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The Dietician  
By Jensy-FA

Part One

Sarah was 18 years old; she had dark brown hair and eyes. She had always been 'bigger than her peers;' however, since entering puberty, she and her weight had definitely matured, with generous curves all over her body. The school she went to was a boarding school outside of London, so she was away from home quite often; however, with a huge amount of exams, she had not been home in a long time. When she had last gone home in the summer, her mother, a woman who believed that everyone should be thin, had made several snide comments about her weight and had told her daughter that next time she saw her she hoped for her to have a whole new figure. Little did she know her dream would come true.

It was now Easter, and Sarah, feeling stressed with exams and revision, had binged out quite often in the dining hall, which was pretty much all-you-could-eat. And when she was just in her dorm, which she shared with her best friend Melissa, the two would always have a large box of chocolates within arms' reach. All this food had added at least 35 pounds to an already ample figure of 175, all this on a 5' 6” frame.

After packing some clothes, Sarah waved goodbye to all her friends and got a cab to the station. Her mother and 14- year-old brother Ben were waiting at platform; as different as she looked, they recognised her at once. Her mother was trying her hardest to bite her tongue. However, Ben lacking any self control, ran up to poke her right in her round potbelly which was protruding a good six inches ahead and said, “Good food there, huh, sis?”

Her mum immediately opened her mouth and closed it, deciding not to say anything and changed the subject, “So, dear, how was the journey down?”

Sarah said quite Abruptly, “Mum, look, I know I'm not as thin as maybe you think I should be, but come on I'm not that fat.” Her mother looked shocked as her daughter waddled along the platform. When they got home, her father got up from the couch and gave her a hug and said, “My girl is growing up.”

“And out,” chirped in her mother.

“Come on, Shelia, give her at least 5 minutes before you start criticising her, and remember that chat we had yesterday!”

Sarah was perplexed “What chat?”

“Well, your mother half expected you to have, er, got a little bigger and she, er, well . . .”

“Mom hired you a dietician, to prevent you from consuming England's food stores,” interrupted Ben.

“Is this true?” asked Sarah.

“Yes, and by the look of things, I had good judgement,” said her mum.

Adrian was 23 and had been a FA since he'd hit puberty. He had a job which most other FA would envy above anything else; he was a dietician who specialised in women and was very well paid for it. Although, of course, to turn over a good profit he had to make sure every patient lost weight, but he still enjoyed the early checkups when the women were more the size he liked. He looked out of his office into the reception room and instantly saw Sarah; she was wearing some particularly revealing tight clothes (her mother had refused to fund any new ones in larger sizes), her ample midriff was spilling out above her track suit, and her generous cleavage was pushing its way up out of her blouse. Yes, he thought, I'll have some fun with this one.

“Sarah, er, Sarah Townsend,” called out the secretary. “Dr Geoffrey's will see you now.” Sheila started to stand up to go in with her, but the secretary gestured for her to sit back down “Dr Geoffrey's will call for you after the assessment.”

“Ah, Sarah, please come in and take a seat over there,” called Adrian. Sarah walked in, quite sheepishly holding her stomach in as best she could, and walked over to the seat. “Now Sarah could you tell me about yourself?” After a few minutes, Sarah told him about her lifestyle and her family, “Okay, now can you take off your shoes and come over here to the scales?”

She slowly stepped on and watched as the dial went up and down a little, until finally resting on 213lb. He then took her height. “Alright,” he said, “now if you could just take your tee-shirt and shorts off, I'm going to do what is called a body fat test with these calipers.”

She finally stopped breathing in, and her round potbelly pushed forwards onto her lap, her generous love handles spilling over the side of her panties, which cut into her sides, exaggerating them. Her thighs were shivering a little, responding to the cold metal examination table she was sitting on. Adrian walked around the table, lifting and grabbing some of the protruding parts and tightening the callipers around the loose flesh. After taking many measurements, he then got out a large tape measure and placed it around her.

She shuddered at his soft touch against Her; secretly, he was taking as long as he could to enjoy the feeling of her curves, which were so soft and smooth. From where he was standing, he had a perfect view all over her, seeing her large breasts overfilling the lace bra which was so tight it split her back into two, then, just below that, was a beautiful round belly, full but not tight. He imagined grabbing for it and making out with her right there on the table, her beautiful almost naked fat body rubbing against him, warming up the cold table. He patted her on the side of the belly; it jiggled for a few seconds. He quickly added, “You can put your clothes on now, Sarah.” He stuck his head out of his office and called into the reception room. “Mrs Townsend, you can come in now.” Her mother came into the room. Sarah quickly pulled her top on before her mother could catch a glimpse of the expanse that lay beneath.

“So, Dr Geoffrey's, have you finished your analysis?”

“Yes, Mrs Townsend, your daughter is currently classified as being 'highly overweight.' Now, normally, we do not do any major treatments on someone of this age so soon after the body has finished growing; however, recently from the States we have received some experimental medications. Now, these have been tested to quite an extent; however, they are not for complete public use yet. If they work, they should reduce Sarah's body fat quite substantially; we should have a stock of them next week.”

“Well, if you say there will be no particularly adverse medical problems, I suppose it cant hurt to try,” replied Sarah's mum.

“As Sarah's legal guardian, you are still able to make the decision; however, I would be interested to hear Sarah's opinion on this.”

“Well, I suppose so,” said Sarah.

“Great, I'll send over a bottle as soon as they have arrived.”

After Sarah and Shelia had left, Adrian sat there at his computer. Looking for weight gain supplements, he ordered a large tub.

Eight days later the parcel man came round to the Townsend's house and gave them a sealed brown bag; inside was a translucent brown pill bottle of red and white capsules. The instructions said to take two with breakfast and dinner. Because Sarah had just finished breakfast, her mother rushed her upstairs to the guest bathroom and weighed her and got out her own tape measure, lifting her T-shirt up and giving her a disgusted look similar to what you make when you see dead animal which has been run over by a car.

“We will soon get rid of this, if it is the last thing I do,” said Sarah's mum as she slapped her round the protruding potbelly. “215lb and 46 inches - my God, well, never mind at least we are taking action.”

“Look, mum, I have gone along with you on all this, treating me like a guinea pig on some half baked Yankee drug and looking at me as if I am some sub-human fat beast. Well, just stop it! As you say, I'll soon be the dream super model bimbo daughter which you have been dreaming of for so long.”