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Tiffany's Expansion
by Deryk Shane

Tiffany had always been a twig. She could eat cake, pie, and candy and not gain a pound. But she could only eat a little at a time. At the start of 7th grade, when the two city elementary school converged into a large high school, she met Jessica. Jessica had always been rather plump since childhood and didn't bother her. The became friends. Jessica started to feel self-conscious around Tiffany's friends and decided to diet. She didn't want to tell her mother, because she didn't like talking about her weight.

Her mother always packed pastries or doughnuts, and always high calorie main course. Jessica, not being able to resist any food she's given, or is free to take, ate all of it. But the day she decided to diet, she asked Tiffany to eat it for her.

"Can you eat my lunch for me so I don't eat it?" she said. "Why?" "Because if I have I'll eat all of it." "Sure," Tiffany said friendly. Jessica gave it to her and Tiffany could believe how great the homemade food tasted. There were two tuna fish sandwiches, 1 large Snickers bar, 6 inch long piece of homemade cheese Danish and a banana, which she gave back so Jessica could have something to eat. Tiffany finished the Danish, the candy bar, and one of the sandwiches when she decided to stop.

"You can't stop, if you don't finish, I'll eat it, you have to." Jessica declared. "Okay," she said starting on the last sandwich. She could feel her stomach twinge with each bite. Tightening her skintight shirt. She finished right as the lunch bell rang. She staggered to her next class, about ready to keel over.

This went on for the rest of the week. Next monday, Jessica proudly says, "I've lost 3 pounds." "Good for you," Tiffany congratulates. Jessica hands her, her lunch. Tiffany anxiously opens it and pulls out 2 chicken salad sandwiches, another Danish and 2 snickers bars, no banana. Of course, Tiffany eats it hungrily, realizing she looked forward to it, finishing it in half the time. When she's almost done, she realizes she ate it and still wanted something else.

At the end of the day, they walk to the corner store and Tiffany buys a bagful of mini snickers. She opens them and starts eating them one by one as they walk home. After a while, they say good bye and go on their ways home. By the time she's done, her stomach is so full, she thinks she's gonna burst, but the sweet taste of chocolate get the best of her and she finishes the bag. She goes up to her room and lies down and rubs her stomach. She could feel a thin layer of fat on it, but still was twiggy enough not to be noticeable. She decided to go weigh herself and saw she now weighed 109, 3 more than a week ago, but figured it was from the amount of Snickers she just ate.

One week later, at lunch, Jessica said, "I've gained 2 pounds." "How can that be, you aren't eating lunch." Tiffany responded as she shoveled the cheese amount into her mouth. "My mother noticed I lost weight and decided to make my lunches bigger, than she decided to give me a snack after school and at bedtime. "Uh, I hadn't noticed the lunches were bigger," she mumbled, her mouth full of a piece of Snickers bar. Soon, she finished it and rubbed her stomach, her once loose shirt now stretches to cover her expanding stomach, still not discernable to others, she could feel the the layer of fat thickening, day after day. She was also starting to get a chest, only noticeable due to the fact she was wearing a skintight shirt. She hadn't weighed herself recently, but figured she gained about 4 pounds in the week. She didn't care, in fact, it filled her out. She even noticed her panties were tighter. Her butt was getting fatter than any part of her. It could easily be seen when she turned sideways. Her hips were widening. Her favorite jeans were now impossible to button, but miraculously, they did today.

Early the next morning, she awaked to her stomach growling. about 5 am, 2 hours before she normally woke up, decided to start early. As she got dressed, she realized the space between her legs was narrowing. She felt her stomach and could when she looked down, her chest seemed more predominant. She decided to weigh herself, 113, 7 pounds in two weeks. She went down and ate 3 bowls of frosted flakes and 2 glasses of chocolate milk before 7:50 for school. She met up with Jessica. They talked about the usual, boys, school, and slowly the conversation turned to weight.

"You look a little fuller." Jessica said, gesturing to Tiff's rear.

"Yeah, I've gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks." "I've lost 4." Jessica proudly said. The stopped at the corner store and Tiff bought a candy bar. She savored each bite as they talked. She could feel her tight panties shift with each step.

Her routine kept up for the next week, where she now weighed 117. Her rear was definitely notice from the side and her panties started to form a thong from being so small. She didn't really care, She now had a respectable chest. Only two pairs of jeans fit decently and her shirts where all skin tight. Her mother finally took her shopping and bought her looser clothes.

That Thursday, as Tiffany ate, savoring each bite homemade apple pie, looked over and saw a frown of Jessica's face, "What's wrong," she said as she swallowed. "I haven't lost any weight since Monday." "Why's that, you don't eat lunch," taking another bite. "My mother's made my dinner bigger, and I have to eat it all." She saw her eyes watering and said, "I know, why don't you come over to my house for the weekend and eat my snacks and part of my dinner?" "Sure," she replied, muffled by the brownies.

After school, Tiffany went home and weighed herself. 122. That can't be right, 9lbs in a week, she thought, the scale must be broke. She walked back into her room and laid on her be face down and looked over at her mirror and saw how far her butt stuck out. Whoa, she thought. She reached back and felt it. Yep, all her. She got up and modeled in front of it, mostly showing off her round, widening rear. Her thighs almost started to rub. She pulled up her little blue shirt and looked and her expanding stomach. It stuck at about as far as her chest. 1 1/2" out. Her butt, she figured, stuck out 2". She locked her door and pulled down her jeans and looked at her butt in just her panties. They were starting to wedge into her butt, and causing red lines around the edge. She decided she could barrow some of Jessica's.

The next day, she went home with Jessica. Immediately, her mom gave them both a box of cookies and 2 glasses of milk. Tiffany dug in, eating about half the box before Jessica decided to have a few. Tiff ate the rest and downed the milk. They both sat down on the couch and watched TV. Tiff realized she had 2 smalls rolls of fat forming above her waist line from her tight shorts. She pulled her shirt out but they were still very noticeable. She also noticed her thighs were wider and softer. Jessica's mother came back and gave them both a half of homemade cheese TV. Tiffany accepted, but still felt bloated from the cookies. As her mom left, she realized how big she was. About 260, Tiff thought, mostly in her hips, thighs, and butt. Tiff ate her daniTV at the rest of Jessica's when she finished hers. Tiff sat there and rubbed her stomach.

Soon it was dinner and her mother brought out a platter full of homemade fried chicken, a bowl full of mashed potatoes with thick gravy and homemade bread with real butter. Tiff eats hers quickly, knowing Jess will give her part of hers. Soon, her mother gives them seconds. Tiff eats 7 pieces of chicken when finally she feels like she's about to burst. Jess ate 3 pieces. Soon her mother brought out a large homemade cheese Jesse, about the size of a cookie pan. Tiff is given a piece about that of what she ate at lunch from her. While her mouth full, she's given a piece slightly smaller. Before she has a chance to say otherwise, Jess's mother says to them, "I want to see those plates cleaned. Tiff sat back and moaned quietly, rubbing her stomach in sweet agony. Soon, they were alone and Jess gave up the rest of her dJesse'sto Tiff. Tiff ate slowly, but had Jess to talk to. Around 8:30, she finally finished.

Jessica helped Tiff walk into her room. There, Tiff laid on the bed and felt her ever protruding stomach sticking out. They laid on the bed and talked. Tiff eventually got up and looked in Jess's mirror. Her butt sat snugly in her short and her hips were a little wider. She felt a small double chin forming, just enough to cause a small bulge on the bottom of her chin.

Around 10, before bedtime, they were each given the rest of the cheese cake, about a 1/4 of the pan. Tiff ate it as they talked. Jess gave Tiff a pair of her panties and sweatpants to wear to bed, because hers were growing too uncomfortable. Tiffany went into the bathroom and changed. Surprisingly, the panties, were a little snug. 'Must be because I have a bigger butt than she does.' She looked in the mirror and rubbed her hips. She turned to the side and saw how far her butt stuck out. She pulled the scale out of the closet and weighed herself. 124. Two more than yesterday. But then she figured it was from the weight of all the food she just ate sitting in her belly. She slid it back and pulled up the sweats. She looked and saw they were form fitting the whole way to the knee. Her rear showed very distinctly. She went to bed.

Slowly, Tiff woke up to the smell of pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs. She went to the bathroom and realized the sweatpants were now completely tight the whole way across her butt and even that stuck out farther. Her stomach now had rolls and her chest was a little tighter in her bra. She decided to weigh herself and saw it was right last night, 124. Quickly, she was overtaken by the smell of pancakes. She went to the kitchen. Jessica was already in the kitchen eating a stack of buttermilk pancakes with real vermont mVermontrup. "Oh, you're up, here's your pancakes." handing a stack of 5 pancakes. Tiffany took them, making short work.

Jess quietly gave about half of hers to her. Tiff took them and ate, savoring each bite of the sweet maple syrup. Jess's mom gave them both 2 more pancakes, 3 sausage links, 6 pieces of bacon fried in grease, and 2 eggs. Tiff ate them, full of zest for food. Jess, occasionally snuck some of her food over. Tiff took it, making it disappear in minutes. They were given some more pancakes and bacon. Tiff slowed down, but finished hers. Jess's mom then brought over 4 pieces of french toast for them. Tiff took 3 pieces, leaving the other for Jess.

Eventually, they finished. Tiff sat on the couch, rubbing her stomach. Before long, they were given 5 more pancakes each for a brunch snack. Around lunch, Tiff was surprised to feel a little anxious for the big meal they were going to get. Tiff stood up and felt her rear, it seemed like to expand in 2 hours. Her legs were definitely rounder and her hips became more predominant. her stomach now stuck out about 4 inches. Her double chin was now noticeable. Jess commented, "You're butt's a lot bigger than mine." "Yeah," Tiff say, reaching back, rubbing her round lobes, to her surprise they seemed pretty firm, for how fat they were.

"Lunch," Jess's mom called from the kitchen. Tiff quickly reached the kitchen to see 5 large tuna fish sandwiches on a plate for them. Tiff sat down and picked up one of them and ate quickly. She finished the first one before Jess sat down. She ate a second while Jess milled over just one. Tiff finished her 4th and saw out of the corner of her eye, a cookie pan full of brownies with thick hot fudge icing. Jess's mom cut Tiff a large piece, and Jess a smaller one. Tiff found the room, and ate 1/4 the pan. Jess couldn't believe it. They went back to the couch and watched nth. Soon afterwards, they were given large glasses of chocolate milk. Tiff chugged hers, then drank the last half of Jess's. Soon, Tiff had to go to the bathroom. Jess's mom came over and talked to Jess, "She sure can eat, can't she?" "Yeah, I've never seen her eat that much." "How would you like some homemade cheesenthh for a snack?" "Yeah."

"And I want to see you eat it, not her." "Okay." Tiff walked out, thighs rubbing, butt taunt in her sweats. "I feel better now," patting her stomach.

It was nighttime before they knew it. Tiff had eaten almost the entire day, so had Jess. Tiff stood, looking into the mirror. "These sweats are too tight, How could I look this big when I only weigh 124?" "Because you're eating high calorie food that doesn't weigh that much, you're getting bigger from the calories, not the weight of the food." "Oh," patting her butt, "I'm getting a little more than voluptuous, aren't I?" "You've got a much bigger butt than I do."

Jess took her camera out of her drawer and said, "Let's take a picture for the record."

"Okay," she said, aiming her butt towards her. Jess took several pictures of her from the back, side, angle, and lying down. Tiff looked at them and couldn't believe that was her body. Tiff took the pictures and laid in bed and stared at them, she reached back and felt her butt, now realizing how immense it was getting.

Sunday, after an enormous breakfast, Jess and Tiff walked to Tiff's house for the day. On the way, they walked by a McDonald's and decided to stop. Tiff and ordered BigMac meals with the money she had. Jess sat there as Tiff tore through the the food. Tiff rubbed her stomach affectionately as she ate. Tiff got up and worked her way across the restaurant to the door. Jess, walking slightly behind her, watched has her expanding butt swung from side to side on her enormous hips. They stopped and bought a bag of snickers from the corner store and Tiff ate them as they walked. Tiff turned to Jess, "How can I get bigger, faster?"

"Well, find something that is very high in calories and eat it." She remarked. "Hum..." She mused, "What about cooking oil?" "Is that good on your intestines?" She asked as Tiff popped 3 snickers in her mouth. "Well try tonight, and if it works, we'll buy a bottle and keep for myself."

Tiff snuck into the kitchen, cheeks jiggling, hips swaying, thighs rubbing as she tip-toed through the kitchen to the cupboard. She bent down at the waist, causing her butt to fill out and pull her sweats down an inch. She grabbed the bottle and pulled up her sweats.

Upstairs, Tiff locked the door and looked at the bottle of cooking oil, "250 calories per tablespoon???" She puzzled, "Can that be right?" "You'll only need a little." "Yeah," as she opens the bottle and drinks about a third of a cup. "Uhhh, Slippery." She rubbed her belly and said, "How long till I notice it?" she whispers enthusiastically. "Drink more," coaxing, "and you see results quicker." Tiff drank about 2 cups of it. She said, "That's gotta be 16 tablespoons a cup, so about 38 tablespoon, that's," thinking, "10,000 calories. That's three days worth of eating." Tiff opens the bottle and drinks about another cup. "Here, you drink some." "No, I don't want to be big." "Why not, I am?" "Well, maybe a little." Jess puts the rim to her lips and tilts it up. Tiff taps up on the bottom of the bottle, causing her to drink about 2 cups. "Ahhhh." "You're gonna ga-ain a so-ome we-eight." She said in a sing-song way. Tiff took the bottle and drank about another 1 2/3 cups. "Let's see, we drank about half the bottle, it has 10 cups, we drank three-5ths. That's 2 cups for you, about 4 for me. That's 16 times 4, equals 64, 64 times 250, is 16,000 CALORIES." That's a WEEK'S worth of eating."

Tiff laid down on the bed and rubbed her stomach. "You're gonna have to go to the bathroom very bad." "Why?" "Because that will slide right down." "It's worth it." Tiff felt tired. She rolled over and closed her eyes. She fell asleep. Jess looked Tiff's butt and thought she saw it tighten against the sweat pants. Jess laid down on the bed. Tiff took all the pillows, so she decided to use her soft, round rear as her pillow. Soon she fell asleep.

Tiff woke up and nudged Jess of her butt. She stood up and looked in the mirror. She could thirteenths it, the sweat pants were stretched so tight over her butt, they were starting to show skin. She saw a morthirteenthsable double chin and her legs definitely rubbed. She remembered she just got about a weeks worth of calories in an hour. Tiff felt the effects on her intestine and waddled to the bathroom. She decided to weigh herself, only 126, but she was huge, how could that be. She looked like she could 150, easily. Especially now vast butt. As she walked back to her room, she realized her cheeks couldn't go up and down because of being stretched tight, they swung heftily from side to side. She liked it at first, but her hips hit the door post when she walked in. Jess looked up and saw her. "Wow, you're butt looks like two basketballs." Tiff sat down on her desk chair. Her bottom spread across the chair and then some. She picked the cooking oil bottle off the desk and took a quick drink, about a cup. 16 tablespoons. 4,000 calories. It was almost sinful the way she drank it. Jess pulled up Tiff's stool she kept by her desk and said, "Let's measure you." Tiff, a light going off, said, "Yeah!"

Jess grabbed the tape out of the bathroom and brought it back. Tiff meanwhile drank another cup of oil. "That's 24,000 calories today." "Whoa, that is a lot." Bringing the tape up to her chest. "Here." She measured 39-43-49 1/2. "I really do have a big backside." Tiff handed the oil to Jess, "Do you want the rest?" "No." With that, Tiff chugged the rest. That's 8 cups. That's 32,000 CALORIES." Tiff said, "Let me measure you?" "Okay." Tiff pulled it around her chest. "You measure...46...48...44 1/2.

Over the next couple of day, Tiff's mother starting harping about her weight. For the next week she didn't gain an inch. She was taken shopping and bought a lot of clothes, most more than a size too big. The day earlier, her sweats finally gave way. Her cheek just burst out of one of the stretched spots. She was embarrassed, because it was in front of her parents, but was also a little turned on.

Jess came over with 2-8 cup bottles of cooking oil, these ones were only 200 calories per tablespoon. They went up to her room and locked the door. Tiff put on her tightest panties and a snug pair of pants. She watched her butt in the mirror wiggle with every movement. Jess opened the first bottle and gave it to Tiff. Tiff took the bottle and chugged it. She licked her lips when she was done. She realized she acquired a likeness for cooking oil. Liking the way it went down her throat. Jess opened the second bottle and gave it to her. She started drinking it, slower than the first. About 5 minutes later, she finished. "Let's see, Tiff," she calculated, "That's 16x16. 256. Times by 200, is 51,200 CALORIES." Tiff cooed at this delightfully. Her parents left, leaving the house to themselves. They went downstairs and raided the kitchen. Despite the fact she knew she'd expand significantly, she wanted something to eat. She ate a half a chicken and a 10-pack of mallowmars. The latter equaling about 2,000 calories. She bent over to look in the fridge and suddenly her butt jolted out an inch, pulling her pants down 2 inches. Her belly became more padded, and her hip widened over an half inch on each side. Her thighs now rubbed to the point of her legs twisting with each step. She closed the fridge door and walked around the kitchen. Her butt was very round and stuck out about 5 inches from the small of her back.

Tiff walked back to the initial shock and found a store bought cheese ma. She took it out and ate the whole thing in a matter of minutes. Slowly, she could feel her body slowly soften. She went back and laid down on the couch, her ever-widening butt jutted up in the air. "I've got an idea." Jess said. "Instead of using blank cooking oil. Why not buy some of that weight gainer powder?" "Yeah," She sighed, her stomach filling out in jolts. Her once snug pants are now skintight on her butt. Her panties ripped a while ago and now worked their way up her butt. "I've got like a super-wedgie." She remarked. She got up and walked towards the stairs. Jess, watching Tiff's butt sway gently, followed. Going up the steps, she got a large short from underneath. Each growing lobe bouncing up the steps. Her thighs showed no room between them. Jess reached up and patted her butt. "That's surprisingly firm." "Yeah, I figured it would be real jiggly." "It looks like you're smuggling basketballs." "Ha." She laughed nervously, her belly churning from the oil. She hoped she could make it, but her large thighs made things difficult up the step.

Later, the measured each other. Tiff measured 42-45-52. "That's 3-3-3 gain." Tiff replied excitedly. Jess measured 45 1/2-47-44. Now only weighing 189. Tiff weighs a miraculous 140 compared to her body which should weigh 230.

Tiff woke up the next Saturday morning to the feeling of someone tapping her on her large backside. Startled, she looks up and see Jess, holding a large black bottle, and smiling immensely. Tiff woke up and went to the bathroom. She weighed herself. 160. Her weight finally caught up with her measurements. Surprising she didn't grow bigger, just heavier.

After her parents left at noon, Jess brought out the bottle and read, mix 2 tablespoons with a full glass of water. 2,000 calories per glass." "Mix 4 tablespoons per glass and get 16,000 in 4." "Yeah." Her Large butt wobbling as she sits down at the kitchen table, her rear spread out, filling the chair and hanging over a little. She drank 3 quickly, slowing on the 4th. She decided to get 2 more, but normal amount of powder. "20,000," Tiff said enthusiastically.

Tiff laid down on her bed with her butt in the air, quickly, her butt slowly widened and plumped up. Her stomach hurt, so she rolled over on her back, quickly her belly stuck out about another inch. She could feel her face become more round. Jess helps her back up and Tiff watches in the mirror as her rear grows bigger and stops after it sticks out another inch.

Tiff pulls the tape out of her dresser drawer and gives it to Jess. Tiff measures 42 1/2-46-54 1/2. "That's 1/2-1-2 1/2 gain." She weighed in at 148, 8lbs in 7 days. Jess weighed in at 180 and measuring 45-46-44.

Tiff stood by the mirror, her large butt cheeks dwarfed basketballs. Her weight skyrocketed past 340 in the last 2 months. She couldn't believe it. Her measurements were 50-58-64. Her mother hasn't bought any new clothes for her recently and her butt is spreading faster than she can clothe it. Jess went away on Christmas vacation. Tiff was alone and that gave her more excuses to over eat. She could easily down a large pizza with room to spare. Tiff crammed her widening thighs into a tight little pair a shorts, rolls of fat hanging over her belt. Her butt now formed a shelf on the topside almost.

While admiring herself in the mirror, the phone rang and she answered, "Hello." "Tiff," Jess said, "How's vacation goin'?" "Pretty good. I gained 18 pounds in the last week." "That's nothing, I gained 20." "20!" "Yeah, I've been pigging out on candy and pastries and cakes." "That sounds good." Tiff drooled. "Have you drunken anymore oil or weight gainer?" "No, I threw it out, when my parents said they were going to search my room to find out where I was hiding food. I GAINED 25 pounds in 15 days. I've been hanging out at the bakery, buying the day old pastries cheap." "Sounds very good." "Well," Jess said, "I have to go, we're having homemade waffles." "Can't keep you waiting."

Jess decided before her vacation, to stop watching her weight. She had last gone up to 298, but smaller than Tiff. Tiff started going to the bakery every day at 5 to buy the day old pastries they were going to get rid of very cheaply. Her hips widened considerably in the past week. Her panties were turning into thongs again and it caused some rubbing into her cheeks.

It was December 20, 5 o'clock and Tiff grabbed her $20, her book bag and went to the bakery. There there was a lot of pies, pastries, and danishes, leftover to choose from. She bought 3 danishes, one pie, and 2 apple turnovers. She sat at the counter and ate them quickly. The cashier, a plump 25+ women with a weight of about 180. She returned to eating. Finishing her pie, she started on the danishes. She ate them faster than she could realize. Her butt seemed taunt on the padded red stool. Her thighs cascading over the sides and back. She finished her food before closing. Her stomach protruded a farther, but still unnoticeable from before. On her way home, she stopped at the corner store and bought 2 ten cup bottles of cooking oil, the last in the store, and put them in her bookbag. Tiff walked to the McDonald's and snuck into the bathroom and hid in the stall. She opened the first and guzzled it. She put the lid on it and walked out and ordered a chocolate milk shake. She made quick work of it and went back to the bathroom. She could feel a tightness in her pants, but she wanted to finish the second bottle. Her stomach is stretched out as far as possible. halfway through, she slowed down. Her stomach rumbled from the effects of the oil. She drank the rest of the bottle. She sat down on the toilet seat, a strange growling sensation in her belly. She realized her butt was wider than the toilet seat and still stretching. Her legs widened and become heavy weights. Her stomach now reached halfway to her knees. She glanced at the bottle in her hand and saw it. 400 calories per tablespoon. Her once loose sweat pants now where skintight and digging into her butt crack. She stood in front of the mirror, admiring her recently enlarge butt. She was at least 62 in the hips. She threw out the bottles and turned one more time and saw the sweats shoved up her crack. She desperately tried to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.

A large woman, about 330, walked in and saw the spectacle. Tiff looked up and rushed out as soon as possible. On her way home, she calculated how many calories she just had. 16x20x400 equaled 128,000 calories. Easily a couple weeks worth. Her massive hips took up almost the sidewalk as she walked. Upon seeing the corner store again, she decided to buy an economy size of the oil. That's 28 cups. She could feel the 17 male cashier's eyes follow her enormous figure throughout the store. She found the economy size, and looked quickly at the calorie box. 350 calories per tablespoon. she tried to figure it out but couldn't. She paid, glancing back to see him staring at her expanding rear as she walked out of the store.

Before going inside, Tiff hid the oil in her bookbag. She get upstairs, but without having her now bigger backside noticed by her mother. Once upstairs, Tiff dialed Jess and asked her how much she gained. "I've gained 5 lbs today. I'm about ready to drink 20 cups of 500 calorie oil before I go to sleep." "I just bought a 28 cup bottle of oil of 350 per tablespoon, and I'm gonna do the same here." They say good byes and good lucks and hang up.

Tiff dumps about a 3/4 cup of sugar in the oil, to make it taste better. Tiff sat up in bed and started to chug it, halfway through, she felt the familiar spreading feeling in her rear. Tiff finished and fell asleep quickly.

Meanwhile, jess sat in the bathroom, guzzling the 20 cup bottle of oil. The feeling of smooth, oily feeling down her about. She threw the bottle in the garbage and went to bed. Lying on her belly, she felt her butt slowly widen. Meeting her approval, she fell asleep.

Two weeks later, Jess's mother gone, the met up for an all night eat-a-thon and a chance to take measurements. The started out eating a whole pan of homemade cheese marathon. Finishing that, they get out a whole batch for buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup. Each eating 10 pancakes, the sat back to digest for a little while. After that, they made some more buttermilk pancakes. The made them until 2 am. They figured Tiff ate 25 and Jess ate 30. The laid down on the couch rubbed their enormous bellies. Tiff fell asleep. Rolling over, exposing her very fast rear. Jess went back to the fridge and looked for something fattening. She found homemade cream in the a large bowl in the back of the fridge. She drank it plain from the bowl. After that, she looked in the cupboards and found a jar of her Italian grandmother's homemade olive oil. It was about 5 cups and about she figured about 800 calories per tablespoon. She drank it and fell asleep, using Tiff's expanded backside as a pillow. It was soft, and very wide. She quickly fell asleep.

Tiff woke up around noon to see Jess chugging down a bottle of cooking oil. She glanced down and saw 3 similar bottles on the floor. "What are you doing?" "I'm getting very fat." She said between chugs. "These are 12 cups with 600 calories per tablespoon." She paused to finished the bottle. "I figure 48x16x600 is about 300,000 calories." "Has it kicked in yet?"

"A lot on my bottom half." Her stomach started to gurgle and you can see the pants grow tighter to the point of breaking. "Oh...This is it." With a quick jolt, her legs blubbered up and was pushed up from the couch. Her belly reached her knees and breasts enlarged to soccer balls, hanging to the top corners of her stomach. Her neck all but disappeared, replaced by 3 noticeable rolls of fat.

The decided to measure A.F.L.-C.I.O.. Tiff weighed 575, but looked more like 650. She measured 60-59-70. Then it was Jess's turn. She weighed 580, but looked more like 700. Mostly from the recent bottles of oil. She measured 70-73-88.

The End