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The Party
By bbwscriber

Part One

Dan decided to go "stag" to the party he'd heard about from a co-worker on that Friday morning. Not very many people from work were there, which was good because he hadn't been with a girl for sometime was starting to get pretty desperate. The last thing he wanted was getting "caught" being with someone just because she'd spread her legs while both of them were drunk. "What the hell," he thought, "maybe I'll finally get to meet someone who's attractive and understands me tonight." Dan loved larger girls, especially those who were "well endowed." At 5' 7", he was a good looking guy, had great sense of humor and a warm smile which seemed to make women open up and talk immediately. Unfortunately, it was always petite, slender type of lady who became interested in him and Dan would go along with it for awhile but then they would usually end up just being "friends."

Dan put the six pack he brought in the fridge and accepted a cup of draft from the iced keg sitting on the patio. There were at least 40 people crammed into the tiny townhouse but it was a comfortable crowd and the mild temperature outside made for an accommodating atmosphere. After a couple of quick "hellos," he wandered into the dining room in search of someone he might recognize. As he surveyed the room, he saw the sexiest woman he had ever seen. It was just that simple: she was who he thought of when he was alone and horny. Dan felt his heart begin to pound and his knees buckled slightly. He leaned against the wall for support.

She looked like a Goddess to Dan. She at least 5' 8" with blonde hair tied in a pony tail and looked about 30 or so, just a couple of years younger than him. She was wearing a white tank top with a plunging neckline that showed off the pair of huge perfectly rounded boobs that he had always longed to be buried in. It wasn't just her chest that captivated Dan. She had a plump belly, a wonderfully round butt and large but shapely thighs that completed her hour glass figure, all be it an oversized one. A pair of tight fitting gray pants accented her abundant curves perfectly.

Dan mmmmmed to himself. He continued to stare at his "dream girl" as she talked and laughed with a group of what was obviously good friends. Suddenly she looked over at Dan, catching him in mid-gaze and gave him a playful wink and a smile. Dan nearly dropped his beer. He couldn't believe it actually happened. He smiled back, trying not to appear too excited. With his heart racing, he took a deep breath and started to go across the room towards his new found beauty queen.

Before he could go two steps, he felt a pair of hands cover his eyes and heard a giggle and then "Guess who?" Dan recognized the voice of Stacy, a fellow worker who had always been a little over friendly with him, dropping many hints about getting together after work over drinks. She was an attractive single mother and he had even considered taking her up on it until conversations with her turned to sex and the lack of it in her life began to increase. The last thing he needed was an affair at work, so he kept his distance. Naturally this only enticed Stacy to continue her pursuit of him.

"Now you've got no excuse," she gushed and began caressing Dan's shoulder. Dan felt himself stiffen and backed away from Stacy, who had already had a little too much to drink.

"Hi Stace," he said. "Whatcha up to tonight?" Stacy was oblivious to Dan's reluctance and moved closer to him.

"I came with Jenna. We went out to a couple of bars and couldn't find any decent guys, so we thought we'd come by here for awhile."

She continued to talk in a near slur and attempted to put her hand on his shoulder again. Dan tried to resist a little more obviously but Stacy was too buzzed to think anything was wrong. He turned around to see if the girl he really wanted to be with had seen what was going on but she was gone, along with her group of friends.

"Shit!" Dan said out loud.

"Whatzat?" said Stacy. "Oh, nothing," he replied, all the while he was scanning the room and peering into the kitchen. She continued talking about her evening and how she hadn't left an exact time of return for the babysitter.

Dan drained his beer and excused himself to get another. He walked quickly through the house and out to the patio and breathed a huge sigh of relief. His new desire was in the yard with her friends, two of whom were smoking. Again, the look on his face gave him away. His dream girl grinned at him. Dan was so embarrassed, all he could do was laugh.

"So, you escaped, huh?" she mused.

"Yeah," said Dan, "but it wasn't easy."

"I'm Denise and you're Dan, right?

"How did you know?" he asked. "Jeff, your fellow salesman, told me before he left."

"I'll have to thank him the next time I see him."

Denise winked at Dan again. "So I see you've got an admirer back there."

"Well, we're just friends and I guess she's had a bit too much to drink."

"Really? She really seemed to want you pretty bad," teased Denise.

"Nah, she's not my type," Dan said, hoping Denise would take a hint. He involuntarily glanced down her gorgeous tits that were close enough to reach out and squeeze.

"Just what is your type?" cooed Denise, staring Dan directly in his eyes. With an inch height advantage, she clearly had his attention. "Ahhh, well, uh," was all Dan could come up with.

Denise laughed, and caught Dan watching her boobs jiggle. "Well, at least you're honest about it."

"What about you? I'm surprised there aren't guys fighting over each other just to stand next to you."

"Oh they're around, all right. Usually they like to get me in bed just because of these but then they decide they don't like the rest of me ‘cause of my weight. It's a package deal, I say and most guys don't like a girl who's big and assertive.

"What's wrong with your weight?" Dan asked. "I love your figure and, yes, I am attracted to larger girls. As a matter of fact, I'm having a very difficult time keeping my hormones under control as we speak."

Denise laughed even deeper this time, which caused her breasts quiver provocatively. Dan felt himself start to get hard as he gazed down at her tremendous chest. She was like a magnet and he was a helpless piece of sheet metal. Dan could feel his desire for her was completely out in the open.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Denise suddenly became serious. Dan realized he was being a little too obvious and blushed. He looked up into her eyes and gulped. A wrong answer could mean the end of this wonderful thing before it even started.

"Not as much as I'd like to," he said with a sincere smile.

"I was hoping you'd say that," as she moved closer to him. Dan took a deep sigh of relief and gently put his hand on her generous hip. She responded with a chuckle and pinched his butt and then left her hand on him.

Everyone had gone inside except them. Music wailed from inside and the patio light shined directly on Denise's face. She had green eyes and thick, full lips and was wearing just the right amount of make up. The tank top she was wearing showed off her marvelous chest nicely but there was nothing sleazy about the way she was dressed. There was a classiness about her that was as inviting as her body, which was causing Dan to become visibly excited.

"You are the most beautiful girl I've ever met," Dan whispered into her ear. Denise laughed again, this time Dan fought the urge to look at her chest and kept eye contact.

"Are you serious? Like I haven't heard that one before!" she replied. Dan put both hands on Denise's plentiful butt and pulled himself closer to her. As if in his deepest fantasy, her tremendous breasts pressed against him and he emitted a pleasurable groan. He kissed her cheek and slowly moved on to her lips. "Absolutely," he breathed into her ear. Denise quickly sensed his honesty and opened her eyes wide and smiled. She turned her hip and shoved her thigh into Dan's crotch. To her surprise, she felt his completely erect cock through is pants. She was immediately turned on by his eager desire for her and was thrilled to have his stiff shaft pressing against her. She reached down and felt Dan's hard-on and sighed pleasantly.

"Why fight it?" she asked and kissed him deeply. "You haven't even tried to touch my tits yet," she said. "You really must like all of me."

"Do I ever..." moaned Dan. He wrapped his legs around Denise's firm thigh and kissed her back. She hugged him closer to her and within seconds Dan began to slowly move his hips up and down on her. Denise welcomed his motions and squeezed his butt each time he moved it up on her. She watched his every move with a combination of awe and curiosity as he rubbed his cock on her thigh faster and faster. As his breathing quickened, Denise could tell Dan was going to explode any moment. She really loved him getting off on her and helped him through his climax by mirroring his increasing thrusts with her hips and finally, when just as he came, leaned back and raised his butt higher on her thigh. With a loud groan, Dan shot his wad and went limp in her arms. Denise could not believe the intensity of his climax and was completely aroused by the level of pleasure he had received just by jacking off on her.

She looked around and saw a padded bench off in the corner of the patio. "Let's go sit down, Sweetie," and led Dan by the hand over to the bench and pointed for him to sit. Denise looked around to make sure they were alone and put her knees on either side of Dan so her huge chest was directly in his face. She hug him into her, securely wrapping her ample arms around his shoulders and dropping her lower half around his mid-section.

"Oh my God!" was all Dan could muster. He was enthralled by her bountiful boobs which seemed to be spilling out of her low cut top when he first laid eyes on her and now they were right in his face. He tried to grab them as best as he could began to kiss the fleshy mounds that had been placed in front of him.

"I liked it better when you had your hands on my ass," Denise said in almost a commanding tone. Dan knew better than to disagree and began to massage her butt. There was a lot of her back there and he imagined what it would be like to come into her from behind. "Good boy," she cooed.

Denise lifted up her tank top and undid her bra. She cradled Dan's head in her left hand and guided his face to her nipple. He took it hungrily and began licking and sucking it madly. Her belly and wide hips pinned him to the bench but she knew Dan wasn't going anywhere. She loved being in charge and as her nipples became increasingly stiff pushed his face into her and forced them deeper into his mouth. Her boobs were so large that they nearly covered his entire face but he wasn't complaining. Dan moaned with delight as he suckled her, gasping for air as she moved him back and forth from left tit to right tit. Each time she brought his mouth to her awaiting nipple he would suck as furiously as he could until it she moved him to the back to the other one. He had never been so aroused and sensed Denise was feeling the same electricity as was.

"Bite them, Honey, oh please bite them!" Dan complied and Denise squealed with pleasure. Her butt had dropped down on his crotch and she began to grind her pussy into him. He was still as hard as ever and could feel her tighten her legs around his. Dan grabbed as much of her cheeks as he could as she began to rise up and down on his mid section. Denise groaned and moaned with delight as she increased the speed of her bouncing on Dan. He could feel her pussy on his thigh each time she came down on him. Holding on to her massive hips, he pulled himself up so the shaft of his cock was right between the lips of her moist pussy. Denise reacted with a deep breath and centered herself around Dan's hardness and continued to hump away. Her breathing became more intense and labored. She held onto Dan's shoulder's and leaned backwards.

"Enjoy...the...show..." she moaned between gasps of air. Dan's mouth remained agape as Denise's boobs danced up, down and around in every direction as she worked her self into a frenzied orgasm. He had the overwhelming urge to "catch" one of her boobs as they jiggled wildy but he moved his hands around Denise's shoulders to insure that she wouldn't fall. Each time she came down on him, her large breasts shook violently and Dan gawked in amazement. He could feel her wetness mixing with his as she came on him. He couldn't believe how great this sex was, it was better than a dream. Denise collapsed on him and rested her head on his shoulder. Dan returned his hands to her stiff nipples and began to playfully pull on them. "Oh, they like that," she squealed and sat up again. Dan put his arm around her and kissed her on the lips. Denise moved off of him and put her head on his shoulder. "That was great," she said and put her hand over Dan's as he continued to fondle her breasts. "How do you feel?"

Dan's response was non-verbal as he returned his mouth to her heaving boobs.

Once again he began licking and kissing them at will. He began to push his face deeper and deeper into her cleavage. Denise reclined on the bench and Dan moved on top of her. Denise hugged him closer as he positioned his hips above her.

"Don't tell me this is a one-nighter," she pleaded. "I'm enjoying you too much."

"No way," Dan insisted. "I told you how beautiful you are and I meant it." Dan kissed her once on the lips and they smiled at each other. "Good," said Denise and cupped her large tit in her hand and offered it to him. He happily accepted it and sucked on her once more. His hips renewed their impatient thrusts and Denise grinned and spread her legs for him. Dan's clothed hard-on dropped securely in place in the cozy space she provided him and in no time he was on his way to another indescribably delicious climax. He loved how he fit between her large thighs and could imagine being nearly completely engulfed by her, without clothes on, that is. Denise kept her hands on his rear end and joined in his rhythmic pounding on her. She watched him lift his face out from between her tits as he approached the height of pleasure. "Come on baby, cum on me" she encouraged, patting his butt. Dan loved hearing that and drove himself in her with all his might. As he began his orgasm, Denise arched her back, lifted both of them up off the bench. She clenched her open hands tightly around his ass held it as Dan once again spewed in his pants. Dan had never experienced anything like it and showed. Denise was thrilled to see the look of wonder and satisfaction on his face felt nearly as satisfied as he did. She kissed him gently on his forehead as he regained his breath.

"Mmmmmm," said Denise. "I've found you at last." "You took the words right out of my mouth," smiled Dan. "But," he said as his eyed his targets happily, "words are the only thing I want you to remove from my mouth. Denise laughed and shoved an erect nipple between her new lover's anxious lips.

Part Two:
After the Party

The sounds they heard were a unique combination: crickets doing their thing, music blaring from inside the house and Dan's slurping as he continued to sucking on Denise's tits. As he licked and lapped, Denise thought about the last hour or so and how much Dan had shown his desire for her. He was a comfortable fit between her opened legs and it was quite clear that he wanted her for more than just her chest. What's more, he wasn't afraid to let his feelings known, as he seemed to make just as much if not more noise during his climaxes than she did during hers.

Dan was in heaven. Even though he was still fully clothed, he felt that his deepest sexual fantasy had come true as he played in and around Denise's giant boobs. He couldn't believe their size and roundness and never wanted to let go of them. As he lay on top of her, he began to feel the warmth and size of her body underneath him. Denise kept her hands locked around his head, securing him close to her breasts. Dan let his hands wander around her waist and hips, exploring every curve. He had never known the feeling of welcome security that her body offered and loved the feeling of comfort being on her.

"I do hope you will let me take you home tonight," he said, looking up at her with his best "puppy dog" eyes.

"Yes, of course, I will, silly," she said. "Only problem is my purse is in there and we've both got wet spots on the front of our pants. How am I going to get it?"

Dan sat up and thought for a minute. Surely the people inside had heard them during their passionate lovemaking but it would be embarrassing if either one went back in with "cum stains" on them. He took off his shirt and handed it to her.

"Better I do this than you," he said. Denise laughed and began to put her bra back on. Dan watched as she gathered each enormous breast in her hands and slipped it into her bra. Once again his mouth was agape. Denise wasn't sure which was turning him on more, putting them away or whipping them out. Either way, she was totally enamored by his desire for her and finished getting dressed with a grin.

"I'll be right back," she said and kissed him squarely on the lips. She got up and began to go inside but Dan wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her back. He buried his face in her soft belly and looked up and smiled. Denise saw the intense pleasure in his expression and promised again to hurry back. She gave him another kiss on the forehead and held his shirt in front of her and stepped back towards the house.

"What do you think?" she asked, holding his shirt casually in front of her. "Just hurry up, it's cold and I miss them already," exclaimed Dan. Denise laughed and went inside.

Dan stood up and got another beer from the keg. "I hope people didn't stop drinking because of us out here," he thought. Then he remembered all the beer that was in the refrigerator and figured that it was ok. He sat down with his beer and it finally hit him that he had met the woman of his dreams and she actually liked him. Even better, she understood his desire for her and reciprocated it. Glancing down at the vast wet spot on the front of his pants, he was very happy as well as satisfied and took a long, refreshing gulp of beer.

Denise came out with her purse on her shoulder and handed him his shirt.

"Your friend was pretty pissed off at me and didn't hesitate to say so in front of everyone," she said. Dan gave her a hug.

"I'm sorry. She's had too much to drink and can't take a hint. I guess she doesn't care what she says or how she says it."

"She called me a slut and told me to go to hell," said Denise. Dan held her tighter ran his hands up and down her back. They stood and held each other for a good two or three minutes. "You are so beautiful and I want to take you home and make love to you forever, Denise. You are my fantasy come true and I will never let you forget it." She kissed him quickly and smiled. "I know," she said.

Denise helped him put his shirt back on and Dan gave her a deep kiss which she relished immensely. As his tongue danced around hers, she reached down and put her hand on his crotch. She could feel his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. "Let's go back to my place," she whispered into his ear. "This time we'll get undressed!" she laughed.

Dan could feel himself getting hard again as they walked the side gate of the patio towards his car with their arms around each other. Denise put her hand on his butt and complimented him on its firmness. Dan kept his hand in motion, running it around the curves of her waist, hips and thighs. He grabbed her butt playfully and held onto it. Her ass may have been big, but was firm too and Denise could tell he liked it.

"Do you know how much you turn me on?" he asked sincerely. Denise grinned and returned her hand to Dan's crotch and felt his impending hard-on. "I am so glad. I could tell you really liked me the moment I saw you. And believe me, the feeling is very mutual."

Dan stopped walking and pointed to his subcompact. "Well, here it is." "It's cute," said Denise. "Just like you," she said and turned around and gave him a huge bear hug. Dan's heart began to pound again as he felt Denise's gigantic breasts against him. He moaned with happily as she continued to hold him tight. "I don't think we're going to sleep much tonight", he blurted. To his delight, she laughed her longest laugh and let him open the car door for her.

Dan got in and put the keys in the ignition. He glanced over at his sexy passenger in near disbelief. "I'm so happy I met you tonight, Denise. Did I mention how beautiful you are?" Denise's grin grew wider and she leaned over and kissed him. Naturally, Dan's hand went straight for her boobs. As he held it, he felt her erect nipple under her tank top. "Are you cold?" he asked.

"No," she said in a calm but pleasant voice. "I think your touching me is making them hard. I don't want to inflate your ego, but they've never stayed this hard before. Could you please start the car so we can get home and go to bed?"

Dan started the engine, gunned it and then took off. "Where?" he demanded. "Which way to I go?" Denise laughed again and told him how to get to her place. As they drove, they had their hands on each other's inner thigh. Denise started to rub the front of Dan's pants and felt him grow. "You certainly don't have a problem getting hard," she said, looking at his unmistakable outline of stiff cock.

"All it takes is the right stimulus," he replied. "Believe me, all I gotta do it look at you and I'm as hard as a rock."

Denise put her left arm around Dan and kissed him on the cheek. "I love being the object of your desire," she said playfully and began tonguing his ear. Dan was having difficulty concentrating on his driving and began to squirm in his seat. The street light turned red and Dan stopped and looked over at her, longing to be under her again. Denise undid her seat belt and sprang out of her seat. She took his head and mashed his face into her gaping cleavage. Dan started kissing and licking until she pointed out that the light had turned green. Reluctantly, he accelerated and off they went. However, Denise had accomplished what she had set out to do and she quickly but carefully undid his belt, pants and zipper. She reached in his shorts and pulled out his tool.

"Mmmmmm, boxers...I knew it," she oozed. She moved her hands all around Dan's cock, making sure it was comfortable and released its confines. Then she worked her hands into Dan's pants and cupped his balls. Dan was keeping is eye on the road but occasionally glanced at her face and noticed the intent and purposeful look she had. Clearly, she loved what she was doing. What excited him even more was knowing he was putty in her hands; it felt terrific.

Denise loved the feeling of Dan's balls in her hand. She pull his pants down low enough to feel the full effect of their soft weight. She put the tips of her fingers on the back of his sack, almost touching is butt hole. Then she began to move each of her fingers one after another in a slow rhythm, gently closing her hand after each finger had made it's movement. "Doing all those scales during piano lessons wasn't a complete waist of time," she said in a low, sexy voice. Dan was going nuts, moving all around in his seat.

"Shhh," she cooed. "Just drive. I want you in my bed."

Denise continued her hand artistry, to Dan's delight. Then, just as he had fallen into the rhythm of her fingers, she wrapped her other hand firmly around the shaft of his cock. She closed her hand around it, starting from the bottom up to the top. Then she moved it up to the head, which was oozing with pre-cum. She swirled her fingers and open palm around the top and rubbed his moisture around her hand, as if it were hand lotion . Dan was losing control, big time.

"I gotta pull over," he moaned and checked the mirror and steered the car to a stop but kept the motor running. "It's probably safer," Denise laughed. As she continued to massage Dan's balls, the "wet" hand started to move up and down on the head of Dan's throbbing cock.

"I know it's a funny time to say it," mumbled Dan as he was about to experience his third climax in two hours, "but I love to watch you laugh." Denise's hand soon became a blur as she sped up and down on him. "And I love to watch you cum," she exclaimed as she pumped him passionately. She watched and marveled at every expression on Dan's face as she brought him to the height of excitement and squirted in her hand with his loudest groan of the evening. Out of breath again, Dan rested his head on her shoulder. "You are a goddess," he proclaimed. "I just hope I'm alive by tomorrow morning so I can make sure this isn't just a dream."

Denise laughed again. "Home, James, I wish to fuck your brains out."

Dan looked over his shoulder and got back on the road. "Yes, mum."

With as much care as she had used in taking him out, Denise put Dan's cock back in his shorts and carefully zipped and buttoned his pants.

"That was fun," she sighed. "You'll have to let me do it again sometime."

Part Three:
A Party For Two

Per her instructions, Dan pulled up to a modern looking apartment complex and Denise navigated him to a "visitor" parking place. He shut the motor off and turned to her and put his arms around her and they kissed again. "Follow me," she said excitedly and opened the door before Dan could get it for her.

Denise took his hand and led them to a dimly lit stairwell. "Don't worry, it's only three flights." she said and started climbing. Dan held her hand but Denise went up the stairs first. It was then that he realized what lay ahead of him.

The horizontal line of the hem of Denise's white top across her abundant rear went up and down seductively as she assented the stairs in front of him. Each step she took raised and lowered her large, shapely cheeks and Dan was compelled to grab her backside.

"My God, you have a beautiful ass!" he blurted. He reached out and put his hands around her hips hugged himself into her. Denise stopped in mid-stride on the step above him and looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. "Glad you like it. If there's one thing that's more sensitive than my tits, it's..."

She didn't get a chance to finish. Dan jumped up on her step and kissed her deeply. His hard-on had returned once again and he shoved his groin into the treasure in front of him. With his hands wrapped around her waist he pushed himself into her cheeks and started to move his hips up and down on her. Denise returned his kiss, and reached around and ran her fingers through his hair. Dan lowered his hand to her cum-stained crotch and began to massage it with his fingers. She sighed with delight and put her hand on his and guided it to her pussy. He started probing with more intent, going back and forth in her dampness.

Denise shook her hips playfully and nuzzled her cheeks against Dan's cock. "Do you want to do it here with our clothes on again or would you like to go inside and get naked?". Dan moved his hands around her boobs again and drove himself into her butt. "I'll try to hold on a little longer," he said and kissed her neck.

She continued up the stairs, teasing him by accentuating the movements of her hips as she went up. Dan followed but reached up and inserted his hand between the back of her thighs. Denise giggled with delight. She realized that Dan not only liked to put his hands everywhere he could but that he seemed to put them in exactly the right place.

They stopped on the third level and she led them to the right and two doors down. "Home sweet home," she pronounced and took her keys out and unlock the door. Denise yanked him inside and shut the door with her foot. She turned on a lamp on a table next to the doorway and quickly pulled her tank top over her head and threw it aside. They embraced and began running there hands all over each other. Dan tried unsuccessfully to undo the hooks on her bra while she attempted to unbuckle his belt. Suddenly their eyes met and they froze. Denise laughed a deep belly laugh and Dan stopped and chuckled with her.

"OK, my house, my rules," she said, trying to get serious. "Me first," and deftly undid her bra and lifted it off, releasing her gigantic melons.

Dan's mouth dropped in awe. He had never seen such beauties and marveled at their size and shape. Denise shook her shoulders, causing the massive pair of boobs to wobble to and fro. He dove in and rubbed his face against them as they bounced around. She grabbed his head and pressed him into her chest and kissed the top of his head. "They're all for you, baby," she said seductively and open his shirt and took it off.

He sucked on her nipples as she held him in her arms. Denise looked down happily, recognizing the fact that she was his queen and he totally worshiped her. She undid the snap on her pants and Dan unzipped them and lowered them to her ankles for her to dispose of. He sank to his knees, hugged her waist and began kissing and licking her belly. It was so round and warm. He kissed around her navel and then inserted his tongue into it, circling it over and over.

Denise had to lean over in order to see Dan over her massive boobs. She watched as he placed each of his index fingers into the sides of her panties and pull them down her legs. His hands gently skimmed along her thighs as the damp undies descended to the floor. She stepped out of them and, in doing so, spread her legs open and before she knew it Dan's anxious tongue was inside her. He immediately went for her hardened clit and licked it rapidly. His sudden action caused Denise to cry out with pleasure. She grabbed his hair in her hands and guided his face into her further.

Dan was licking her clit growing with gusto, pausing only to breathe. Denise began to move her hips in response to his darting tongue, which seem to hit its target perfectly. She shoved his face deeper into her pussy and put her thighs around his entire head. He reached up and put each of her nipples between his index finger and his thumb and pinched and pulled them gently. He continued to tongue her fervently, knowing that he was about to bring her as much pleasure as she had to him. Soon he felt her butt moving with excitement and returned his hands to it and grabbed as much of it as he could. Denise was moaning in ecstacy, her volume increasing with each of Dan's tongue strokes. Suddenly, she let out a scream and released her love juices all over his face. He continued to lick away as she came all over his face, it meant so much to him to see her pleased.

Denise collapsed to the floor in a heap. "Wow," she panted. "You ok,?" Dan asked as he pulled her on top of him. She put her head on his chest and regained her composure. Sighing deeply, she noticed that he still had his pants on. His resurgent hard-on was still clothed and that upset her.

"Let me see what I've been feeling against me all night," she said and undid his pants. Dan started to help but Denise move his hand aside and pushed him on his back. She took out his stiff cock and gave its head a kiss. "Lift up," she commanded and slid his pants and shorts down his legs and pulled them off along with his socks.

She lay on top of him and began to kiss his chest. As she went around his nipples with her tongue, her tits dangled around his cock. Each time she moved her large boob would brush up against his hardness. Dan began to squirm and lifted his hips so he could place himself between them. Denise got up on her knees and leaned over him, her swaying breasts hanging over his mid-section, creating a virtual canyon for his cock to get lost in. He raised and lowered himself at will, pressing his hardness deep in her cleavage. Oh, he was in such a state of bliss. But it was getting late and, despite the glorious sight in front of him, his eyes were starting to get heavy.

Denise could see that Dan was tired and yet it was obvious he needed to be satisfied again. "We'll have plenty of time for that, Honey. Your exhausted. Let me take care of that for you and then we'll go to bed." She placed her hand around his balls and began doing her "scales" again. He relaxed in seconds and then she took him in her mouth and sucked him deeply.

He didn't have the biggest dick she'd seen but it was just the right size to put her lips around and swallow without gagging. Denise flattened her tongue against his shaft and went down on him. Dan could tell she knew exactly what she was doing and kept a still as he could while she raised and lowered her face into his groin. Her steady tempo and slurping sounds were almost hypnotic and soon he felt the urge to cum. She quickened her pace and began to concentrate more on the tip of his cock. She could tell the time was right and raced her tongue up and down until the first taste of cum began to enter her mouth. Dan's hips were bucking uncontrollably as he felt his cum shoot into Denise's mouth. She felt his hot liquid burst against the back of her throat and continued sucking him off until it was all gone. Dan nearly past out with pleasure. Denise put his arm around her shoulders and helped him get into her queen-sized bed. She put sheet over him and kissed him on his cheek. "Get some sleep, Sweetie. You're gonna need it!" The last thing he remembered before conking out was feeling a happy grin on his face.

Part Four:
Pillow Talk & More

Dan awoke with the strange sensation of not knowing where he was and sat up. "You ok, Sweetie?" Denise asked with a reassuring pat. He put his hand on hers and smiled. "Yeah, um..where's the bathroom?"

She pointed toward the soft glow of a night lite reflecting in a mirror. Dan got up and relieved himself. On the counter was a stack of paper cups and a bottle of mouthwash. He gulped down several little cups of water and rinsed his mouth out.

"Ahhhhh," he exclaimed, getting back into bed and snuggling close to his dream girl. He put his arm around Denise and placed his hand on the nipple of her left breast. "They're asleep," she mumbled groggily. Dan took the hint and kissed her lips and let his hand fall to her belly.

"Sorry I fell asleep so early," he whispered. "It's ok, you worked all day and I didn't," she replied, putting her hand on his. "Besides, I like thinking I had something to do with tiring you out."

She turned over on her side and faced him but looked above his head at the clock on the night stand. "Oh shit, Four O'clock. Glad I don't have to work until Sunday."

"Where do you work?" Dan asked. He felt a little guilty that he waited so long to find out more about her personal life but then remembered how when they met a few hours earlier, neither one of them actually cared about much except getting it on.

"I'm a nurse over at the hospital," she replied, ready to go back to sleep. "Oh, that explains a lot," said Dan with a grin. Denise immediately propped herself up on her elbow. "What do you mean by that?" she demanded. Her breasts heaved upwards as she cast her eyes down at him, much the same way she had done earlier when they first started talking. Dan couldn't stop looking at her chest and she put her finger on the bottom of his chin and raised it up, forcing him to look her in the eye.

"What did you mean by that?" she repeated. Dan had to think for a second, taking extra care in using the right words. Fortunately, they rolled right off his tongue without a moments hesitation.

"Even though we just met, you are so concerned about my comfort and well being and it seems to come very natural with you, like it's part of who you are." She smiled modestly, seemingly pleased at his answer. "That," Dan continued, "and the fact that you like giving orders."

Denise didn't know whether to laugh or it him, so she did both, smacking is shoulder with her open palm and grinning broadly. "Well, it's true," he said, hiding under the sheet. He could hear her trying to keep from laughing and peaked out from under his cover. "But I love it. It really gets me hot when you shoot me one of your looks and tell me what to do." She tried to look mad at him but couldn't because she realized that turned her on too. "Obeying your every command reinforces how much I want to please you, Babe" Dan added.

Denise tore the sheet away and swung her leg over him. "Oh, just shut up and suck on my tits!" she laughed and leaned over and stuck her nipple in his mouth before he could say anything else. Dan eagerly did as he was told. She could see the smile in his eyes as he sucked and licked happily. "If it had been anyone else, I would have kicked ‘em out," she roared and continued giggling as she transferred him to her other tit.

Denise held him to her mighty bosom tightly. He had learned exactly how she liked having her nipples sucked on and having him getting just as much pleasure out of doing it only enhanced hers. Dan's cock returned to form and he began to move his hips. She spread her legs and raised herself on her knees over the head of his cock, ready to take him inside of her. He put his hands around her waist, rested them on the curve of her hips.

Looking up at her, he opened his mouth and let go of her erect nipple. "Do you have any..." She lifted his head close and shoved her other nipple in his mouth. "I'm on the pill but thanks for asking, Sweetie." With that she gradually spread her legs lowered herself on to Dan's hardness. He was right, she completely engulfed him. She remained motionless on him for several seconds, relishing his presence in her. Dan began to raise his butt but froze suddenly as he felt the wondrous sensation of the walls of Denise's pussy tighten around his cock.

"You're giving me one of those disapproving looks now, aren't you?" he asked. All he could see in front of him was enormous mounds of tit flesh but he had guessed right. She giggled and relaxed her muscles. Slowly she rose up on him and then slid back down. Dan began to bite her nipples and grab as much of her butt cheeks as he could. Denise gave a mild groan and went up and down on him again, just as slow. One more time, she tightened her pussy and raised herself, relaxed and then dropped down on him. She leaned back and smiled at him.

"You feel good in me, Baby," she breathed. "Let's just have you move just a little." She put her hands under his ass and pushed him in her deeper and slightly to the right. Dan could feel her thighs squeezing him tighter. As she lower herself back on top of him, her belly fell on him and she seemed to "lock" him in place.

Denise came down on him again only this time it was with a lot more force. She rose up again and this time encouraged Dan to join in. He gripped her waist pushed his hips into her as she came down. "Yes," she exclaimed, "Oh, yes." As their rhythm increased, her boobs once again began their delightful dance only this time Dan reached up and wrapped his hands around as much of each one as he could. Denise really began to slam herself up and down on him and in order to keep up with her he had to let them go and return his hands to her waist. The generous curves of her wide hips allowed him to hang on and pull himself into her as she pounded away on him. He felt like a human dildo under her as she began her first orgasm. She began to suck in air like a sprinter and then let it out in soft screams.

By this time, Dan was ready to cum but was determined to make sure Denise had her orgasm first. His plan didn't last for very long as she begged him to go faster. He held on to her as tight as he could and pumped himself into her at the same rate she had used on him in the car. He could hear himself groan with pleasure as he released his cum in her bouncing pussy. Denise was still humping wildly as the last of his cum rose inside her. She leaned over and put her nipple into Dan's mouth. "Here, Baby." He took it and stayed hard for her as she grinded her way through her second orgasm.

"Oh, my gosh, that was WONDERFUL," Denise gushed. "I am so glad I found you, Dan." She reached down and cupped his balls, which were covered with both of their juices. Dan was spent but was elated that he had helped her achieve such high a level of pleasure.

"MMMMM" she said as she lay down next to him. She kissed him on the lips and smiled gleefully. As they drifted off to sleep, it was quite apparent that it was mere rest until they regained their energy for more playtime later on.

Part Five:
The Morning After

Dan awoke again with the momentary shock of being in a foreign place. The room was lighter now as the clock indicated it was nearly 9:30 in the morning. He turned to look over at his new found love and couldn't believe what had happened and how lucky he was to meet her the night before. His eyes scanned the outline of the beautiful woman who he was completely smitten with. She was laying on her side, facing him. Naturally he paused to gaze at her tremendous cleavage which was half covered with the sheet and exhaled in disbelief. He continued downwards, over her plush waist and belly and then stopped and gawked in amazement at the her hips. It's size and curvature were awesome.

He propped himself up and put his open hand on the apex of her hip and slowly moved it back down towards her waist. He felt the side her belly and gently massaged it. It was just as soft and warm as he remembered from earlier. Denise's eyes popped open as he caressed her side.

"Oops, sorry. I just love touching you," he offered.

"It's ok, Baby. I just gotta go pee. Hold that thought!" she said and hopped out of bed. As she walked over to the bathroom, Dan watched each of her gorgeous butt cheeks bounce to and fro. It was incredibly sexy. Her abundant ass was perfectly round and the only word to describe its movement was mesmerizing. Just watching it made his dick stiffen up again.

She came out of the bathroom and saw his impending hard-on and flashed a grin and winked at him. "I love the way you do that! I've never met a man who gets as hard as often as you do."

"You've only got yourself to thank," Dan declared proudly. "I'll say it again, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Denise walked back toward him. He stood up and they hugged and kissed. Dan's cock was completely hard and wedged between her belly and his. She reached down and cupped his balls and closed her hand around them gently but firmly. "Will you stay with me today, Baby?"

Dan almost answered her before she finished her question. "Wild horses couldn't drag..." She smothered his lips with hers and shot her tongue into his mouth, curling and uncurling it around his. She released his balls and wrapped her hand around the shaft of his cock.

"I've got plans for both of you," she winked. "But first I have to call my girlfriend and change our plans."

He nodded with a smile and grabbed her hand as she walked towards the phone and lifted to his lips and kissed it. Denise was genuinely touched, and held on and pulled him with her. As she stood and dialed the number, Dan moved behind her and put his hands on her hips. He guessed they were nearly twice as wide as his and began to run his hands around them in awe.

"Be good, I'm on the phone!," she told him, giving him a playful swipe on the shoulder. Dan focused his attention on her large, sinfully smooth rear end. He returned his hands to her hips and remained still.

"Hi, Julie, it's me. If you're there, pick up." She turned and smiled at Dan and put her hand on his. "Hi," she repeated. "Do you mind if we go shopping some other time? Yes, I know the sale is today but..."

Dan moved his hands around her waist and pressed himself into her backside, pushing his warm hard-on into her butt cheek. Denise kept talking and he began to move his hips up and down on her. This time she didn't swat him away. As she talked, she reached down and grabbed his cock and rubbed its head back and forth on her cheek. Dan reached around and put his palms on her boobs, gently circling her nipples. He began to nibble and suck on her ear lobe.

"Believe me, Jules, I wanted to go to but...well, something's come up," she said, giving Dan's cock a firm squeeze.

Suddenly, Denise began to laugh. "Yes, that's what I mean. Yes, I know...well, it's looking damn good so far." Dan pinched her nipples which had grown stiff and protruding. She grimaced and squatted suddenly and pushed him backwards with her powerful hips and buns. Undaunted, Dan returned but kept his hands on her butt.

"Ok, I'll talk to you later," she wrapped up. She turned her attention to Dan. "You brat! She smiled and gave him another swat on shoulder. Then she hugged him to her and they kissed passionately.

"Guess I've been a bad boy," said Dan looking up adoringly. "What can I do to make it up to you?"

"Exactly what you were starting to do, Baby," she said, leading them back to the bed. "I tried telling you last night, that is the second most sensitive place on me." With that she got up on her hands and knees and faced her plentiful, shapely ass directly in front of him. Dan pounced on Denise as though there were springs on the bottom of his feet. He reached under her arms and cupped each of her breasts in his hands and held on for the ride of his life.

"Nibble my ear lobe again, I love it," she whispered. He complied and continued to massage her boobs which overflowed the grasp of his hands. Denise held them up with one hand and reached down between her legs with the other and took hold of Dan's cock and expertly guide him into her awaiting pussy. She let out an enthusiastic "oh, yes," as he began to pump his hips into her. Denise instantly matched the tempo of his motions with her hips, grinding her butt into him. She kept her hand under Dan's balls, fingering her clit and massaging his balls at the same time. He loved it just as much as she did and the two of them wrangle away like rabbits.

Denise let out a few more "Oh yes's" and started to shriek with pleasure as Dan relentlessly pounded his cock in and out of her pussy. He could tell she'd had one orgasm already and really wanted to give her another. He let go of her breasts, brought his hands back to her hips and got on his knees behind her. "Oh you read my mind," she groaned, continuing to push her ass backwards each time he pushed forward into her.

On his knees, Dan didn't skip a beat. He watched himself disappear in between her cheeks as they maintain their high speed of slamming into each other. Tightening his hands around the curve of her hips, he increased his pumping even more. Denise returned her other hand to the bed to balance them. In seconds, Dan's balls were slapping against her cheeks with rapid regularity and she let out a long, intense scream which startled him a little but it was a terrific turn-on.. Her breathing was totally out of control and little beads of sweat were forming on her back. Dan was felt sweat starting to run down his forehead yet he continued to drive his cock in and out of Denise as though it was his only function in life. She screamed again, not quite as loud this time until her knees slowly slid down on the bed and Dan was lying on her back. He slowly reduced the speed and force of his humping as though it were an amusement park ride that was coming to an end.

Denise had her face turned sideways on her pillow and softly gasped for air. "Do you want me off?" he whispered. "Not a chance," she wheezed and reached underneath and grabbed Dan's cock, which was still hard. "Not until you cum too.," she added and rolled over on her back.

Her big boobs were heaving up and down with each deep breath she took. They were cover with a fine mist of perspiration. Denise brought his face to them and Dan dove in between them. She rubbed each tit against his face wiping the moisture from them on it. He moaned happily as she stuck her hardened nipple in his mouth to suckle. She grabbed his ass and in one swift move, pulled him on top of her and in between her open legs. Wrapping her hands tight around his cheeks, Denise lifted him up and into her. Dan felt his cock being swallowed by her and before he knew it, she was gyrating her hips, seemingly for the express purpose of making him cum.

His hips began to move but Denise quickly did her pussy tightening thing again and he stopped. She continued moving her body under him as her tight grip on his butt kept him still. Suddenly she began pushing her hands against his butt which drove him into her at the precise rhythm of her undulating hips. Dan realize he had no control over her efforts to get him to cum and gave himself to her to do her will. Like before, he felt like a human dildo only this time is was obvious she was catering to his body's desire.

Her movements increased quickly and Dan felt himself being tossed up and down. It was tremendous! She was moving his butt and her hips with total precision. He lifted his face to hers and then rested his forehead on her shoulder, breathing helplessly in her ear as she brought him to the greatest orgasm of his entire life.

"Oh, I've died and gone to heaven," he sighed, lying on top of her with his worn out cock resting comfortable inside her. "I think we were made for each other, Sweetie," she said happily. Both drifted off to sleep, having pleased one other to the point of exhaustion.

After an hour or so, they woke up together and decided they were starving and made plans to go out to eat. Before they got out of bed, Dan gave Denise a big hug and kissed her on the lips. "Thank you," he said, "for making my fantasy come true."

"Oh you're more than welcome, I haven't had sex like that in a long time. I know you like me for more than my tits and that makes me feel really good. And now you won't need to go to anyone else to satisfy your obsession for big boobs."

"No, not that fantasy," he smiled broadly. "I've always dreamed about screwing a nurse."

Denise's mouth dropped in shock, then as before, she started laughing madly.

"Oh, shut up and suck on my tits!"

Dan complied and they both enjoyed another "meal" before going out to eat.