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A Thanksgiving to Remember
By Big Beautiful Dreamer

Slowly, very slowly, Ted pushed himself up from the chair. He had eaten so much that he could not straighten up all the way. Moving carefully, he wobbled from the dining room into the den and sank into the nearest recliner. Grunting with effort, he pulled the handle to recline the chair and extend the foot rest. He slid his feet out of his shoes and let the shoes drop to the carpet.

He wished there were a way to find relief for his swollen and aching stomach. After three platefuls of Thanksgiving dinner, and before two huge slices of pie, he had had to undo the button on his jeans just so he could continue to breathe. As his eyelids fluttered and he drifted into a food-induced nap, he let himself reflect with satisfaction on the meal.

Incredibly, it had started with hors d'oeuvres, as though Susan's mother worried about everyone getting enough to eat. Ted had not eaten anything all day in preparation, and his stomach growled with hunger as he grabbed at least two of each kind off the platter. Stuffed mushrooms, wet with butter; crab dip in phyllo shells; slices of cheese with sesame crackers; salmon and cream cheese on thick cucumber slices; miniature quiches. The quiches were a little spicy, and Ted found himself draining his glass of wine as he munched his way through the snacks.

"That was just a warmup," Susan's mother, Dot, announced gaily as she refilled his wineglass. "Here comes the real dinner," she added, as Susan's father, Tom, proudly carried the huge turkey on its glass serving platter into the dining room. Everyone ooh'ed and aah'ed. Since Ted was a guest, he was served everything first. "Take lots," Dot insisted. "There's more than enough to go around."

At first, Ted politely talked about football with Tom. The more both men ate, however, the more their conversation slowed until the only sounds were the stereo playing softly in the background and the clinking and scraping of silverware.

Ted, trying to show good manners, took large helpings of everything the first time he filled his plate. Not that it was hard. Everything was delicious. The turkey was moist, the skin lightly crispy. The gravy was smooth and rich, and Ted poured it over nearly everything. The stuffing was heavenly, tasting of apples and sage. What he'd thought was sweet potatoes turned out to be a squash casserole with a crunchy, sweet topping. There was homemade orange bread, cranberry sauce, corn muffins, green bean casserole, creamy mashed potatoes, peas dotted with butter, even cold ham.

It was no effort for Ted to clear his plate. His wife, Susan, opposite him at the table, appeared to be keeping up with his pace, and this surprised him. She liked being slender and worked hard at it. But today all rules were suspended, and she plowed through a heaping plate of food, then handed her plate to her mother for more.

"Ted, more?" Dot asked enticingly. After a big plate of food, Ted was feeling a little stuffed. His stomach was stretched tight and was pressing against his pants. Still, it was all so delicious and Ted didn't want to offend his new in-laws.

"Yes, please," he said, also handing Dot his plate. Both Ted and Susan's plates came back heaped with at least as much food as before. Where in the world was he going to put it all, Ted wondered. For that matter, where was Susan putting it all? He looked across the table to see her happily plunging into a mound of stuffing, the gravy running into her mashed potatoes and a look of contentment on her face.

After two huge platefuls of food, Ted stifled a burp as he handed Dot his plate again. He was running behind; Susan had already started on thirds. He ate a little more slowly this time, hand resting on his bulging middle, pausing to catch his breath now and then. He gulped more wine. Maybe it would help him digest as he ate.

It was a struggle to get down the last few bites, but Ted knew he had to clean his plate. Sure enough, Dot beamed approvingly at him as she headed for the kitchen. Without anyone looking, Ted managed to undo the button on his jeans. The waistband was now slicing into his bloated stomach. Ooofff. How could he have eaten so much? If he ate another bite, he'd pop. He gently rubbed his hand across his taut, sore belly, hoping he could go and lie down for a long time.

Then Dot reappeared, carrying a plate on which rested two large slices of pie - pumpkin and apple. She set it down before him, smiling. "I'm so glad to see you brought your healthy appetite," she said cheerfully. "I know you'll enjoy these."

Stuffed as he was, Ted managed to grunt his thanks before reluctantly cutting into the pie. He had eaten so much, he felt as though he would burst. His bloated stomach, hugely loaded with food, was throbbing. Still, the pie, like everything else, tasted heavenly. Each bite melted in his mouth and slid down his throat to his aching belly. He sipped at the wine.

Across the table, Susan finally appeared to be slowing down, but she too had been given a big slice of pie, which she was savoring, bite by bite. Ted couldn't see her stomach, but he guessed that she was nearly busting out of her snug jeans. Was he imagining things, or was her rounded belly poking out from beneath her tight shirt?

Dizzy with food, Ted slowly scraped the crumbs from his plate and made his way into the den. His eyes were bleary and his head swimming. His swollen stomach sloshed heavily as he sank into the recliner and....

Ted jerked awake, startled by a huge hiccup. Blurrily, he saw Susan reclining on the sofa nearby. She had also shed her shoes and looked flushed and drowsy. He thought she had never been sexier.

"Have enough to eat?" she asked dopily. Ted hiccuped again. His stomach was so distended it felt as though it were compressing his lungs.

"Are you kidding?" he said, then burped hugely. "I ate so much I'm gonna pop. I couldn't eat another bite if I had a gun to my head." Still stoned on food, he gently massaged his tautly stretched and aching midsection, then poked it. It was swollen tight as a drum.

Susan started to laugh, but it was cut short by a tremendous burp. Ted didn't know girls could belch like that. "I think I ate even more than you," she said teasingly.

"Oh, yeah?" Ted challenged.

"Yeah," Susan replied, then hiccuped. "I had three big helpings of everything on the table, then half of Mom's pumpkin pie."

Ted was unimpressed. "You mean you had half of her slice?"

"No," Susan corrected. "I mean: I had half the pie. Look!" She carefully slid her shirt, which had been a perfect fit this morning, upward. Sure enough, her belly was hugely swollen, a bloated midsection gleaming in the lamplight. She had unbuttoned her snug jeans, and as she tried to exhale, the zipper slid itself down to make room for her distended stomach. Ted could see that the seams along her bulging hips were beginning to rip apart from the pressure, and even her breasts sagged with the effort of supporting themselves. Her nipples were erect, and her tightly rounded stomach curved out over the sides and front of her jeans, making tempting love handles.

Ted was too full to move, but Susan seemed more appealing to him than she had even on their honeymoon last month. "Help me up," he said thickly.

Susan burped. "Just a minute." Leaning on the sturdy arm of the sofa, she heaved herself to her feet, then wobbled over to the recliner and held out her hand. Ted grabbed it and swayed to his feet, clutching his swollen belly and groaning as his stomach sloshed. He burped. Then he whispered seductively, "Let's go lie down." There was no mistaking his meaning.

Intimacy had never been more fun. Ted allowed his fingers to dance over the rounded mound of Susan's stomach, let her big, swollen breasts overflow his hands, lovingly squeezed her new, eminently grabbable love handles. Susan, for her part, was caressing Ted's painfully bloated belly, playfully twiddling his new breasts and parting his now-heavy thighs to reach his manhood.

When it was all over, they lay sweating and panting on the bed. "I have an idea," Susan said.

Ted was tired - but he was also up for more with his suddenly sexier-than-ever wife. "What?"

"You know how people always try to lose weight over the holidays, and it's so hard to do?"

"Yeah." Ted felt himself getting aroused.

"Let's be different. Let's not try and see what happens."

Ted closed his eyes and grinned, imagining Susan getting rounder and rounder. He pictured her love handles expanding to make a nice handy roll all around her middle. Her soft belly distending day after day, sagging down to her privates. Her creamy, massive thighs that only he could part, her breasts growing to the size of watermelons.

This would be fun.