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Daytime TV Fantasy
by W. C. Files

Many of us watch Daytime TV drivel and lust to see something else. Below is a story that I wrote to satisfy these urges. Enjoy!

-W. C. Files

Oprah walked out on stage. The up and down dieter was back up. The number one talk show hostess had allowed her love of Key Lime pie to balloon her up to a new high of just over 300 pounds. She looked at herself in the mirror of her dressing room and dreaded the next show. She had been contacted by the new manager of Christina Applegate to have the blonde bombshell on her show. Oprah just knew that the television audience would be comparing her fat body to that of the ex-star of Married with Children.

Oprah walked out to find that her producer was looking for her. Ben was new and had not learned to take things easy. This was one of the things that made him the best in the business. Oprah kept him on the job for what he did off-screen. "Oprah, Oprah, I still have to see your guest star. That jerk manager of her's called and said that she would arrive just in time to walk out on stage. I tell you that this is most irregular."

"Take it easy, Ben," the hefty hostess said. Ben had left a large slice of Key Lime pie near her dressing room, as usual. Oprah savored the flavor of the tart pie as she forked large helpings into her mouth. She washed it down with a large frosty glass of milk. "She hasn't been seen nor heard of since Married with Children was canceled over three years ago. This will be a scoop for us and the show. If she wants to primp and be fashionably late, so be it."

Oprah waddled slightly as she walked out on the stage. Over the last few months she has successfully reduced the size of the local audience to less that one hundred people. This was the time that she liked the best. She did a little question and answer session before the show began. She really had come to like her fans in the last few months. She had reduced the amount of "male bashing" that went on and found that quite a few men had began to watch her show.

The cameras were moved in and she moved to her overstuffed chair. As she sat down she heard the chair groan under her increased weight. She had to get a grip on her appetite. She smiled that well known smile into Camera #1 as soon as the red light came on. "Hello, today we have a special guest. What happens to a well known actress that is identified with a part that she played for over ten years when the show is finally canceled? Well today we will find out from one of America's favorite "little girls", Christina Applegate of Married with Children. Three years ago the show was canceled and Christina dropped from sight. Today she will break the long silence on our show."

Oprah looked up to see Ms Applegate's manager standing at one side of the studio. He was hidden from the view of both the cameras and the studio audience. He nodded to the hefty hostess. Oprah went on with her introduction, assuming that Christina was in the studio and ready to join her on the stage. "Now ladies and gentlemen, join he in welcoming Miss Christina Applegate."

Oprah stood and looked to the area where all of the guests emerged from behind the curtain. As the curtain parted the loud applause faltered and died. Oprah stood and listened to the combined gasp that escaped the audience. Her jaw, like may of the others in the audience, dropped and hung open.

Instead of a slender blonde bombshell, a hugely fat beauty waddle though the curtain. A collective gasp rang out throughout the audience. It did not slow the waddle of the gigantic guest star. The once wraith-like blonde was now almost half again as heavy as Oprah. Her slender waist was now a ball of flesh that hung half way to her chubby knees. She smiled to the crowd with a face that still was gorgeous, but had rounded and now sported triple chins and delicious dimples. Christina ignored the gasps and the lack of applause and waved to the crowd. Her upper arm, that was now as big around as her waist once was, jiggled at the movement. She then began to waddle across the room to where the speechless hostess sat. Her massive thighs jiggled and rolled as they rubbed against each other under her light blue shorts. A soft somewhat stretchy blouse covered the expanse of her belly. The white blouse was set off by a light blue coat that covered the blouse. The buttons of the blouse were slightly straining to contain her form.

She reached the large couch next to Oprah and smiled as a small amount of applause broke out in one corner of the audience. She settled her bulk on the couch which groaned under the behemoth blonde beauty. This caused Christina to giggle. "Oprah, you really must get a stronger couch."

The comment caused widespread laughter and the breaking of the ice. Oprah was able to gather her wits and respond with a tense laugh. "Well, Christina what have you been up to since Married, with Children has gone off the air?"

"Besides eating, you mean," said the large guest unabashedly patting her bellowing belly. "Well, I have moved to Colorado and I have begun with a new carrier. I now own a fashion house that designs large size fashions for girls, teens and women. I know what you are thinking, every has been star that gains weight thinks that she can start a large size fashion house. The difference here is that none of my designers wear anything less than a size 22. And all of my models are bigger than that."

"All of this started after Married with Children went off the air. I went to Colorado to go skiing and had a car accident. It was snowing and I went off the road. I was rescued by a tall blonde gent that took me to his home. I was scared at first, but he was the perfect gentleman. At the end of the weekend he still had not tried to make a pass at me. I thought he was gay, but on Sunday a honey voice woman called and it seemed to be some sort of phone sex call. I was more than interested, after years of having to fight off all of the men that I met here was someone that I would have to work for."

"Well after a few weeks of see him around with ladies it became obvious that he liked them big. I was pissed! Here I was one of the most sought after women in Hollywood and the guy that I had become interested in was only interested in blimps. I then tracked down one of this guys ex-girlfriends. Tammy was open honest and very heavy. She weighed around 350 pounds. I found out that Bob was a feeder." At this a few pockets of applause broke out, Christina waves at them with a devastating smile.

"Well, after that I moved back to California. I was getting job offers, but only for blonde bimbette types. At night I dreamed of Bob, and a few time I dreamed that I was fat. Strange as it sounds to most woman, I had 'fat fantasies.' Actually I found out that a lot of women have them, but don't admit to it. To make a long story short I found myself calling Tammy. After six weeks I dyed my hair black and moved back to Colorado. Tammy let me live with her and got me a job at a catering business."

"I began to overeat and in a few weeks couldn't button my pants. After two months I was wearing pants that were several sizes larger that I had ever been in, and they were getting tight! Most nights I would spend with Tammy at home. A large dinner made by her and then hours laying in front of the TV munching. Needless to say I gained rapidly. I found the eating and food were erotic."

"After about six months I had gained nearly seventy pounds." A collective gasp went through the audience. She continued, "I was having doubts about my new lifestyle. That all changed. Tammy took me to a party where she knew Bob would be. He took one look at me and walked over to me. I was still a brunette so he didn't know it was me. We left together and I found out that blondes don't have more fun, fat chicks do. My fantasies came true. Well, I dyed my hair back to blonde and told Bob who I was. I told him that I wanted to become even fatter, Bob jumped up and we have been together since."

There is scattered applause as some of the women and most of the men in the audience are warming to the fact that there is over 5 times the Christina that there once was. She looks to Oprah and the talk turns to what she is doing now. "Well, I came on the show to give your viewers a look at some of the fashions that I offer. You will also like to get a good look at some of my models."

Christina grabs a mike and begins the fashion show. "You were asking what a TV star does once her show is canceled. Well what does a "bad girl" do once she is banned from the activity that she used to make her living? Well if you are like my first model you try various things and finally end up in a sweet shop in Tacoma growing a set of 98" hips. Ladies and gentlemen join me in welcoming Tonya Harding."

The curtains part again to show a massively pear shaped blonde. The former United States Ice Skating Champion waddles out on stage. While her hips and thighs are immense her waist is quite a bit smaller. Her face is now totally round and haloed by several chins. Christina begins her discussion of the outfit that snugly fits the mammoth ex-skater. "Tonya sports a 73-67-98 inch figure. Those of us that are pear shaped know the hassle of trying to find clothes that either fit our hips and hang on the rest of us or fit out bust and we cannot even force a single thigh into the pants. Well Tonya's 31 inch difference between her waist and her hips gave us a small amount of trouble. Her skirt has a special panel in it to snug up the waist once the skirt is zipped up, but when open it allows her nearly 100' hips to slip in easily. Her acid washed denim outfit is specially fitted to her. This might run slightly over $125. Of course, if she does not put down those pastries she will need a bigger skirt."

Tonya waddles around the stage as she blissfully munches on a large Bearclaw dripping with butter. Once done she slowly makes her way her way curtain waving to the applauding crowd. Several of the larger audience members ask Christina some questions. She answers them and turns to Oprah to signal the emergence of the next model. "She wasn't a "bad girl" until she left her sport. Once she quit she ended up in the tabloids more that once, drugs and crime seemed to replace the thrill of tennis. After a few months she dropped out of the limelight. What happened? Well, she bought out a catering company and settled down to dinner. Welcome, Ms. Jennifer Cappriotti."

The curtains part to show a brunette that is almost unrecognizable as the once slim tennis star. She is nearly as large as Tonya in the hips, but her bust and belly are much larger. She takes a bite of the Boston Creme Pie in her hands before starting down the aisle. Christina begins her pitch. "Jen has a different figure. Her belly is must fuller that Tonya's leading to a nice hang that needs to be supported without interfering with her. Here she wears a black pair of pants that hug her hips and gently lift her 82" waistline. As you can see this design does not restrict her swelling belly as she slowly devours that Boston Creme Pie. Her 88" JJ breasts are supported by a specially designed bra that has four inch straps to spread out the load. Thanks, Jen!"

The brunette waddles to the curtain and at the last step she turns to look sexily over her fat shoulder and winks at the audience as she slow sucks the frosting off of her pudgy fingers. The crowd responds by actively applauding her. Christina makes a comment about her being a "show off". Christina moves on to her third model. "Just like a TV actress there are movie actresses that have great changes in their lives. My next model was once married to the man that was thought to be the best hunk in Hollywood. After her divorce she lost a lot of weight, then to get a part she gained over 75 pounds. Just like the genie once the cork was out of the bottle it could never go back in, she with Mel and her pants. Please welcome Ms Melanie Griffith."

A very heavy red head waddles out and waves at the crowd with a very fat arm. Her very beautiful face is very fat and supported by at least three chins. Her body is caressed by a violet dress that sets off her eyes. It is very snug, almost tight. She turns to show how it accentuated every curve and roll of her 80-73-90 body. She reaches over and grabs a gooey pastry and begins to waddle around the stage. "As you can see," begins Christina, "Mel has a very short waist. Although she does put on weight evenly and in the 'classic hourglass', she is very short between the waistline and the shoulders. This makes it hard to fit her without looking like a balloon. A snug fitting waist makes her breasts and hips look even larger. Of course, the way she packs the pastries away almost anything would quickly become snug."

The fat redhead stops at the curtain and turns to the cheering audience. She rubs the sides of her distended belly and winks. Disappearing behind the curtain with a sexy shake of her massive hips. It takes several seconds for the din to die down. The once reserved audience is starting to sound like a bunch of FAs. Christina smiles and moves slightly forward on the couch. Her huge belly spills forward and covers some of the fat calves showing. "My last model is known far and wide. Her dark hair and eyes captured the libidos and hearts of most the the men in the United States. Once married to a Rock and Roll star she has now settled down to her favorite pastime, cooking and eating Italian food. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Ms. Valerie Bertinelli"

An extremely obese brunette emerges from behind the shielding curtain. She is so huge that walking is nearly beyond her. She slowly moves forward munching on some fattening tidbit. The audience is stunned to see the black evening dress that strains to hold her elephantine form. There must be several bolts of cloth in that dress, and even it is too small to contain the form within. Christina giggles at the commotion caused by her last model. "Val, has gone beyond most of us in her gluttony. While she is only slightly large that I am she is slowly becoming the immobile mass that some men find totally irresistible. Here

she is slowly splitting out of my best basic black creation. But that will happen. Inside all of us there is an even fatter girl trying to burst out. Val's 108-96-120 figure is the result of a loving exploration of the outer envelop of gluttony. Those of us that understand this can find even the most provocative of clothing at Chris' Casuals."

With this she stands and with expert movements of her hands the outfit that she wears falls away. Underneath she is wearing a light blue Merry Widow. Fat breasts spill over the cups and hefty hips balloon out of the bottom. Gasps turn into thunderous applause. She sits down and basks in the adoration of her new fans. Oprah still stunned asks her, "What next, Chris"

The devastating blonde smiles and plays with the bulging mass of her gut. "I want to get home to Colorado and start some serious eating." With that she staggers to her feet and waddles off of the stage.