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That Girl
by Nick46

"Hello," she said, in a soft and inviting tone, as I placed the items I was going to purchase on the counter. I had been in this convenience store several times in the last 2 months ,not because of what I was buying while in there but because of the girl behind the till. She was a very large girl, I would estimate that she weighed around 400lbs. She filled the space behind the till completely, a space which 3 smaller girls could have fit into quite nicely!

She ran my items through the scanner, a bag of M&M's, an Aero bar, and a half gallon of milk. As the drawer of the till popped open it would push into her large soft belly, making it jiggle every time. This store was not even on my route home ,but ever since I had taken a wrong turn and discovered it , coming here to see this girl had become a must!

She never seemed embarrassed about her weight, as was the case with so many fat people

some only half her size. In fact she seemed so proud, and sure of herself, and this is what struck me about her. This attitude made her so sexy.

All employees here wore a blue and red smock top, and this girls was extra, extra large.

The others wore black slacks, but she wore black shorts, which came to just above her knees, high enough to show her fat thighs beginning to roll over her knees. Her belly hung halfway to her knees and jiggled with every move she made. Her upper arms were

so fat that the fat was rolling over her elbows. She made it worth my while to go out of my

way to buy a few snacks.

We hadn't spoken much the first few times I was in there, but lately as my face became more familiar to her she was saying a little more to me each time I was in. A little news,

the weather, and idle chat, but today she asked, "Do you live around here?" I was caught

off guard, blushing as I answered, "No, I live across town, but have some sales clients in the area!"

"Do you travel the freeway, or the old route home?" she asked. "The freeway, " I answered suddenly realizing I was caught.

"Why would you come in here for this stuff, when you could get it at the Big Mart on exit 5 about a mile away, and on your route home?" she asked the question to which I was trying to find a quick answer but knew there wasn't one. I was had, I better come clean, fess up so to speak. So I told her the truth. "The first time I came in here, was sort of by accident, after I had taken a wrong turn onto exit 3. When I was cruising by here trying to find my way back to the freeway, I noticed you through the window. I thought to myself, what a beautiful young women in there. I had to stop and come in and see her up close!

(my face was turning very hot and red at this point) as she just stood there smiling and said, "You mean you noticed how fat I was and had to come in and check me out!"

I was surprised by this statement coming from her, I mean I knew it was true but she wasn't supposed to say it , was she? Oh well, now what, I thought to myself, honesty is the best policy. Right as I imagined her kicking my ass out of there and telling me never to come back! So time to fess up!

"Yes, you've discovered my secret, (trying to act coy behind my red face) it was your size that attracted me, I'll admit it, I love fat women."

"You don't have to admit anything, " she said. "It's written all over your red face!" and she began to giggle. That didn't help me at all, I was totally embarrassed, and felt like leaving, but I stood there, feeling like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar! She

slid her hand across the counter and rested it on mine.

"I don't mind you know, " she spoke softly, and at that moment she seemed much older than her 23 years. "I knew the first time you were in here it was to admire me, and I loved it. I love being admired for who I am. She continued, "If you had been working in here and I

drove by and saw you, I would have come in to look at you!" her blue eyes twinkling with delight.

Wow, this can't be happening, but it was. I thought for sure she would tell me to shove off and get lost, but no, she was telling me she liked me! I had to get out of there, just to drive and think, get some air. I told her I would see her in a couple of days and she put a pout on her face, and then laughed. She looked in my eyes, and whispered, okay.

I was now sporting a semi in my pants and tried to hide it with the bag of goodies, but she knew, oh yes she knew and gave me that sly little smile of hers as I left.

I slept well that night, nothing but sweet thoughts of the fat girl in the convenience store. I didn't even know her name, but I was in love!

Two days later, I walked into the store to buy my snacks and a paper, and there she was standing behind the till smiling as I came in. As I grabbed what I needed she said "Hi Nick" How did she know my name, I hadn't told her? "Hi, how are you?" I replied.

She replied with a giggle, "Fine thanks, been thinking of you." "Oh have you now" I asked with a bit of sarcasm in my tone. "Yes" she answered. "Have you ever wondered how much I weigh?" I looked around the store, thinking all eyes would be on us , but we were alone.

"Well, yes I have .....but..." I stammered. "But what?" she asked. "Too embarrassed to ask?" she smiled. I was blushing again!

"Well, I can't wait forever so I'll tell you!" she said. I was dumfounded, she's going to tell me her weight, a total stranger? Why? And how did she know my name? I laughed to myself, this was so bizarre!

"I'm 433lbs. and looking to put on a lot more, " she said with her typical air of confidence.

Four hundred and thirty-three pounds, I thought to myself, cool size to be! "My guess wasn't that far off." Whoops that wasn't supposed to come out, I was thinking that!" She laughed and winked, and said, "No secrets between you and me Nick." I had to laugh, but also agreed, "Okay, no secrets."

Then she added, "I'm looking for a guy to help fatten me up, and I think that guy is you honey!"

"Oh, what is your name, you never wear a name tag and I didn't get around to asking?"

She looked at me with that mischievous look she was so good at and answered, "Brenda, now we know each other!" At which we both laughed. "Well Brenda, M'lady you tell me what you want, and what you need, your wish is my command!" and I gave her a little bow.

She beckoned me closer with her index finger, and said softly, "I need lots to eat, lots of snacks, and someone who will love me for what I am and not in spite of it. He will help me grow huge, love me forever, and tend to all my needs that I can't tend to myself!"

"Well Brenda, you're looking at the guy who will be all those things and more, anything you wish." God I couldn't believe this was happening. Just then I noticed a look of relief come over Brenda's face, and I realized for the first time that she too had been nervous, and maybe not so sure of herself this time, but she had heard the answer she wanted, and knew her search was over! She had finally found someone who would share her fantasy and help make it come true.

We talked for awhile, but I couldn't stop grinning over what had just transpired. A dream come true, slap me somebody! I suggested I go home and change, come back when she was finished work, and I would take her out for dinner. I had already decided where I was going to take her, Big Jerry's Diner, they had the best curried chicken in town, maybe in the country.

We sat at a booth made for large people, something that made Jerry's so popular with people, the fact they catered to all sizes! We had a couple of sociable beers while waiting for the chicken. Wow, when the curried chicken arrived Brenda's eyes were wide open, I hadn't seen helpings this large before, somebody must have put in the good word for me when my special guest and I arrived! Large chunks of battered chicken, on fries, and smothered in rich gravy. Extra garlic toast, and my usual, an order of onion rings, and these were the best in the country.

Our first dinner together, and I couldn't take my eyes off her, watching every bite she took, and while I watched her she stared me in the eyes, giving me that little grin that said she knew every thought going through my head. I loved every minute of it!

We didn't talk very much during dinner, of course Brenda being such a lady she wouldn't think of talking with her mouth full, and that is the way her mouth was for almost the entire hour and a half we were there! She did ask me where we were going to buy her clothes, and I said from the finest stores for large women, and when she gets too big for those we will hire a seamstress, and create her own wardrobe. But Brenda didn't seem too worried about that, because as she put it, " I don't like to spend a lot of time dressed when I'm at home, I find clothes very confining!" So who was I to argue with the lady?

After we finished the curried chicken, Brenda suggested we order a double strawberry shortcake and we did.

Again this order seemed to be supersized and I thought Jerry must really want this relationship to work for me, and I laughed to myself.

I asked Brenda if she would like to wait a bit before ordering the shortcake to make room, but she said, " No I'll wait a bit before the "mud pie comes" The mudpie? This woman was serious, oh I like a girl that means business!

Just before Brenda was ready to burst, a feeling she said she loved, we decided to get going as she had to get home to bed, for work tomorrow. I helped her get up and out of the booth, and I swear I heard the seams in her clothes ripping under the strain of her expanding body. We did a slow walk to the car, and I helped her get in and get comfortable.

Then we headed out on a slow drive home, and I took the long way round. It was a beautiful evening, full moon, a slight breeze, and mild. We drove with the windows down, and she told me she loved the feeling of the wind blowing through her hair. She looked gorgeous sitting there, full and happy, smiling slightly, only the way Brenda could.

I didn't really want to take her home but knew I had to, and when we arrived at her apartment I told her, "It won't be long Brenda, and you will be able to kiss your job and this apartment goodbye, and kiss me hello!" She said she could hardly wait, as she placed her hand on my cheek, and I kissed it softly and got out to help her out of her seat.

As I came around to her side she was sitting, turned on the seat with her legs outside the car, and said the stuffed feeling had mostly gone and would I like to take her out for a midnight snack? We both laughed, as I suggested she get in and get some sleep. She put her arms on my shoulders and pulled me toward her. "Nick" she spoke softly, and before I had a chance to say a thing she pressed her lips against mine, oh such sweet lips!

I put my arms around her as far as they would go, and squeezed her sides, feeling the large soft folds of fat under her shirt. I ran my hands down her hips and around to her bum, squeezing as I went, coming round to her large soft belly. I rubbed it slowly and she moaned so quietly, and snuggled into my neck, and whispered, "I'm so lucky to have you Nick." Before I could speak she said, "And you're so lucky to have me!" That's Brenda,

so sure of what she wants, how to get it , and how to keep it! What a girl.

That was two years ago now, and when I look at Brenda now, at 670lbs; heading to her goal of 750lbs; I can still see that girl in the convenience store, a twinkle in her eyes, a look of confidence you don't see in many people, but a look that might say she knew all the answers to the questions, even before they were asked. And you know, I think she did!

I look at how beautiful she is, and how much we are in love, and all I can say is, "Thank God for wrong turns."