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It's Time For Your Shake
By PearLover

She said that she wanted to help me reach my potential. Only later would I learn what she really meant by that.

I met Ashley at the gym. She was 26, 5'5", very muscular, and yet shapely. I remember she had a real nice shapely butt with just enough fat and full firm breasts complimented by her flat stomach and small waist. All that and a sweet angelic face framed by her shoulder length dark brown curly hair. She was a knock out! What the hell did she see in me?

I had lost a lot of weight in the 14 months since I had joined the gym. I started at 335 pounds. I gradually worked up to a six day a week exercise and diet routine. I had gotten down to 220. (My goal was 200.) The plan I was following gave me one day a week where I didn't have to exercise and I could eat anything I wanted. (They called it a "free day.") It was working.

The gym was the only thing in my life that was working. I had lost my job about a year before and my wife filed for divorce three months after that. Now my creditors were forcing me into bankruptcy. I was fifty- seven and I was about to be homeless. The future didn't look good for me.

Ashley was doing quite well working in Research and Development for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. She and I had been seeing each other more and more over the last two months, but I was still surprised when she asked me to move in with her. She said that she had plenty of room and that she would love to have me stay there. In fact, once she found out about my situation, she wouldn't take no for an answer. She invited me to be her houseguest and I was quite grateful. I had no suspicions about what she had in store for me.

She had a condo downtown. You really couldn't tell how big it was from the front. It just looked like all the other building faces on the street. But on the inside, it was huge and included a well equipped private gym. Ashley said I could use the guest suite as long as I wanted. The suite was complete with a king-size bed and a large hot tub in the bathroom. The master bedroom in my old house hadn't been so nice. Ashley helped me move in on a Saturday. My "free day" was on Sunday and Ashley knew this. (After all, we had talked.) We made love Saturday night and I slept with Ashley in her bed.

The next morning, I was awakened by the swirl of wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen. I had just barely brought myself to sit up on the side of the bed when Ashley came in wearing a pink satin robe and holding a large coffee cup.

"Good Morning, John. Did you sleep well?" she said in a melodic voice. Without waiting for an answer, she continued, "Since today is your free day, I'm going to spoil you. I've fixed your breakfast. Start with this cappuccino," she said as she offered me the coffee cup. "I've prepared my special French Toast with Jamaican Rum, Eggs Benedict and hash browns. I've also got more cappuccino and fresh squeezed orange juice all waiting for you in the dining room." (1Good thing it was my "free day.")

As I reached for the coffee cup, she pulled it away and moved her lips to mine. The next thing I knew, I was caught up in a luscious juicy French kiss. When it was done, she said in a low sexy voice, "I put Bailey's in it," and handed me the cappuccino.

I had downed about half the cappuccino before she grabbed my free hand and said "C'mon." I was still naked as she led me to the dining room and sat me down in one of her four oversized padded dining room chairs. On the table in front of me was a plate with large servings of Eggs Benedict and hash browns. As I cut into the first poached egg, I noticed how perfectly it was cooked. The egg yoke started to drip and then just hung there. We started chatting a bit as I drank some more cappuccino and enjoyed the food she had prepared for me. Next, I drank some orange juice, but when I went to pick the fork back up she stopped me and said, "That's enough! I said that I get to spoil you ... " and with that she took the fork, moved closer to me and started to feed me, bite by bite, the remainder of what was left on the plate.

When the first plate was empty, she removed the cover off another plate that held the aforementioned French Toast. There were four oversized slices with four pats of melting butter visible on the top slice. She took a stainless steel container of hot maple syrup and carefully poured it over every inch. She then moved the plate in front of me and said, "Now I'll show you what makes my special French Toast so special." She gave me another juicy French kiss and then started stroking my dick as she put the first fork full in my mouth. She continued to stroke my dick as she fed me a few more bites, then she would stop and give me another French kiss before continuing.

As she fed me and stroked me, I completely lost track of the time. I don't know how long the meal lasted, but by the end I was feeling quite comfortably stuffed. After I swallowed the last bite and sat back in my chair, she said to me sweetly, "Did you enjoy that baby?" I admitted that I did. Then she said, "Okay baby. I have one last treat for you. Go lay down on your bed and I'll bring it to you."

My bedroom was just off the kitchen and dining room. It was the first time I had actually laid down on my bed. I could hear Ashley using the blender in the kitchen. Less than a minute later, she came in to the room with a large stainless steel mixing glass, a coiled piece of clear plastic tubing and some kind of remote. She set the glass down on the nightstand and then uncoiled the tubing placing one end of it into the glass. After that, she used the remote to dim the lights. She pressed a couple of more buttons on the remote and a harness that had been up against the wall was moved along a track and positioned right over me. As the harness was the same exact color as the walls, I hadn't notice it before. Between the caffeine, the alcohol and the teasing during breakfast, I was rock hard and eager with anticipation. I didn't know what was going to come next, but I knew I wanted it.

Holding the free end of the plastic tubing, Ashley took the remote and climbed into the harness. She then used the remote to position herself close enough to insert my throbbing dick into her wet pussy. Finally, she inserted the plastic tube in my mouth and for the first time said the 5 word phrase that would become a big part of my life: "It's time for your shake."

As she repeatedly thrust herself down on me, I sucked the delicious thick creamy liquid into my mouth. She would rub my belly as she moved up and down on me. As she completely overwhelmed all of my senses with pleasure that was becoming more and more intense, I found myself sucking harder and harder. I finished the shake and then climaxed shortly after. I had completely forgotten about how full I was.

Afterwards, Ashley got out of the harness, laid down beside me and resumed rubbing my belly. I remember thinking that I'd died and gone to heaven. Two days earlier I had been broke and nearly on the street with nowhere to go. Now, I was completely satiated and laying next to a warm beautiful woman who was taking care of me. How much luckier could I be? If it wasn't heaven, it was close enough to it. With those thoughts, I drifted off to sleep again.

When I woke up, I was alone in my bed. All that food I ate had to go somewhere. I had a pressing but not urgent call of nature that I needed to answer. When I stumbled into the bathroom, I noticed that the toilet was a little unusual. It was oval shaped with a very wide horseshoe seat, but I didn't think too much of it at the time. I walked back into the bedroom, turned on the light and found a powder blue terrycloth robe draped across a chair. Ashley had obviously intended for me to wear it, so I put it on and walked downstairs to the living room where I found Ashley sitting on the couch and watching TV. "Did you have a nice nap?" she asked as she turned toward me. "I did", I responded. "I don't remember ever sleeping that well before. It was wonderful."

"It's just about time for lunch. How about I order some pizza and we can talk over lunch. Are you hungry?" Oddly enough, I was, but not until after she mentioned it. Ashley phoned in the pizza order. We then sat and talked in the living room while we waited for the pizza. At some point I asked, "Ashley, You have a full gym here. Why did you join the Gym?"

"To pick up a hunk like you, silly," she replied. Then the doorbell rang and she said, "The pizza's here. I'll see you in the dining room." She headed for the door and I headed upstairs to the dining room. A minute later, she came up the stairs with 3 large pizzas and extra dipping sauce. "How 'bout some pizza?" she said.

After that big breakfast, I couldn't believe how hungry I was. She kept serving me slice after slice until I lost count. I was feeling stuffed. "Good thing my free day comes only once a week," I said.

"John, that is something I wanted to talk to you about." All that day, she'd been calling me "baby." Now she was calling me by my name and being quite intentional as she looked me squarely in the eyes.

"When I first saw you in the gym, I said to myself 'now there's a body with potential.' John, I'd like to help you reach that potential. I'd like to be your trainer. Are you interested?"

It didn't take a lot of thought on my part. Ashley had a perfect physique. I'd already seen the gym. She obviously knew how to use it. "Okay," I said.

"I need more than just an okay, John. I need your commitment. Are you willing to make that commitment? Yes or no."

"Yes!" I responded. I had no idea that I had just stepped into her trap.

"Great! Baby, we'll start training before you know it, but for the next few days, I want you to take it easy. I'll manage your diet. And I hope you liked that shake this morning because those will be a regular part of your program along with the sex that came with it." I thought to myself, "I'm going to like this program".

"Now, baby. It's time for me to spoil you some more ... " and with that she took my hand, led me into my bedroom, removed my robe and started sucking on my dick. As I swelled up in her mouth, she gently pushed me onto the bed. She continued playing with me by alternating between her hands and her mouth always stopping to let me rest just before I would cum. After a while she got up and said, "I'll be right back." As I laid there in a aroused and euphoric state, I heard the sound of the blender in the kitchen. She returned with the metal glass and tubing. Again, she got into the harness and then said, "It's time for your shake," as she inserted the tube in my mouth and my dick in her pussy almost simultaneously. Again, she rubbed my belly as she slowly slid me in and out of her. As horny as she had gotten me, she still kept me from reaching my orgasm until I finished the shake. Again, she climbed out of the harness and rubbed my belly as I drifted off to sleep.

I didn't know it at the time, but it would be a long time before I would be allowed out of my bedroom suite again. I hadn't seen a clock all day and I was already beginning to lose track of time. The bedroom suite had no windows so I didn't know if it was night or day. For as big as that condo was and all the amenities it had, I would be restricted to my portion while Ashley seduced me into the routine she had designed for me. I was completely ignorant of how she was leading under her domination. It was quite gentle and loving. It was easy.

I don't know how long I had been asleep when Ashley woke me by turning on the light and playfully barking, "Get up, Lazy. You sure do sleep a lot." Though I had gotten a lot of sleep and felt I could have still slept more. "You need a bath!" she said and started tickling me to roust me out of bed.

She took me into the bathroom where the Jacuzzi was running. The Jacuzzi was half sunken with an 18-inch wide surface around it. It was roughly the same height as the toilet. The bathroom was well laid out so that there was a towel rack and a water glass spigot within easy reach when sitting in the hot tub. The door was on one side of the hot tub, and the toilet was on the other.

She then went to the kitchen and I got into my bath. Just after I lowered myself into the water, she returned with a champagne bucket and platter containing fruit and two tulip champagne glasses that turned out to be made of acrylic. (Couldn't risk broken glass in the hot tub.) She sat everything down and joined me in the hot tub.

As we sipped the champagne, she would massage me, giggle and feed me pieces of fruit. She made a game of it by saying little things to make me open my mouth and then popping a piece of fruit into it. If I tried to say something in response, she popped in another piece of fruit before I had a chance to say anything.

Although I hadn't drank that much champagne, I was getting quite drunk. Ashley then helped me out of the bath, toweled me off and led me back to bed. As I lay there, more than deliciously tipsy with the room spinning, I heard the now familiar sound of the blender. One more time, Ashley climbed into the harness and said, "It's time for your shake."

As she had promised, the training had already started before I knew it. I became instantly hard. As she started on me again, I sucked down the shake and noticed that it was even more delicious than before. I was already succumbing to her spell.

When I woke up, I was still drunk, but Ashley fed me another shake and I went back to sleep. And so it went for some time. Whenever I would wake up, she would feed me and then put me back to sleep with sex and a shake. Every time she put me into her pussy, she fed me another shake and every time she fed me another shake, she put me in her pussy. I was even starting to have dreams where I would hear Ashley's voice saying, "It's time for your shake." The dreams seemed so real that I even tasted the shake and climaxed. It also seemed that my orgasms were lasting longer and Ashley was moving faster during sex. Also, Ashley began feeding me my shake through a larger diameter tube with a mouth piece that came out of the wall just above my bed. Once she started doing that, I wasn't able to finish the shake before I climaxed. I just kept sucking down more as I would cum.

Then one day I woke up needing to go to the bathroom, but when I tried to stand, I lost my balance and fell back onto the bed. I tried again with the same result. "Ashley!" I screamed. "Something's happening to me."

She quickly came running into the bedroom and asked, "What's wrong, baby?"

"I can't keep my balance long enough to stand up."

"It's okay," she said with a soothing tone in her voice intended to calm me. "It's what I expected. It's caused by the stuff in your shakes and it's all part of your training."

My mind was confused, but I had a more urgent need at the moment. "I need to go to the bathroom," I begged. That's when I found out what the harness was really for. She unhooked the side of one of the wide pieces and put it under my back, then reconnected it, and then she put the other piece under my legs. Using the remote, she moved me from the bed through the bathroom door passing over the hot tub and then lowered me onto the toilet. As I released myself, she came and sat on the edge of the hot tub facing me and waited for me to finish.

"Everything come out okay?" she said.

"Cute," I replied. "What are you doing to me and what's in the shakes?"

"I'm doing what I said I would do. I'm training you. And it's going better than I expected. You've become quite accustomed to your new routine and I've even been able to take you through it when you sleep. The shakes contain a lot of different things, but the problem you're having with your equilibrium is caused by the drug 4U81. It's a temporary side effect and you'll be okay in about a month. It will pass before you know it. I'll tell you more after you've had your bath and I get you back into bed." And with that she used the remote to lift me off the toilet and lower me into the Jacuzzi.

I had the strength to get out of the harness, but not the balance. It felt like everything was moving every which way. I decided it best to let her put me where she wanted me. "Now you soak while I change the sheets and I'll be right back." Not like I really had much choice. After a while, she came back, raised me up and dried me off. She then put me back into bed, moved the harness aside and laid down beside me. "Now I will tell you about 4U81 and what else is in the shakes."

"4U81 was designed at my company to be used in conjunction with other drugs. The idea was that it would speed up the assimilation and slow down the metabolization of other more expensive drugs, thus giving you more bang for your buck. In some ways, it worked pretty well, but as far as for its intended purpose, there were some undesired side effects. During the animal trials, the lab mice lived about three times longer than they should have. But in general, it slowed them down in their pulse, respiration, reactions, everything. And they gained an abnormal amount of weight very quickly. For a while, they lost their equilibrium, just like you, but they recovered. And for my purposes, I like what its doing to you."

"What happened during the human trials?" I asked.

"You're the first. It seems to be doing exactly what I thought it would. You're assimilating the food I feed you quickly and metabolizing it slowly. Because you assimilate it quickly, you eat more. Another fringe benefit is that you're cumming longer. The rest of the shake is made with Epulor nutritional supplement, half and half, ice cream, malt syrup, weight gain powder and 9 milligrams of melatonin. Both the tryptophane, which naturally occurs in the milk, and the melatonin help you sleep. With the effects of the tryptophane and melatonin enhanced by the 4U81, you can't help but fall asleep whenever the lights go out. Everything else in the shake is just to make you fat and the 4U81 are enhancing those effects as well. It seems to be working; you've gained about thirty pounds."

"I've gained thirty pounds in 6 days?"

"You've been here for three and a half weeks. As you slow down, everything else will seem to be going faster, including time."

"I thought you said that you wanted to help me reach my potential?"

"When I saw you in the gym, I knew that you were a fat boy and I like fat boys. You were only trying to fool everyone, including yourself. You're my baby now and I want you to be fat. You have the potential to be nine hundred pounds."

Suddenly, everything made sense. The toilet seat, the oversize chairs, the lay out the bathroom, the harness ... Everything was specifically designed to accommodate me at nine hundred pounds. "But I don't want to be nine hundred pounds."

"I suggest that you start wanting it because you're going to be. You're past the point of no return. 4U81 has a natural addiction cycle. You can quit after the first dose without any problem. But when you take the second dose, you assimilate it quickly and metabolize it slowly. After that, your body begins to crave it. Without it, you go into withdrawals, which are fatal. As you slow down, your body needs less and less. Then you can stop, but the changes are permanent. With the changes in your metabolism, it will be very difficult for you to lose the weight and especially with me feeding you to make you bigger. That's why I asked for your commitment before I gave you the second shake."

"So what if I resist anyway?" I asked.

She replied, "Let me show you how that will work." And with that she reached for the remote and turned out the lights. I felt an intense wave hit me and I couldn't stop myself from falling asleep. As I was quickly drifting off, I heard Ashley say, "It's time for your shake," and felt her mounting me and putting the mouth piece into my mouth. I couldn't stop myself from responding automatically as I had been trained. It was now instinctual.

I don't know how long she kept me asleep, but it was wonderful. I had no way to resists anything she did to me. Over and over again in my dreams I heard her say, "It's time for your shake." I don't know how many times she took me through the routine, but she didn't stop there. I remember that while she kept me in a semi-conscious state, she added the toilet and bath to the routine. She was turning me into her baby, completely dependent on her. I was helpless, but she took complete care of me and kept me in a sweet drug induced dream state. It was very pleasant.

Then one day, she turned on the light. "Time to wake up," I heard her say. I stretched and flexed my limbs for quite a few minutes. When I finally opened my eyes, there was Ashley sweetly smiling down at me. "Did you have a nice nap?" she asked. Of course, I was still kind of groggy and I could feel that I gained more weight in my sleep. "You should get back your equilibrium in another couple of weeks. I wanted you to be conscious so you could get a sample of what it will be like after I make you immobile. Also, I want you to choose to let me make you fat. Let me take care of you. You are my baby and I'll always be here for you. Just think about it. You don't have to exercise, and you can eat anything you want and as much as you want. You were broke and homeless. Now I get to pamper and spoil you. Isn't this easier?"

She had a point. I really didn't like exercising and I didn't like to deny myself the tasty foods I loved. The main reason I joined the gym was to make myself healthy so I'd live longer and make myself more attractive to women. Now the 4U81 would make me live longer and I already had a perfectly sexy woman taking care of me. Why not?

"I can fatten you to nine hundred pounds with or without your cooperation, but I can do it faster with your help and I want you to enjoy it too. I weighed you yesterday and you're over 300. You need another six weeks of 4U81 before you can stop and I'll have you over 400 by then without your help. With your help, we can make you bigger than that. Think about it and let me know. Now what would you like for dinner?"

Over the next two weeks, I was able to start getting back on my feet just as Ashley had said, but to me, it seemed like only five days. I had to get used to being heavier than I had ever been before. It also seemed to me that everything was moving faster. When Ashley would rub my belly with baby oil, it seemed like twenty seconds and my belly was thoroughly rubbed down with oil. Ashley was able to move so much faster than I could. Everything that didn't depend on my metabolism was faster. The real fun started when I told Ashley that I would do what she wanted. It took her no time at all to prepare my meals and she was an incredible cook. And one time after she stuffed me, I actually watched myself grow fatter. But the best part was how fast Ashley moved in bed and how long it took for me to finish my orgasm. It seems that she could bring me to climax very quickly, but it took a long time for me to finish cumming.

Once I started cooperating, things were a lot easier. Ashley would make meals and serve them to me on a table in my room. Many times, she would stimulate me sexually while she fed me. She actually made me cum a few times while still at the table. For example, she would feed me large portions of lasagna, garlic bread, lobster dripping in butter, ice cream and cheese cake all in the same meal. She would make up games for feeding me. Sometimes during the meal, she stopped me from talking by stuffing food in my mouth whenever I opened it. One time in bed, she did that to me with chocolate. By the time she stopped giving me the 4U81, I was up to 480 pounds, but she continued feeding me the shakes and I never got tired of them.

She takes care of me in every way. Sometimes she would ask questions about what the drug felt like to me. (She couldn't get that information from the lab mice.) True to her word, she is always here for me. The day I discovered I could no longer reach my own dick or asshole, she showed me that she would take care of me completely down there. And every once in a while when I've been a good baby, she gives me a cappuccino with Bailey's in it. The effects of the caffeine and alcohol are very intense as a result of the 4U81. I'm up to 720 now, but I can still get up and walk with her help. Most times, it's just easier for me to ride in the harness. She even set up this computer in my room for me to use. When I surf the web, the pages seem come up in an instant, but she had to change the mouse configuration for me because I can't double click fast enough.

I love what she has done to me and I love her for doing it. I love the way my fat feels when I move and when she plays with it. She is still very beautiful and the sex has never been better. I love that she made me her fat baby. And I love to hear her say, "It's time for your shake."