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Vacations can be Fattening

I've always weighed below average for my age and height. I've always been in great shape. I've never had to watch what I eat.

Until now. For nearly three years I have weighed 140 steadily. That's at least fifteen to twenty pounds lighter than the healthiest possible weight for me.

I recently grew an inch and a half (I'm now 5'11") and with that, I noticed another change.

Five new pounds. I actually welcomed the weight.

I hated feeling scrawny, and it was something I'd tried to gain for a long time.

But it wasn't muscular, and it wasn't evenly distributed. It was all in my stomach.

I still didn't mind; I even tried to gain some more. It wasn't easy. In fact, it was extremely hard.

For some, gaining weight is harder than losing it. If I as much as sneezed, I'd lose 80 calories.

Once you begin, however, it comes much faster.

I tried to eat everything all the time, but I just couldn't eat much. Then my appetite appeared to grow.

I didn't notice it until I flew to Texas to be with my girlfriend for two weeks.

Once I arrived, we went out to eat and I ate a huge pasta dish plus part of Brittany's.

I had a large Gelatto Ice Cream after that.

Having lots of ready-to-eat food everywhere around their house, I was constantly hungry and eating all the time. I'd eat several pieces of pumpkin pie and some brownies and Popcorn, all before dinner.

I was amazed at how much I could put away. But Brittany noticed and would make fun of me.

She was saying, "You got to stop eating like this or you're gonna get fat," as she patted my tummy. It made me want to eat more.

And it wasn't without consequence. I actually have a belly bulging out now.

It's the weirdest feeling, having four extra inches of flab sticking out from my otherwise normal body.

I'm still not used to it. I'm shocked every time I look in the mirror.

It's easily noticeable; none of my current shirts will hide it.

And I can't wear my favorite shirt anymore, as it's very tight and my new gut hangs out.

So I gained a total of twenty pounds in about three weeks.

That's a lot.

But I feel great, and I'm at a perfect weight: 160. I could start some killer crunches routine, but I really like my belly.

Though I don't think I'll gain much more, I'm gonna keep it (and maybe put ten more on. 170 sounds good). At least for a little while. Here's to my new belly.