Weight Room Title Bar

By Ned Fox
She moved to Elm Lane in the early fall. She was quite tall, 5'9” and slim, maybe 120 lbs. Her name was Sara; she worked for a food brokerage firm downtown. Sara had moved from the east to our city. She was very pretty - a nice figure with very ample breasts - and all the neighborhood men quickly noticed.

Sara liked to work in her yard and garden. She did this in a bikini; sometimes she wore a t-shirt over too, but on warm days just the bikini. They sometimes noticed that Sara liked to snack; she always had either chips or cookies and a soda with her.

Her next-door neighbors, Bill and Marge, could not help but notice her, especially Bill. Marge was aghast; she wanted to complain to someone, but Sara was doing nothing illegal nor in violation of any of the covenants. Bill, on the other hand, just enjoyed the view; though he loved Marge and her ample figure, he still could admire a pretty girl.

Bill and Marge would chat with Sara over the fence from time to time, and they both thought she was very nice. Even Marge had to admit she did like her in spite of her showing off her body all the time and seemly eating whatever she wanted.

The weather grew colder, and neighborhood settled in for the winter, dark early in the evening and light late in the mornings. People did not see each other, sometimes for weeks, even months.

This was especially true of Sara. Marge and Bill could see lights on and hear the TV or stereo, but they never saw her all winter.

The days finally started to get warmer, the days longer. Bill and Marge worked in their yard, but did not see Sara until one evening in late May. What they saw stunned Marge and nearly gave poor Bill a heart attack.

Sara emerged from her house; she was wearing only a light, sheer nylon teddy, panties and a bra. What caused the commotion, though, was Sara was now quite FAT! She waddled down her back walk to put some trash in the waste cans. She turned around to start back and saw Bill and Marge. She waved, blushed and continued to waddle back to her house.

Marge could not believe her eyes. “Bill,” she said, “did you see how huge she is?”

All poor Bill could do was stammer, “Yes, dear I did, too.”

Marge continued, “I am going over there to talk to Sara. It is not normal for a pretty young woman to get so fat so fast; I want to be sure she is alright.”

Bill spoke up, “I will come too, honey.”

“Oh no, you're not,” Marge said. “She may be very upset about something to cause her to gain so much weight; she would be too embarrassed if a man came over.” Reluctantly, Bill agreed.

Marge headed over to Sara's house. Marge, who was quite plump herself, was only wearing a housedress over panties and a bra. She knocked on Sara's door. It took a couple of minutes for Sara to answer the door. She opened it; she saw Marge and opened the door all the way. “Please come in, Marge,” she said breathlessly.

Marge was stunned. Sara had ballooned over the winter. Her once ample breasts were now huge, resting on a large, protruding potbelly that jiggled with Sara's every move.

Sara turned around to lead Marge into the living room, Marge almost gasped at the size of Sara's bottom. I t jiggled up and down as Sara waddled into the living room. She sat down heavily on the couch as she motioned to Marge to sit opposite her in another chair. Marge was in awe of Sara's belly; it pushed her legs apart, it was so big.

Marge started to speak, but Sara held up her hand, and said, “ I 'm sure you are here to find out why and how I have become so fat.”

Marge just nodded. Sara started nibbling on some candies that were in bowls all around the living room; she motioned to Marge to have some too, which she did.

She patted her big belly and said, “This was not an accident, or a side effect of emotional eating or anything like that. I really wanted to gain all this and more.”

Marge's jaw dropped. She did grab another handful of candy and continued to listen to the earnest young woman. Sara began again, “I started my new job here, right after I arrived. I call on small restaurants for food sales. They are all mom & pop operations, mostly moms.”

She continued, “Most of my customers, therefore, are women, and they are all quite heavy from years of working around food, raising families, etc. They did not like me much at all. But I began to appreciate where they were coming from. I also began to admire their lifestyle, eating habits and even their bodies. I decided that if I was going to be successful in my chosen career, I would need to make some changes.”

Marge had finished her candy bowl. Sara placed another one in front of her and smiled.

She asked, “Would you stay for dinner? I eat alone all the time, it would be nice to have some company for a change.”

Marge smiled and answered, “I be delighted to.” She seemed to have forgotten that she had just finished a large meal with Bill not a half hour ago.

Sara struggled to her feet, and waddled into the kitchen, she got a large pan out of the oven and placed it on the kitchen table, along with plates, a bottle of wine, glasses, etc.

She and Marge sat down. The pan was a huge lasagna; she piled a plate full and handed it to Marge, who did not protest in the least about the huge portion she had been served.

Sara filled another plate for herself. They both dug into the rich dish. Sara poured glasses of wine and continued her story.

“I decided last fall to start gaining weight. I started to wear more conservative clothes I even padded myself to call on some of my 'larger' customers. I began to deliberately overeat. It was hard at first, but soon I became used to eating more and more.” Sara refilled both of their plates and refilled the wine glasses. “I ate out as often as I could, which was nearly all the time. I also bought a lot of takeout, too. I never refused meals at any of my customer's restaurants, even if I had just finished a meal.”

She burped, excused herself, and went on, “My co-workers, most of whom are all overweight, too, encouraged me to eat also. Working at a food brokerage, there is always tons of food around, so even when I was in the office doing paper work there was plenty of food to eat. I really started to gain; I outgrew most of my clothes right around Halloween. I gained twelve pounds, eating all the extra candy I bought. I have a terrible sweet tooth. The parties around the holidays helped, too. I ate four thanksgiving dinners!” she giggled, “I thought I would explode before I got home. I also stopped exercising, and the more I gained the lazier I have become.”

Sara burped again and so did Marge. They both giggled; Sara refilled their plates. Finishing up the huge pan, she refilled the wine glasses and opened another bottle. Sara patted her now very bloated belly, adjusted her panties, spread her legs out more to allow her belly to bulge forward relieving the pressure. Marge's housedress now was tight. She did not realize how much she was eating; she knew she was very hungry and in rapt awe listening to how Sara had become so fat.

Sara began her story again, “The more I gained the more I enjoyed myself,” she giggled, “I had never imagined how much fun getting fat would be. I sometimes would overeat with much too small clothes on just to burst the seams on them.” She giggled again.

“I would lay around my house on weekends, in my panties and bra, just eating to my heart's content during January and February. I started in March buying my underwear and clothes at large women's stores. They would be shocked when I would come in only weeks later to get even bigger sizes.”

Sara struggled to her feet. Her amazing belly bulged out several inches farther in front of her; she lovingly patted it, now too distended to jiggle. She waddled over to the freezer and got out two five quart tubs of ice cream, several bags of M&M's, chocolate chips, walnuts and pecans. She piled the candy in the middle of the table and cleared the dinner plates away. She put large mixing bowls are her place and in front of Marge.

Sara and Marge started in on the ice cream and candy; they gorged themselves on the rich dessert. It took nearly an hour to finish everything. It was now nearly ten o'clock; just then there was a popping sound and a scattering sounds. Marge looked down; her once merely plump belly was now huge, bloating out on to her ample thighs. The buttons of her housedress had let go, scattering all over Sara's kitchen. Marge burped and blushed; she leaned back in the chair, her huge belly nearly stuck under the table. Sara got up; she went to the sink, picked up a clean washcloth and brought it over to Marge. She wiped the ice cream off of Marge's face and off the top of her belly and breasts.

She said, “Well, it is time I get you home to Bill!” She giggled, “We need to show him your surprise!”

She helped her engorged friend up from the table; both women were having trouble walking. Sara was used to moving around with all of her new weight, plus she became engorged on a regular basis. Marge, however, thought she was going to explode; she had never eaten as much as she had tonight. Sara also grabbed two five-pound bags of the candies she and Marge were munching on before dinner. The both nearly-naked women waddled/staggered over to Bill and Marge's house.

Bill answered the door, “There you are. I was getting worried. How is Sara….” He stopped in mid sentence. First a look of shock, then a big smile came over his face.

“Please, ladies come in and take a load off.”

He put his arm around his engorged wife and helped her settle into a chair. He turned to thank Sara for escorting poor Marge home. He could not keep his eyes off Sara's unbelievable body. She still had on only the sheer teddy, a bra and panties, now barely containing her amazing girth.

Sara smiled, “I bought you a couple of presents, Bill,” looking at the engorged Marge, and then holding up the bags of candy. “This should help Marge's appetite, we wouldn't want her to waste away, now would we?” Sara leaned over to give Bill a peck on the cheek, her beautiful belly brushing up against Bill, sending a shudder through him. Sara giggled and patted her huge belly, “You really do like this don't you, Bill?”

He blushed, “How did you know?”

Sara answered, “I saw the look in your eyes when you saw me taking out the trash. Marge looked concerned; you looked turned on!” She giggled again.

Bill blushed again, “Yeah, you're right; I do like the big girls. It has taken me years to plump up Marge; she is always trying to diet and lose weight.”

Sara looked Bill in the eye, “Well, you see that she eats these candies. I will check in tomorrow after work. I will have you both over for a nice big dinner.” Bill almost fainted at the thought of watching his beloved Marge and Sara stuffing themselves silly again.

He thanked Sara and watched as she waddled back to her house. Bill was now so turned on he could hardly stand it. He helped Marge up from the chair, rubbing her distended belly. Marge burped, “Oh honey, I'm so full, but it feels so good. Do you mind that I have become so big in one night?”

Bill kissed Marge full on the lips, his hands running over her glorious belly, “Marge, dear, I have dreamed of this since we first met. I want you to get as big and fat as you can, and then even fatter!” Marge kissed him back, her huge belly pressing up against Bill; she could feel his reaction. Then and there as Bill lovingly helped his bloated and engorged wife to their bedroom, Marge knew what she had to do.

That night Bill and Marge had the best sex they had had in years. Marge was so happy to find out the Bill loved her body and wanted her to get as big as she wanted.

The next morning, Marge woke up to find Bill already up, the smells of a wonderful breakfast wafting into the bedroom. Bill appeared in the door way with a large tray, covered in plates full of eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes and French toast. She thought, “How can I ever eat all of that?”

She looked over on the nightstand and there was a bowl of Sara's candies. She absently reached for a handful and gobbled them down, then another and another. Bill lowered to tray to the bed in front of Marge. He kissed her and then kissed her still bloated belly. He had to leave for work, but wanted to make sure that Marge would have plenty to eat while he was gone.

As Bill left, Marge's appetite kicked in. She was suddenly ravenous; she ate everything on the tray, finished the bowl of candies and struggled out of bed. Then she waddled to the kitchen. Fortunately for Marge, Bill had anticipated her appetite and had piles of goodies for Marge to gorge on. GORGE she did; by ten o'clock, Marge was finally sated. She waddled into the bedroom, seeing herself in the mirror for the first time, she was at first shocked, then turned on. Her size 16 panties were straining to contain her. The waist band drooped down under the strain of her expanding belly; her bottom, swollen with the fat and calories, was trying to escape the confines of her panties. She stripped and showered, enjoying rubbing her expanding body with soap.

She waddled out of bathroom and started to look for something to wear. While digging through her swimsuit drawer she found a bikini that she wore a couple of summers ago, it was black nylon and a size 12. She giggled with glee, thinking how Bill would react to seeing her bloated body squeezed into a tiny bikini. She struggled into it, finding that it stretched more than she thought, and it did provide enough modesty to allow her to go outside with it on.

Marge had the best day she had had in a long time. She lounged around the yard; she ordered several pizzas during the day and greedily ate them, admiring how her tummy bloated out with nearly every bite. During the day, Bill called to check on his ballooning wife. Marge told him to do some grocery shopping and to get her some new underwear, t-shirts and sweat pants.

Bill arrived home to find a gloriously bloated Marge lying in a lounge chair in their back yard. There were piles of empty wrappers and pizza boxes around the chair. Marge's fantastic belly was sticking up in the air; the little black bikini was barely providing any modesty. Marge smiled, in a sort of stupor. “Hi, honey,” she said, rubbing her belly. “ I had the most wonderful day. You would be so proud of me; I stuffed myself all day long.”

Then the back opened and in waddled Sara, in a two piece swim suit that accentuated her incredible gain. “Marge! You look great; it looks like you have had a fun day!”

Marge burped and patted her belly. She giggled, “I certainly did. By the way, what is in those candies? The more I eat of them the hungrier I get!”

Sara laughed, “Well, my company imports them from West Africa. They are used in fattening houses, to fatten up young brides for tribal marriages.” Sara patted her big belly and huge round bottom, “They work great, don't they?”

Marge giggled, “Yes, they certainly do,” patting her own expanding belly.

Bill asked, almost in a panic, “You do have more, don't you?”

Both women laughed. Sara answered, “Do not worry, Bill. We have nearly a warehouse full of them.”

Sara asked, “Are you two ready for the most fantastic eating and dining experience of your lives?”

They shouted “YES!”

“Well, then let's go over to my house; I have everything ready.” Bill and Sara helped Marge struggle to her feet. She was not used to the change in her center of gravity caused by her bloated belly.

“One more thing first, though,” said Sara. “Marge and I are dressed for dinner, but, Bill, you need to put this on.” Sara handed Bill a small bag from one of the sporting goods houses in town.

He opened it up and blushed. He stammered, “I can't wear this!”

“Oh, yes you can and will,” said Sara, “You are not going ogle Marge and I stuffing ourselves without a little view for us.”

Bill held up a black nylon swimming brief. Marge giggled, “Oh, honey, that would look good on you; go put it on or you can't come over to Sara's!”

Bill looked at the brief, thinking to himself, “This could be two fantasies coming true.”

He quickly agreed; patting Marge on her belly, he raced inside to change. In the meantime, Marge and Sara started to waddle over to Sara's back yard. They went through the gate. Marge gasped. There were tables, several of them covered in rich food. Marge and Sara's bellies both growled at the sight of the wonderful feast.

Marge got a little teary eyed and hugged Sara, sinking her hands into her lush fat, “Thank you, Sara, you are the best neighbor and friend ever!” She went on, “Bill loves my new body; he told me to get as fat and big as I want to.” Sara thanked Marge and said she wanted to share her love of eating and growing fat. The experience of the last few months, she had enjoyed beyond all of expectations.

Sara and Marge sat down in large chairs close to the food. They started to serve themselves; they both were so hungry from looking at the huge spread that Sara had laid on.

Sara leaned over as best she could and said to Marge, “If you don't mine, I think Bill could use a few pounds, too.”

Marge giggled, “I would like to see him gain some weight. I feel guilty gaining so much and having Bill stay relatively slim.”

“Thanks, Marge. I promise I won't fatten him up to much, just a nice belly and rear end,” said Sara.

Bill came in through the gate. He almost lost it, looking at the two beautiful women eating, filling their wonderful bellies. He had a t-shirt over the briefs, which was quite tight. As an FA, Bill was not adverse to joining in the gaining, too. He felt it only fair that if Marge grew fat that he should also gain. The first thing he did was grab a handful of candies and pop them in his mouth. Both women giggled.

Sara warned, “Not too many of those Bill; you might get as big as me!” Bill just had another mouthful, and then several more in quick succession. He burped, “Whoa, those are really good.” Suddenly he was ravenously hungry and filled a plate to brimming with rich food.

The three of them ate for hours; plate after plate of rich food flowed into their hungry mouths. It was nearly midnight by the time the candies' addictive nature finally wore off.

The three of them sat in their chairs, the weight of their gorge weighing them down. Sara was rubbing her distended belly. It was huge, sticking out two feet in front of her, but to Marge's surprise, it did not sag at all. Marge's bikini had burst hours before; fortunately, Bill had brought over some new panties for Marge. Marge, being only five-two, looked to be almost a big around as she was tall. Her belly and bottom ballooned with the onslaught of calories and fat. She filled the chair with her thighs and bottom; her belly lay on her lap almost to her knees. She sat with a smile on her face, holding her belly with her hands.

Bill had grown quite a belly with the help of Sara's candy. His modest paunch was now a hug pot, bulging out from his chest over a foot to curve back down just above his groin. He sat back, resting his hands on his newly grown belly, thinking, “This has been one of the best nights I have ever spent - and to think it is not over yet!”

He struggled to his feet, then staggered over to Marge to help her up. She struggled to her feet, and she and Bill began the slow waddle back to their house. Bill got Marge through the back door, just barely and down the hall to their bedroom. He helped her onto the bed. He could not help at marvel at the way her massive belly was sticking up in the air. He patted her belly - he could not bend over to kiss her - and staggered back out to help Sara up.

Sara greeted him with a smile. She marveled at Bill's huge gut, especially the way it swayed back and forth when he walked. She patted his belly. “I hope you will forgive me for this?”

Bill laughed, “I figured I should gain for Marge if I expected her to get fat for me.” He put his hands on either side of his new gut and shook it. “You do nice work, Sara. I never imagined we all could get so fat so fast. I want to thank you for sharing this experience with Marge and I.”

Sara looked up at him, “Bill, Marge is so lucky to have you. I hope I find someone like you.”

He helped the engorged women to her feet. He said “I am sure you will, Sara. You are so beautiful; you will find someone very soon.”

Sara patted his belly again, thanked him as Bill helped her waddle to the house. Bill looked at her, “May I ask one favor of you, Sara?”

“Of course,” she replied.

“May I run my hands over your belly?”

Bill blushed; Sara giggled. Taking his hand, she laid it on her glorious belly. It sunk into her soft flesh. Bill could not believe how smooth and soft Sara was; her belly jiggled as Bill ran his hand over her. He said, “My Marge is going to be as big as you, if I have anything to do with it.”

Withdrawing his hand, Sara gave him a peck on the check; her massive belly pressed up against Bill. Sending shudders down his spine, Sara giggled again, “Marge is so lucky,” she said once more. . .