Weight Room Title Bar

By thedreamer421

What exactly is a fetish and how do they develop? I'm sure everyone has one, and what better place to find similar people to yourself than the internet? My fetish is hard to describe. In a nutshell, it's like this: in my dreams, I am surrounded by food. I begin eating and just continue until a large and very full belly has replaced my small and thin body. At that point I just smile and rub my distended middle. I pat it and watch the liquid slosh around inside. Then I do it all again. There is very little forced eating, and no gay undertones (I am a very straight male), which makes me wonder if I'm unique. Maybe it's the idea of my belly turning into a large pit for food – so soft and full. My taste in women are those with full breasts and lots of curves, but not fat. And of course, I love pregnant women. Perhaps because their condition is temporary, but I realize that the body part that I like most to be fat is the belly.

I can't think back and recall when all this began. There were women in my life that were pregnant, and I recall staring at their growing bellies. But the food fetish is similar to scenes I've seen in cartoons. From Looney Tunes to Templeton the rat in Charlotte's Web (personal fave). I think the happy-go-lucky attitude that overeaters have is what astonishes me the most. In today's world, that doesn't exist. Ancient Romans would stuff themselves silly – and not give a second thought. Such carelessness about appearance…why can't we have that today?

There have been a couple recurring fantasies that I think about. One is when I'm locked in a supermarket overnight. The next morning people return to find the shelves empty, and I'm lying back, smiling and rubbing my enormous belly – having eaten the entire store. Another is where I'm an emperor or something. Servant girls serve me platters of food and I eat them all. The girls love my huge abdomen and fawn over it as I eat nonstop.

There have been a couple times where I was so wrapped up in a fantasy that I attempted to live it out. Occasionally I'll overeat, or eat lots of food fast so my stomach becomes distended. Then I'll return to my bedroom and try on old clothes to see my belly stuffed full and bursting at the seams. I will heave out my stomach, breaking belts, snapping buttons, all while patting my belly and smiling. One time my family went to a buffet that actually had decent food, things like enchiladas, pasta, chicken, and a dessert bar. I remember wanting to try it all, so I had at least three full plates and a couple trips to the dessert bar. My belly barely fit in my pants afterward, and I had to expand the belt a couple notches.

Other times I'll fill a two-liter bottle with water, lay on my bed, and down it all. That takes awhile, but when I'm done, the belly is swollen and bloated. I rub my beautiful bloated belly and feel the liquid slosh.

After reading, you're probably picturing a 300 pound man with a serious love for food and his belly. Ironically, I'm none of that. I am a 140 pound man with a 30” waist and a high metabolism. I'm not fat in any way, but just a little soft around the middle. 200 sit-ups nightly is changing that. The truth is, I don't think I could live with myself as obese. Today's world (although rather overweight in the middle class) is centered around being thin.

If I did decide to overeat constantly, I'm sure the situation will turn out like my first car – a headache and, “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.” So that's why I'm a dreamer. My big fantasies and fetishes will simply remain fantasies. I'm very happy and lucky to be thin. Even in my attempts, after it was all over, I had an attitude like, “what have I done?” Thanks, but I'll stick to thin. But that doesn't stop me from fantasizing.

If you have a similar story, and would like to talk about it, email me at thedreamer421@hotmail.com