Weight Room Title Bar

By Eddie Owen

Part One

Carol had always been fat. It came from her mother's side of the family because Mom was big. But Granny, a vast pink galleon of a woman who smelled of lavender perfume, was - well, vast. Grandad on the other hand was whippet-thin, nearly six feet tall yet only just over 140lbs.

It was Granddad, who had told Carol she would be bigger than Granny one day and that she would make one young man very happy indeed.

Carol had no idea how big Granny was, but the roll of fat that was her bosom perched above a soft mountain of a stomach that Granddad patted frequently. Granddad often talked to Carol as he massaged Granny's shoulders. Pink rippling hillocks of flesh spread in front of his kneading fingers, and Carol could swear Granny actually purred with delight. She also, thought Granddad, occasionally, just occasionally, growled with male satisfaction as he stroked.

“Your mother's big, but she's always fought it,” Granny told Carol. “Always on a diet, always trying to reverse something that nature intended. What you must do,” she said smiling at Carol, “is get yourself a man like Granddad, someone who enjoys your size and makes you feel proud to be big.”

Carol never really needed telling. She just, loved food and Granny not only served up second helpings when she called round but thirds, even fourths. They scolded Carol's mum, Nancy, when she tried to cut down on Carol's eating. Doctors had advised planned diets or 'intake' as the hatchet-faced consultant who weighed her had called it.

At eighteen, Carol had her first job. Working in a library, gave her access to the books she had loved all her life. Sport was never going to be an option for a girl of five feet three who weighed nearly 375 pounds.

The library people were very helpful. They loved Carol's enthusiasm for books and the readers loved her smile and the way she made everyone feel they were important to her and the library. They brought her snacks and tempted her with home-made pies, jams, cakes and biscuits. After six moths Carol hit 400lbs, and the library people got her a special chair since she was overflowing the old one in all directions and the legs faced imminent collapse.

Readers could see Carol was a big girl. She had Granny's huge pink shoulders and upper arms like stuffed pillows, but they could not see just how big since like an iceberg, the bigger part was out of view. She had stopped wearing stretch leggings and wore instead floaty dresses, which were less restricting. At eighteen, her belly had not started to sag as big bellies do. Instead it ballooned under the high desk and rested on her lap. In fact, if the counter had not been there, readers would have seen that Carol's lap had completely disappeared under part of her that undulated like a waterbed. Carol had inherited Granny's stomach and, judging by the way she was spreading sideways, her hips, too.

Love had not really troubled Carol. She could read about it in the books she loved, but she never really identified with the slim Ally McBeal heroines or had a passion for the tall, dark and handsome types that seemed to populate romantic fiction.

Once when Carol had been at Grandad's house, she noticed how Granny had gently rubbed her own huge belly and Granddad stopped what he was doing and stared with growing interest. The ritual went on for perhaps five minutes before Granddad helped Granny out of her chair and the couple, ignoring Carol, made their way to their groundfloor bedroom.

It was while Carol was idly reading a few minutes later that she heard chuckles, squeaks and groans. She knew Granny's bed had been strengthened some years back when her own mom had said it wouldn't take 500lbs, but now it was creaking and there were metallic twanging noises she could only imagine were the tortured springs. After twenty minutes the silence was by Granny's snores. Carol heard more twanging as Granny shifted her 500lbs plus and settled down again.

Grandad emerged and asked Carol if she wanted to stay for some of Granny's ginger cake and a coffee. Carol, who had not eaten for at least thirty minutes, readily agreed.

“It's time you were getting yourself a man,” announced Granddad as he brought in a large cake.

“Who'd have me?” said Carol, smacking a belly that even the floaty print dress was having difficulty in covering.

“There's plenty of admirers out there, but many of them won't pluck up courage to date a really big girl,” said Granddad. “They get laughed at by their friends, and they settle for something less in the end.”

“Your Granny had boyfriends before me, but nothing lasted till I came along. She was big but nowhere as big as she is now. I did not force her, but I suppose I did encourage her…paid her compliments about her size, her shape, how she was a great advert for big girls and so on. She knew her size turned me, and I never let her down. In fact, I was so enthusiastic that sometimes she had to plead for me to back off. You can have great sex with a really big girl if you know how to do it and part of the secret is to give pleasure. Granny loved it. She got bigger, and we got sexier. Now, find that man - the one who is going to admire and appreciate you.”

Carol drove home and wondered if she would ever meet such a man. She was about to.