up everything. Her real motivation was that she had already selected D as her maid of honor, but she was still too skinny and needed the extra time to fatten her up further! As she planned the wedding, she invited a number of people who were mutual friends of them both. Most of these people had not seen D since the previous fall, or before she initiated the plan. It would be easy to hide her since she hardly left the apartment due to her business, which continued to flourish.

Since Andrew and she decided that this would be a small wedding they decided to have only a best man and maid of honor. So the chances would be further reduced to have anyone see D in public until the actual wedding day. She also made another decision: if D was to be the perfect maid of honor she had to weigh at least 300 lb. The perfect ending of their relationship was going to see the reactions of the people as D waddled down the aisle. In order for her plan to succeed she would have to take total control for the wedding.

First, she had to find the right place to hold the reception. One of the priorities was the food. This was where D became useful, since she had become an expert on food under Sue's tutelage and would use her as the sampler. When Sue visited a potential place, she always left with a takeout order of a sample dinner. She would bring it home and have D rate it on a scale which she'd developed. On a number of occasions she brought home more then one dinner for her to eat. Within five weeks she visited a total of 37 places and decided on Joseph's. She chose this place because of the size of the room, price, and D's recommendation on their food.

As she looked at D after making the final decision the results of all the sampling had definitely added more bulk to her figure. She was now bulging from a pair of sweats which had big on her when she the process began. D was now reaching the stage where she would be considered enormous. Her face was moon shaped and she had a large double chin. Her upper arms were quickly reaching the size of smoked hams. She now wore a 44 FF. bra, and her stomach must have reached 44 inches around. In the recent months she had gained most of her weight in her hips, butt and thighs; so that when she walked she definitely waddled. Also, her appetite never ceased to amaze Sue. Even as she sampled all of those dinners it never interrupted her normal eating routine.

Sue did face a minor crisis three months earlier when D began to work at home. Since she was constantly surrounded by food, the amount of food she ate increased. The result was that D was outgrowing her clothes much faster. Initially she found that they would have to go shopping more often and D was again becoming concerned with her increasing size, especially when she reached a size 20. To solve the problem, Sue began to use catalogs and found a seamstress who was not overly expensive. As a result the problem of shopping was solved and she made sure that the seamstress never mentioned her measurements or size of the clothes being made.

Of course, Sue did keep track of these statistics. She also decided to use the seamstress to make their dresses for the wedding. In November she met with Ms. Cruz about the dresses. After looking at a number of styles she choose a traditional dress for herself, and a contemporary style for D which highlighted both of their figures but in different ways. She told Ms. Cruz not to finished D's dress until just before the wedding. Ms. Cruz looked at Sue with a puzzled look on her face but did not question her request.

In the latter stages of the planning, she did include Andrew and his family. She let them pick the band, photographer, church, and flowers. She also accepted her new in-laws' request to help with the cost of the wedding. Finally, she let Andrew decide and make all of the arrangements for the honeymoon. She had even managed to keep Andrew from seeing D, once they were engaged. She wanted everyone -- including him -- to be shocked and surprised when they saw her creation. It had become an obsession with Sue to keep D hidden away from everyone.

During this period Andrew got a promotion at work, which forced him to travel out of state for weeks at a time. When they spent time together, she always met him at his place. Claming that D was busy working on a project, or meeting a potential client. When he picked her up, she always met him at the door. When he complained about the quality of her living situation, she said that she didn't mind the inconvenience because she was moving out soon.

January the 20th had finally arrived, the day she would become Mrs. Sullivan. She arose at the crack of dawn, woke D up and went to the kitchen to begin cooking breakfast. This would be the last meal together, and she wanted to remember it. As a surprise she had three joints to go with the coffee, while she cooked breakfast. Just like in the past she would wait until D was high and had a good case of the munchies, at that point she would serve the meal. To assure that she would stuff herself the menu consisted all of her favorite foods.

D made her grand entrance by waddling into the kitchen. Sue looked up and stared at her. She was now huge, and Sue estimated that she must have weight at least 325 pounds. When she started to fatten her up 19 months ago D weighed a trim 130 pounds. When D saw Sue light the first joint she just laughed. Sue looked at her and said, "A little something to take the edge off of the day." D nodded and took it from her and proceeded to smoke it by herself. Sue then lit the second and third and passed them to D.

By the time the third one was finished, Sue could tell that she was now ready for breakfast. She smiled as she served her a large stack of pancakes loaded with butter and hot syrup, and thought, "Eat up my little piggy because I want my prize hog to look nice and fat for your coming out party." She then sat back and watched D eat everything in sight. As she greedily stuffed herself, Sue wondered how big D would have been today if she hadn't stopped her from smoking marijuana. By the time she had finished D was completely stuffed and had trouble rising from her chair. As she stood up, Sue looked at her profile and wondered if D would fit into her dress.

At 11:00 a.m. that morning the girls began to get dressed. When she saw D standing in her bra and panties, she was even amazed at her size because D now resembled a big ball of flesh. Once they were dressed, both girls admired each other. D said Sue looked stunning in her dress, while Sue thought D looked ridiculous in hers. She made a note to send Ms. Cruz a little bonus for the dresses because D's dress highlighted every pound that she had gained, and did not hide any of her over developed curves. The funny thing was that D thought she looked good and remarked that maybe she would snag a man for herself today. As they hugged Sue was unable to wrap her arms around her waist the trunk of her body.

They arrived at the church a few minutes late to assure that everyone was seated. The first person to see them was the usher, and he snickered at D. Sue just smiled and made sure that D stood out of the doorway, so no other person could see her. As the usher the rolled down the white carpet and the music began, Sue thought of her final surprise for D. She had invited Danny and his gorgeous girlfriend.

The music began and Sue whispered to D, "It's show time." When they began to walk down the isle Sue let D get a few extra steps ahead so that she could have a full view of all of the people in the church. Everyone was turned to see the bride, and their view was blocked by the bridesmaid. Sue took in every one reaction of shock and horror when they saw D waddle down the aisle. She looked at their mutual friends who had not seen D in almost a year, as they just stared at her. Danny's reaction was priceless; he stood there with his mouth hanging open. When she gazed at Andrew, he stood at the altar, and his eyes were the size of saucers. When everyone should be staring at the bride, no one could take their eyes off of D. She had literally stolen the moment.

The moment was not lost on D. She realized that everyone was looking at her, and tears began to roll down the corner of her eyes. Everyone thought they were tears of joy for her friend, but they were tears of humiliation. At that moment in time she realized just how huge she had become. When they reached the altar, D stepped to the side, and Sue stood next to Andrew. Her thoughts were not directed to her future husband, but on the fact that she had gotten her revenge and it was truly sweet! ! !


Sue and Andrew were now married for over five years, and had two lovely children. Their love for each other had only grown and she was truly happy. On this day each year she would pull out her scrapbook and look through it. This day had significant meaning to her. It marked the day that she sat in the park and conceived the plan. The book was a collection of pictures of D, as she progressively gained weight. Just about all of them were taken without her knowledge. She stared at the last picture in the album. It was taken at the wedding, and it was a full length picture of D smiling and trying to look happy. As she stared at that picture she wondered to herself, "Was D really that SKINNY back then?"

Life had been both kind and cruel to D over the years. Her business had grown tremendously, and she now had twenty people working for her. There was no office because everyone worked out of their house. D had a group of loyal employees, which consisted of qualified women who had left the work force initially to start a family. Before they returned to work she make them an offer they could not resist and made sure they were well paid and received full benefits. None of them had never met their boss, because everyone were hooked up by computer and communications was done by e-mail, fax, and phone.

If she had succeeded at business, she had totally failed at the other aspects of her life. She had never recovered from the humiliation she experienced at the wedding. After Sue moved out, she threw herself into her work, and now had the means to isolate herself from the world. She had built a house in the country that was customized to her specialized needs. She had people to clean and cook for her, but her only real friend was food.

During the past five years as her business so did her waistline. She could barely walk anymore and spent her days in a specially constructed wheelchair. The last time she had gotten near a scale she weighed 640 pounds. As she sat in her chair, her breasts flowed over her gigantic stomach, which hug down over her knees. She reflected over her life as the maid had brought in the food carts with her lunch. Her days were spent making money and eating.

Before Sue put away the scrap book for another year, she looked at the picture of Danny and Anne. They had proven to be the most interesting couple to emerge from the wedding. Originally, she had invited Danny to further humiliate D, and in the end the events of the day had gotten him what he always wanted. Sue always knew that Danny had loved D, but couldn't handle her increasing size.

According to Dan he had a image to protect, even though her expanding figure had excited him sexually. She had kept in touch with him after he had split up with D and knew all of his girl friends were basically carbon copies of the skinny D. This applied to Anne, his present girlfriend. Anne had also known that Danny had once dated D. When she had seen D in the flesh, she was shocked as everyone else. Initially she turned her head to see Danny's reaction, but couldn't get a good view. As she turned her body, her right arm brushed against his thigh and groin. She then realized that he had a raging erection, and it felt like he was going to cum right in his pants. As she turned around, she was stunned by his reaction and realized that his true feelings were quite obvious; Danny was a closet FAT ADMIRER. She smiled because this reaction was quite interesting.

During the reception she had caught Danny staring at D from a distance, and whenever she would brush against his groin, his penis always appeared to be erect. As they danced she rubbed up against him, and asked what had gotten him so excited. Danny recovered from his fantasies and said it was her. She thought his answer was sweet, but it was a lie just the same. It was at that moment Anne decided that she had found the man of her dreams. You see, Anne has a secret passion and it was food. She had always repressed it, but now Danny would allow her to indulge her passion without guilt. As Danny drifted back into his fantasy world, she decided to give him a special present.

As they danced Anne positioned him so that he was facing D. She then began to rub her body against his erection, it didn't take long before she felt him erupt right in the middle of the dance floor. At that moment Danny's fate was sealed. Five months latter Sue and Andrew were invited to their wedding. As Anne worked down the aisle she thought to herself that she was gaining a husband and freedom, and losing a diet.

During the next three years, Danny and Sue with their respective spouses saw a lot of each other. Each time they met Sue noticed that Anne had gained more weight. According to Danny, Anne began to eat the day the honeymoon started, and within three years had ballooned to over 300 pounds. In the end Danny had gotten someone just like D.