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Unexplained Changes
by Cat Tac

Part Three: The Final Fart

Miss Bewti Full awoke with a start. The air hostess was holding a plate of cream cakes and chocolate milk.

"So sorry to wake you, Bewti, but your snoring was getting too loud; it is time for all passengers to start snacking."

Miss Bewti suddenly recognised the polite air hostess; it was the same girl who had been a waitress and served her at the restaurant in the Mall back home all those weeks ago. She seemed to have lost weight and become more slender since then.

Some time went by as the once slim Bewti came to terms with her new reality. The slim airhostess waited while her customer caught up with her new reality.

Bewti: “How did I get on this Lear jet, Mandy?”

Slim air hostess/Mandy: “That's none of your concern. Start eating, the other porkers – err, I mean 'students' - are all well into the main course.”

Bewti: “Thanks, Mandy; is there anything else I need to be doing?”

Slim air hostess/Mandy: “Perhaps you should change your blouse once you have completed the feast. You need to be smarter than that when you meet the course instructors at the education centre.”

With that, the air hostess attended to the flabby brunette in the seat in front. Bewti looked at the slim figure of Mandy's moving gracefully among the seats. "I remember when I looked like that," she thought looking at the air hostess. "Oh, who wants to be as skinny as a rail? It's all such a waist of time." Bewti looked down at her blouse, her ever present double chin becoming more apparent.

Bewti had expected a small coffee stain, but her blouse was in a disgusting state. Chocolate cake and pizza crumbs were stuck all over her front with a gooey stuff that looked like maple syrup.

She was not sure, but the blouse seemed tighter on her now than when she had left the airport and her mum on the other plane! It was the same blouse, but it was structurally ruined, with the seams all burst and buttons missing.

Bewti was drawn to the smell of the cream cake and chocolate drink and changed her priorities. "No," she thought, "First I'll eat my cakes and drink my chocolate. Then I change my shirt!"

Some time later Bewti once again woke up from her waistline changing slumbers, when the Lear jet landed with a bump. She double-checked her appearance as she got out of her seat. She was already wearing the crisp new roomier blouse to her relief.

The stairs from the plane were less than 10 steps, but they looked like the side of a cliff for Bewti.

Bewti: “I'm scared!” [She said to the lady in front of her.]

Flabby brunette: “Sit down on the steps, like me, and slide down.”

Bewti looked down to see where the voice was coming from. The flabby brunette was on her bottom, easing herself onto the second step.

Then the voice spoke again: WAIT!

It was sunset wherever the hell she was. The sunshine danced on the shiny silver coach as it drove away, leaving her all alone.

Bewti: I have failed, haven't I, Mandy?

Slim air hostess/Mandy: Ni pour, ni contre bien au contrair

From her vantage point sitting on the top step of the Lear Bewti, spotted a second dust cloud next to the disappearing coach, containing the other passengers she had travelled with. Only it was getting closer to her.

Then the voice spoke again: “Nearly there. Nearly there. Me and Bewti have time to share.”

The Limousine's door opened electronically when it arrived at the steps/ladder descending from the executive jet. The air hostess helped a slightly groggy Bewti onto the luxury seat by the car door.

Slim air hostess: “One mountain climber, delivered as requested, Sir!”

Sophisticated occupant: “Why did you fail the course, Mandy?”

Slim air hostess/Mandy: “I'm glad I did! What a job I got! Anyway, have fun with your star pupil!”

Bewti was just gaining focus and watched the two figures chat away at the other side of the big car. She was at her most surprised again when she finally focused properly. "My goodness, it's Bill Shattered off the 1970's TV space series!"

Sophisticated occupant: “Hello, I am pleased to meet you at last. You are the cleverest of all the students on the course. You are among the cleverest students we have ever had and perhaps the brightest of all the stars. You have reached a new frontier, going where no man has gone before.”

Bewti: “Your voice. Your the voice. No wonder that show was so good. Anyway, why do you still look like you're 30? You should be getting a postcard any day now from the English queen for your hundredth Birthday, ehh. . .”

Sophisticated occupant that looks like Bill Shattered: “You will learn that we are here for a good reason, and you, Miss Bewti Full, have a leading role to play when we finally release you back to your kind. We have no room for any clingers on; you have reached here because of your enterprising ideas and superior intelligence.”

Bewti: “My kind?”

Billy: “The human race.”

The contrast between the searing heat of the desert outside the speeding car and the air conditioned interior made Bewti feel very privileged. Billy had fallen asleep, or at least appeared to be, and something appeared odd. She could not see him breathing. The car suddenly braked and Miss Bewti Full, who was unrestrained, moved forward in an uncontrolled manner. Her added mass, making her slide forward on the leather upholstered seat.

Billy activated the car door; it opened automatically, and Billy helped her out.

Billy: “Bye bye beauty, I must go…”

Bewti: “Wait, when can I learn more about the new computer system?”

Billy: “In about 25 earth minutes. Do not be late!”

Bewti: “When will I see you next?”

Billy: “Oh, that will be when you gain your next 100 pounds.”

Bewti thought that was a funny thing to say. She was only five stone heavier than what she had weighed in her last year at University, when she had left her mother at the airport.

Thinking back to what she could remember of the journey, she had vague recollections of trains, coaches and even a boat. She hurried into her luxury accommodation. She was guided by the voice she now recognised as Billy's.

She went into her room and saw her boxed luggage that had arrived before her. The dates on the shipping labels were three weeks later than the date she remembered leaving her mum at the airport. Then she saw the full length mirror next to her and viewed her reflection with some interest.

She could see her old travelling clothes were tight and turning round her new body she could see the seam on her trousers on her suit had completely split. Her pink silken underwear was clearly visible underneath.

The unseen Voice that sounded like Billy continued its directions. [We call it "Billy's voice" in this little tale. Did you read the first 2 parts?]

Billy's voice: “No time to change into super new gear just yet. Leave your room and follow the others to class. They all have similar tailoring problems.”

Bewti was in the "Fat track" courses for only the most intelligent and finished the 2-year course in six weeks.

Bewti: “Wow, I really feel brainy these days.” [She said to the voice one day.]

Billy's voice: “It's time for your business course. You need to be able to communicate a lot in management, and this is what you will need to know when your software company is delivering to the world's most significant financial institutions, when you get back to work.”

This time Billy's voice sounded different. She realised immediately what this meant. She went to her bedroom door and began to open the door very slowly, hoping she was mistaken. There smiling broadly was Billy. He had been speaking to her through the door.

Billy (In the room): “ConFatulations! You're another 100 heavier!

“I always like to label my girl students 'porky' when they're between 100 and 200 pounds heavier than the starting weight, but today you are just at the 200 so you're officially a fattie now. Just to make sure I have brought you this courtesy bucket of Honey and Cream Truffles.”

Bewti: “I cannot express my gratitude enough.”

She immediately started stuffing the chocolate into her mouth in case she dropped back into the "porky zone."

Bewti: “I am just making sure I don't get any lighter, Billy.” [As if to excuse the enforced silence while she gorged, a chocolate ring already forming around her busy mouth.]

Bewti's last inhibitions about being overweight melted as fast as the truffles in her mouth, but she was still curious as to just what size she would be at the end of the course.

Bewti: “Oh, when will all this eating stop? I'm worried I'll pop!”

Billy (in the room): “Well, you'd better know, I suppose. I can tell you the following things and this is the second last set of things I can tell you before the course ends. You are going to get fatter, and you are never going to be able to satisfy what you Earth people call 'gluttony.' In a year or so your fat will be 'hard fat,' and you will never be able to lose it, even if you wanted to. However, you will reach your ideal weight for a 5-foot-7-inch tall Earth women and you will never, ever fluctuate from that weight by more than 3 pounds for the rest of your natural life.”

Bewti: “But won't I keep getting fatter if I don't curb my insatiable hunger for food?”

Billy (In the room): “No, when you reach the ideal measurement you earthlings call the 'Body Mass Index,' you will suddenly get an urge to start getting fitter. This will tighten up your face and make you perfect looking to most earthmen who have been denied seeing many women who look like this. You also will not gain or lose any weight as you will automatically perform the right amount of exercise to burn off the excess calories.”

Bewti: “But what about my health?”

Billy (In the room): “It will improve. It is unlikely that you will ever even catch a cold between now and when you die as a very old, wise women. You see, if women get too fat, they go past their 'optimum weight,' and they start to waddle and have serious weight associated problems with their bodies.”

Bewti: “What is my ideal BMI?” [Bewti spoke with a little worry in her voice, which made Billy sympathetic and made him reveal a little more.]

Billy (In the room): “For a 6-foot man, it is very close to what you earthlings make it, which is 25. But, for a women 5 inches shorter, it is 60.”

Bewti: “That's 383 pounds, 200 pounds more than a 6 foot man!”

Billy (In the room): “That's almost correct, err, I make it a mere 199 pounds, and I'm always correct about, err, well everything really!”

With this Bewti started to get tired.

Billy (In the room): “You look tired, time to sleep, time to sleep. Fattening girls have to sleep so those wonderful calories convert properly into more fat. You look tired, time to sleep, time to sleep. Fattening girls have to sleep so those wonderful calories convert properly into more fat. You look tired, time to sleep, time to sleep. Fattening girls have to sleep so those wonderful calories convert properly into more fat.”

By the time Billy finished repeating his hypnotic chant, Bewti had climbed on her bed and was face down on her silk sheets. Her fat cheeks creased her face as she fell into a really deep sleep. Her buttocks exploded with a loud fart, and Billy vanished almost as fast as Bewti passing wind.

Bewti said goodnight to her fat friends a couple of relatively uneventful months after her last meeting with Billy. There had always been a lot of room in the accommodation, but she could see 1000's of dollars worth of gym equipment in one corner of the room as she got home, which must have been delivered that day.

Curiosity killed the cat and as she looked around the jogging machine. She accidentally pressed the red start button. The screen showed one mile an hour as the running pad started to move and level off at the very slow walking speed. Carefully, she switched off the machine by pressing the red button again.

She looked down next to the machine, and there was a large sports bag filled with heaps of new sports kit. She tried on a pair of the running shoes first. They fitted perfectly. Amazingly the silk shorts fitted her perfectly, although she had to lace them around her middle to stop them sliding right off. The huge sports bra lifted her sagging breasts and reduced movement by 90%. Finally she tried on the sports vest. "Fits like one of my tailored suits," she said to herself.

Billy's voice in her head: “More than a match for the old gym kit!”

Feeling a bit excited, Bewti stepped onto the running surface of the apparatus. She pushed the button and the surface moved, and she started the first fitness training she'd done for more than two years.

This time though she was really enjoying it. 1 MPH, 2MPH. Bewti lasted 10 minutes at 2 miles an hour. "Wow, I just walked a third of a mile!" Sweating and exhausted, Bewti sat on the running surface after safely stopping the machine. (She did not want to sit on the floor as she had struggled to get up the other day when she had fallen of the bed, after playing around with her fat course companions)

Billy's voice in her head: “Soon you will be jogging at 4 miles an hour for 30 minutes, you won't have problems getting up like you did the other day. Besides, when you start doing floor exercises, you will be getting up and down almost as easily as you used to.”

Next to the running machine was an exercise mat for the floor exercises. Bewti thought she would do some of those tomorrow. She thought she was done with all the equipment for the day until she spotted one last piece of equipment she really wanted to try.

The dial on the weighing scale whizzed round. She fleetingly saw 120 pounds shoot past faster than she liked to swallow ice cream. It did not slow down through 200 or 300 or 350 and whizzed up to 400 and stopped briefly before dropping back to 383 pounds exactly! "BMI 60!" she squealed as everything Billy said seemed to be happening.

Back home, Bewti's mother was getting very excited. Today was the day Bewti was due to come home after her 2-year trip.

The doorbell rang, and the two blimps exchanged cuddles.

Chance: “Bewti, you got as big as me.”

Bewti: “Yup! Whats for dinner I could eat the fridge's contents!”

Many food stuffing moments later:

She wanted to change after her trip and had heard a lot of new clothes had been arriving for her. Bewti's mother said that her father had got quite accustommed to fat ladies as his own wife had become one. "Dont worry dear. He says he does not mind about you getting so big. Prefers it in fact, is what he said"

Later upstairs in private.

Bewti opened up her recent mail and was stunned to find 10 million dollars in her bank account.

"Hmmm, definitely have enough to keep the fridge full," she smiled.

A distant voice told her something about visiting the bank and picking up the contents of a security box.

Bewti: “Hi, Billy.”

Billy's voice: “The value in the box is greater than the cash out of it.”

The next day, after visiting the town and returning with the mysterious box, she secretly opened it and removed the contents from it.

There were the deeds of a magnificent office complex across town and a picture of the front of the building already had the words "Beautiful Software" above the door.

10 years later:

The big change came when Bewti released the new computer operating system. Computers rebooted themselves as this software emerged as the only choice, initially as it was free but eventually mainly because of its quality. It had no bugs in it and never needed maintenance or enhancement. She never claimed that she released the software, but she was the richest person in the world, able to provide excellent software for her international clients.

Bewti was, of course, only one of 50 "seeds" deposited back on Earth. She was the most intelligent, which is why she was assigned that specific field. Other "Seeded individuals" only emulated Bewti's success in other fields. There was the fat girl who was now in charge of the international fashion industry. The influential fat television host who made thin women feel silly and odd. The first female editor of the National Post had been in charge for more than 5 years already. The PrimeMinister of Europe had roomed next to the President of the United States who was in the next room to Bewti all those years ago. Bewti was often seen dining with some of these individuals in the White house or Buckingham palace, both excellent restaurants, their previous purpose almost forgotten.

The 50 were only the first wave. They were all in their early 30's but each year girls between 16 and 30 increased their weight. Average weight increased by 10 pounds throughout the world for Girls aged 16-30 every year. The human race was happier. Less war, more prosperity and no terrorist act was recorded in 2040, a hundred years after the last time that could be claimed. Men had seen how beautiful girls really could be, and the world was a better place.

(Well, for me anyway!)