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Tara Comes Back Different
By Blubberlover1

It was a month and a half before me and my girlfriend Tara were getting married. Tara was 5,7 115 lbs; she was very cute with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Before the big day I had to go on a business trip and while I was there I was going to also see my best friend. He was going to fly back with me to the wedding, so it was going to take about a month. Before I knew it, it was time to go; I kissed and hugged Tara goodbye. Then I was off.

While I was on my trip, Tara was at home with her friend Amber; her friend was a real fat ass and always trying to get Tara to turn into a fat hog like her. So I never really liked her. Her friend was a real smart and was in this science school thing where she always doing these experiments. No one hardly knows about this school. Tara told me Amber got fat when she started to go to that school. So I'm thinking it's some kind of fatty school. Anyway, all that happened next is what Tara told me after I got back.

Amber invited Tara to come spend a day at her school; she said that they were always wanting visitors. So Tara went; the school was out in the middle of nowhere, and it was huge. Every person, she said, was at least 300 to 500 lbs. They were either working in a science lab or eating.

Tara was starting to get a little wary. Then two fat girls led her into the guest room; it was huge with this one big machine. Tara had no idea what it did, and the girls would not say. They brought in plates of food with all kinds of foods Tara never ate. But she thought what the heck she was about to be married, anyway.

So she gorged on the food; it was all so good. Then the girls gave her a pill. Tara asked, What is this? and they said, It will help you digest your food better. It did that, but it also did more: what the pill really was for was to fatten her up. It made her very hungry and digested her food a million times faster and would all turn it in to fat and none would be wasted.

After taking the pill, she felt very tired and sluggish - that's also another thing it did, so she could get very fat.

She did not know most of the effects of the pill. She began to eat and eat, and she was not getting bloated. She was getting fat and fat rolls, which was impossible without the pill. She was loving every second of it and gorged and gorged. Her button on her jeans popped; they split down the side and then her fat ass busted out of them. Her melon sized tits and fat round belly busted her shirt off. She was now only in a little thong, which somehow undertook the pressure of fat.

She was about 500 lbs. She stopped eating to look at herself. She did not care; she liked it and kept on eating. Her ass was swaying and jiggling as she went down the table eating. Then she jumped on top of the table and drug herself down the long table to the end, which was filled with food. She was eating and forcing food in her face. Her fat enormous legs flopped off the table on opposite sides; her titanic ass hung off the table. Then she slowly dropped down form the table like a fat slug and plopped on the ground, bouncing and jiggling. On her stomach she pushed herself forward and also with the help of her hands to lay down on the huge soft billow that was in the room. She weighed close to 800lbs.

As she slept the girls were amazed at the weight gain - the pill had worked better than any other pill they had made. Finally, Tara woke and stood up, swaying and wobbling. She had woken up a few weeks later and only had one more week till her wedding.

She went to the door, and it was locked. She was so worried what I was going to think - she thought her life was ruined, but the girls told her not to worry. She asked, What am I going to do - I loved gaining so much weight - I did not think of what my future husband was going to think? But Amber convinced her I would love it and got her to eat more.

This time they hooked her up to the machine and gave her another pill. They pumped loads of the chemical fat into her body. She bounced and jiggled as it went into her. The pounds kept on coming; her stomach spread out way between her legs now, and her ass, 7 foot wide, sloshed and swayed. She was smiling when they stopped the machine and helped her to her feet. It was amazing that she could walk: she weighed 1100 lbs.

She took a few steps; each ass cheek yo-yoed up and down, almost touching the floor. Her stomach slightly drug the ground. Her whole body was rippling with waves of fat with each movement she took. She flopped down on her stomach, sloshing. She farted and jiggled as her ass checks plopped and slapped to each other making a plopping slosh sound. It was now time for her to go home.

I was already home before Tara came home she called me from the school and said she would be home in a little while. I said ok and waited for her to come home cause I missed her so much. I was in the kitchen when I heard a big truck pull up. I heard the door creak open and heard Tara's voice somewhat yell, I'm baaack.

I was waiting for my beautiful slim wife to come walking in. I looked around the corner and was in shock. Tara came in standing up then dropped down on the floor with one hand hanging on to the doorknob, bending it as she let go. She lay in the doorway, which she barely fit through, on her stomach hiccupping and jiggling between every one. She drug herself in, pushing with her feet and hands. Her stomach was dragging; she keep hiccupping and farting along the way to the middle of the room.

She stopped with waves of fat rolling. She was a practically a ball of blubber and looked like a waterbed, jiggling and sloshing with each hiccup and slight movement. Still in shock, I got very horny as she also noticed that I was. She stayed in her position and I got on top of her huge ass and stuck my dick in between her 6 foot something ass cleavage. As I was in motion her ass sloshed and swayed.

We got married the next day; as planned we went to a church and got married with all her family there. She had to walk down the aisle alone because she took it all up. I could barely keep my dick down as I watched her waddle down the hall, naked and every inch of her jiggling. The families were speechless as they watched their daughter, cousin, sister - or whatever they all were to her - slosh and jiggle into the giant truck.

We now live in a nice house where Tara can eat and gain as much as she wants and this story will go on. Than we will wait and see what happens.