Weight Room Title Bar

By Sasha Steele

Makeup and mascara applied to her beautiful face, Loraine finished her lips in a silvery-pink gloss and pressed them together to even it out. She had the most sensuous mouth, full pouty lips, a big smile, perfect teeth. Her eyes, large, oval, sky blue, long lashes, contoured brow. Curled black hair to mid back. Ears studded in gold. All her facial features perfect. Now, when Loraine looked in the mirror and applied her makeup - or just admired herself - she saw a beautiful sensuous woman. But it wasn't always that way.

Loraine was very fat as a child. Unable to control her insatiable appetite, she arrived at puberty weighing all of three hundred pounds. When her mother died, Loraine's weight shot even higher; then her father met and married another woman and it all changed. Therapy seasons, psychiatrists, special diets and exercise programs, fat camps, and - oh yes, the pills, let's not forget the pills. Loraine took pills to control her appetite, pills to control her mood swings, pills to control her life. Loraine knew that she was an embarrassment to her new stepmother, but - you know what? - it had worked: she'd lost weight, lots of weight.

Thinking back to those days of misery and struggle, Loraine smiled as she looked at her beautiful image, knowing that it had all been worthwhile. She sat at the vanity in the hotel room, dressed only in her underwear, waiting for Dan to finish up in the washroom. Her new outfit - Loraine had paid a fortune for it - sat on the bed. It was their first anniversary, one whole year gone by already, and they were going to celebrate in one of the most expensive restaurants in town. Loraine knew that she would look good in her new two-piece soft pink suit, real good - and so damn sexy that Dan wouldn't be able to wait to get her to bed and ravish her. And, to think, she owed it all to her stepmother.

Her stepmother had been relentless in her push to have fat Loraine lose weight, and Loraine had hated her for it. Bad enough with all the pushing and prodding at home, endless days and nights craving nothing but food - and the doctors telling her how fat and not-normal she was - but even Loraine's dreams were filled with desires that revolved around eating. In her dreams Loraine imagined herself not just fat but a giant immovable mountain of flesh, fed and pampered by a lover who wanted nothing more than to make her into the fattest woman in the world. Loraine was consumed by her desires to eat and gain weight, to be immensely overweight, and it had made the process of losing weight all the more difficult.

At one hundred and seventy five pounds, five foot six inch tall, Loraine was big boned and solid - anything but skinny - yet she felt anorexic, still struggling with her appetite and dreams of being fat. At times Loraine, tired of the struggle, had pulled herself free, thrown away the diet pills in disgust and gorged on food. At those times, her weight would soar. But, alas, her stepmother was much too strong and poor Loraine far too weak. Then, at seventeen, Loraine's stepmother left her father for another man, and she was finally free. Free to eat whatever she liked - to stuff herself, gain as much weight as she wanted and get as big and fat as she could possible get.

And Loraine did go out and stuff herself: five Big Macs, five large fries, five chocolate shakes. Lorraine was definitely on a breakaway that day, her stomach bloated so much that she had to undo her jeans right there in MacDonald's. Three years of therapy, however, had taken its toll. Suddenly Loraine was plagued with doubts, and then she met Dan. Ironic, really, that the first time she ever spoke to him was while she was stuffing herself at MacDonald's. Dan was new at school, a great catch who Loraine had a crush on, and there he was watching as Loraine pigged out. They spoke, and Loraine wondered if he had seen how much she had eaten or noticed how bloated her gut was. Embarrassed, it was back to the diet pills and the struggle with her desires.

The next day Dan phoned Loraine and they got together. At first their relationship was a bit rocky, Loraine struggling with her appetite was miserable and moody, it was on the verge of ending before getting started, and Dan telling her to go ahead and eat if she wanted to just made it worse. On their third date at a nice restaurant, having not taking her appetite suppression pills, Loraine slipped from her diet pigging out on a large full meal and two deserts. Feeling guilty, even though he said it was all right, a big fight irrupted during which tearful Loraine blurted out that she was sick of having to diet for everybody else when all she ever wanted was to eat and get really really fat, it was the turning point.

Loraine was at her wits end when suddenly Dan showed up at the door, not twenty minutes after having dropped her off. "I want you to be really really fat too, Loraine" he said. She hesitated a moment and then flew into his arms and they kissed. "I love you," Dan later told her, "and want you to be happy, please Loraine, please eat and gain weight for me." He had just finished speaking those words when the door bell rang. "That's for me," he said getting up, "a surprise for you, close your eyes, I'll be right back." Flowers? Perhaps chocolates Loraine hoped, her curiosity burned but she kept her eyes closed until Dan came back. "Okay open them."

Loraine opened her eyes, her jaw dropped and her mouth watered. Although having just finished eating at the restaurant an hour ago she was still hungry and the two large pizzas that Dan had ordered looked delicious. "For you Loraine, I want to help you get fat." Loraine didn't know if she could eat them both, but if Dan loved her and wanted her to be fat like he said then she was sure going to try. Loraine had no trouble at all with the first pizza, it was so good and for the first time in a long time she ate with reckless abandonment, savoring the taste and the pressure in her bloated belly, even though someone was watching. And Dan was watching Loraine as she ate, every bite, every chew and swallow, watching with a growing a pressure of his own.

When Loraine began to bog down Dan undid her pants and massaged her belly, encouraging her to eat more and more. Then he took up a slice and began to feed her, offering sips of pop to help wash it down. The pizza gone, Lorraine lay back, unable to move she was stuffed more than she had been in years, it felt wonderful, a dream come true. "How fat do you want me to get?" Loraine asked dreamily as Dan continued to rub her distended stomach.

"As fat as you want to be, more even, so fat that you can hardly move, you could never become too fat for me Loraine," Dan said.

"Mmmmmmmmm, a man after my heart, I have always dreamed about being the fattest woman in the world. Could you love the fattest woman in the world?"

"I love you Loraine. I want to feed you and take care of you for ever. Oh Loraine I want you to be the fattest woman in the world?" Dan whispered and breathing hard took her in his arms and they kissed. That night after Loraine had recovered sufficiently from her gluttony they consummated their new relationship with the most incredible sex. From there on Loraine never dieted again, she stuffed herself, eating as much as she wanted to, which was considerable, and then was encouraged by Dan and helped as he fed her in order to help her eat even more.

And Loraine got fatter. Gaining weight at an incredible rate she hit three hundred and fifty pounds by the time she was eighteen. Five hundred and twenty five a year later, and a year after that they were married. Loraine weighing in at an incredible seven hundred pounds made a most beautiful bride as she waddled down the isle and parked her yard wide ass on the bridle bench for the wedding ceremony. That was a year ago today and during that time of marital bliss Loraine's weight gain hasn't slowed one little bit.

Dan came out of the bathroom and over to the vanity where his hulkingly beautiful wife sat. God she looks incredible, he thought taking in Loraine's expansive sexy body. She was still in her pink panties and bra, bought especially for tonight. Dan had rolled the beige stockings onto her smooth, massive legs and adjusted the lace tops for her, then slipped dark pink high heel shoes onto her fat feet. Loraine's toenails and fingernails were painted pink.

He kissed her on the side of her beautiful fat face and picking up an eclair from the tray offering her a bite. Loraine took it, opening up for another and then another, finishing the last of them. "Better get dressed," he said looking at his watch, then helped Loraine to pull her tremendously heavy body off the vanity bench. She weighed eight hundred and seventy five pounds now, pushing nine hundred, and they both looked forward to that day very soon when Loraine would pass that mark and then go on to her dream of weighing one thousand pounds. Hopefully by their next anniversary.

Dan knelt down with Loraine's skirt and she braced herself on him so that she could step into it. He drew it up her extremely massive legs in the sexy beige stalkings, pulled it over her three foot wide hips, and massive rounded butt which protruded two feet out in back. Slipped it over Loraine's bellowing stomach, another two feet or more out in front, his fingers slipping erotically against the silky smooth tummy panel material of her panties, and did up the zip and clasp in back. Dan drew the matching pink jacket onto Loraine's huge arms, adjusting it onto her broad back and shoulders and doing the buttons up on her massive gut and watermelon like breasts.

Loraine checked herself in the mirror. She was wearing a tasteful white pearl necklace below the thick collar of fat that ringed her neck, her dark curly hair was gathered loosely in back, and the expensive designer suit fit perfectly. Turning as she checked the reflection of her hulking figure from various angles Loraine had to admit that she had never felt more beautiful. "Well, what do you think?" She said.

"You're perfect," Dan breathed, obviously affected by her magnificence, and couldn't help but take her in his arms and kiss her.

They took a cab to the restaurant, were shown to their table and sipped on wine while deciding on supper. Loraine couldn't make up her mind on the prime rib or the lobster so, at Dan's suggestion, ordered both, lobster first. Dan sat in state of arousal as he watched Loraine savor her food, she loved to eat and he loved to watch her. Impaired by the size of her incredibly large stomach and tremendously thick torso Loraine leaned in as near as she could to the table and shoveled in mouthful after mouthful of delicious fair, humming her approval with every bit. Her arms were so massive that she could hardly reach around her own girth to get at the plate, her hands so swollen with fat that gripping things was sometimes awkward.

Dan wanted to feed her, but Loraine managed and in the end was able to gorge herself, ordering extra helpings, three deserts and Dan's desert as well, until she was so full that he had to undo her skirt for her, which then allowed still another desert, ice-cream and after dinner snacks with her wine. Unable to move Loraine sat and digested, eyes closed, at times dreamily rubbing her bloated belly. When Loraine recovered sufficiently Dan did her up, they had a few drinks in the bar lounge and he helped her to use the toilet in the handicap washroom and before going back to their hotel room.

Hurriedly Dan undressed Loraine and helped her into bed. She lay on her back, arms the size of soft stuffed pillows above her head, beautiful fat face lost beneath the swollen collar of fat about her neck and massive breasts laid upward. The mountainous swell of her tremendously fat stomach undulated in front of his face as Dan rhythmically took her, consummating their first anniversary in wonderful raunchy sex that he knew was only possible with the fattest woman in the world.