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Treating Myself
by Bill

"The results from your tests show a very early cancer." Nothing else registered until several minutes later when I heard the doctor say I could be treated with medication. "The pills you will be taking are hormones, and have very few side effects," Dr. Mallory said. "Like what?" I stammered, imagining myself hairless and nauseated. "Actually, the only thing you are likely to experience is increased appetite. And, the prognosis is excellent, as long as you continue the medication." he answered. That's all, I thought, no surgery, no chemotherapy? "I'd like you to start the pills today, and see me again in 3 months, to repeat your tests." My emotions raced as I contemplated what it all meant. Cancer? Increased appetite? I thought about my vigorous(some would say obsessive) exercise and diet regimen. I wondered if I could maintain it. I'll guess I'll have to work a little harder-a small price to pay to be cured.

I stopped at the grocery/drug store that evening on the way home to fill the prescription and pick up something for dinner. I fingered my new medicine nervously before quickly swallowing it. Defiantly, I picked out an organic salad. I will beat this disease and I will maintain my current 115lb weight as well, I thought, as I noticed someone who looked vaguely familiar. It looked like-but it couldn't be-Julie Schuster, one of my best friends from high school. Julie and I were virtually the same size-we could wear each others clothes. But this woman-she wasn't just plump, she was huge. A good size 20, was my guess.

"Alicia?" she asked, as I came near. "Julie, it is you! I can't believe it!" I blurted out, and then, realizing how that must sound I added, "I'm sorry, I mean-I thought you moved to California!" I tried to picture her as she had looked 10 years previously. "I did. I just moved back 3 weeks ago. And it's ok. I've changed a little since you saw me last-most of my old friends don't recognize me", she answered, as I noticed how tight her stylish maroon dress was. It was quite revealing in the neckline, and Julie had a lot to reveal. She must have had a foot of cleavage on display. "I own and manage an international women's fashion chain. I travel a lot, but it allows me to headquarter wherever I like, so here I am. Do you have time for dinner? I'd love to catch up." "Um, sure, why not? It's good to see you, Julie," I said, gloating a bit over the fact that I was so much thinner than she. Comparing my figure to hers made me momentarily forget that I had just been told I had cancer. But I was still vaguely intrigued by this imposing yet obviously self assured woman. "Great!" said Julie; "I've found a wonderful restaurant that's very close. Can I meet you there?"

Thirty minutes later we were sipping cocktails at Alexandra's Steak House. "Ray, another for us both," Julie said to our waiter, as she motioned to her martini and my wine spritzer. "They know me here," she explained, " I'm sure I'm one of their best customers- I bring clients here a lot. I just love the steaks. And the cheesecake is wonderful." I began to notice how big and yet how stunning Julie really was-her chair sat back from the table to make room for her belly, which protruded almost as far as her breasts. And what a bosom it was, extending several inches over the table in front of her, despite the extra room to accommodate her belly. Her hips fell over the edge of the chair on each side several inches as well. And in between lay multiple rolls of fat clearly outlined under her form fitting dress. Her chubby fingers were adorned with maroon nail polish obviously chosen to match the dress, and several dazzling cocktail rings as well. Her bodice sported a diamond necklace with a stone that must have weighed two carats, while matching diamond earrings sparkled from each ear. Her makeup was perfect, her skin flawless. And the massive, thick mane of auburn hair was set to frame her full cheeks and double chin in all their glory.

A basket appeared on the table containing two loaves of fresh, crusty french bread. Julie covered each slice with butter before consuming it, and quickly finished the first loaf. She seemed to be almost moaning with pleasure as she closed her eyes to take each bite. We shared some gossip about old friends until the waiter returned to take our order. Julie began. "I'll take the caesar's salad and a bowl of the french onion soup, and I think I'll have the New York strip tonight, Ray." "Will that be the 12 or 16 ounce strip, Ms Schuster?" "Better make it the 16, Ray, It's been a busy day and I'm famished. How's the cheesecake tonight?" "Excellent, Ms. Schuster, shall I save some for you?" "I'd be disappointed if you didn't," Julie replied. I ordered what seemed to be the lightest item on the menu- a grilled tuna filet. Julie's soup and salad disappeared nearly as quickly as they arrived, and then came the steak-a huge, sizzling, heavily marbled slab. Her eyes seemed to light up as they placed it in front of her. She savored each bite as it, too, vanished inside her seemingly insatiable stomach. Dessert came soon after. For Julie, a cheesecake measuring nearly 3 inches high by 6 inches across, while I had a raspberry sorbet. As the last bite slid between her beckoning lips, she commented, "This cheesecake is irresistible-sometimes I think I like it better than sex."

Over coffee, I couldn't resist commenting on how different she was from the way I remembered her. "And don't get me wrong," I said, "-its' not just your size-its everything about you. You're obviously a confident, successful businesswoman. And you look great. I'm still just struggling along from one dead end job to another like we were ten years ago." "Alicia, believe it or not, it started shortly after I moved away when I was diagnosed with a serious illness. Obviously I survived, but it took a toll, emotionally. I began to eat as a defense, and the pounds began to pile up. I was depressed at first until I realized this was a whole lot more enjoyable than the constant dieting and exercise we used to do. So I gave that up and decided to find a real career, rather than just a job. But I had no idea what I wanted to do. And then it hit me-at 250lbs there was very little fashionable, quality clothing that fit me. So I decided to do something about it. I took a fashion design course, got a small business loan, and opened Fashion Plus-outstanding designs for outstanding women. It soon became apparent that I was being taken much more seriously at 250lbs than I had been at 115lbs. Within a few years I learned how to get what I wanted through the intimidation that size brings, and now have over 100 employees, markets all over the world, an additional 100lbs and have loved every minute of it."

I was stunned, but fascinated. "But what about your social life? Did that change?" "Well, in contrast to what the American media seems to think, there are lots of men out there who find fat women attractive. In fact, I have more lovers and more offers now than I ever had in high school. I've had 5 proposals in this year alone, and turned them all down because I'm having so much fun. It seems the bigger I get, the more men I attract. One of my older gentlemen friends told me a 64" DDD cup on a 350lb woman was more effective than Viagra," she laughed. "In fact, I hate to run, but I've got a date tonight at ten and I need to get home and change."

As we walked to the door I noticed how sensuous Julie's movements were. Her massive butt shifted up and down seemingly a foot with each step. And her belly, distended from the huge meal she'd just consumed, jiggled as each foot hit the floor. The expensive fabric of her dress was stretched tight, revealing the outline of her cuplike navel. Her waistline nearly matched her bustline in diameter now. She gracefully turned sideways when it was apparent a doorway in front of her would not admit her full width. And still her magnificent breasts and tush tested the limits of the portal.

We waited outside for the valet to bring up our cars. "Julie, Its been so good to see you," I said. "I hope we can get together often now that you're here. But before you go, you never told me what the serious illness you had was." "The doctors said I had a very early cancer, and put me on a hormonal medication, which I take to this day. It seems to have worked. All my subsequent tests for the cancer have been negative...Oh, here's my car-I wish I could stay and talk longer, but I'm already late for my date. We're going to a late night jazz cafe that has wonderful sandwiches, and a bread pudding to die for. I can't wait. Call me, Alicia, and we'll get together, soon"

What I wouldn't do for that kind of life, I thought, as she pulled away in what appeared to be a brand-new Lexus. Then, as I opened my purse and saw the full prescription bottle I realized maybe I won't have to do to much at all. Mmm, I thought, treating this cancer may turn out better than I thought, as I started back inside the restaurant to fill my suddenly famished belly.