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An Unforgettable Trip to Walmart
By bbwscriber

The handset on the cordless phone kept dying after just three hours off of the charger base, and Daniel realized it was time to get a new battery for it. Since he had bought it at Walmart, he figured that would be the place to go for a replacement. Experience had taught him not to trust Walmart people to guessing sizes on anything so he brought the handset with him. He was still wearing his standard sales rep attire, Oxford shirt, tie and Dockers, when he was able to stop in between appointments.

It was a cold, drab winter Wednesday afternoon and the store was almost vacant. Many employees were standing around with their hands on their hips looking off into space or talking to each other. Daniel walked back to the Electronics Department and asked where the phone batteries were. The saleswoman was a round, plump girl who looked like about 20 or so. She had her plain brown hair in a scrunchy and had been a little too generous with the eye makeup that morning. The first things he noticed were her thick, milky white arms, which were accented by the sleeveless v-neck top under her Walmart smock.

"Do you have any batteries for cordless phones?" asked Daniel. From behind the counter, she looked him over from head to toe. With slight raise of her eyebrow, she smiled and said, "That depends on the make and model. They're all different." Popping her large wad of gum, she leaned forward on the counter, she added, "Do you know which kind you've got?" Two large fleshy boobs seemed to gush out of the "v" in her v-neck top as she looked up at him. She knew what she was doing. No doubt: they were huge and inviting, but Daniel wasn't going to fall into her trap that easily.

"It's a Uniden, but I'm not sure what model it is," he replied. With a sweeping motion, she stood up and pointed and looked over at the aisle behind her and said, "All the phone accessories are hanging over there." Her magnificent chest bounced up as she raised her right hand. Quickly, she returned her attention to Daniel, hoping to catch him sneaking a peak of her "assets." He had a feeling she was going to pull that move and was sure to make direct eye contact with her. She seemed surprised at his resistance to her tricks. At 35, Daniel was bit more of a challenge than the younger men who usually fell for her charms. It was almost as though he was prey to be captured, but it was not going to be as easy as it appeared.

She smiled coyly. "Would you like me to help you? Most men don't like to have a girl find something for them. They'd rather find it themselves. Macho thing, I guess." She was intrigued and wanted to find out why he was resisting her.

"Actually, I have the handset right here," smiled Daniel, retrieving it from his jacket. And I'd really appreciate your help...um..." Now he had an excuse to at the front of her smock. "...Jody." The challenge had been met; Daniel got to look at her ample chest but on his terms, which were polite and proper. "Hmmmm," Jody cooed with slight admiration of this surprising but welcomed countermove.

Daniel handed her the phone and she held it in front of her and placed her elbows on the counter. Again, her full, round tits were almost flushed out of the "v." "Let's see what you've got here." She held the handset no less than two inches from her mounds and ran her fingers up and down the length of it. He could tell she was thinking that she might be able to get his full attention by her actions of her hands on the phone.

Turning the handset upside down, Jody wrapped both hands around the bottom, placed her thumbs on the battery compartment slot and expertly pushed it open. The battery popped out and hung by two wires. "Oooh, that's a big one," she said with a trace of wickedness that was definitely provocative. Her tongue flicked across her lips as she looked him straight in the eye, throwing down the gauntlet. She dared him not to be turned on.

Daniel's mouth dropped. It was then that Jody saw he could be captivated. She glided her thumb up and down the battery,. which was dangling in front of her pronounced cleavage, and read the numbers on it. "Come on, let's go see if we've got it."

Jody walked out from behind the counter. She was wearing black stretch pants that looked as though they were painted on her. Her hips were wide and her butt was big and curvy. Daniel could hear the insides of her chunky thighs rub as she swished in front of him. "Geez, there's something really sexy about this woman," he thought. "It's more than just the nice set of knockers, she is just plain HOT."

When they got to the phone aisle in the back of the Electronics Department, Daniel really thought Jody was looking for the correct battery but then he glanced at the phone and battery in her hand which almost resting on her chest. Naturally, he looked down at the phone as well and couldn't help locking his eyes on her enormous boobs. This time, she caught him and shot him a look of disapproval. Daniel felt himself turn red and was ready to grab the phone and go somewhere else. Quickly, the frown turned into a smile and Jody turned and looked back up at the vast array of batteries that were hanging on the tall shelf in front of them.

Jody stood in front of him and pointed near the top and said "It might be up there." As she began reading the tags, Daniel could see her start to inch backwards. He backed up until his legs hit the shelf behind him but Jody kept inching backwards until her big, round butt was nearly touching Daniel's crotch. She paused for a moment, and he realized that her hips were almost twice wide as his. The thought of reaching around her beefy shoulders and squeezing those big melons was really beginning to turn him on. He could smell a combination of cheap perfume and hair spray wafting from her, which somehow made her even more enticing. He checked again to see if she was really looking up at the batteries and then glared right the center of her chest. "Wow," he almost said aloud, "They're gigantic!" As he watched the rise and fall of her massive boobs, Daniel noticed his dick was tingling and beginning to get hard.

Suddenly, Jody reached up and took a battery off the shelf. Her large, cushiony butt rammed right into Daniel's groin. At first, he thought he was going to fall over, so he instinctively grabbed the only thing in front of him: Jody's waist. As he pressed against her, Daniel thought for sure she must have felt his hardness. He was right as Jody emitted a mild groan and pressed herself against him even more.

Daniel's semi hard cock was aiming sideways in the front of his pants at the time of the "collision." Jody bent her knees slightly and leaned into him. He could feel her butt begin to move back and forth against his growing hard on. "Mmmmmmmmm," she sighed and reached down to her waist and guided Daniel's hands to the front of her tits. He could barely get my hands around each boob, they were so big. Jody reached behind her and wrapped her hands around Daniel's rear and pulled him into her and she continued to grind her cheeks into his crotch. Daniel began to squeeze her massive tits harder and harder and could feel her nipples start to harden. In no time at all he became completely erect as Jody's beautifully round ass continued its hypnotic to and fro motion. Daniel's cock was fully upright and the muscles in his butt instinctively began the first stages of humping the huge buns that were pressed against him. Jody turned to face him, clasped her hand around his stiff member and smiled wickedly. "I'm gonna suck you dry, Baby!" she blew in his ear.

Before he could say anything, she wrapped her plump, white arms around Daniel and gave him bear hug and kissed him with her open mouth, in a commanding, almost devouring manner. She had been pretty liberal with her lipstick and, after her tongue had invaded him, Daniel imagined that a substantial amount was now on his face. He didn't care one bit.

Jody broke off her kiss and looked over both Daniel's shoulders and at the ceiling behind her. "Don't want the Security cameras to see us," she said nonchalantly and she took her gum out of her mouth and stuck it on the bottom of the shelf behind his ear. Then she flashed an evil grin, pulled the scrunchy out of her hair and on to her wrist and dropped to her knees. She impatiently undid Daniel's belt and unzipped his pants. With one hand on his ass, Jody yanked his boxers down to his knees and grabbed rock hard cock and took it in her mouth so deep he could feel the tip hitting the back of her throat.. She quickly soaked his entire cock and sucked on it so hard that it became locked in the vacuum she created.

Daniel groaned at the powerful grip that her mouth had on him. Jody's tongue then turned into an instrument of beauty as it glided up and down his cock, which was totally coated with her saliva. Daniel stared at Jody's face as she went down on him. It was just like a porn movie: her deliberate and even speed was the biggest turn-on he'd ever seen. Jody knew exactly what she was doing, from the sexy slurping noises to the periodic moan of delight. Daniel's hips began bucking as he was going wild with excitement. Just as he was about to cum, Jody grabbed his butt with both of her hands and moved him up and down, matching the rhythm of her tongue. Daniel had no control over this whole process: "She's fucking me with her mouth," he realized.

Jody could tell he was about to cum and looked up at him as she brought him to ecstasy. Daniel moaned with pleasure and could tell the out of control expression on his face was exactly what she wanted to see. It was her reward. He braced himself on her broad shoulders and enjoyed the best orgasm he'd ever had. After Daniel shot his cum in Jody's mouth, he watched her lick him like he was an empty plate of pancakes that still had some syrup on it. He thought she was going to swallow him whole for a second.

He was completely spent. Jody gave Daniel's cock a final kiss and stood up, wiping a couple of drops of cum from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled at him smugly. She had had her way with him. On her terms.

Jody grabbed Daniel's face and lowered it to her chest. He sighed and rested his hands on the comforting layer of flab that surrounded Jody's waist. "Are you ok?" All he could muster was a pleasant moan as he began to kiss and lick her fleshy tits. She let him play with them for a few seconds and reached down and felt his returning hard-on. Jody knew she had him hooked.

"I guess I could take my break now," she smiled. "Pull up your pants and try to act natural." Daniel complied as best as he could and followed her back to the sales floor. He carried his coat in front of him to hide his excitement for Jody. Her cheeks swaying in front of him was nearly as much of a turn-on as playing with her boobs.

Jody walked behind the counter. Pulling her hair back and returning the scrunchy around it, she looked over to the Jewelry Department and called out, "Samantha!" An equally plump looking redhead appeared from under the counter and acknowledged Jody.

"Watch my department, while I go on break, OK?" Samantha nodded and returned to her work.

Jody led Daniel to a one stall restroom hidden near the back wall. There was an old lounge chair near the sink. Like Daniel had done for ladies many times before, Jody opened the door for him and slammed it shut and locked it. She hugged him to her face and open mouth kissed him again. "You are sooo cute!" she exclaimed and pulled his pants down again and pushed him down into the chair. Before Daniel could even breathe, she lifted her smock and v-neck over her head and opened the snap on her bra. Her huge tits bounced and jiggled all over the place, almost as if they had a will of their own.

"I just know you want to suck on these, Baby," and she leaned over him and shoved a large erect nipple in his hungry mouth. Daniel wrapped both hands around her huge tit and sucked and chewed as Jody groped to get her pants and underwear off. She stood over him and spread her legs, revealing the largest, hairiest pussy he had ever seen. Again, he mouth dropped. She pounced on him, straddling his mid-section. She leaned over him and rammed her other breast in his mouth. Her round belly pinned him to the chair. Jody yanked Daniel's throbbing cock at its base and rubbed the tip of it around the entrance to her gaping pussy. He was clearly enjoying Jody's nipples and being "forced" to suck on them while she stroked his cock against her at a furious rate. Soon Jody's pussy became moist and he sensed that the best was yet to come.

Daniel could almost feel the "thud" as Jody put him in her and then slid down on him. He was madly sucking away and hardly realized that she had taken his butt in her hands and began pumping him into her. They were screwing like rabbits in no time at all. Just like on the sales floor, she was clearly in charge of the speed of their motion. The chair seemed to shudder each time Jody slammed herself down on Daniel's mid-section. He was in her complete control and was more aroused than he had ever been in his life. Each time he thrust himself into Jody, she dug her fingernails into his butt and pushed him into her even deeper. Just as he was about to fill Jody with his second load of cum, he could feel his eyes roll back into his head. Jody saw this and her evil grinned returned. She had completely and totally screwed the living shit out of her prey like he'd never been screwed before, and she knew it. But she wasn't done with him yet.

"Stay hard! Stay hard and keep fucking me, Baby!" Jody commanded. Daniel did as he was told and soon was she climaxing on top of him. She didn't seem to care that she was still at work as she moaned and groaned louder than any X-rated movie Daniel had ever been to. Her juices flowed everywhere, he was soaked.

After taking a minute to catch her breath, Jody kissed him again and stood up. Daniel's dick was red and sore but the sight of her cannons wobbling around caused it to stir and grow slightly. Jody noticed and sighed.

"Sorry, Sweetie, break's over. Besides, I have to save something for my boyfriend tonight. He gets pretty pissed off if I don't want to fuck when he's horny."

Daniel didn't want to know anymore. He dried himself off with paper towels as best as he could and got dressed. "You go out first, Hun," said Jody. "Come back for the battery tomorrow!"