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The Dream That Would Become Reality
By Laura FoxJoin

Laura was the average teenager; she was 16 years old, and weighed around 175 pounds. She was happy about herself, but she had a secret. Her dream was to become fat; often she would go home and put on her swimming costume, then she would stuff the costume with clothing like bed sheets and nighties, things that would bulk up her belly.

Laura didn't want anyone else to know about her secret, but one day she decided to tell her best friend Susan. When she told Susan, she laughed and said, "That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard!" and carried on laughing.

"But I'm serious, I really do want to become fat!"

Susan stopped laughing, and stared, "You're serious?" Laura nodded, "Well I could help you, you know, help feed you after school and stuff." Laura smiled.

The next day the process began, "First things first - you have to get used to being fat." Laura knew what to do; she went home to collect her swimming costume; she bulked up her belly until she couldn't see her feet. "Now we have to go out into town and walk you around a bit, then we can go and start to feed you up!" Laura nodded and waddled out of the house. The buses were packed as usual, but this time Laura needed more room to move around.

When they arrived in town, Susan led Laura to the nearest restaurant, a burger bar, and ordered a plate of burgers; she sat them down on the table and said, "Eat!"

Laura began to guzzle down the burgers, often not even chewing them properly. When she had finished them, she leaned back and said, "I have to get out of this costume; it's digging into my sides!" Susan took her to the bathroom, and she took off the costume and the stuffing, and hid it behind the toilet, she wouldn't be needing them anymore.....

Weeks went by, and every day Susan would take Laura into town to gorge on burgers and chips and kabobs. And every day Laura would go home bloated and stuffed to her eyeballs. One day she looked down at her belly after a day's gorging, but her huge belly hid her feet; her skin was so stretched that it shined, and little stretch marks began to appear.

When the day came to go back to school after the holidays had finished, Laura weighed in at just over 300 pounds; her belly was huge and protruded from the rest of her body. When she walked down the halls of the school, she found that people would stare at her huge belly which had outgrown her shirts. People sniggered and laughed, but she didn't care, she was happy, but she wanted to gain more weight. She wanted to be so fat, she couldn't move, so she sent Susan out to the pharmacy, and when she returned, Susan held out some weight gain powder, a huge tub of it, and on the side in bold letters it said, "INSTANT RESULTS GUARAUNTEED!"

She opened the tub and began to mix up glass after glass, and guzzled down the shakes along with burgers and waffles, sausages and chips, bacon and eggs; she never stopped until the entire tub was gone. Once the tub was cleaned out, Laura looked down: not much gained, but then she felt a rumbling inside her huge tummy. Then all of a sudden her belly expanded. She waddled over to the bathroom scales and jumped on - she couldn't see the scales - she smiled and called over for Susan to come and help. Susan looked and gasped, "Wow that worked fast! You're huge!"

"Yes, I know but what do I weigh?"

Susan took another gasp, "375 pounds!"

Laura, though shocked, began to scream with delight.

"No, wait 385, no 387, 392, 400!"

She carried on growing, her belly getting bigger and bigger with each minute. "Will it ever stop?" said Susan.

It finally began to slow at 532 pounds - it still grew, but far slower. By this time Laura was so big she could only just hold up her weight on her feet. She had burst out of her clothing, and Susan ran to her wardrobe to collect the biggest clothing she could find - some of Laura's mom's clothes: a big purple dress, a size 40. Laura's mom used to be a super weight, but lost almost all of her weight about 5 years ago; Laura had been disappointed when she'd lost the weight, she was Laura's role model...

The weight never stopped piling on for Laura. Helped by Susan, who also began to gorge, she is now steadily gaining and now weighs in at just under 900 pounds. She has an FA boyfriend, and they are both very happy with her appearance. Susan is also in a FA relationship and weighs in at just over 500 pounds; they both remain very good friends...

This is my dream. I am Laura, and I want to become fat. I am now 266 pounds and still gaining.....