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The Dance

It had been a classic case of two people getting married at an early age and then growing apart. Sam's wife had fell for a co-worker and both of them agreed to a speedy divorce, which meant that at 34, he was on his own. After a couple of months of bachelorhood, Sam decided to pursue his life long desire for a larger woman by attending a Big Beautiful People party at the local Hilton he had seen promoted on the Internet. The dress code was "semi-formal," which made it sound a lot better than hanging out at a sleazy dive looking to meet someone.

A bit nervous, he walked into the main ballroom and was pleasantly surprised. There were at least 250 packed into the elaborately lit room. Sam had never seen so many big women at one place in his life. He could feel the grin on his face as he looked at the multitude of beautiful ladies in the room. The music was loud and his mouth agape as he watched the abundant curves moving and shaking on the dance floor.

"Oh, man, I shoulda done this a long time ago!" he thought to himself. Taking a seat at the end of the bar, he ordered a draft beer and down it in three gulps. The bartender, a nice looking blonde who looked about 30 pounds overweight and seemed to be enjoying her job, smiled at him and took his glass and began to fill it up again.

"Is this your first time at one of these?" she asked, raising her voice just loud enough to be heard over the music. Sam nodded enthusiastically. "I can always tell," she laughed. "Let me know if I can get you anything else."

"Thanks," said Sam and watched her walk away to other end of the bar. She bent over to pick up a balled up napkin that had missed its target and went to put it in the trash can. She looked back at Sam and caught him staring at her plump rear end, which was pushing against the seams of her black slacks. Grinning, she stood up and pointed out her wedding band and then to the crowd and motioned for him to go have fun.

Sam smiled back and surveyed the floor again. The music blended from one song to another and no one appeared to be taking a break. He was content to ogle the magnificent bodies of the women dancing no more than a few yards from his leather bar chair. Many of them were paired up with men who were half their size, which ordinarily might seem odd, but not here. He fixed his eyes on a couple that was clearly having a good time and looked like they were one step away from leaving the room to be alone together.

The man had his hands firmly around the woman's wide hips and she had her hands interlocked behind his head. They were eyeing each other deeply and weren't saying anything but were clearly communicating. Their "dancing" was simply doing small circles in the spot they were occupying as they stared at one another. As they turned with her back to him, he could see the man's eyes widen as he looked down at her chest. He moved his hands further around her waist and rested them on the top of her big butt. They turned again and this time Sam could see what the guy was looking at. She had enormous tits and her blouse was barely holding them in. Once again, Sam felt himself grin.

He continued to watch the couple move around with more interest. The woman was moving her fingers through the man's hair and watched him staring at her boobs with an almost wicked look in her eyes. Circling again, Sam gawked with envy as the man began running his tongue over his lips. Suddenly, the big beauty leaned over and whispered something in the guy's ear and then dropped her hands to his butt and they embraced. These two were totally oblivious of their surroundings and began to kiss, slowly at first and then more deeply. He lowered his hands around her cheeks and grabbed as much as he could. Sam could only imagine the pleasure he was feeling.

Still circling, the pair broke their kiss and the woman rested her double chin on her partner's shoulder. She began to nibble on his ear lobe and Sam could easily see her tongue darting in and out of the guy's ear. He had been watching them for nearly five minutes and realized that he was nearly completely erect. His cock was clearly outlined in the front of his pants. Quickly, Sam adjusted himself in his chair and moved his tool so it was hidden under the folds of his pleated Dockers.

"I don't know who I should throw the bucket of water on...them or you," came a voice from behind him. Sam was horrified at the idea of someone seeing him spy on a couple so heavily involved with each other and turned around. Standing next his chair was a pretty blonde who could have been the bartender's twin except she was noticeably heavier.

"Oh, shit," muttered Sam, feeling the blood rush to his face. "Um, how long have you, um, been..." he stammered. With an evil grin, she looked directly at his crotch and laughed, "Long enough!" Sam buckled in the chair.

"Great," he thought to himself. "First time out in years and this happens."

"I have a sweater that's just about that shade of red," grinned the woman, who looked to be about 30 or so. She saw how devastated Sam was and patted him gently on the shoulder. "Don't worry, I looked around and no one else saw you."

"Yeah, but YOU did," said Sam. "I've never been so embarrassed." He started to get up. "Maybe I'd better leave."

Swiftly the ample woman put herself in front of the bar chair and shoved him back in his chair. The smile was replaced with a serious look as she glared down at him.

"Over my dead body!" she said in a low tone. "Watching you get hard as you watched that couple was the most erotic thing I've ever seen. You're not going anywhere, mister."

Her smile returned. "I'm Cindy. My big sister's the bartender here and she told me you might like some company. Taken aback, Sam introduced himself. He nervously glanced out at the dance floor only to find the "happy couple" had left.

Cindy didn't take her eyes off of Sam but knew what he had observed. "Guess they had other things on their mind, huh?" she purred. Feeling totally helpless, Sam looked up at her. She was definitely big boned but quite attractive. Her breasts were full and her belly was round and inviting. The tight skirt which was about two inches above her knees accentuated her large, shapely hips. Her hair and make-up was perfect and she knew it. Sam took a deep breath. The big, beautiful woman he had longed to meet was inches away, looking him in the face and he was in shock.

"Do you want to sit down?" he nearly pleaded. Cindy relaxed and sat down next to him. She flashed a smile at him and put her hand on his thigh. "I don't scare you, do I?" she asked smugly.

"No, no, not at all. In fact you're gorgeous. I'm just kind of overwhelmed."

"I know," she giggled. "I think it's really cute." Again, her smiled disappeared and she turned serious. "And so are you." She had a commanding aura about her and Sam was almost in a trance as she locked her eyes on his. Parting her lips slightly, Cindy lowered her eyes towards the front of her button down sweater. Sam fell for her ploy completely and looked down at her massive boobs which seemed to be testing the strength of the buttons. He felt his jaw hanging open and took a deep breath and closed his mouth. "Whoa!" was all he could say. Cindy laughed and looked over at her sister behind the bar and winked.

The "skinnier" woman gave a thumb's up sign. "Does she know?" asked Sam.

"No," Cindy replied, "Not yet anyway." This time she winked at him. Her hand quickly brushed by his crotch. "Back to normal, are we? Not for long, Sweetie," Cindy said seductively. "I'm gonna make your dream come true. Let's dance." With that, she pulled him lightly by his tie out of his chair and on to the dance floor.

"I'm not much of a dancer, Cindy," Sam warned. "Relax and hang on to me, baby. Just like the two lovebirds were doing." She winked at him again and took his hands placed one on each of her generous hips. And, just as the other large woman did, interlocked her hands behind Sam's neck. He was all smiles and followed Cindy's lead as she gently swayed back and forth, moving them around in a circle. He noticed that she was about two inches taller than him but that didn't seem to bother her a bit.

Sam tried to keep eye contact with his new friend but found it difficult. Her raised arms made her boobs heave upwards and together, creating a deep cleavage. Soon he was watching them rise and fall with her every breath. Cindy watched him, just as the other woman had watched her man admiring her "assets." Sam felt his hands moving around the curves of her waist as though they were out of his control. Cindy gave a quick shake of her shoulders, causing her fleshy mounds to jiggle within the confines of her sweater. "You like?" she gushed, grinning happily at him. He had barely managed to roll his eyes and smile when Cindy lowered her thick, meaty arms around his shoulders and pulled him into her.

Sam let out a pleasant grunt as he suddenly felt her surrounding him. The warmth that radiated from her large frame was indescribably intoxicating as he surrendered himself to her. He nuzzled his face against her shoulder and she responded by giving his butt a playful pinch. His cock began to grow hard again. Cindy grabbed his butt cheeks and moved him his hardness was against her thigh. "MMMMM," she cooed in his ear. "I know what you're thinking about," she whispered. Sam felt her tongue flitter around his ear lobe and moaned happily.

"I must be dreaming, Sam said to no one in particular. "'cause I don't believe this is happening."

"It is happening, baby." Cindy assured him. "This is real and so are these!" Laughing, she leaned back and shook her shoulders in a way that was not obvious to others but still made her breasts move provocatively. Seeing her boobs bounce as she held him tightly in her arms made him realize that it was real and he kissed her passionately on the lips. She returned his kiss and thrust her tongue into his mouth, swirling it mightily around his.

He was completely erect now and Cindy brushed her hand across the front of his pants, briefly grabbing his cock. "That is sooooo sexy how you do that with just one little dance," she said mischievously.

Cindy put her hands under Sam's sport coat, slid them around his waist and wrapped them around his butt, pulling him into her and pressed his clothed hard-on against her belly. "Oh God, I'm going have an orgasm any second now," she oozed. "YOU are?" blurted Sam. She grinned broadly and squeezed his cheeks playfully. "Okay," she whispered. "You first...it won't take me long at all."

"Are you serious?" Sam demanded. "With all these people around?"

"Relax, I'll take care of you, baby," she told him confidently. Sam had never been so horny in his entire life and he looked at her in awe. "Come on," Cindy encouraged, "You know you want to. She rocked her boobs back and forth and Sam groaned with pleasure as they wobbled against him. "It's crowded and loud in here and all anyone's going to know is we're slow dancing."

She was serious, Sam realized. Before he had any more time to think about it, Cindy squeezed his butt again, burying his cock in her tummy. Slowly and with a steady rhythm she raised and lowered his butt with her hands. Her soft belly absorbed him and soon he felt his hips begin to go along with her motions. He also began to notice her thighs rubbing together. He could hear her breathing intensify. Although she had convinced him that this was really happening, it seemed surreal.

"I am so wet right now, baby," she panted quietly. "I don't think I can wait any longer." With that, Cindy held his butt steady and began rubbing herself against him. Her movements were so subtle that no one around them was suspicious at all. She was taking short, precise puffs of air in and out and began to moan in Sam's ear. Sam ran his hands around her large butt and down the back of her thighs. He began to feel hot wetness coming from under her skirt and hugged himself into her.

"Wow!" he exclaimed. "That's something you don't see every day." Cindy smiled as she regained her breath. "Thanks," she sighed. She returned his hug and shoved her immense boobs into his chest. He could feel her stiff nipples through her bra. "Oh, how I'd love to spend the whole night sucking on those," he said hungrily.

"They'll be plenty of time for that later, baby, right now it's your turn," she ordered. "Who am I to disagree?" wondered Sam out loud and he put his hands securely on her hips. Cindy resumed pumping his butt up and down, grasping his cheeks firmly pressing his covered cock into her belly. Sam's hips renewed their efforts and he could feel the cum rising from his balls. He was breathing harder and Cindy knew he was about to erupt.

"Cum on me, baby," she urged sweetly. Her demeanor had changed from commanding to gentle, but she was still very much in charge. "Cum on my belly, baby." Cindy assisted Sam's thrusts into her with surprising expertise. Just as cum began to shoot into his pants, she loosened her grip on his butt and held Sam in her arms while he enjoyed his orgasm. Cindy caressed him and continued swaying them both slowly in circles.

As Cindy led him back to the bar, Sam was at a loss for words. The only thing he could come up with was: "I had no idea dancing was so much fun."

To which she replied, "Practice, baby, all it takes is practice."