Weight Room Title Bar

By Nomonde Mxhalisa

It was cold in the room. The sliding doors lay wide-open, letting in the chill autumn air. I could see old brown leaves floating on the slightly scummy water of the pool outside. My whole body shivered in its bonds.

My legs were spread as wide as they could go, and the knees pushed up as high as my huge, soft belly would give. The smooth roundness of it bulged between the pillars of my knees. Strips of old cotton sheeting lashed my ankles to the iron poles on either side of me. I couldn't breathe because all my flesh was crushed upwards by the position. My breasts were massive cushions restricting my breathing, and my nipples and the dangling flesh of my arms trembled as I fought for air. Little whimpery grunts escaped my mouth as he fed me the mushy, moist, delicious mixture. It was hot and thick and dripped down my chin to fall in caressing, sticky globules onto the mound of my stomach, into my deep, dark belly button and into the messy mix that was my gaping, soaking pussy. As its still-wet heat landed on my straining, tortured clitoris my hands, manacled high and tight to the posts on either side of me, clutched tight to the cold, smooth hardness to fight off the imminent and enormous orgasm building in my womb.

His eyes were evil, blue slits as they sneered at me. His body was long and hard, tanned gold by the sun he worshipped while I crouched, naked and wet, in this dank, cold room. His cock was huge, purple and furiously veined. Its head bobbed right before my face and, as I swallowed another impossible mouthful of the feed, it jerked and lazily drizzled pre-cum. I whined and looked pleadingly up at him. He laughed, running a big, sticky hand through his jet-black hair, leaving white, gooey strings of the feed in its satin sheen.

“You want my cock, don't you, you fat slut?”

The words were soft and harsh, rich with satisfaction and certainty. He crouched down and stared into my gaping hole. The smell was strong and heavy, just the way he liked it. He hadn't let me bathe in five days and I was ripe. Suddenly, he thrust four long, thick fingers brutally up the quivering sheath. I screamed in shock and pleasure, choking on the food still filling my mouth. His face turned cruel and his mouth drew back in an enraged snarl.

“I told you not to make a sound, didn't I…”

I stared mutely back at him. The fingers in my pussy were moving and thrusting and going so deep – so deep…

“Now, I have to teach you a lesson, and this time you will never forget it.”

He rose, dragging his fingers out of the clinging heat of my hole. They left the entrance with a squelch, and I shuddered and moaned at their loss. It took me a while to realise what he was doing.

He was hooking up the feeding machine and pulling the long, thick tubes towards me. It was a strange contraption, created by his sick mind. It had two huge, ridged, black tubes with gleaming spouts at either end. A plastic drum filled with feed crouched atop the tubes and made the whole thing look like a two-armed octopus.

“No… No…” I moaned as he dragged it closer, my body shivering with dread. One tube was for my mouth. The feed would pump and pump, and I would swallow and swallow till I felt I would explode, till my skin became shiny from the exertion – till I passed out from the incredible pain and cried from the pleasure. The other tube went into my anus. It too would pump and pump till I thought my innards would spill and its evil, squirming head was forced out of the tiny hole by gallons of liquefied shit and feed and piss.

His hand grabbed my shaking head and he wrenched me back by the hair. The tube for my mouth was thrust and sealed in. The spout quickly grew warm and wet in my mouth. Next he thrust the other tube into my anus. It always got stuck at first, even after he had lubed it to the max. He pushed slowly, determinedly, till it was lodged deep and I was moaning around the spout in my mouth. When the gleaming head was in deep he kept pushing till part of the rough tubing also protruded from the gaping eye of my wide-spread ass. He then stood up and surveyed his work. He was pleased by what he saw. His cock actually got bigger.

Then he flipped the switch.

The machine had a harmless, comforting little drone. The feed started to pump into my mouth, into my ass. I started to swallow, so turned on my pussy had leaked a puddle onto the floor and the folds of my thigh gleamed wet and dark. The food kept coming, squelching its warm, sluggish way inside of me. He knelt between my legs again, took his bulging cock in hand and thrust it deep into my pussy. As he began to thrust and I kept swallowing, he panted, “I want you to grow and swell for me. I want you round and soft and sweet for me. I want to make you come till you scream for me. I want you – I want you hot and fat and thick for me… Please, be sweet and thick for me…”