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The Three Girlfriends
By Norseman

Part One

The years in high school were coming to an end. Three of the girls in the senior class had become very close friends. They lived in the same neighbourhood in the small town of Pleasantville down south, and they had the same interests, both inside and outside the school. They were sporty and active. When coming home from school, they often used their bicycles to the closest swimming pool to cool off, swim and have fun in the water.

They were very nice looking, open-minded and full of humour and fun. Karen had a normal figure, dark hair and a lovely and smiling face. Nancy had a beautiful face and long dark hair. Debbie was blond with a pretty face, and short cut hair.

Like so many other Americans both Nancy and Debbie had put on some weight. Nancy was full-figured with big legs, the starting of a fat tummy and big shoulders. Debbie had developed big boobs and a more-than-visible butt.

They had already made plans for the future. Nancy would stay in town and study; Karen was going to Spain to live with some relatives, whilst Debbie was moving to New York with her parents. When splitting up like this they promised each other to meet in five years in Pleasantville. Then they would borrow bicycles and ride to their “old” swimming pool and memorise their childhood and high school days.

Part Two

Five years passed, and Nancy was planning their first reunion in the small town. She was still living in the same house with her parents. She planned for the girls to meet at the local hotel at lunchtime. After check-in, they were going to have a drink and then a small luncheon.

Afterwards, they would walk over to her house and find the bicycles. Then they would ride the “old” way to the “old” swimming pool just like in the “old” days. In the evening, they were going to have a big dinner at the hotel and maybe there could be some dancing.

Nancy was sitting in the hotel lobby, waiting for her friends to come. She was a little anxious to meet the others due to what they would think when seeing her.

Then Karen walked into the hotel. Nancy got up and gave her a long and warm hug.

- You look wonderful, Nancy said looking at her friend. Karen had been living in Spain and other European countries all those five years. The climate and the European way of living had been good for her and she had turned into a real beauty.

Karen looked at Nancy. - You look great too, Karen said a little uncertain of what she actually meant. Looking at Nancy, she saw a heavy and well-fed girl. Nancy had gained a lot of weight during the five years. Her face was still beautiful, though her chin was rounder. She had gained all over, developed fat shoulders and upper arms, a protruding belly and fat thighs. With her 5'8”, she weighed 265 pounds.

At the same time, Debbie entered the lobby. She cried out with a loud halloo on seeing her best friends. She stretched out her arms in a big welcome to both of them. Between her arms Nancy and Karen could see two big and heavy boobs, much larger than five years ago. Under the big boobs: a round belly, a big butt and wide hips. They all hugged, laughed and loved to be together again.

During luncheon they talked about their lives and all that had happened the last five years. They talked about living in the States and in Europe. According to Nancy and Debbie it seemed to be healthier to live in Europe than in USA.

After lunch they walked over to Nancy's house to find the bicycles. They were eager to start the ride back to “old” days, as they said. Bicycling was easy for Karen. Big, fat Nancy struggled to balance on the bicycle, whilst Debbie was quiet a sight with her broad, fat buttocks spilling way over the seat of her bicycle. They had a wonderful time by the swimming pool. Karen was a stunning sight in a smart bikini. Nancy had a one-piece swimming outfit designed for big women. She loved to be in the water where she did not feel the heavy weight of her 265 pounds. Debbie, too, had a one-piece swimming suit. It seemed a little too low cut around the breast, making her huge and bloated boobs bounce heavily when she walked. After swimming and playing like kids in the water, they had time to rest in the sun by the poolside.

Coming to dinner, they were all very hungry. Nancy and Debbie ate a lot and as a good American Karen also had big servings. They joined the dancing hall after dinner and spent some happy hours together with nice men and nice people.

The next day they visited relatives and friends, and did some shopping. Both for lunch and supper they got plenty of food.

The weekend reunion had been a great success. They decided to meet again in five years in Pleasantville and make it a tradition to meet every fifth year.

Part Three

In the years to come, Karen left Europe and settled down in St. Louis. There she met the man in her life, they got married, and after a year Karen had her first child. Debbie was still living in New York, working in a bank. As for Nancy, she left the “old” town when getting a new job in Atlanta city.

After four years, Nancy started to plan for the next reunion. Some months later, she decided to fly to Pleasantville to do all the local arrangements and to visit her parents. She hadn't been in an airplane for many years, and after the trip to Atlanta she hated flying. She hated the narrow aisles, the small seats, the small toilets and also the long walks between the gates in the airports. She was happy to be back in her roomy flat in Atlanta and hoped never to fly again. Going to meet her friends some months later, she decided to drive in her large car.

Once again, Nancy was waiting in the same hotel lobby for her friends Karen and Debbie. This time Debbie was the first to come. Nancy struggled hard to get up from the big chair she was sitting in. She looked at Debbie both in despair after getting up and in surprise at what she saw.

Debbie was really huge. Her blond hair had grown long and full to match her big body. In the last five years her boobs had grown to unbelievable proportions. They were so big and heavy they sagged down on her front resting on her fat belly. One could easily see the belly was divided in two large fat folds, the upper one pressed forward by the weight of her heavy boobs. Her hips and butt were very fat and wide. Standing 5'7”, she weighed 410 pounds.

Debbie and Nancy hugged as best as they could, but it was impossible to hold their arms around each other. Debbie looked at Nancy in disbelief.

Nancy had turned into a mountain of pure fat, and her 5'8” body weighed 480 pounds. Her most prominent part was her belly. It was formed like one big sack of fat being wider and wider halfway down to her knees. Her thighs were extremely fat, pressing the belly even more forward. It was hard for her to walk pulling and lifting so much fat for each shuffling kind of step. Her nice looking face had become round and fat with a marked double chin, but still beautiful, Debbie thought. Her neck was fat, and the fat filled her shoulders and upper arms, making her extremely big and top heavy. Her boobs had escaped some of the fat that filled the rest of her body, which made the gigantic belly look even bigger.

While looking at each other, Karen entered the lobby. Once again they were struck by surprise. Karen came over to them with heavy steps and a fat bloated body. She smiled all over her beautiful round face and hugged the two others one at the time.

Like five years before Nancy suggested they should have a drink in the bar as a welcome. With heavy steps the three young ladies entered the bar. Looking at the chairs, they decided to sit down. The chairs were low, and it was difficult for Nancy to sit down because of her extremely voluminous stomach, and it was even harder to get up because of her heavy stomach and total weight. When leaving the bar an hour later, Debbie and Karen had to help her up. Debbie, too, struggled to get up from the chair.

While seated, they talked about their lives. Both Nancy and Debbie were single. They had good jobs and lived a lacy life together with close friends. Nancy had joined NAAFA, and as often as possible she attended size acceptance events. Still young, her legs had no problems with her weight, and she managed her day-to-day living with her huge body.

Debbie had problems with her back because of her heavy breasts. She did some exercise to strengthen the back and also to lose weight, but that was not easy. She had put on weight steadily over the years, and to be true to herself, she loved to eat and prepare good food to herself and friends.

Karen told about her marriage and first child. She'd gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. Some of it got off after the birth, but her skin had become very bloated and flabby. Her new life in America also did its best to make her fat. She tried desperately to lose weight, but instead she slowly gained. She felt the fat settled down all over her, making her even more bloated.

They finished their drinks, and Debbie and Karen helped Nancy up from the chair. They left the hotel and started to walk over to the house of Nancy's parents where Nancy had arranged for the bicycles. Five years earlier this was a short and easy walk, but now it felt like a longer distance for the big girls. Nancy waddled down the road, while Debbie's boobs bounced uncontrolled in front of her. The two huge girls got very warm and sweaty, and stopped by a small store to have something cold to drink. All three bought big bottles of Coke. Nancy was hungry and asked for a large hamburger. She shocked the others when ordering one more and explained her hunger that she had only had a small luncheon.

At last they got to the house where Nancy's parents were waiting for them. They were used to see Nancy's huge body and made no big eyes when seeing her fat girlfriends. Almost exhausted, the three girls sat down in the shade on the porch. Nancy's mother was a beautiful woman in the middle of her forties. She was 5'7”, weighing 360 pounds. Except for a too big tummy, the proportions of her body were perfect, and in the light summer dress she looked great. Nancy's father was a nice looking man, and together with her wife he served the girls cold drinks and some fruit. All five had known each other for almost twenty years, and Nancy's parents suggested the girls meet more often.

Half an hour later, the girls wanted to go on with their reunion program and start bicycling to the swimming pool. Nancy's father followed the girls to the bicycles to help them adjust the seats and to check the air pressure in the tires.

Standing by the bicycles, he hesitated when looking at his huge daughter. He helped her to sit on the bicycle. She struggled to raise her heavy body onto the seat. Her extreme belly made it difficult to sit forward and to get started. Nancy's father used all his strength to balance the bicycle with his 480-pound daughter sitting on it. Several times she failed to get started. At last she managed and slowly she got some speed. Debbie too had trouble on her bicycle and Karen had to help her.

With hard work and much unbalance, they arrived at the swimming pool area. Nancy was very sweaty and struggled to undress and put on the tight swimming suite. To be true, it was too small for her huge body, and the seams dug deep into her fat. She felt very uncomfortable and waddled out of the dressing room and over to the pool. Carefully, she stepped down into the pool and felt her fat body almost floating in the warm water.

Karen was the last to enter into the swimming pool. Nancy looked at her. Five years ago, Karen was a stunning sight in a wonderful tiny bikini. Now she was wearing a loose-cut swimming outfit, trying to hide some of her bloated body. But through the light fabric Nancy could easily see how fat she had become. Karen's body was extremely bloated, and it seemed that the whole body was covered with a layer of soft fat. The lower part of her stomach was made of a big fat fold. Her hips and thighs looked more than bloated. Karen turned around to talk to some old friends. Also, her back was bloated with several rolls of flesh around the middle part.

With their huge bodies, there was less playing in the water than five years ago. However, the girls had a nice time in the pool. When going out of the water Nancy saw the looks from other people surrounding the pool when the three huge girls walked and waddled over to the area where they could lay down in the sun.

When leaving the swimming pool, Nancy decided to take a taxi back to her parents house, whilst the two others used their bicycles.

In the evening, they had a big dinner at the hotel. Nancy ate a lot, and she was more than satisfied. She felt tired after the bicycling and swimming and wanted to go early to bed. She left the others and went to her room. The elevator was out of order and she had to go the stairs up to the third floor. She hesitated one second and then started. For each stair she had to lift her 480 pounds and to push her extreme belly that rested on her thighs. She stopped several times to recover.

When entering her room, she sat heavily down on the bed quite exhausted. After a while, she got up to undress. Naked, she looked at herself in the mirror on the locker door. In one way she felt a little sorry for herself, but on the other hand she had become used to her fat body and the 480 pounds. The circumference of her total belly was enormous. She bent forward, and with her hands she tried to lift her belly. It was so heavy and very soft. She let the belly go, and the fat bounced in front of her. Nancy took on her night-gown and went to bed, trying to find the best sleeping position for her boobs and huge, fat belly.

The next day the girls met for breakfast. They were very hungry, and sitting by the table, they ate almost for the whole day. After breakfast, Nancy and Debbie waited in the hotel while Karen went over to Nancy's father to get his car. They were going out of town to spend the day together with an “old” friend from the school days. When splitting up in the afternoon, they decided once more to meet in five years in Pleasantville.

Part Four

Nancy was driving her car on the highway to Pleasantville to a new reunion with her best friends from “the old days.” She was still single and living in Atlanta. During the last five years, she had visited her parents several times and every Christmas, but never seen her best friends. They had only been in touch by e-mails and phone calls.

Due to the circumstances she had arranged for this reunion by e-mails. It was too troublesome for her to travel all the way to Pleasantville only to make some hotel and dinner arrangements.

Sitting behind the steering wheel, she looked down on herself and thought of what the other girls would say when seeing her. She was also thinking of what Debbie and Karen looked like after five years from their last reunion.

Nancy parked outside the hotel and opened the door to get out of the car. That was not easy and she failed the first time. She tried again, and now she managed to get herself out of the seat and to set her feet on the ground. She opened the back door and carefully she bent forward to get hold of her suitcase. Very slowly, she walked into the hotel to meet her friends.

She checked in and went over to the same corner of the lobby as the previous years to wait for Karen and Debbie. She looked down on the nearest sofa and as carefully as possible she sat down. Discreetly, she pushed her boobs and belly in the best position and arranged her dress.

A little later, Karen walked into the hotel. With a big smile in her beautiful face she went over to Nancy. Except for Karen's face Nancy could hardly recognise her. Karen had gained a lot of weight, and she was so fat in a way Nancy had never seen before. She had grown all over, some parts of her body much more than others. Her hips and thighs were enormous, and in front she had developed a huge belly. It was formed like one single fat fold on the lowest part of her stomach. She had big, fleshy and wide breasts. Her shoulders and upper arms were fat and wide, and from the shoulders two immense fat folds ran down her fleshy back. For each step, her whole body bounced and jiggled.

Walking across to Nancy, Karen saw Nancy failing to get up from the sofa. Karen held out both arms to help her to rise. Simultaneously, Karen watched Nancy's immense body that nearly filled two seats. Resting on and completely covering her thighs, Nancy had an incredible belly. Karen wondered how on earth Nancy would ever possibly get up from the sofa. With the help of Karen, and after two attempts, she got up and balanced to a standing position. They hugged and were happy to see each other again. Once again, they looked at each other and their huge, fat bodies. - My lord, how much do you weigh? Karen asked Nancy.

- I do not know exactly, but it's around 530 pounds, Nancy said with a sad smile. - And you?

- A few months ago I weighed 400 pounds. I have doubled my weight since we last met, Karen told her, looking down on herself and then to Nancy.

The last five years, Nancy had become extremely wide. In addition to her immense belly, she had stored an enormous amount of fat on each side of her waist. Her hips had grown out, and her thighs were extremely fat. Also, her upper arms were covered with layers of soft fat and with huge elbow dimples. Her face was still beautiful, but her double chin and neck was very fat. She was wearing a smart red dress, however, it was not wide enough to hide all her bloated fat folds. Her circumference was mountainous and together with her 530 pounds made a lot of problems for her in her daily life.

Nancy wanted to change the subject and asked about Karen's child. At the same time, Debbie entered the lobby. They could see her huge boobs bouncing heavily in her loose cut summer dress. Nancy guessed her weight to be some 450 pounds. Her enormous breasts had been even more bloated, but most of her new weight was stored in her stomach. It was formed as two enormous fat folds, the upper part as huge as the lower one, both pointing straight out in front of her.

Their reunion was just as warm and hearty like the years before. They laughed, joked and told about themselves. They were concerned about their weight problems and wondered where it was going to end. Talking about their huge bodies, they started to think of the traditional bicycle tour to the swimming pool. Both for themselves and the poor bicycles, they decided to drop the bicycling. In fact, it would have been impossible for both Nancy and Debbie, and Karen was happy to get away with the bicycling.

After a big lunch they took a taxi to the swimming pool. It was quite a sight watching the three huge ladies entering the taxi and even more spectacular to see them struggling to get out of the car. The taxi driver tried as best as he could to help Nancy. She got out, and, very sweaty, she waddled over to the pool area and dressing room.

It was a beautiful and sunny day with lots of people gathering around the outdoor swimming pool. They made big eyes when seeing 1380 pounds of three fat ladies entering the swimming pool. They starred at Debbie's enormous boobs and belly, Karen's bloated, fat figure and Nancy's elephantine bulk of a body.

Nancy had not been to a swimming pool for five years, and it had been hard for her to find a suitable swimming outfit. The only one she got hold of was very tight and clung to her body. It had some sort of a thin overcoat, but in the light breeze it was blown aside showing off her immense belly and every fat fold. To balance her body when walking she had to bend a little backwards. Her arms were pressed out from her body due to the enormous fat folds on her sides and under her arms. Her whole body bounced and rotated, and the flesh in her extremely fat thighs was pressed aside for each shuffling step.

Karen looked at her enormous girlfriend and her struggle to waddle the short distance from the dressing room and over to the pool. Would this be the last time they were able to meet like this? She looked down at herself and then over to Debbie. How could they be so extremely fat and where was it to end?

When walking down the few steps into the pool, Nancy lost her balance and with a big splash she fell into the water. The pool was not deep. Nancy sat her feet on the bottom and swept away her hair and water from the face. The others laughed at her after the big splash. The three ladies loved to be in the pool, feeling the buoyancy of their big bodies in the water. Standing on the bottom, they did not feel the heavy body weight on their feet.

They stayed for a while in the water. Nancy was the first one to leave. Karen watched her when she fought her way out of the pool. Although she used both hands on the rail, Nancy had big difficulties lifting and hoisting her enormous body the few steps out of the water. She had to stop on each step to recover and regain her strength for the next heavy step. At last, Nancy got up and rebalanced on the side of the pool. Everyone looked at her. She started to walk over to a place where she could lie down to rest in the sun. Suddenly, Nancy lost her balance on the wet floor alongside the pool. Karen saw her falling heavily on the right side, and with a loud cry Nancy was lying quit still with her enormous body. Everyone ran over to help her. She was in a lot of pain, and it was discovered she had broken her right arm and gotten a sprain in one leg. They called for an ambulance.

Karen and Nancy followed her to the hospital and also visited her the next day. Now Nancy was in better shape, and they talked about what have happened and the whole reunion weekend. They left Nancy without arranging any new reunion.


Two years passed, and the three ladies talked together on the telephone on their 35th birthday.

Karen lived happily with her small family - her husband and her only son. Her weight gain was still somewhat out of control and she now weighs 490 pounds. Her new weight was settled all over her enormous body.

Debbie's weight gain had slowed down due to a more healthy way of living. She weighs 465 pounds, most of it in her boobs and two-folded belly. She is living with a kind man.

As for Nancy, her falling by the swimming pool two years earlier was a disaster. After leaving the hospital she lived by her parents in Pleasantville. It would have been impossible for her to live alone in her flat with her sprained leg and her extreme body and weight. Her parents cared for her in the best way. Her arm healed in a few months, but without a chance to move her leg due to her extreme weight the leg healed very slowly. A physiotherapist treated her twice a week, but the development was scarcely visible. She did nothing else than sit watching TV, eat and talk with her parents and old friends. Her mother had no job and she treated her the whole day long. She was fond of making good food, and both of them packed on the pounds whilst Nancy was living by them. Her mother gained 50 pounds in a year, most of it going to her belly. She now weighs 425 pounds and her belly is out of proportion with the rest of her beautiful, fat body.

In the same twelve months Nancy gained 25 pounds, reaching 555 pounds. Her belly is incredible together with her thighs and back.

With her weight it was impossible for her to rise and stand on her leg after ten months. During the next year she fought hard together with the physiotherapist to stand on her leg and to make small, shuffling kind of steps.

After one and a half years, she moved back to her flat in Atlanta. She works from home and weighs almost 570 pounds.

Nancy, Karen and Debbie decided there would be no more reunions in Pleasantville. They have to live on the good memories from “old” days and their fat reunions.