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The Chosen
By Fatty Cathy

In a faraway land in the mystic past was a kingdom ruled by a very kind and generous royal family, who governed their citizens fairly and honestly. The handsome king was seen everywhere, helping his people wherever his wisdom and generosity was needed. The local children often saw him riding his handsome black steed going to and from business meetings and court houses where he helped to solve minor disputes between neighbors.

Today was no exception as he came down the street where Tara lived with her family in the beautiful old ancestral home of her grandparents. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she was excited and pleased to see the king as he brought a letter for her parents and a package for her. This had happened every year on the afternoon of the day before her birthday and always made her feel special compared to all the rest of her friends. Every year she asked her father why the king singled her out from all the other kids, and he only smiled a sad smile and told her it was a special honor reserved for the most deserving of little girls. This year was no exception as the king dismounted and came up to Tara with a most charming smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. “Happy birthday young lady are your parents about the house”? Looking into his kind blue eyes she somehow knew this visit was different then all the others in the past seventeen years.

Running thru the large double front door to her home she called out, “Maria, have you seen my father? We have a special visitor!” The young housemaid looked up and saw the king standing in the doorway and giggled then gave a quick curtsey and disappeared into the library. Coming out from the hub of the family home and olive oil business Tara's father Lord Harvard had a grim look on his face even as he tried to smile while shaking the king's outstretched hand. “I always knew this day would come but I am finding it harder then I thought it would be.

“Tara, run and fetch your mother and meet us back here in the library; Maria, please bring us some tea and cookies and some moist cloths so our king can wash up.” Tara found her mother sitting on a green brocade sofa in the drawing room, sipping hot chocolate and eating cookies with her best friend the Duchess of Yale. Both women were large, lovely and full of wonderful curves that showed off their womanly virtues. She ran and whispered in to her mother's ear and told her the news, expecting her to be excited, but she only got the same sad look her father always had whenever she asked about the king.

The corpulent beauty clapped her hands and a tall slender young man, in a gray servant's uniform appeared and offered her mother his arm to assist in her rising off the comfortable reinforced sofa. At about 450 pounds and only five-foot-three inches tall, her mother often had difficulty in heaving her well-rounded body up into a standing position. The Duchess on the other hand was almost five-foot-seven, very tall for a woman and had a hard time keeping her weight up to 350. The Duke was often seen trying to feed his wife more sweets to try and help her reach at least 400 pounds. So she had no problem in standing without assistance, which was often noted by the people around her.

Tara assisted her mother to waddle in to the library to greet the King and her father. At seventeen, she had not yet become a woman; she was still tall and slender with the figure of a child, but that was all going to change tomorrow when she took the rite of passage and began her journey on the road to becoming a fully grown woman.

Entering the library, mother and daughter curtsied toward the king and went over and sat on the window seats in the bay window overlooking the golden meadow. Standing up, the King said, “I realize this is a very special day for you Tara, but I do not think you know how special. Prince Andrew, my oldest son, will be twenty tomorrow, and he has been training to become King his whole life. As is our tradition he will take a bride on his twenty-first birthday and you, along with five other girls, were selected at birth to be groomed to be his Queen.

“Starting tomorrow, you will be in competition with the other young ladies for one year, and on your next birthday my son will choose one of you to be his bride. In order to do this, you, along with the other girls, will move to the woman's quarters at the palace to begin your training in the morning. This will be a difficult time for you as you will have much to learn and you will undergo many changes in the coming year. I wish you all the luck in the world; I know you would make a good bride for Andrew. However, as always, only one of you will be chosen so it is up to you to convince my son that you are the most qualified. The girls who are runners-up will always have a special place in the household and will continue to live in the woman's quarters for the rest you their lives being treated as members of the royal family.”

Tara just sat totally still, stunned into silence, unable to even believe what she had just heard. Looking over, she saw her Mother was crying softly and then looked up and smiled at her daughter. “Why are you crying? This is the most wonderful news.”

Her mother very softly began to speak, “I am just sad at losing you; we will be unable to see you for a whole year and then we will only be able to visit you once a month after that in a special visiting room at the palace. I do know this is a great honor, and I am very proud and happy for you and hope to see my beautiful girl chosen as queen.”

The king began to speak and he told Tara and her family about the training program, making it sound like something from a fairy tale. If she were to be chosen as queen she would be holding daily court with all the woman of the royal household and then twice a week she would be seeing any woman from through out the land who petitioned her for help and support and she would also be holding classes for young school girls on a regular basis. What an incredible responsibility for one woman and Tara was eager to began her training; even if she was not chosen she would still have a lot of duties to perform, so the training would never go to waste. After hearing all that was told to her, Tara could hardly wait for her birthday so she could start her new life.

This was it: the first day of her life as an adult, and Tara was standing at the gate to the women's quarters with her parents waiting to be admitted. There were five other girls and their parents waiting outside who appeared to be from all walks of life. The girls were all tall and slender and childlike, but it was the Mothers that told the story. For in this magical place the woman's weight was always an indication of her social status. The more important her husband the heavier the woman was in this society. Two of the girl's mothers were obviously of the lower classes and so their weight was in the 225 thru 250-pound range where her mother and one of the other ladies on the other hand were considerably heavier. The heaviest of the women was in a special chair to accommodate her much larger figure and was obviously a relative of the royal family.

Tara's mind began to wander as she waited and remembered the audiences she had had with the queen during her school years. All the girls had been most impressed with the massive obesity of the beautiful queen. She was so huge her belly covered her feet and rolled out on to the floor. It had taken four attendants just to carry her flowing belly when she was moved. Tara began to wonder what it would be like to be so huge and then it dawned on her that the queen was always the fattest woman in all the land and that she had the rare opportunity and privilege to grow so fat.

“Ok, ladies, say your goodbye's quickly so we can get started.” The deep loud voice startled Tara from her thoughts. Turning and quickly kissing her mother and father on the cheek, she eagerly ran to the gate and left her childhood behind.

The six young ladies found themselves standing in a huge hall with women everywhere, some dressed as servants and others dressed in the various colors of the royal family. The servants were all in yellow and due to their lighter weight moved about quickly caring for the needs of the heavier woman. All of the ladies, servant and family member alike, seem to be friendly and having a good time. The most obvious feature of the room was the tables and tables of food spread out everywhere, and no matter what any of the ladies were doing, they were all putting food in to their mouths.

The walls of the room were covered with tapestries and silk wall hangings in gorgeous bright colors. Potted plants of all kinds stood in huge vividly colored painted ceramic containers and hung from the ceiling in beautiful woven baskets of all hues, along with silk gauze hangings in soft pastel colors that moved in the gentle breezes. The air was fragrant with the aroma of flowers from the gardens and the perfumes of the women. Great archways opened in to beautiful brightly hued flower gardens with huge ceramic fountains, which kept the air moist and cool. Birds and small animals were everywhere, with small dogs with gold and silver jewel encrusted collars wandering around the rooms the same as the women.

Part of the main room looked like a classroom, with a teacher standing in the front of a group of women and older girls using a pointer on the chalkboard. Another corner of the room had long tables and comfortable silk brocaded sofas in soft blues and greens, where women were reading, writing or doing needle work and chatting among themselves, while continuing to put food in their mouths. Bookcases lined several walls filled with novels and books of all kinds as well as games for the ladies to play. Sitar, flute and drum musicians in long colorful silken robes sat on giant brocaded floor pillows, softly playing enchanting melodies for all the ladies to enjoy.

Her companions were named Shanti, Jasmine, Rose, Sapphire and Jade, and they were all just as nervous as Tara on their first day. The girls were taken to the quarters of the select, which was actually a whole separate wing of the women's quarters. Here they were each given a huge room of their own with the most beautiful furnishings each in a different color. Tara's room was decorated in shades of teal, a beautiful blue green and she was told from now on this would be her color. All of her clothing would be in the various shades of teal as well as the clothes of her personal servant, Rosalind. Each of the girl's rooms had a small room attached for their personal servants, whose sole job was to feed their girl and help her to grow in to the fattest woman in the kingdom by any means possible. In the end, the woman who weighed the most in one year's time would be chosen queen.

The rest of the day was spent in getting to know the layout of the women's quarters and who everyone was by color (although it would take weeks to learn them all by name). There was the women-in-waiting who were chosen to bear the king's children, and so there were a few pregnant ladies and their servants in among the women of the select from past princes, including the current king. And, naturally, there were the mothers of the King's children (he was a very potent man LOL and at last count had 32 children of various ages, Andrew, of course, being the eldest). A whole wing of the quarters was devoted to the children with nurseries and classrooms as well as recreational facilities for the youngsters.

It soon became apparent to Tara and the others that this was actually a giant Harem and all of the ladies were there for the King's sexual pleasure, except for the select in their wing and his Mother and sisters, who lived in their own separate quarters. All of the ladies were free, of course, to wander throughout the quarters and visit during the day when they were not busy in class. One thing Tara did find out on her first day was that she really enjoyed food and was amazed at how much she could eat when goodies were always in front of her.

In the morning Tara was woke up by Rosalind, who was waiting with a soft silky teal robe for her to wrap up in and wear to the small dining room of the select for breakfast. The table was piled high with enough food for an army of men, and it was all for these six small girls. They looked at each other and dove in to the mounds of pork sausages and egg and cheese dishes and large muffins with slabs of butter. Fresh fruit of all kinds with little coffee cakes and bowels of fancy chocolates were placed all around the room. There were several different kinds of sweet flavored coffees and teas to drink as well as fruit juices. For the next year breakfast just like this was to be served every morning between 8 and 9, and as the year went on the amount of food would increase substantially as the girls' appetites would grow to match their gaining bodies.

After breakfast, the next hour was spent bathing in huge sunken brightly painted tile tubs where the water was full of bath oils, salts and soap bubbles with the servant girls scrubbing the backs and legs of the select while they nibbled on sweet treats and fruit. Wonderful massages with sensual aromatic oils came next, with all the lessons of love being taught by their servant girls; from the first day the lessons of pleasing the Prince sexually was a top priority. All the joys of fat sex were explored, including how to be seductive when fattened up to immobility. Exercises to keep the girls' legs and arms limber and strong to be able to bear incredible weights without burning body fat came next. Then a rest in their rooms reading the best literature was on the agenda, before they went back to the dinning room for a huge fattening lunch.

All the girls were still stuffed from breakfast, so when they looked at the table full of chicken and beef, duck and seafood along with dozens of high calorie side dishes and salads, they knew they were in trouble. Now, Rosalind went to work (she had been training for this job for the last two years) and started massaging Tara's belly and whispering in her ear that she was going to be the fattest woman in the kingdom if she would just open her moth and swallow. Soon Tara was eating and swallowing mounds of fattening food, mouthful after mouthful as her belly began to ache and swell from gluttony. More and more, fatter and fatter: it became hard to breath as the chicken and potatoes in rich creamy gravy kept being shoved into her mouth by her eager feeder.

“Oh, you are looking so beautiful and fat,” cooed Rosalind. “But you must get much much fatter.” More and more, fatter and fatter, and this was just lunch on the first day. Soon the girls were all lying in recliner chairs, having their painfully swollen stomachs massaged and kissed by their happy feeders while servants fanned them with huge colorful peacock feathers to help them breathe as the sweat poured down their faces. Now a two-hour nap to digest the mountains of food that was just consumed, which would allow them to be ready to face an even bigger richer more calorie-laden dinner later in the evening.

Next, came an hour of free time to visit and play games with the ladies of the quarters before two hours of classes on common law and religion. As always, big bowls of candies, confections and fruit were everywhere, and, of course, they were encouraged to eat all they could possibly hold. Dinner was always the biggest meal of the day and very time consuming as the eating would go on for several hours with the feeders working overtime to fatten up their charges. By eight o'clock, Tara did not think she could ever face another bite of food again. Her swollen belly was actually puffing out and making her look “fat,” which made her laugh as she realized that she was actually starting to gain. Taking slow deep breaths she began rub her belly to make it feel better just as the dessert table was carried out.

The smells coming from all the rich fattening creamy confections were wonderful and enticing despite her pain. Slowly, Tara got up with Rosalind's assistance to get a plate or two of goodies. It was hard to decide, so she just kept grabbing more and more until she finally had to laugh; looking at her tray, she had three plates piled high with cakes, pies and whipped cream and fruit filled delights. Sitting down at the table, Tara began to cram her mouth full of goodies, rich creamy chocolate, coconut cream and then sinfully rich almond paste smothered in chocolate - a never-ending symphony of tastes and smells. Up and down in and out, her large spoon kept going from sweets to mouth over and over and over again, as her already bloated belly grow and grew.

Finally, she began to slow down and she felt her feeder take over with the spoon, more and more, fatter and fatter, until she was ready to explode. Suddenly, she heard a voice thru her gluttonous haze. “Tara, it's time to stop; you will get more food tomorrow.” Exhausted, she leaned back closed her eyes and let out a huge burp!

The day ended with another massage with wonderful scented lotions and oils to keep her skin soft and supple, while Rosalind continued to explore and enlighten Tara to all aspects of her sexuality.

As the days passed, Tara learned quickly all she needed to know to be a kind and loving queen, absorbing all she could about the kingdom and how it was run and her place as the leader of the women - as well as her role in setting standards for wives and mothers. She was immersed in literature and law, religion and sexual training everyday six days a week. On the seventh day, they rested and visited with the other ladies; this was also the day for family visits, but in this year of training they were allowed no visitors. At all times, she was eating and growing, getting fatter and fatter, and as the days passed her appetite grew by leaps and bounds until she could consume mountains of food at one sitting.

Every Friday was weight and measuring day, so, after being assisted from their baths, the girls would be weighed and measured, and all of the information was put in a huge ledger and signed and sealed with the current queen's sealing ring. On day one, Tara weighed 118 pounds; her waist was 26 inches, her hips 28 inches and her bust 32 inches; she was the smallest and lightest of all the girls. By the third week, she was beginning to fill out and get some small curves. Her belly had swelled nicely with gorging, and she weighed 140 pounds with a waist growing to almost 40 inches, her hips 38 and her bust 38. Her belly was beginning to fatten up; she was enjoying the change from girl to woman.

Six weeks later, her weight was starting to climb as she shot past 170 with ease, as the fatter she got, the more she could eat. But the other girls were growing even faster. Her feeder was getting worried and started really forcing the food every chance she got. Rosalind went to a chemist and had a special weight gain formula made up that could be dissolved in food or water to give Tara an edge. So in the seventh week Rosalind began putting weight gain powder in to all the food that Tara ate, and she began to blossom.

Her appetite began to grow as fast as her belly and soon she was eating hundreds of thousands of calories a day. 200, 300, 400 pounds, and they just kept coming, fatter and fatter until her belly apron hung well below her outstretched knees. Waddling was fast becoming very difficult and just to go from her room into the dining room required assistance and many stops to catch her breath. It was hard to imagine only a few short months ago she could walk miles without a break; now, 50 feet was not possible without sitting down and panting from exhaustion. Her hands were huge and fat-rolled with pounds of gooey fat dripping from her massive upper arms; she could hardly lift them they were now so heavy. Her tree trunk sized thighs were ringed with bouncing fat rolls cascading toward the floor, while her stomach just kept growing and swallowing up her legs. Her immense breasts spread out and hung clear to her waist, with her upper belly spreading them to the side where they rested on her mountainous hips.

At 900 pounds it seemed almost impossible she could grow any fatter, but she kept on eating and gorging her swollen bloated body. Only three months left and she was still behind the others: Jade and Sapphire had both gone over a 1000 pounds and Jasmine and Rose were not far behind, while Shanti was holding her own at 952. All the girls were now unable to waddle at all and went from their bed to the baths by wheeled chairs designed to hold their immense growing bodies. It now took four weight lifters to get Tara from her gigantic bed to her chair and into the water. This was the one place the girls could still play since all their poundage floated; they would splash and giggle just like the young girls they used to be not so long ago. Tara grew to almost 200 inches around and had so many fat rolls she looked like a huge ball of fat, with only her head and hands sticking out - and still she was behind the others.

Rosalind was now desperate so she had the seamstress fashion a silken tube that she made Tara swallow and then she poured down gallons and gallons of the weight gain powder mixed in a mixture of fresh cream, sugar and melted butter. All day Tara would eat and eat and eat until her immense belly would bloat and swell and then at night the tube would be swallowed and hundreds of thousands of calories would be consumed while she slept. She was now absorbing twice the amount of food as the other girls. Fatter and fatter the lard was now pouring on her already mountainous body and slowly her weight began to push ahead of the others. 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 pounds and no end in sight now she was breaking all records of any previous queen and still she ate.

The big day finely arrived and everyone including the king and his first-born son Andrew were in the weighing room to see which of the corpulent beauties would be the new queen. The first girl to be wheeled out was Jade and she was huge, all her fat rolls were hanging dripping and flowing everywhere, so it was almost impossible to move her chair. Her multiple chins quivered and tears came to her eyes as she know that as fat as she was she was nowhere close to being the chosen. Six weight lifters assisted in putting her chair on the scale and when the numbers stopped she was at an incredible 1256 pounds and she had gained all but 130 of it in the last year. The crowd went wild cheering her effort, praising her womanly beauty. The king and the Prince came and kissed her on the cheek and thanked her for being part of the very select group of young ladies.

Next came Jasmine who was even fatter and larger then Jade and she was all smiles, as her perfectly round face lit up when she saw the king and the Prince. As most of her weight was below her waist she was so immense her hips were over 350 inches and the fat just dripped off her legs in huge fleshy mounds. As the weight lifters struggled with her great weight she giggled and whispered “Wish Me luck.” The numbers on the scale went up and up and up and when they finely stopped she weighed in at 1325 pounds. This was a new record for one of the select!!! All that weight piled on in just twelve short months; it was mind boggling to think anyone person could eat so much food. The gorgeous beauty was cheered and wished well by the crowd and she too received a kiss from the King and the Prince.

Now it was Sapphire's turn and it took eight weight lifters to bring her out in her huge wheeled chair. The crowd gasped as they saw how massively obese this beauty was. She made Jasmine look small, she was a giant ball of fat flesh with her face almost hidden in massive rolls of fat; she was a magnificent goddess to obesity and gluttony. The crowd was awed by her size and began to clap their hands in praise stopping only when the king waved his arms and commanded quiet. “This day is truly remarkable for all the kingdom as we have never seen such beautiful women and no one could be prouder of these girls then I am. They have spent the last year in service to our kingdom and performed better then any group of select girls in the past. We are all truly blessed with their sacrifice and courage and know these girls will serve our kingdom for many years to come. Now lets let the official weights and measures servant do his job so we can see what our beautiful girl weighs. Twelve weight lifters came forward and assisted wheeling her on to the scale and waited for the numbers to stop. Round and round they went and when they slowed down everyone held their breath. “1426 pounds exactly” was shouted out by the king to the eagerly waiting crowd, who immediately let out a loud shout of joy. The king and the prince both kissed the fat blubbery cheek of the massively obese beauty and thanked her for her help.

Now it was Shanti's turn and she was wheeled out on a massive bed designed to hold her immense weight. A team of fourteen weight lifters was needed to maneuver her on to the scales, the crowd held it's breathe as the numbers spun around. Finely, all eyes were on the platform as the numbers were read. 1578 pounds of flesh, unbelievable, this was more then anyone had ever imagined possible. A hand could be seen sticking out of the gigantic ball of flesh as the fat poured out everywhere, like a sea of melting butter. Her long raven colored hair defined the out line of her face that was hidden in rolls of flabby flesh. The king was so struck by her beauty he ran a hand down her immense breasts and stated, “I have never seen a more perfect woman, I am blessed by your beauty.” Again the king and the prince kissed the cheek of this most delightful of beauties.

Rose was the next of the select to be wheeled into the room on a huge bed that hardly contained all her magnificent poundage. She was a monument to gluttony with long full blond hair surrounding a round face with fat dimpled cheeks sitting on top of a mass of jiggling fat. Oohs and Ah's could be heard, softly at first, then building in intensity as the crowd got a good look at the corpulent beauty. She was so massive her fat spilled out over the sides of the bed like a bedspread growing ever closer to the floor. Sixteen weight lifters were needed to get her on to the scale to be weighed. After a lot of creaking and groaning the numbers began to rise 1000,1200. 1400, 1600, finely it came to a stop at the incredible weight of 1876 pounds. No one had ever seen such a fat woman before, so the shock of beholding such an enchantress was overwhelming. The crowd started calling out fatter and fatter and then clapping in delight. Now the king was so impressed he bent over and kissed her on both cheeks and promised to name a school after her. The prince came forward and thanked her for her devotion and beauty and kissed her also.

Now it was time for the big moment when the Chosen would be presented to the court, after a long year of speculation and rumors it was time for the unveiling of Prince Andrews's bride to be. A hush fell over the room as everyone waited in silence for the appearance of the fattest woman in all the land. A squeaky noise could be heard coming from the Select's quarters as a gigantic bed was pushed in to the room by twenty-four weight lifters. The bed had to have been twenty feet on all sides with a four-foot ledge surrounding the mattress to hold the mounds and rolls of soft oozing fat off the floor. Tara was so immense her belly rose almost six feet into the air with her enormous breasts pushed to the sides. Her fat hands sticking out of ballooning flesh rested shoulder level on hips that had saddlebags big enough to hold a whole camel on each side. All the layers and layers of fat rolled and oozed together into a gigantic mountain of lard so huge a step ladder was needed to reach her open mouth. Slowly the bed was rolled on to the scales and the numbers started to turn over and over they spun only this time they did not stop. Past 1600, 1650, 1700, 1750, 1800, 1900 could it be? Was she going to reach the ton mark? Total silence as the numbers kept climbing, higher and higher, fatter and fatter, 2000 and counting, more and more, fatter and fatter and then with a jerk and a clank, then a clang and a ding the scale shuddered and began to whine. At 2456 pounds the scale broke and stopped working entirely. The crowd went wild, cheering and clapping, whistling and tossing their hats into the air. The prince started dancing a jig and the king grabbed the closest corpulent beauty and started swinging her across the room doing a waltz, as the throng started shouting! Tara! Tara! Tara! Tara! The Prince grabbed a chair and carried it over to his Chosen's side and stood on it so he could climb up on to see his bride's face hidden behind all her jiggling fat. Tara being unable to turn her fat encased head was delighted to see the face of her prince looking down at her and was thrilled when he kissed her on her full food swollen mouth. “My princess you are all I could ever desire and I am going to devote my self to making you fatter and fatter.” Rosalind stood to the side beaming from ear to ear, knowing she had accomplished a miracle in the name of love. And with that they all lived happily ever after.

I hope you enjoyed this fat fantasy as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to E-mail me with your comments, suggestions or even criticisms. I enjoy hearing new fantasies as most of my stories are based on reader's requests. - Fatty Cathy (fattycathy@hotmail.com)