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Urge to Grow
By FlyGuy263

One day, Ashley went to her friend Lisa's house. She didn't really like Lisa but she had a crush on Lisa's brother. When she got there, Lisa was just finishing her dinner. Ashley couldn't help but notice that Lisa had an unusually large dinner which consisted of 4 Big Macs and a super-sized fry with 2 chocolate cupcakes and a glass of pop. Ashley knew that Lisa liked to eat, but she didn't realize how much she actually ate. Lisa was a big girl. She weighed about 145. Ashley, on the other hand, was about 120. They were both in 12th grade at the time.

Back at Ashley's house, she wanted to try to eat like Lisa. So she went to McDonald's and ordered 2 Big Mac's and 2 fries. She felt stuffed after she finished, but decided to keep going. She pulled out some Oreos and 3 Snickers bars. She wolfed down the Snickers and then ate the whole Oreo package. She felt like she was going to burst. So she went to sleep. When she woke up, she felt a little round belly forming. She also noticed that her tits had grown. Her thighs and butt were bigger and her clothes were very tight. She went to the mirror and pulled up her shirt. She didn't know how fun eating could be. So she went to the kitchen and ordered 2 large pizzas. She washed the pizza down with a large piece of cheesecake and then went to sleep again.

The next day she had to go to school. Suddenly she remembered her boyfriend. What was he going to think of her little weight gain? She went to the bathroom and weighed herself. She weighed 141. She had gained 21 pounds in a day! She felt so guilty and went to the kitchen for breakfast. She at 10 waffles coated with syrup and some hash browns and sausage. She felt so full, but went to school. At lunch, she didn't eat huge so people didn't notice her new appetite. She still hadn't seen her boyfriend, Rob. She finished the rest of the day thinking about food.

On her way home, Ashley stopped at the store. She bought 10 cartons of ice cream and 3 packages of Oreos. When she got home she couldn't stop eating. She finished everything that she had bought. When she went to weigh herself, she had gone up to 149. She was amazed at the fast results. But she had major stomach pains. She decided to tell her mom that she had a stomachache and stay home from school the next day. That way, she could eat more while her parents were at work.

Later, when Ashley's mom got home from work, Ashley told her about her stomach. She had put on her baggiest night gown to hide her weight. Her mother asked to feel Ashley's stomach for bumps (Ashley's mom is a nurse) she hesitantly pulled up the nightgown. When Ashley's mom saw her new belly, she just gave Ashley a look. She felt around, and then went to make dinner without saying anything! Now Ashley was embarrassed, but she had the urge to grow!

The next day, Ashley told her mother that she couldn't go to school. She said OK, and went to work. The whole day Ashley snacked on Oreos, ice cream, cheese puffs, and Kentucky Fried Chicken which she snuck out and bought the night before. She loved to feel her tits and rub her stomach! Her ass had a great jiggle to it! She never knew the pleasure of eating and gaining.

That night before bed, Ashley weighed herself. She now weighed 161. A major growth in just a week. Ashley had gained 41 pounds in 6 days. Who knows, she still might be gaining!