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The Union of Aimee and Herschal
As told to "The Observer"

I went to our ten year graduation reunion more as a formality than from expectation. I had not dated in high school and now, at 28, was still single. Why should I have any high hopes there? Still, it was expected, and I had that curiosity common to many, so I went.

Many of the people there were familiar, but to me one large and vibrant lady immediately stood out. Poised and confident, her shoulder link hair cascading gracefully over broad shoulders, I had first seen her from the rear, where her flared hips and ample thighs were very much in evidence. If she wasn't three hundred pounds she was certainly pushing it. I thought she must be the wife of one of the graduates, for I did not remember any of our coeds having this kind of potential. But she seemed to be alone, and talking mostly with the other girls. So I began having second thoughts.

Sidling up closer, trying frantically to remember who this statuesque beauty might be, I came in from the side to catch a glimpse of her name tag --- Aimee Stapleton it said.

Aimee Stapleton my mental computer whirred? No - not this vibrant outgoing beauty --- I remembered Aimee as a bookish, shy, slightly plump --- certainly not capable of dominating a portion of the room by her presence as this woman was. But, looking closer, subtracting a hundred pounds and adding a more sober countenance, yes - it could indeed be. But what a transformation!

Gone were the glasses, bobbed hair, lackadaisical dress and nondescript persona. She was wearing a business suit with accessories befitting someone with a salary in the upper five figures, and a sureness in her eye that I wouldn't want on the other side in a negotiating room. I could detect an ample belly roll beneath her diaphragm, but above it were two very substantial breasts that appeared completely natural. Suddenly she glanced in my direction.

"Herschal --- Herschal Wainwright! Its good to see you here," she exclaimed. "I understand you have made quite a career for yourself in the last few years!"

I barely recognized her and she knew about my career? What sort of all-knowing tigress had Aimee become? And did she have any idea of how I had been taken by her? Recovering quickly, I stammered, "Well, thank you. I didn't realize anyone was paying attention."

"Modest man," she rejoined. "Three major patents, vice-president of a trade association, your name in the trade papers every few months and you think you can get away with not being noticed! Let's be real now!"

She had me nailed, that was for sure. But what was she doing? And how would she be reading trade papers in the automation technology field anyway. I guess my surprised look gave me away.

"Oh, alright - I shouldn't play around. I'm an editor these days, and I have to read a lot. When familiar names pop up they tend to stick. If you have the time, let's talk more later this weekend, alright?"

And with that she went back to her friends, leaving me to swallow hard and catch up with my racing mind. Had she virtually invited us out? Yes, I decided, she had --- and even if it was to give an exclusive interview to her, I wanted, for reasons of my own, to counter-interview her!

In high school, like her, I had been academically successful but a social fifth wheel. Not only was I taller than most, the kinds of women I inwardly liked were not available. Aimee, as I remembered her, had perhaps been all of 160 or so then, and seemed a little backward. Of course, so did most of the girls then to someone more interested in mathematical theorems than rock stars. In college I did well, eventually getting my degree in mechanical engineering and making a decent if small reputation for innovation in the few years since.

When the dancing began I made a point of seeking Aimee out. She was remarkable light on her feet and very skilled. In college I had taken some dance classes in an effort not to appear completely out of it in social skills, so I was able to make a decent showing. I had, however, the feeling that she was capable of much more complex moves than I was leading her into. But I asked her out for the next evening, and she accepted with a gracious smile. I told her we were going to a formal restaurant and to dress nicely. She smiled and nodded congenially. I wondered if she had any idea what was on my mind.

I bought her a corsage the next afternoon, wondering if I was overdoing it. But I wanted to make this a social occasion, not a just another news interview. To my surprise she let me take the conversational lead, not probing or asking a great deal about me as we waited for our beef wellington to be served atop the 48 story Merrill Tower. It was not difficult at all to get her to talk about herself.

"It has been a busy ten years since good old Chandler High," she observed." I doubt either of us then were able to articulate where we thought our lives were going - even if we had a clue!

"Then I thought of myself as a fat, frumpy girl who would probably end up being a spinster working in a library. Now I find myself dealing with all the technological changes in the whole world and using the Internet like it was my birthright heritage!"

"You thought of yourself as being fat and frumpy?"

"Yes - and now I'm really fat but stylish. The difference, though, is in the attitude."

I caught the opening and wondered if my ears were playing tricks on me, but I reacted immediately.

"You mean you are not concerned about your size like some women I know?"

She pondered my response to her parry for just a second, then gave me a straightforward reply, as though she were testing me on something.

"Naturally heavier people need to stop pretending to be something they are not --- that's what I have come to understand. I am heavier than most, therefore by definition fat, and those who want to be close to me can just accept it. Does that seem radical?"

"Revolutionary, I guess --- but you are talking to a member of the underground, if I may be so bold."

"I wondered as much, the way you were holding me as we danced last night --- so you actually prefer fat gals?"

"Because of the connotation the word has in some quarters, I prefer to use other descriptive terms -- and, yes, I always have. But I never thought of you in High School as even approaching "fat" status."

"Well, by coed status in those days size 12 was definitely plump --- and my 28 today is definitely fat by anybody's definition."

"I think of you as absolutely lovely --- and would be heartbroken if this evening were just a one time occasion. I think we should perhaps see if we have something more than just an alma mater in common." The boldness of my own voice surprised me, but there was no other way of dealing with the assertiveness of this obviously self-confident woman.

"Herschal," she looked at me and touched my hand, "you are acting like a love sick school boy --- and I love every bit of it! Yes, we need to be sure this electricity has some substance to it, but there is definitely something worth exploring between us."

It was an interesting courtship. She had to deliberately pull back and sheath the dominating executive talents she used at the office and make me be less vacillating and superanlaytical before making a decision. I had to learn come out of my cerebral world and pay attention to human concerns. More than once I think we both wondered if either of us would get the hang of it. But, gradually, we built a relationship that week by week became more and more tender. It was no surprise to anyone when a year later we announced our engagement and then got married.

Two years passed and she became pregnant --- pushing her weight for a time up over the 300 mark. She took to working at home part time, and after the second child wound up being over 300 permanently --- something which, with both of us being relatively tall, has not bothered either of us for a moment. What would surprise most who do not know us is that food is simply a pleasure in our life, and my appreciation of her ample size just an added blessing? We exercise and eat right --- meaning a minimum of sugars and fats --- to maintain our health.

Right now she is about 40 pounds heavier than I, but we are both very much in love. The kids seemed to be a little chunky as well - which is OK too. They will never be criticized by their parents on such an account!

The reason we have elected to write this story --- which with a few facts changed to protect the guilty is true --- is simple: to illustrate that fat kids, and fat adults as well, can and do live truly successful and happy lives. The key for us, as it can be for others, is to first truly be at peace with who you are and what you want --- then you and a life partner can draw together as one.