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Our Trip to Self Discovery

Well, I have to say that my best friend, Jessie was one of the most athletic girls in our school. Everyone wanted to have a body like hers. She was about 5' 8, and weighed about 130 pounds, which was a majority of muscle. I on the other hand am about 5' 7 and weigh 157 pounds. Every guy wanted to date her, but there was a small catch, she was a flaming lesbian. In our junior year, she actually wanted to ask me out, just as an experiment. But of course, I told her no, I liked only as a friend. She always seemed to be so proud of her body. I have always have had a problems with my figure, so I keep comparing myself to Jessie, who had the perfect body. She didn't have a double-chin, nor a small roll of fat the would hang over the waist of her jeans. She was truly perfect.

Jessie comes up to me in school near the end of our Senior year and tells me that her family is letting her go on trip around Europe as a graduation present. Well, she told me that her parents had bought an extra ticket for me, and she asked if I wanted to go with her. My parents were going away for the summer, so I wouldn't pass up on this opportunity. Plus, I had just recently broken up with my boyfriend, and I didn't want to mope around, and eat. I had to watch my figure, because that was why he had dumped me. He thought that I was getting too pudgy. So it was all settled, and within a week, we would be on our way to the first place on out trip, London, England.

We arrived in London at about midnight, their time. When we got to the hotel, we put away our stuff, since we were spending a week in London. Jessie then begged me to go to the restaurant downstairs and get some food. I agreed, and I wanted to shower first. She said that she was starving and she was going to go ahead and order for me as well. I didn't want to argue with her, so I let her. I showered really quickly and put on a tight pair of jeans and a blouse, which was kinda small for me, but I loved it too much, and I didn't want to throw it away. So I grabbed the room key, and headed to the restaurant.

I saw Jessie had ordered a heaping pile of food. I was so shocked at how much that she was eating. What she ordered for me was just as plentiful as well. The food was so excellent, and I could barely finish my food. Jessie finished hers and wanted desert. I told her that I was going to the bathroom and she could get whatever she wanted. When I got back, she had ordered an enormous slice of cake with at least ten pounds of cream on it, and she got one for me too. I was extremely full, but I didn't want to waste the cake or our money, so I dug in. After the cake, my jeans were tighter than ever, and my blouse was way too tight. While covering my lap up with the tablecloth, I searched blindly for the buckle of my belt; before I could, Jessie popped up from the table and headed back to the room. Pulling my hand away from my belt buckle, and out from under the table cloth, I followed her back to the room.

I had never felt so bloated in my life. When we got back to the room, I laid back on the bed and groaned. Jessie came and sat on my bed, and commented about the meal. She told me that it was the best meal she had in the longest time, and she felt just as bloated as I did. I suggested to her that we go to sleep, since we had a 6 hour flight and we just ate a big meal, and she agreed. She went over to her bed and laid down. I didn't want to bother taking my clothes off, I was way too tired. I tried hard to rest, but I was so bloated and my clothes were too tight. I was still too tired to even attempt to do anything about it. But I eventually drifted into a heavy sleep.

I woke up the next morning to see the sun was in my face, and Jessie was still asleep. I leaned up on my bed to find that my belt was unbuckled and my jeans were unbuttoned. Luckily, I wasn't bloated anymore, so I buttoned and buckled everything and I went over to Jessie. I tapped her on the shoulder. She groaned and asked me what I wanted. I asked her if she'd unbuttoned my jeans during the night. She replied that I was taking short breaths during the night, and I was complaining that I ate too much, so she unbuttoned my jeans so she wouldn't have to listen to me. Only Jessie would enjoy doing that.

I decided that I needed a long bath to relax. So I went into the bathroom. When in the bathroom, I saw a scale. I just wondered if how much I gained from last night's meal. Hopping onto the scale, it turned out that I had put on about 3 pounds. I could tell from how tight my jeans were when I buttoned them that morning. So, I promised myself that I wasn't going to eat like that again.

After my bath, I put on a loose pair of khakis, my wide leather belt, and a new crop top that I had recently bought. I stepped out of the bathroom, only to see that Jessie had ordered room service. She said good morning to me between mouthfuls of eggs, sausage, bacon, and ham. She then wheeled over a tray that had my breakfast on it. It contained at least two plates of eggs, and 3 plates of assorted meats. As the softhearted person I am, I woofed down the food, because I wanted to go out and shop. Jessie finished the last of my food, and grabbed a pair of shorts, and a crop top. As she was putting on the shorts, she said that she had a small bit of trouble buttoning and zipping them up, and I just laughed at her.

While on the streets of London, we stopped at about 7 stores for more clothes. I noticed that some of my stuff was getting a little tight for me, so I grabbed some larger pants, shorts, and shirts. After shopping, we passed a pub, and Jessie dragged me in. I didn't know that she could drink so much beer. She pelted down about 5 mugs of beer. She was really buzzed, so I had to "escort" her back to the hotel. Back at the room, she ordered more food for us, and I was then getting worried that we were going to be eating like this all week. As a surprise, we did.

Our next stop was in France. We were spending a week in Paris. From out previous week in London, I had gained about 6 pounds. But luckily, the clothes I bought still fit me quite well. Jessie had jumped from 130 pounds, to 140. She didn't seem physically different at all, her clothes still fit too. We arrived at our hotel, and it seemed that Jessie got a taste for alcohol. Because she requested a tray of food and 3 bottles of wine. She managed to drink two bottles on her own, and she woofed down the food, too. She then claimed that she was still hungry, and she was going to go to the restaurant, and then asked me if I wanted to come. I told her that I was way too full, but I would come with her, but not order anything.

When getting down to the restaurant, I saw the desert tray, and my stomach suddenly made room. We both had ordered a whole cream pie for each of us. I had never tasted anything so delicious. I was looking at Jessie; she seemed a little different. Her breasts seemed larger; there was a small roll of fat under her chin, and her butt was filling out a little bit. We both liked the pie so much; we both ordered another one to eat. Unfortunately, I was wearing the same tight jeans and blouse from the week before, and they were both, very very snug. Jessie's clothes looked quite tight too. She was wearing cut off jeans, and a button up crop top. I noticed that the button on her jeans was tearing away from the denim; it was that tight. But there was a small layer of fat that made her stomach look really sexy; small beads of sweat from the intense heat of the day, rolled down her stomach. That gave me a bit of a turn on. But quickly, I realized what I was thinking and stopped. She had gained a little bit of weight, which made her look really sexy.

We both staggered back up to our room. I had to hold my stomach to keep it from shaking. As we were lying on our beds, I blindly reached for the buckle of my belt and unbuckled it. It wasn't enough, so I unfastened the top button of my jeans, yet it still wasn't enough, I slowly lowered the zipper, and let then let out a wave of relief. I just wanted to fall asleep, but Jessie wanted to talk all night. So I wouldn't hurt her feelings, I stayed up with her, and watched her eat the fattiest snack foods you have ever seen. But as I watched her slip the snacks into her mouth, I noticed her beautiful lips. I automatically shut that out of my mind once more, as I felt as if I was just like her, but like a closet case.

Eventually, she told me that she was going to go to bed. I got up and was going to put on my pajamas, but I decided to hop onto the scale and see truly how much I had gained from the past few weeks. It turned out that I had put on an additional 3 pounds from our little meal that night. Well, I was disappointed with myself; I managed to look fairly good at my weight, and now it was all letting go. I managed to lace up the front of my new silk pajama bottoms, and I could barely button up the top. I slipped under the covers to listen the sound of my stomach churn and gurgle all night. But as I slept, I continued to think about Jessie's sexy body, her luscious abdomen, her deep navel, which I wanted to stick my tongue into. Her sweet lips, that I wanted to kiss so bad. But I would wake up and realize what I was fantasizing about, and would fantasize about something else.

Things went like that all week. One morning when I woke up, the silk pajamas I had on had gone beyond the limit during the night. The knot that I had tied, had come loose, and my pajama bottoms had come unlaced. The lower buttons on my pajama top had come unbuttoned, so my entire abdomen was bare. I was still surprised that Jessie could still fit into her clothes, and she was eating more than I was, and I was packing weight on like I was really trying. It was then I realized that I didn't care if I put on a few pounds, I wanted to have fun, and I guess eating is the best way. That night, we were packing up to take a train to Germany.

We unloaded our stuff into our train booth, and we headed to the restaurant car. I wanted to eat as much as I could, because I was STARVING! When we got to the table, I pulled myself as far as I could to the table and pulled the tablecloth over my lap, so no one would be able to see my lower half. Jessie and I dug right into our meals. The plates were piled up to our chests with delicious foods. For once, I actually beat Jessie at finishing my plate, and I moved right on to desert. She shortly finished, and went along with dessert too. Between mouthfuls of pastries and cakes, Jessie pointed out to me that a few of the buttons on my chest had come unbuttoned. I looked down and I had noticed it too. My stomach wasn't the only thing that had been getting larger; my breasts were too. So without anyone noticing, I unbuttoned another two buttons on my chest to reveal a great amount of cleavage.

I had noticed also, that Jessie's breasts were slightly bigger too, and she had developed a small double chin too. When we finished out meal, I pulled myself from the chair, and tucked my shirt into my snug khakis. But when I stood up, the front of my shirt rolled up my stomach, revealing my bloated stomach. I was surprised when Jessie stood up; she reached down to her waist, and had to unbutton the lower half of her shirt, revealing her luscious stomach. I have to say, for a straight girl, that kinda turned me on. I didn't know what I was thinking, but I liked it.

We went back to our booth and sat down to listen to the sound of our stomachs digesting the large meal that we had just had. As we sat there, Jessie was looking at me strange. She then rested her hand onto mine. I didn't care, I kept staring at her breasts and stomach; I couldn't believe that she had such a beautiful body. It was then I realized something, and it had taken me years to realize it. I was a lesbian, too! It had taken this trip to open my eyes to Jessie's true beauty.

I didn't know how to tell Jessie about this. But I would just let her put on all the moves, so I would then just give in, or I could just do this. I raised my other hand, and placed it on her other hand. She looked at me, and looked at me in that way when you want to have sex. I didn't want to disappoint her, so I nodded back to her. She then explained to me that she was purposely putting on weight to impress me, and hope that I would have second thoughts about us having a relationship. I gave in immediately, and let her make the first move.

The first thing she did was close the curtains in the booth. She then unbuttoned my shirt and rubbed my large breasts, then slowly moved down my pudgy body. She then leaned forward, and slid her tongue into my deep navel. She then slid her tongue down towards my waist, but there was an obstacle. My belt and jeans. She grasped the large buckle on my belt, and slowly, she loosened the buckle and released the leather from the buckle. Jessie had me in her power, and I liked it a lot.

There was a soft pop when she released the top button on my khakis, and I was hypnotized to the sound of the zipper slowly being lowered. My stomach was now free from the boundaries of my belt and pants. She then opened the front of her shirt and slowly moved her hands down her body. She had been filling out nicely since we had started this trip. There was a nice, small roll of flesh that hung over the waist of her jeans; her breasts were larger than before, and her butt was filling out the back of her jeans. She then walked over to me and we started to kiss.

Now, you can imagine that two girls kissing is a weird thing, but I thought that it was amazing. I reached down and unbuttoned her Levi jeans that she was wearing as she stroked my breasts. She got on top of me, and we had the best intercourse ever, right on the sofa. So, it was then, I was on way on my journey to self discovery, and I found my true feelings for Jessie.

Now, since no one knew who we were, we weren't ashamed to hold hands in public. Once we got to the hotel in Munich, you can guess where Jessie wanted to go. We went to the hotel restaurant and we ordered a three-course meal. Still wearing the same clothes from on the train, they were much tighter than before. I must have gained another 5 pounds from the previous week. I was running out of holes on my belt buckle. Within the first few days in Munich, we both had made a run to a clothing store to get some new clothes that were big enough for us both. I also needed new pajamas, too; the ones that I wore in Paris no longer had buttons, and I didn't have enough slack to lace up the bottoms. Plus, two pairs of pants had the top buttons rip off due to the major strain of our huge meals. But I would have to admit, since that day on the train, I have looked at Jessie in a whole new way - as my girlfriend.

One day, in the bathroom, I was standing on the scale, and I found out that I had gained at least fifteen pounds since we were in London. Plus, this day was my birthday, and Jessie had planned a whole day of stuff for me that we were going to do in Munich. She said that there was a festival this evening, and there was free food and free beer, plus lots of music. So we planned to go to that in the evening. After lunch in a nice, little restaurant in Munich, Jessie and I dragged ourselves back up to the room to take a little load off. After a nice nap, Jessie reached under the bed, and pulled out one large package, and one small package.

I opened the small package first, and I was surprised what it was. It was a small piece of jewelry. I first thought that it was earrings, but there was only one. It ended up that it was jewelry for your navel. I explained to her that mine wasn't pierced. She then said that that was part two of her surprise; she was going to take me to have that done.

She then said that she had called room service and ordered a 5-layer cake, and she was going to make sure that we ate all of it. I told her that I didn't want to ruin the buttons on my pants. She then grabbed a small box on her bed. She then pulled out a rubber belt. She said that her mother used to use it when she was pregnant with her; she could leave her pants unzipped, yet keep them up. She told me to raise my hands, as she looped it through the belt loops of my shorts. She then unzipped the front of my pants and then buckled the rubber belt. She then wheeled a huge cake from the kitchen. I knew that this wasn't a good day for my waist-line.

The belt came in handy while eating the cake. But after halfway through the cake, I ran out of slack and took it off. While Jessie was on her fifth piece, she stopped for a moment, and she told me that I wasn't going to believe what she needed to do. By the way she took short breaths, her pants were way too tight. While eating cake with one hand, she blindly searched around her waistband, released the top button and slowly lowered the zipper.

By the beginning of our trip, Jessie had the way perfect figure. But now, she had a fair roll of fat hanging over the waistband. Her breasts were much larger; her cheeks were like a squirrel's, and she had developed a double chin.

When we finished the cake, we both thought that we were going to explode. That was when she went over to my bed and handed me the other package. She then promised me to wear this outfit to the festival that night, and I promised. I tore the package open, and I pulled out a short-sleeved, button up, aqua blue blouse. It was absolutely gorgeous. There was a pair of really short jean shorts to match the color of the shirt. I thought that it would look so good on me. Jessie urged me to try them on. I think that Jessie did it on purpose, but the shirt was a size too small for me. I could only fasten two of the middle buttons, so there was basically cleavage, and my belly. The shorts were just as tight as the shirt.

I was barely able to fasten the top button. As I was looking in the mirror, Jessie stood behind me, with her hands on my shoulders, and told me that I was the sexiest thing that she had ever seen. To top it off, she knew that I had a fetish for leather belts, so she handed me a wide leather belt with a big, square buckle. I thought that it looked good with my outfit. She then went into the bathroom, and came out wearing a similar outfit, except the blouse was black. The shirt wasn't too tight as it was for mine, but she only buttoned the two middle buttons and left the top and bottom unbuttoned for her cleavage and stomach.

When we arrived at the festival, my stomach was really sore. That navel piercing was killing me, but the jewel in the barbell, glistened in the moonlight. We found a bench to sit on, and Jessie grabbed up a couple of sausages and beers. I felt kinda sick after my third beer, and my fifth sausage, but Jessie was on her fifth beer, and her seventh sausage. It looked as if her shirt and shorts were getting a little tight for her. By 10:30, we both definitely had a buzz, and we thought that it would be better if we went back to the hotel.

As we staggered back to the hotel, we had discussed why we had been eating so much on this trip. I admitted to Jessie that I was eating more because I had been depressed about my break-up with my boyfriend, and that was why I had gained at least 20 pounds on this trip. But Jessie had admitted that she had been gaining weight to compare herself to me. She admitted that she had gained at least 10 or 11 pounds, and she had been hiding it well. I wasn't surprised with her; I was pleased. We managed to walk the rest of the time, holding hands, not afraid to show that we were a couple.

Our last destination was to Geneva, Switzerland, and we were to spend the last two weeks of our trip there. By the time we left Germany, Jessie had popped up to 165 pounds. She refused to get bigger clothes even though they were really tight. She now had a larger roll of fat that would hang over the waistband of her pants. When walking down the street of Geneva, she would only wear a bikini top and a pair of super tight jean shorts. When returning from her walk on the streets of Geneva, she walked into the room with a huge bar of chocolate. She sat down at the table and finished her chocolate, and then stood up again to only have her bikini top come unlaced and reveal her large breasts. I was horny, just watching her. I, myself had a mark left from Germany, I was now at 180 pounds. I couldn't help that German food was so good. We spent the entire week just eating food, and watching our bellies get bigger and bigger.

A week before we had to leave, Jessie was a little nervous with how her parents would take her little weight gain. She'd gained about 40 pounds since she left. But in my opinion, she was the sexiest girl that I had ever seen. There were two things that I was worried about when I would return home. First would be the weight I had gained; I was up to 190. Second would be that I was now a lesbian. But I would never leave Jessie's side, not matter what people thought.

We spent an entire evening, not eating food, but going over what we were going to tell our parents when we got back home. I felt that we should try to lose as much weight as we could in that entire week. For an entire week, we would jog and go to the gym to attempt to shed off a few pounds so we would at least look a little more presentable. I was surprised with what I had lost within the week. I had managed to lose 20 pounds. So I was at my normal weight when I got to Germany. Jessie managed to lose 30 pounds. She managed to slim down just enough that she still had the squirrel cheeks and a small double chin.

The night before we went home we celebrated that night with a small meal, so we wouldn't spoil our figures. After the meal, we were still kinda hungry, so we raided a desert cart, and ate everything. That was just enough for our old clothes to be as tight as they could get.

As we sat and tried to digest our meal, Jessie placed her hand on my leg. She then slowly moved herself closer to me. I looked into her eyes, and she looked into mine, and eventually, our lips locked together. She then moved back and lifted up my shirt and reached towards the large buckle of my belt that she had recently given to me. Soon, she had unbuttoned my shirt and pants, and she proceeded to kiss me on the sofa. She got on top of me and as she kissed me, I unbuttoned her shirt and slowly moved my hands down her chubby stomach. We both knew that this was going to be a summer that we would never forget.

When we returned home, Jessie vowed to never do sports again. With only 3 weeks left of summer, she spent all of her time with me. She slowly lost her figure as the weeks went by before we both left for college. The day that we both left for college, we were both at the same weight of 170 pounds. We both left for college the same day. We stood and looked at each other's chubby face, and we acted as if we were never going to see each other again. But no matter what, we were going to stay in our "physical" relationship, and when we would come home for another summer, we would resume our relationship.

This trip was the final steppingstone to discovering my true self. I am now blessed with the prettiest girlfriend, and I am not ashamed with how big my belly is. When we return from college, we both agreed that we would take another trip together, and maybe discover something else about ourselves.