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The Beginning
By Thump

She slowly selected a rich, red succulent raspberry from the silver dish on the smooth coffee table before her, the reflection of her pale skin mirrored in the finely polished maple. Biting into it, she closed her brown eyes and sighed with the sweet explosion that it caused upon her tongue. She chose several more until the dish was empty and her fingertips were stained red. Slipping them into her mouth, she gently sucked them clean and sighed.

As she sat back, her dark hair rippled and curled around her soft, round face leaving little kisses of soft pin curls around her petite ears that glistened with the tiny diamond droplets that he had given her...she was waiting for him to come home to her as she had not seen much of him during the week as he worked so hard.

They always reserved every Friday for their own private time together. It always began and ended the same, yet each adventure grew in its sensual intensity, as did her own desire for him. She had also blossomed with his dexterity in the kitchen, and each Friday they discovered a little something different about her, a new place to kiss, a new place to caress and touch.

She rose from the couch with grace normally not expected on someone of her size and stood before the mirror over the couch to look at herself. She liked what she saw and was proud of her softness. Her curves had become lusher and fuller, giving her an almost exotic look. Her waist belling out - round, full, ripe, cuppable straining against the little seed buttons that ran from the deep neckline of her dress all the way down to the short hem of the dress. She wore white tonight, his favorite color as he said it made her look "bigger," and she had to smile at that as she was bigger...at least by 30lbs since they had first met. The soft material emphasized each sweet roll and showed the eager outline of her deepening navel. She shivered with the memory of how his tongue felt last Friday as he lapped white wine from it...

Snapping out of her dreamy state, she turned again and outlined her figure with the palms of her hands, tracing the fullness of her breasts and amazed how her stomach now began so high underneath them and swelled out further than the tip of her breasts. She turned and could see how the material clung and outlined each round buttock and, when she bent down, how the top of her garter belt exposed her pale fat thighs that were teased and caressed by a lacey, frothy slip. She smiled to herself and knew that he would be pleased with her appearance tonight, as she had taken extra care. Her perfume just hinted at a dusky summer rose, and her make-up was only an enhancement to her natural beauty that only had increased with the softening of her face. Her cheeks were rounder, the side dimple deeper, and the overall effect was like dew on a morning rose. The dress was perfection, as she knew how he enjoyed watching the buttons beg to be released when he helped her indulge in an evening of sensual feeding. She was hungry...

She was hungry for him - his mouth, his blue eyes, his sweet little beard that gave him the appearance of both angel and devil with that slow taffy pull smile of his. She shivered at the thought of his hands, long tapered, well-kept nails that had touched her in so many ways. How they teased her with the slow trickle of fingers that caressed and teased her smooth, soft taut skin after a delicious evening as he rubbed in fragrant lotions or added warm oil to her tummy that beckoned for love. She turned at the sound of a key in the door. Her heart pounding a bit, her cheeks flushed suddenly, and she felt that rush of passion that happened every time she saw him.

He came in the door laden down with Tupperware containers and other pretty wrapped boxes. "I'm headed for the kitchen!" he mumbled as a package wrapped in gold string dangled in his mouth. Following him, she helped unload everything, and quickly he came up from behind her and circled her waist with his arms. He rubbed her stomach as he molded himself into her round buttocks. "Missed you all day." She smiled and wiggled into him happily.

"Enough of that, we have all night," as he smiled at her and wiggled his dark eyebrows like Groucho Marx. Laughing, she helped him open up containers and add plates to the table as they chatted about each of their days. They were so comfortable with one another, and on so many levels they were well suited, and a sweet partnership of respect, devotion, appreciation and trust had developed between them.

"Baby, you sit down and let me serve us." He placed a delicious tall champagne glass before her that was full of fresh fruit, drizzled honey, pecans and Cool Whip. "You know what champagne does to me?" He just smiled and sat next to her with a long, delicate spoon. "Yes, I do." She smiled and cooed as the first delicious spoonful danced on her tongue. She rolled the sweet fruit onto her tongue, and the Cool Whip followed. He took a spoonful himself and then fed her the next and continued until it was all gone. "You have some still on your lips." She leaned forward showing him a full cleavage and said, "Then kiss it off." He stood up from his chair and leaned forward with a hand on each side of the arms of the chair and deeply kissed her. She leaned back and took in his kiss, enjoying the promise that it gave her. He leaned back up with a satisfied male smile and said, "Ready for more?" "Food?" she asked. "Or pleasure?" He gave her another long kiss and said, "Both."

He brought out a beautiful plate filled with rolls and breads and butter and different jellies. Next, a green salad with black olives, cheese, vegetables, crunch croutons and honey mustard dressing. A large platter with chicken kiev and rice was next and followed by several little trays of appetizers. "Looks wonderful," she said, wondering how many buttons she would lose tonight. "No, you look wonderful, and I am so pleased that we are together tonight as you are mine." She interrupted him and said, "And I am yours." They sat there together eating, sharing tidbits, laughing and talking together until the candles at the table were little nubs barely sputtering out a flame. She smiled at him as he took her hand, "It was delicious honey; you out did yourself tonight." Rising up he took her hand and kissed each fingertip adoringly and with deep intent, "No, you have out done yourself with your beauty tonight."

And she was his beauty tonight, so softened by the weight she had gained and softened by the love that she felt for him. He watched her as she rose out of her chair, slightly swaying with the added plumpness to her already ripened stomach. He eyed the buttons that were gaping over her navel exposing delicious pale skin, "Seems like something is trying to tell me something." She looked down and blushed, "Oh, I see what you mean. Maybe I need to slip into something more comfortable?" He took her in his arms and felt her sweet softness against him as he kissed her throat and felt her round stomach bury itself into his own. Softly, he took her mouth and made love to it. Little nips and sighs, soft and hard kisses, deep and deeper kisses until he was as breathless as she was.

"After a year together, it amazes me that you can still shake me as you do." She smiled at his comment and took his hand and with a soft sway of hips led him into their darkened bedroom.