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The Chef
by JC

Hi my name is Fred I went to one of the best gourmet cooking schools in New York. After graduating I could not get a good job cooking in New York or New Jersey so I headed west looking for a job. I got a job in Chicago at a small restaurant pealing and dicing onions by the case. I got tired of that and tried Las Vegas got stuck doing the same type of work as in Chicago. Then tried Seattle no luck there either. When I tried San Diego got the same type of job as Chicago.

In San Diego I read a newspaper add about somebody looking for a live in chef . It was a house in Lajolla looking over the ocean and a close walk to the beach. It had a nice view and a big patio with a pool. I would get my own room with a bathroom and shower plus a big screen TV with surround sound and a state of the art computer. When I arrived for the interview I met Linda the owner. She asked me about my experiences as a chef and told me the job requirements and the amount of pay. The money wasn't as much as I wanted but living on the beach and not paying any rent would be a dream come true. A week later she called and offered me the job I jumped at it. The only people staying at the house was Linda the owner and Helen the maid.

The kitchen had every connivance you could imagine. A walk in freezer, wine cellar, tons of shelf space all empty. After I got settled in Linda called me in the kitchen and said any thing I wanted call Anthony's Gourmet Foods she had a open account there and they would deliver if I had any problems let her know. For the next two weeks all I did was get the kitchen set up to my liking. Linda never complained about the time I was taking getting everything just right. Stocking the shelves with food filling the wine cellar with the brands and types of wine that I wanted and filling the freezer with the best food money could by. During that time I got to know Helen better and asked her about Linda. She said that Linda had won a 26 million dollar California lottery. Before she won both her parents were alcoholics and her brother was on crystal. The family never treated her very well and made her do all the cooking and house work and assaulted her when it was not done to there liking. After Linda won the lottery she never went home changed her name and moved here from San Francisco. She had always been very poor and could not believe her luck. When she started getting the checks she bought this house and moved in. First Linda did all her cleaning and cooking herself it was a mansion and a all day job. So she had hired Helen her best friend from school in San Francisco to do the cleaning and keeping the house up. Then she was cooking all there meals and was growing very tired of it. She mentioned this to Helen she suggested that Linda hire a chef to live in the house so she didn't have to cook any more. After I started working there all she did was sit around the pool in her bikini and take in the sun. The people in the neighborhood didn't associate with Linda because they thought she was not in there class. But she was happy with that not liking the snobs anyway.

When I started making the meals I didn't know how much to make or what food that Linda or Helen liked to eat. So I started simply pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Linda liked it and so did Helen. Helen wanted more so I made a omelet to. Then Linda went out and relaxed around the pool while Helen started cleaning the living room. I decided on a pasta dish for lunch and steak for dinner. Linda said she was happy with the choices for lunch and dinner but would like to try something different tomorrow. The next morning Linda showed up in the kitchen with a magazine article. She had seen a breakfast dish she would like me to prepare. It was a fun dish to make and ended up being a large meal. Linda and Helen ate the large breakfast said it was very good they would like more similar to that. Linda then showed me a recipe for excellent dish for lunch. The lunch was very fattening and Linda and Helen ate it all. That's when I came up with my plan. I always liked larger women and both Linda and Helen were small size. Linda was 5'4 and weighed 115 pounds blue eyes and blond hair. Helen 5'6 and weighed 120 pounds with black hair and brown eyes they were both very beautiful. Helen wore a size six and Linda wore size four. I would make then the most fattening food I could at every meal. The first thing I did was take some pictures of Linda and Helen laying around the pool and started a photo album of snap shots with the date the pounds they were going to gain plus there dress sizes. I knew they were going to putting on a lot of weight.

For breakfast I made a six egg omelet for both girls plus bacon and toast. They ate it all and said they were stuffed. Helen went to work Linda went for a walk on the beach. For lunch I made a pasta dish with heavy cream sauce. Opened a bottle of white wine they had three glasses each while eating lunch. Next I made some brownies and put them on plates in well traveled areas of the house. Then I took a plate out to Linda sitting by the pool. We talked about how things were going how the food was tasting. She really enjoy it could not wait for dinner. I went to my room to rest and noticed that half of the brownies already were gone off the plates in the house. After that I could not wait to make dinner. For dinner we had turkey with all the trimmings. Desert was pumpkin pies with whipped cream. They had another bottle of wine with dinner. They gorged them selves until they had to be helped up from the table. They staggered into there bedrooms and went to sleep.

The next morning was waffles with blueberry sauce and whipped cream. Lunch was steak with mashed potatoes and gravy with lots of butter and a bottle of burgundy. Again I left cookies around the house for afternoon snake. They were all gone by dinner time. For dinner there was a light pasta dish I wanted room for the desert I had planed a huge banana split and a bottle of brandy. I figured 15000 calories that day alone. After a week it was time for more snap shouts I noticed Helen was starting to show the affects of eating the fatty food so was Linda. They both were starting pot bellies and little rounder rump.

I kept it up for a month Linda was had a plumper waste and her ass was starting to bulge out of here bikini. Helen was eating more and showing it. Her fat was settling down in the hips and butt area. I would guess 15 pounds for Linda and 20 for Helen. Neither girl seemed to mind the extra weight. So I kept it up and soon began to see better results. Linda could not get her favorite bathing suit over her thighs. The sitting around the pool had made the weight gain show on her more than Helen. Helen was still cleaning the house and keeping the place running. While Linda sat around the pool most of the day. In the next month Linda put on 30 pounds and Helen 20 pounds. The pictures were really starting show the difference. I couldn't wait to take them and put some in the photo album. After the next month Linda put on another 40 pounds and so did Helen. Linda still liked wearing a bikini even though she was bulging out from them with cellulite thighs and a huge butt. Helen thighs were a lest 10 inches bigger than Linda's and her butt was sagging down and her long legs were getting thick with lots of cellulite. She had a smaller tummy than Linda and her breasts were a lot larger but not as large as Linda.

Linda got tired of sitting around the pool by herself so she hired another cleaning women. Helen kept the place running while sitting around the pool with Linda. Then Linda hired a seamstress to start making clothes because she was tired of going to the store every other week to get larger clothes. That's when I decided it was time to turn up the calorie intake for the girls. Both had become fat Linda put on another 40 pounds and Helen 50 pounds that month. They didn't seam to mind and asked for bigger deserts after dinner and wanted me to make sure there were plenty of treats for a late night snakes. It was becoming harder to keep up with the girls food intake. I asked Linda if I could hire a helper to clean up in the kitchen. She said anything I wanted to keep me happy. Now that I had more time, food preparation was only thing I had to worry about. That's when I really got creative made some wonderful dishes that the girls really enjoyed. You could tell by looking at there bodies 165 pounds on Linda sense I started giving them the fattening food and 200 pounds for Helen. They loved eating and I didn't see them stopping any time soon. Helen had the biggest thighs I had ever seen. Linda had to order new patio furniture because Helen was always getting stuck in the old ones because of her massive thighs. Linda thighs had grown to but not as big as Helen. Linda's breasts had grown huge and they rested on her huge belly. It was fun to watch these two women sitting around the pool eating.

After the next month Helen weighed 405 pounds. Helenís hips were so large she had to turn sideways to get through the door ways in the house. Her breasts had grown larger and she had a very large belly. Linda weighed in at 385 pounds. Her belly was huge and her breasts enormous. Helen new measurements at this time were 50-48-80 and Linda's were 65-55-65. The photo album was looking quite nice. I enjoyed going to my room and looking at the growth of my beauties from the first photos until know. I can't weight to see what the future will bring.