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The Baron's Memoirs:
The Unwelcome Visitor

By J.P.

As you may recall I was due for a visit from an agent of the Human Rights Agency. Naturally this was a great concern for me, because it could mean the end of my little empire. I was tempted to hide the largest of my bulging beauties but realized that would be very difficult, my three largest had a combined weight of close to two tons, and it was difficult to even move them let alone hide them. I was also a bit too prideful to hide my lovelies; after all I was The Baron right? Who could tell me what to do on my island? As I said before it took many phone calls and a lot of money but I arranged to make myself immune to any results from the visit, however there still had to be a visit.

I prepared as best I could, making sure all of my amenities and affairs were in order. And a bit too my shame I had to make a few "threats" to the girls that they be on their best behavior and only tell the "visitor" of their most sincere love and affection for me. I was done force feeding all of my girls at this point, now their own appetites were enough to keep them gaining, so there wouldn't be any obvious signs of slavery or forced servitude. Mostly life continued as normal, my harem getting larger and larger. Most of the girls were over 150 lbs. now, and some were gaining happily on their own. I appreciated that, and I'm sure my visitor would also.

The day arrived and the boat carrying my visitor came ashore. I met her at the dock. Her name was Peggy Mahler, a lawyer and professional lobbyist. She was also quite young for such a position I thought. She couldn't have been more than 26, with short cut blonde hair in a very professional style. She wore a smart business suit, ideal for the tropical weather on my island. She was quite attractive, a very intelligent face with bright eyes and a slightly upturned nose and a largish mouth. Her body was slim and fit, probably ran a lot I guessed, with well-toned legs and arms. She carried a duffel bag in one hand and a brief case in the other, and had more luggage behind her in the boat. I was accompanied by two of my lovelies; Tammy and Stacey. I gestured to the blossoming girls who immediately came and took her bags. She gave the heavy girls an appraising look as they rushed by and took the luggage and headed back to the main complex on the island. I extended my hand.

"Joshua Rendeneer."

"Yes, I know." She replied dryly as she shook my hand and I guided her out of the boat and onto the dock. "Peggy Mahler." I discovered right then that I disliked her, and disliked even more this intrusion onto my island. I also would truly love to put some meat on her bones.

"Well my dear let me show you around the island," I began. She cut me off quite unexpectedly.

"Look 'Baron', I know perfectly well that you had a nice little tour planned for me around this island paradise, showing me all of the various sights and splendors while steering me away from all of the indignities you force on the inhabitants here. But I have my own tour planned, and it doesn't include you. I'll be walking around on my own conducting investigations and interviewing the girls that make up what I can only describe as a modern day harem. I'll be here a few days and before I go I'll let you know what's on my report. In the meanwhile go about your business and pretend like I'm not here, for if you interfere in any way I'll cite you for obstruction. Is that clear?" she said brusquely.

Needless to say I was quite shocked. No one had spoken to me like that for quite some time, especially in the last few years. I bit my tongue and choked on my indignation as I nodded to her my agreement, not daring to say a word for fear of putting my island under greater circumspection. Part of the deal I had made was that I would cooperate fully with the investigator, and not hinder her in any way. Right then and there though I became determined to add her to my collection, indeed I would make her a true prizewinner.

While she wandered the island I got back on the phone. First it was to my old contacts and friends again. Delicately explaining that I would like her to remain on my island with assurances that she would never be harmed, I inquired as to how much that would cost. The price was high indeed, but one can imagine that buying a slave from the Human Rights Agency would indeed be difficult. Aside from money I would also have to release to the pharmaceutical community some of the research that Dr. Shreck was making and that I was sponsoring. This was indeed costly but well worth it.

My next call was to Dr. Shreck.

"Doctor, how goes the research?" I asked when he picked up the receiver.

"Joshua! Nice to hear from you. The research is going great, made some breakthroughs recently." I then told him that he would have to release some of his findings. He wasn't very upset; some of the research could actually benefit a lot of people.

"Tell me about these breakthroughs." I said.

"Well as always I'm working on ways to add safely add more and more weight to someone. Lately I've been using gene therapy and I tell you, I'm excited! Using specially modified hormones and certain treatments I can change someone's genetic pattern to that of one of a gainer. You know how some people seem destined for fatness? Well now anyone can be destined for it. With these treatments weight will be put on easier and health dangers will be greatly lessened. This treatment, combined with the vitamins, mild exercise and my other treatments can greatly increase the weight gaining potential of anyone!"

"That is a breakthrough!" I said. "Do you have any other news?"

"As a matter of fact we just finished testing a new device for force feeding. I've been working with a team of doctors. One is a prominent engineer in robotics, another is an expert computer programmer, and finally I also have working for us one of the best dentists in the country. Together we've been working on a robotic implement that can allow someone to be force-fed. It took us months to finally finish it but we just tested it and it works beautifully. The wonderful part is no more tube feeding! The recipient actually chews, tastes and swallows every morsel of food! It's quite complex and it can really be of service in hospitals and to quadriplegics." This piqued my interest.

"Doctor, would you be willing to allow me to field test these discoveries?" Even over the phone I could tell he was smiling from ear to ear.

"I thought you'd never ask. I'll pack a few things and be over in two days."


"Is it anyone I know?" he inquired.

"Actually I understand she paid you a visit recently. She was probably asking all manner of questions about your research and as to the health and well-being of the girls on my island." I could almost hear his jaw drop.

"You-you don't mean that Peggy woman do you? She certainly did come to visit me, and I swear I thought I was going to be arrested on the spot! Joshua you can't do this! She'll be nothing but trouble! She'll be missed! She's connected with the government for God's sake!"

"Details my good doctor, mere details. I've already secured her. She's walking free on my island for now, but in a few days she'll become a permanent resident. It cost me quite a bit, but I'm sure it will be well worth it in the end."

"I can't imagine how much that cost you, but I agree that this would be worth what you paid for in the end. Well I'll get my things ready and be on your island in a few days. Goodbye."

"Goodbye." I said. Yes this was going to be very sweet, I thought to myself.

Peggy and I avoided each other over the next few days; the only time we saw each other was at meals. I didn't change me habits at all at this point; nothing was going to come out of her visit anyway. At meals she sat across from me glaring at me angrily, watching as my girls stuffed themselves for my pleasure. She was obviously uncovering more of what she felt she needed to bring me down. As for me I was enjoying myself as usual, even picking girls to sleep with right in front of her. After her third day she came to my study around nine o' clock in the evening. She was holding a large stack of papers in a manila folder. I sat calmly drinking my wine as she began to speak to me.

"Well 'Baron' this has been an enlightening stay to say the least."

"Good, I'm glad you feel that way. I hope I made quite an impression on you."

She looked at me for a second in dismayed silence, then shook her head ruefully. "First the good points. The girls and the rest of your staff are healthy, and many of them paid well. You have plenty of supplies and amenities, and for the most part they seem willing to stay here." I nodded my head smugly. She glared at me again. "Now the rest. Of the women I talked with almost 50% told me they were kidnapped or tricked onto this island and held here with almost no chance of ever leaving. Even the ones who came here willingly say they can't leave." She had a triumphant look on her face. I matched it.

"I'm impressed. Only 50% said they were coerced onto the island. Actually it's closer to 70%. How many said that they actually wanted to leave?" I inquired. Her smug look faded a bit.

"None. But that can easily be explained. They're probably too afraid to speak out."

"50% said they were kidnapped, but 0% want to leave? That doesn't sound like they're afraid. If they were truly afraid to speak out they probably wouldn't have even said that."

"Well you might think that, but let's see how the Agency feels."

"Fair enough, what else do you have?"

"All of them said you treat them as sex slaves!" she declared triumphantly.

"That's true, I do the same thing that thousands of people do all over the free world with their partner or significant other. We play games of dominance and submission. Tell me Peggy, did any tell you that I had raped them, or forced them to satisfy me?" She couldn't answer immediately. "The truth is Peggy even the ones who were kidnapped were carefully screened before hand with the idea of kidnapping someone who would find life on my island pleasurable. We didn't just shanghai any girl off the street, once they saw what I had to offer on the island they became willing participants." I said as I poured myself some more wine.

She nodded her head conceding that what I said was mostly true. "But finally there is their weight. It's obvious that some were force fed, and that you encourage the others to eat. I mean Tina and Michelle weigh almost ten times more than when they came to the island! Lisa is even heavier! They all told me how you did it." She laid the report on the table near my chair and crossed her arms over her chest.

"And what crime was committed?" I asked as nonchalantly as I could.

"What?" She practically yelled.

"There's no law on my island that says I can't do that." I said as I picked up her report and walked towards the other end of my study. I placed the report and my drink on the mantle of the fireplace. She followed me talking angrily all the time.

"Well for your information there are international laws that forbid slavery and confinement without just cause!"

"I had just cause, I assure you."

"What could they have possibly done to deserve that?"

I looked at her quite grimly. Any other girl on my island would be cowering were they faced with this look. Peggy however was headstrong and righteous and held her ground. "They raised my ire. And maybe you should tread carefully, you're in danger of also raising it." I said simply.

Peggy's face grew dark with anger at my words. She stood there a few seconds regaining her composure. She lifted one of her shapely hands and pointed it at me, pumping it towards my chest with each word she leveled at me. "Now look here you bastard! That better not have been a threat I just heard. No one threatens me while I'm on an official investigation. That's going right on my report. As well as your admissions of guilt to kidnapping and holding girls and forcing them to eat like pigs, fattening them up for your amusement. Furthermore I am going to personally see to it that you are dragged off of this island and shown to the world as the monster you are." She seemed about to say more when one of my assistants came into the room. He carried a large envelope and also had a brief case. He left just as quickly as he returned after placing both items on the mantle.

"Is that all?" I asked as I picked up her report and tossed it into the fireplace.

She stared at me a moment, only slightly surprised at my action. "Cute. It doesn't matter; I've got the whole thing saved on disk and my hard drive. I also e-mailed an advance copy to Torrence, my superior."

I picked up the envelope and shook out the contents. A single disk came out onto my hand. I held it up so that I could see it, and then turned it so she could see it also. "This disk?" I asked mildly as I threw it into the blaze as well. She was slightly surprised by this but kept her composure. I then opened the case and pulled out a badly damaged lap top computer. "This was your computer right?" I said before dashing it on the ground where it cracked open completely, sending shards of silicon and electrodes scattering across the floor. Now she was definitely becoming afraid. "Since you're so interested in preserving the law I'll stick by a law you have from our home country in America. An arrested individual has a right to make one phone call. I suggest you call your superiors to help get the wheels of justice rolling." I said picking up the phone and dialing a number. With a slightly shaking hand she took the phone and listened. She seemed genuinely surprised when the call was connected to her main office.

"G-Gina? It's me Peggy. Put me on with Torrence right now, this is an emergency!" She was again getting some of her composure back as she waited expectantly on the phone. "Torrence! Thank God you're still in! Listen, did you get my e-mail? You did? Great! Listen, things have gotten...what?...Could you say that again?...Surprised that I decided to stay? What the Hell are you talking about? I've defected to the Baron's Island? Have you gone crazy? Yeah I'll bet my family was surprised to hear that! Look, he must have switched reports or something! All those things that I said before about his island are true! He keeps a harem of slaves that he fattens up! He kidnaps them and keeps them against their will! You have to get me out of here! I think he means to do the same to me! What do you mean 'A few pounds would look good on me'? Listen Torrence this isn't a joke! You have to send a rescue for me! Send you a postcard? Hope the food agrees with me? You son of a bitch! You sold me out! You! You!! Hello?! Hello!? Don't you hang up on me you bastard! Torrence you can't leave me here!" At that point I gently took the receiver from her hand and hung it up. Some of my men arrived and escorted her back to her room. I told them to bring her outside the kitchen building tomorrow bright and early.

The next day I awoke with high spirits and journeyed to the kitchen. Just outside I could see that preparations I had ordered last night were ready. I picked up a breakfast pastry and headed outside, munching as I went. Outside were Dr. Shreck, two nurses, three of my men, and of course Peggy. She was naked, and as I expected had a firm trim body. She was struggling and cursing as my men held her. In front of her was a long stainless steel tub, the rim of it about two feet off the ground. Dr. Shreck had already arranged some slim steel harnesses and shackles in the middle of one side of the tub. On a table nearby he had a computer and attached to it was the frame of a specially designed helmet.

I walked over to Peggy. She was held by the arms but was on her knees, probably exhausted from struggling. "Well Peggy, quite a turn of events, wouldn't you say?" She glared impotently at me. "You're going to get a real taste of what life on my island is like. You'll learn and experience so much more than you found out on your initial visit. Your report was pretty accurate though. However there is one correction I'd like to clarify. I do indeed fatten up my girls for my amusement. However I do not, nor ever have, made them eat like pigs. That is until now. You see my dear Peggy you will become my little Piggy. Right now you might say you are the runt of the litter, but pretty soon I'll have you fattened up to be the Blue Ribbon winner!" I gestured to the tub, which was in actuality a custom made human slop trough, and also pointed out the elaborate headgear that Dr. Shreck was now holding. "So Peggy...I mean Piggy, I'm going to show you what it truly means to eat like a pig. All day and into the night you'll be rooting your piggy face through that slop trough. I'll have it constantly filled with the scraps and leftovers from our meals. You'll eat what would ordinarily be refuse and destined for the garbage. I won't waste an ounce of it now. I'll make sure it's a palatable and extremely fattening concoction. You'll be slopped every day like this from now till the foreseeable future. I'm not going to stop until you've surpassed all of my girls by a considerable margin! Doctor if you'd be so kind?" I asked and stepped back to allow the doctor through.

With the men holding her tightly he gave her a number of injections. The first was a muscle relaxant so she wouldn't hurt herself with her struggles and resistance. Then he began to administer to her the gene therapy drugs, which would have to be done every day for three months. Finally he put the headgear on. The thin metal frames and helmet covered her head completely and had two flat pieces, which came down over her ears and adhered to her jaw on either side. He also added electrodes to various strategic locations on her face and throat, and some on her belly and stomach. Once that was accomplished he went to the computer and turned it on, adding numbers and figures to the program. The whole process took perhaps ten minutes, when he was ready he told the men to hold her up. She was floppy like a doll. I looked a little disturbed by this. "In the future it won't be necessary to give her so much relaxant. I'll localize it so that it only effects her neck, head and facial muscles. She's ready. Here's the mastication control box." He said handing me what looked like a remote control.

"The what?" I asked, taking the box. It had a start button and a dial for controlling the speed.

"The uh...the remote control to make her chew." He added.

"Oh. Excellent. Can I try it out?"

"Yes, go ahead." Urged Dr. Shreck. I pressed the button to start her up. Immediately Piggy's slack jaws started working. They were literally chewing the air! She was taking large sloppy bites out of the air and chewing them. It was quite comical really. The inarticulate grunts and shocked looks from Piggy told us she was not amused.

"And how does she swallow?" I asked as I turned the dial causing her jaws to work faster and faster.

"The sensors on her face will tell when the food is ready to be swallowed, and a signal will be given to her tongue and throat. The machine even causes her to salivate more if necessary! And there's no danger of her choking, sneezing, coughing, vomiting, biting her tongue or cheek, or swallowing a non-food object. The computer prevents all that! She can probably eat faster than a world records holder and be completely safe!" Concluded Dr. Shreck. He certainly had outdone himself this time.

"Well I'm excited to begin! How about you Piggy?" I said as I sped up her jaws even more. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she tried grunting some more. "I thought so! Bring on the slop!" I said as my men carried her over to the trough and the elaborate framework attached to it. They quickly had her attached to it and she was secured to the tub. She was on her hands and knees with her head and face hanging over the rim of the tub. The tub was tilted sideways towards her a bit so she could get to the food easier, and it could be tilted more and in different directions by using the controls on the side of the trough. I had her stop chewing as we waited for my assistants to fill the trough. She had just enough strength to lift her head and look up as the first assistant came to fill the trough. He and all the others literally had buckets of food, most of it from last night's banquet. He dumped in a bucketful of pasta and spaghetti sauce, the sauce splashing Piggy in the face. The next one dumped in the remainder of the Caesar's salad. The first two buckets had enough food for ten people. The next threw in handfuls of garlic bread already shredded into soft bite sized pieces. The last one poured in the remnants of our luscious dessert; ice cream, sponge cake, and a variety of syrups. Piggy's eyes were wide at the prospect of eating so much. I'm sure she was regretting her career choice at this point.

"Now, doctor, how does it go, when the farmers call their pigs for supper?" I asked, my thumb hovering over the button on the remote control.

"I believe it goes something like this..." he cupped his hands to his mouth. "Suuuey!" He called at the top of his voice. "Sueeyy! Pigpigpigpigpig!" At the end of the call I stabbed the button and got her to slopping at the trough. I initially kept her chewing at a slightly slower rate. I would build it up over time. Immediately her face and a good portion of her head were dunked into the mixture of last night's Italian feast. She began rooting through it, inhaling huge mouthfuls of food and chewing them up vigorously before swallowing. We all laughed out loud as when she came for air she literally grunted and snorted, due to the food in her mouth and partway up her nose. The harness on her head and neck would force her head down into the slop and then bring her back up every few seconds to make sure she got air. I sped up her chewing as her face was pushed in a second time. She was eating at quite a speed now; ravaging through the slop, which I'm sure was delicious, as unappealing as it may have been the way it was served. Her head would shake and poke into the food side to side and at different angles to make sure she got more and more of it into her mouth. Finally I sped it up to the maximum. In a flurry of chewing her jaws began to move like pistons. Up and down, up and down. I was amazed that anyone could eat so fast. She seemed to be a blur of motion. Then quite abruptly she stopped, and her head slumped to the side where she leaned on the tub, moaning and panting for breath.

"What's wrong?" I said as I pushed the remote control and then shook it when she didn't immediately resume eating.

"Nothing's wrong." Dr. Shreck reassured me. "She's just full. The sensors on her stomach automatically sense when she is completely stuffed and then shut the machine down. When she's digested a bit more she'll start up again."

"She's full?" I asked incredulously. "She's barely eaten for more than a minute!"

"I told you it was fast." Said Dr. Shreck rather smugly. "Just leave her be. In maybe thirty minutes or so she'll start up again and eat some more. We can just leave her like this constantly, she'll always be full!" This was beyond my wildest imaginations. Piggy just groaned from the discomfort in her belly, as she was no doubt contemplating her new role on my island. I had servants bring chairs so we could watch the spectacle all day in comfort. Her flat belly was distended from all the food and looked taut to the touch.

I felt her tightly packed stomach. "Soon my dear the grass will tickle this as you eat!" I promised. The rest of the day was spent watching Piggy eat. Sometimes an hour would go by without her eating, other times just a few minutes. We covered her with sunscreen; one thing I wanted to make sure was that she stayed nice and pink. She struggled futilely as two of my girls rubbed it on. They took great delight in pinching her and saying how much fatter she was going to get. It wasn't until well after dark that we removed her from the trough and let her sleep in her private bungalow. She had done well with all the food. There wasn't much left after her all day binge. I was truly impressed by this latest marvel from Dr. Shreck. I ordered some more of those devices to be made for any future guests that I might have.

The routine became set for my little Piggy. Every morning, slightly after sunrise, my guards would bring her to the back of the kitchen where the trough was clean and ready to go. They made her crawl her way up to the trough and be secured over the rim while the trough was filled with whatever food was left from the previous night plus whatever scraps the chefs had lying around. Often raw ingredients were thrown in as well. A nurse would give her the gene therapy injections, and until she stopped struggling she would also be given a muscle relaxant. Then one of the guards would call: "Suuuey! Suueey! Pigpigpigpigpig!" to start the all day task of slopping little Piggy. Then the feast would begin. All day long she would root through her trough, chewing and gobbling vast quantities of food. Every day she would eat more, no doubt exceeding any limit she thought she had. She would eat all day and well into the night before they would bring her away from the tough so she could get a few hours rest. Throughout the day she would often have visitors who instead of discarding their apple core, or banana peel, or the remnants of whatever it was they were eating, just chuck it into the trough, much to her consternation I'm sure.

Even my three huge girls would sometimes visit, throwing in the remains of their meals (this was the only time I would allow them not to finish food that I gave them.) Given that their meals were huge, this meant even more eating for poor Piggy. One day, well into Piggy's fattening, when the three were feeling particularly mean they each contributed half of their day's meals to Piggy's trough and begged me to have her continue eating until she finished. I was impressed by their self-control, I didn't know they'd be able to give up a morsel of food with the size of their appetites. I decided to let her try. It took almost two days for her to finally finish.

Her gains were unbelievable. With the combination of the gene therapy and the constant gorging she gained 23 lbs. in the first week alone! Every week we would weigh and measure her. For her weight we used a sling scale, the kind that farmers use for large animals. Before her feeding we would make her crawl onto the apparatus and lay down on her belly as we lifted the sling and got her weight. She went from 114 lbs. to 137! We were all flabbergasted. With renewed determination and purpose we got her slopping again, for an even longer period of time. She would usually be eating at the trough from perhaps 5 AM to 9 PM every day! She was given no days off. Every day was spent gorging with me usually being an avid spectator.

I would often attend with one or several of my girls and watch and make love right next to her, my arousal at fevered peeks due to her forced gorging. I became an expert at noticing every new change in my Piggy. Every new roll of flab I would pinch and stroke as she ate. I would constantly massage and knead her belly, telling her how proud I was of her, but that she still had a long way to go. I would sometimes lie underneath her with her belly and breasts hanging right over my face and tell her that I could actually see her getting fatter. I would playfully slap her growing flab as she ate and ate and ate.

She seemed to mainly gain weight in her belly and breasts. Perhaps this was due to the way she was positioned as she fed. Her breasts grew wide and floppy and her belly double over and rolled over itself with fat. The rest of her body was widening also. Each thigh was several inches further around. After a month she weighed 270 pounds. We estimated that she was gaining close to five pounds a day. Her gorging would go much longer now as her belly kept stretching. She could eat at top speed for several minutes before slowing down or stopping. Her body was widening all over. Her hips and ass were more than twice as wide as when she started, and her breasts and belly were indeed tickled by the grass as she ate. Now when I lay under her I could nuzzle and suckle her nipples and tummy.

Another month passed and we saw her enter the quarter ton range. She was gaining faster than any of my previous girls. At five hundred pounds of newly acquired flab she was truly a sight to behold, and mind boggling when one considered that she had only started getting fat two months ago! Her belly and breasts spread around the ground as she ate at the trough. Her ass measured more than three feet from cheek to cheek, and when we allowed her to stand her belly sagged past her knees. Due to the Doctor's treatment and care, she stayed in perfect health. She could eat at top speed for almost an hour now, and would only need to rest for perhaps forty-five minutes before she would start again. Her movements were becoming slow and sluggish and she no longer resisted when attached to the machine.

At the end of the third month we stopped the gene therapy, as it was no longer necessary. She was a wonder. She still was not as fat as Michelle, but she was catching up quickly. Piggy had already surpassed Tina, and now weighed a staggering 934 lbs.! She looked like a pink mass of dough. It became more and more difficult to get her into the proper feeding position, she was too weak, and her belly and mammoth breasts got in the way. For awhile we used a crane with the sling apparatus attached to hoist her over the trough, but she said she could barely breathe like that. So, much as I hated to do it, we had to take to feeding her by hand. We laid her on her massively cushioned ass onto a sturdy wheeled platform. Then all day long my men and girls would feed her, still with the auto feeder on. She was sitting mostly upright, though at her size it was hard to tell if she was on her back or her inflated rear. She would gorge for hours without stop, and I wondered if I even needed to force her anymore. Her body was so massive I could lie across her belly like she was a bed! Her hands rested on her sides and her breasts had to be carefully arranged on cushioned platforms to either side of her. Her pudgy little fingers would flex and stroke her enormous sides. The fat from her thighs flowed over her knees and obscured some of her calves, which in turn flowed over her tiny feet, until you almost couldn't see them. I kept stuffing her to capacity each day. Half way into her fourth month she grew past Michelle and the half-ton range. We held a great feast where I gleefully told her she was halfway there! No one was worried about her health. She was in fine shape; the Doctor and nurses attended her regularly. The final goal was in sight.

It took five more months to reach that mythical weight. One ton was achieved slightly more than nine months after I started her on her trail to pure obesity. Feeding became almost constant. Even asleep I could have her slowly eat by setting the controls at a low rate. She was always digesting something. I cannot begin to describe her magnificence. She is a giant sphere of pink flesh. Her hands and feet are no longer visible; they are covered over with flab. All of her bodily features have melded into waves of flesh. Fold upon fold of her extends more than 10 feet in any direction. Her head sits aloft this gigantic hill of womanly flesh. Her eyes barely peek out the slit of her eyelids as every centimeter of her body has become suffused with fat. We stopped using the chewing machine in favor of tube feeding her. Her fat face just lost the mobility necessary to chew. Gallons of fattening shakes and liquefied foods are pumped into her almost 24 hours a day. She is a sea of fat; she is truly and gloriously huge.

As hard to believe as it may sound, I still have fatter girls on my island.

As a scientist I was not especially famous, but I was definitely more successful than most that I knew. Selling several groundbreaking patents had left me very rich. Rich enough to leave the stifling university and pursue my theories on my own. I had bought a large mansion with a fully equipped laboratory, indoor pool, and a complete staff providing all the service I needed. I also brought with me my some time lover and full time lab assistant Shirley MacKenzie. Once on my own I produced a few more inventions and published a few essays to keep my fortune. My main pursuit was purely selfish though.

Ever since I was little I had fantasies and, I must admit, a mania for rapid weight gain. Early cartoons initially fueled my imagination and then later it was stories on various special websites. I had always wanted to be able to fatten up others at my will. Feeding was intriguing and certainly was an avenue I pursued on occasion. Ultimately, though feeding was too slow. I wanted something that would produce near instantaneous results. I also wanted to ensure the health and safety of the recipient, but allow nearly limitless expansion. No easy task.

Shirley was great help. I think she shared in my fantasy to some extent. It took years to finally come up with a plan that could work. It takes 3500 calories to gain a pound of fat. We get those calories through a chemical change called digestion. My idea was to make that change from a chemical one to plain energy absorption. I would make an energy beam that would be directly absorbed and stored as fat. Since a carrier wave (an energy beam) can hold a lot more calories than mere food it could produce huge results with just a little contact. The main problem then would be in temporarily changing a body's energy source and then changing it back.

I tackled the problems with gusto. It involved using specific wavelengths of energy to change the body initially and then add the energy and finally change the body back. The main changes that would stay would be an appropriate growth of the heart and lungs in order to maintain bodily respiration and the skin would become far more elastic to allow room for safe expansion. The beauty of this idea was that theoretically the body would experience no health problems that one might have from gradual weight gain. No high blood pressure, no high cholesterol or triglicerides. All of these come from one's diet and genes. This was pure energy and wouldn't cause those problems. Further if my theory was correct the person's appetite wouldn't change, because the stomach wasn't growing. After more than seven years of research and testing I was finally able to test it on a person rather than lab mice. Shirley agreed as long as it would be a mild increase. I assured her it would only be enough to gather test information so I could calibrate it for field use.

The device looked like something off of Star Trek. It was tubular in design, similar to a flashlight, with wires and tubes running along its length. At the business end was a small crystal and at the handle was a simple button. Just depress the button and the process would start. The longer you held it down the more energy would be released. As Shirley made herself ready I toyed with the idea of betraying the trust she obviously had in me by truly fattening her up. In the end though science won out over loyalty. I needed only a slight fattening to gather test data; I would save greater fattenings for others more deserving.

Shirley came into the lab wearing a loose robe. Underneath she had on a bikini a few sizes bigger than normal. "Are you ready?" I asked as she came forward and stood in the test circle I had drawn for her. She nodded her head with a little nervousness. "And you weighed yourself?"

"Yes Jim, 140 lbs. And I'm 5'7" tall with measurements of 36-28-30" she said in anticipation of my next question.

"Excellent, disrobe please so I can attach these electrodes." She took off her robe and handed it to me. Using some adhesive I attached electrodes to areas on her body that were fat collectors; stomach, abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs, forelegs, arms and back. These would monitor the gains and also prove my theory that the fat would accumulate in areas it's naturally inclined to accumulate at. In Shirley's case I anticipated she would gain most in her belly and breasts, followed by her hips and buttocks.

"Shirley I would like to bring you up to 200 pounds. That should be enough to give me the data I need. Is that acceptable?" I asked as I plugged the electrode wires into my computer.

She thought for a moment and shrugged. "If that's what you need Jim." Shirley was indeed a fine assistant.

"Excellent. Very well Shirley I shall begin. If you experience any discomfort let me know immediately and I'll stop the test. Step up onto the scale. When it reaches 200 lbs., I'll turn it off." She gingerly stepped onto the scale. As she did I picked up the "Fat Ray" and pointed it at her, relishing in the idea that my fantasy was soon to come true. She closed her eyes and I took that as the signal to begin. I thumbed the button and there was a slight hum and vibration from the device and then a faint orange ray emitted from the crystal, striking her on her relatively flat stomach.

She 'oohed' softly. This was due to the hormonal changes going on, it should have been quite pleasant. Looking at the monitors confirmed that she was changing, but not in any danger. After perhaps ten seconds the ray became more of a yellowish color. This signaled that her body was ready to absorb energy directly, and she began to do so. The change was unnoticeable at first, except for the slowly increasing numbers on the scale. It was working! Her weight was increasing, climbing at almost a pound every other second.

"I can feel it Jim! I can actually feel it! It's nice and soothing like a warm bath! Am I gaining?" She asked excitedly.

"Open your eyes and see for yourself." I said.

She hesitantly opened her eyes and looked in the full-length monitor, which displayed her increasing weight and expanding body. It was just as I thought. She gained in the torso mainly. Her belly was expanding and folding over itself with soft flab, the skin stretching easily and without marks or blemishes. Her breasts increased also, filling the cups of her too-big top. Finally her hips and buttocks caught up, swelling outward into soft globes, but still remained behind her inflating belly. She looked marvelous and I could barely contain my excitement and lust. I was so excited that I over shot the mark. I realized she was up to 204 pounds and quickly took my thumb off of the button. The ray turned orange and then shut off after a few seconds. I was worried when she continued to gain, but she stopped at 207 pounds. We both looked at the monitor with undisguised lust and it was all I could do to keep myself from ravaging her right then and there, but science came first. I entered the newly accumulated data into the computer before Shirley and I explored her body much more intimately.

She gained 67 pounds in 6 minutes and 27 seconds. Her new measurements were 38-42-38. She carried the weight well. She said it only took a little getting used to. Over the next months as I modified the ray I kept careful watch on her to make sure that there were no complications or side effects. The only thing we noticed was that the pounds were difficult to shed even with diet and exercise. Personally I didn't think that was a problem at all. Her health was excellent and our sex life was fantastic.

The ray underwent some changes. The ray itself became infrared, so as to be invisible to the naked eye. I would wear a specially designed set of sunglasses to see the ray and aim it properly. I also changed the outer design to look like a mere laser pointer, so it was inconspicuous and small. I added a targeting laser so I could be sure of my aim before I began the weight gain ray. I also fine-tuned the weight gain controls so I could increase the speed of the gain to up to ten pounds a second. Finally I made a sort of semi automatic burst mode which would give a brief intense burst of energy to the target. The energy was pre-set by me so that I could strike someone with the ray and then target someone else. The original target would gain until the pre-set weight was achieved even though the ray was no longer on them. I could thus get many people simultaneously. I was ready to greet the world and leave it fatter in my passing.

I intended to start the day with my usual morning swim, but Shirley informed me that the pool was being repaired today. This annoyed me slightly, but I recovered quickly, resolving to take out my frustration on someone truly deserving. I started the day with a walk. As I left my driveway and headed up the street I noticed my young neighbor Gina. She was sunbathing in the front yard early in the morning, wearing a tiny bikini and listening to her walk man. She was lying on her stomach and had the top of her two piece undone so as to make sure her back didn't have tan lines. She didn't see or hear me as I walked past her yard and came to a stop about ten yards from her. Her head was facing the house so she wouldn't be able to see me unless she looked back. This was too tempting a target.

I pointed the ray at her and turned the switch to a medium weight gain, and let the ray fall on her back and buttocks. I couldn't hear her response, perhaps she was sleeping, but the effects became obvious soon enough. It initially seemed like she was rising off of the ground through levitation. That was because her breasts and belly were increasing, pushing her further from the ground. Her ass meanwhile spread and widened delightfully. It was stretching the bottom to her two piece and soon was expanding out of it, the material riding further and further into her crotch. Her belly was also expanding to the sides and even into her back, causing creases and folds of flesh to form. Her legs and thighs were also plumping nicely, gaining width and girth as I let the ray feed her more and more energy. Her arms had already started to sag with flab as she raised one to adjust the bottom of her suit. I turned the ray off at this point and hid so I could continue to observe her. She reached the suit and then froze as her hand began to blindly grope and explore her vast and still expanding flesh. I was surprised that she was still gaining. Then it occurred to me that the ray may have been magnified by the fact that she was also absorbing solar energy. She probably gained ten or so pounds more than I expected. A good thing to remember in the future.

At this point she sat up in shock knocking her sunglasses off of her head and yanking the headphones off. One arm reflexively went to cover her breasts only to discover that they were huge, and that one arm was hopelessly inadequate for the task. I estimated she weighed close to 250 lbs., and her measurements probably tripled. She screamed in shock as she saw the vast expanse of flesh she had mysteriously gained. I was pleased as pie. I set the burst mode for another hundred pound gain and fired again, then walked away, listening to her chorus of shouts and screams as she inexplicably got fatter still. The device was all I had hoped for.

At the end of the block I turned right and headed toward the town proper. After a few more blocks I was passing the local junior high. It was perhaps ten in the morning and recess was in progress. I slowed down and watched with curiosity as the children played. That was when I saw a scene that reminded me of my own troubled youth. A group of boys were picking on a rather chubby young girl. As a child I was picked on for my intellect and strangeness, not weight, but I sympathized with the young girl. I hesitated in turning the ray on children, they couldn't have been more than 12 or 13, but I also realized that this was exactly the reason I invented the ray. It was the perfect instrument for revenge in a situation like this. With renewed purpose I began setting the ray for the burst mode. For most of the boys I decided that a three hundred pound weight gain would be appropriate, but for the leader who reminded me very much of Brad, the persecutor from my child hood, no less than a five hundred pound weight gain would be sufficient.

I aimed at the boy who was holding her books playing "keep-away" from the portly girl. Then I moved down the line, but didn't hit the leader "Brad". I had to reset the ray, and I wanted to linger on him a bit.

I was a bit far away so I saw a commotion among them before I noticed any results. The other boys and the girl pointed to the first boy as they noticed him beginning to change, then fingers began shifting to others as they too began to change. Now I could see them all swelling and bulging as they gained weight at ten pounds a second. Their shirts came untucked and their shorts and pants stretched and then burst, as they grew fatter and fatter. Now other children gathered around to watch and I hit "Brad" with the ray before I he was obscured from view. This was my biggest weight gain yet so I was particularly interested in how it would affect him. I was too far away to hear anything except indistinct shouts and cries, but it was obvious that all of the boys were rapidly gaining weight. From what I could see they seemed to becoming almost completely round. Their short bodies swelling and expanding outwards rather than gaining flab. I attributed this to the fact that their bodies were still developing, and that their skin was so young and resilient. It took only thirty seconds for the main boys to reach their weights of probably around four hundred pounds, but it took "Brad" almost a full minute. The smaller boys had fallen onto their sides, backs or bellies after about 15 seconds and proceeded to swell and expand, becoming large pink spheres once they burst out of their clothing. Most were as wide as they were tall, and even from where I was the fat looked firm and round. "Brad" raced right past his partners in crime falling first on his butt and then his back. His belly kept rising and his sides kept widening until I thought he might actually pop. He finally stopped when he seemed to be half-again wider than he was tall. He had to weigh at least 600 pounds. The other children in typical fashion had gathered around and were poking the boys and trying to roll them about, some were even hopping on top of "Brad". Obviously this gang of boys were not very popular. Teachers soon arrived and I slinked away, hearing ambulance sirens in the background heading towards the school.

I decided to do one more fattening today. If I wasn't careful I could be implicated just by the fact that I was present at all of the episodes. I wanted this last fattening to be monumental. I waited for the right opportunity at a sidewalk cafe. Fate seemed to be smiling on me today, a parade began passing by and I had great seat to watch the festivities.

I kept my eyes on the parade enjoying the sights and music when much to my shock and dismay I saw one of my former students, Jane Ashland! She had been a freshman when I first met her and I always detested her. She was so snotty and arrogant and vain. She was a constant annoyance in class with her mocking voice and scathing looks. Now here she was close to ten years later the princess of the parade. Jane had obviously won a contest or beauty pageant. She was beautiful. Blond hair, darling figure, packed into a tight designer dress and a beautiful face when it wasn't sneering at you in disdain. She couldn't have weighed more than 110 pounds. I would change that. This was just too perfect. She was on top of decorated platform all by herself with an arch of flowers over her head that proclaimed her "Miss Missouri" as she was slowly pulled by a pick up truck as she waved to the crowd.

Without a moment's hesitation I turned the ray on to maximum and fired a continuous beam at her. She noticed nothing at first, but seemed to fan her face slightly as the energy coursed into her. Then came the slight bulges in her belly and ass, followed by her breasts. Some people began to notice and were rubbing their eyes to see if they were seeing correctly. Jane nervously adjusted her dress as it began to get tight all over. That was when she first realized what was happening. She looked down just as the first tear ripped up the thigh of her dress. Then the V at the front began to stretch and tear as her breasts began to overflow its design limits. Then the dress began to tear all over as her form seemed to double in size before everyone's shocked gaze.

"Help! Someone do something!" She cried. The only thing anyone did was take pictures. The truck stopped despite her frantic pleas that they hurry and get her out of here. She was completely out of her dress now as she most likely passed two hundred pounds. Her breasts were flabby and hung low onto her growing stomach, while her hips grew wider and wider, giving her a pear like shape. Her ass gained the most though as it swelled behind her like twin balloons. She couldn't hold herself up anymore and she fell to a sitting position as I kept the ray trained on her. The battery still had plenty of energy so I decided to push the limits and drain it completely into her. She swelled and bloated as the energy surged into her and was instantly transformed into fat. Her ass seemed to gain the most at first and she steadily rose higher and higher. Her face became much more appealing as the fat accumulated giving her a round cherubic face and melting away her typical sneer. When she was more than five hundred pounds by my calculations, her belly and breasts took the lead in gaining. They were already huge. Her stomach lay between her lap, and was a great soft pillow of marble white skin. Her breasts were huge and floppy dangling to either side of her mammoth belly and grew bigger still as her ass stopped taking most of the weight and diverted it other areas. The crowd gasped in awe wondering how big she could actually get. It was then that I noticed a TV camera catching everything. The battery was still pretty full so I pressed on eagerly watching her much-deserved fate.

When she had to weigh more than a thousand pounds, the ray began to falter. At this point it was difficult to tell whether she was sitting or lying down. She had accumulated so much fat on her thighs and ass and back that they seemed to merge into one huge cushion of fat that she rested on. Her belly almost completely covered her legs down to the ankles and her breasts were probably two feet long and equally plump. Her frantic waving and struggling had long ceased once her heavy breasts pinned her arms to her enormous sides. Her arms were probably more than sixty inches around, her legs (if you could see them) easily twice that. I kept that ray on her.

She gained steadily until she weighed by my calculations of the energy output, more than 1800 pounds. Close to a ton. The battery gave out probably at 1400 pounds, but she continued to gain from the residual after affect. She was truly huge. I was amazed that the platform hadn't collapsed. Her body seemed to become one massive fleshy bag of fat. Individual features were difficult to make out as every part of her was saturated and fattened to the utmost. Her bodily mass looked as if it melted together to produce a flesh colored mound. Her head and face was the most readily identifiable part of her, mainly because of the flowing blond hair. Her face was extremely cute, fat and piggish her dainty features seemed tiny compared to the hugeness of her jowls. I took my leave at this point, confident that I would be able to watch the aftermath on TV at home.

I was indeed correct and watched with some glee how the newly fattened victims had to be rolled into flatbed trucks, or hoisted with a crane in Jane's case. All were taken to the hospital where they were pronounced healthy, but otherwise the doctors were baffled. Shirley and I made love several times that night while replaying Jane's fattening.

I awoke to quite a shock. I was trying to turn over in my dazed slumber when I discovered that I couldn't. I quickly woke up completely to find that my wrists were tied to either bedpost and so were my legs. As I looked about in confusion I finally saw Shirley in the doorway holding the ray in her hands. "Sh-Shirley? What are you doing?" I stammered as she pointed the ray at me without saying a word. I felt but couldn't see the ray hit me in the stomach. A slight internal tingling came over me for a few seconds and then warmth spread all about me. "No Shirley! Not me! No!" I cried but could already feel my body swelling under the ray's power.

"Jim you know this what you've always wanted." Shirley said matter of factly as she kept the ray pointed at me. I could feel my body expanding and stretching as my belly inflated and began to block my view. I couldn't help but think she might be right. That maybe all along this was what I truly wanted, but how did she know? "You talk in your sleep." She said as if she could hear my silent question. I continued to expand at a tremendous rate. Realizing that what she said was true I shudderingly asked her how fat she would make me. "Jim, numbers won't do justice to how fat you'll get. Just relax and enjoy it. This has always been my fantasy. I've always wanted to fatten someone up and take care of them, and now I've got my chance."

I lay there for minutes. I couldn't move my head anymore as the weight and force of my chins pinned it the bed. I could only see my towering stomach and my huge flabby arms. The feeling finally stopped and she came over and untied my wrists and ankles. She laid my arms at my sides with some effort and I realized that I took up almost all of the bed. I thought she was done at this point and I looked up at her as if she was a caring nursemaid. That's when I heard several other footsteps enter the room. Too shamed by my sudden change I couldn't even speak as I saw some large men in work uniforms come in and each take a corner of the bed.

"Ok guys, take him to the pool." Said Shirley as she left the room and led the way. I couldn't understand why we'd be going there, it was supposed to be getting repaired. I could see looks of disgust and awe on the men's eyes as they moved my enormous bedridden body after Shirley. The trip took almost ten minutes due to my weight and lack of maneuverability. Once we entered the pool area I didn't smell the familiar chlorine but something like an air freshener. I could also see a large crane poised near the edge of the pool. The crane had a strong looking net at the end; I recognized it as the kind of net used to lift large animals such as livestock and marine mammals. They rolled the bed over to the edge where the net was lowered to the ground. The process of getting my body into the net took almost fifteen minutes. First they had to remove the legs on one side of the bed and then with the help of all four men lower that side to the floor slowly, so that I could just roll into the net. They were extremely careful and the transfer went off without a hitch. As I lay in the net on the floor I could see that the pool had been changed a bit. Lining all of the walls and floor of the pool was a thick cushioning plastic layer, and instead of being filled with water there seemed to be a gelatinous substance filling it to a depth of perhaps five feet. I didn't have much time to contemplate this as I was suddenly jerked and lifted into the air by the crane. It lifted me only a few feet of the ground before it swung me over the pool towards the center of the shallow end. After another ten minutes of effort I was in the pool lying on my back, floating on the clear sludge with my head facing the shallow end. Shirley then let the men leave promising them that their check, and a bonus was already in the mail. I was really quite comfortable, just lying there like an island in the ocean. Shirley then began to set up camcorders all around the room at different angles, and set up a large screen monitor that was easily in my view despite the bulk of my belly. She turned the cameras on one by one and the monitor came to life showing me from different angles.

I was stunned and incredibly aroused despite last night's attentions. I guessed that I weighed more than 700 pounds. I was almost pure fat. A huge ponderous gut that draped passed my knees, floppy somewhat fat breasts, hanging to either side of my stomach, and enormous elephantine legs. Shirley then stood next to the monitor with the ray in her hands.

"Like what you see Jim?" she asked. I licked my dry lips, and croaked "yes." in a small voice. "I don't know you still look a little skinny to me. Don't you think?" she asked as she pointed the ray at me. I only nodded my head as she pressed the button and proceeded to make me the fattest human being in the world by far. I was thankful for the monitor otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see my surging flesh as I expanded and expanded and still expanded. In minutes I was far larger than Jane. My body lost almost all shape as I slowly began to fill the pool. My fat body expanded along the cushioned surface at a steady rate, the gelatin keeping me cool and comfortable. I was beyond description, just a pink blob that kept expanding. The batteries ran out at one point but she just changed them and kept fattening me up. She stopped when I was finally filling the majority of the olympic sized pool. My head rested on the edge of the shallow end, cushioned by feet of flab, while the end of by belly flowed over somewhat the deep end of the pool. I was in stupefied ecstasy at my unbelievable size. I could only lay there and try to contemplate how vast I'd become. She walked over to my head and spoke to me. "This will do for now, until I can get larger accommodations." I could only shudder in amazement that she didn't think I was fat enough yet. Deep down inside neither did I.