Weight Room Title Bar

What'll It Be, Miss?
by Rebel

Valerie was a tiny Japanese-American woman with glossy black hair that fell to her thighs. She was sixty inches tall exactly, and weighed exactly ninety pounds. She was twenty-five years old, and a college graduate. She had grown up in Texas, and was more cowgirl than china doll. It seemed strange for such a delicate and exotic young lady to speak with a thick western twang, but it was the way she had always spoken.

She was wearing a pair of blue slacks and a white silk blouse. Even though nothing on her body made it necessary, she wore a simple white bra out of modesty. Her silk panties could not be seen through her loose pants. Besides, there wasn't enough flesh on her hips to result in panty lines. A pair of navy pumps with a sensible heel matched her thin belt and small purse exactly. Her socks were very thin, very white, and were folded over once at the knees. The only other things she wore were a thin gold chain and a pair of small gold hoop earrings.

She had walked into a bar to have a quiet, private drink. Another job interview, another idiot who thought that she was some stereotypical geisha who wouldn't be able to handle a job as a civil engineer. How could so many of them be so stupid? Did they really believe that she was supposed to be a meek, submissive little nick-nack?

What ll it be, Miss? the bartender asked. He was a tremendous black man with amber eyes and no hair. Those pale eyes were as unusual as his crisp British accent. He wore a shiny black jumpsuit with gold zippers on it. It was unlikely that anyone would make fun of this giant for his taste in clothes.

Tequila maybe, she replied, or maybe a brandy. Hell, just bring something that ll make people quit treating me like a fragile china doll. I don t care, just surprise me!

The bartender didn't bat an eye. I've got just the thing for you, ma am. He reached behind the ice maker and pulled out an ornate bottle that was covered in dust and cobwebs. The stopper was a green cork, and the liquid in the bottle was a deep jungle green. It smelled like apples and roses. The bartender poured it into a tall shot glass and handed it to her. This should do the trick. If you like it, I ll give you the next one for free.

She slammed it down instantly and set the jigger down for the next shot. This time she drank it more slowly, so that she could taste it better. It was uniquely delicious. Mmmm... she hummed, That was excellent. What do you call it?

I don t think it has a name, but I do believe that it s just what you asked for, he said. He turned and put the ornate bottle back in its hiding place.

She was going to order another drink, but suddenly she found herself conscious of her belt. It was getting tighter!

No, the belt hadn't changed. As she looked down she could see that her body was what was different. The change that had started in her tummy was spreading over the rest of her body now. Her bra was only big enough to keep her dark, sensitive nipples from being glimpsed through her blouse. Now it was competing with rapidly emerging breasts.

Her pants were quickly becoming inadequate as well. She could feel her tight little butt expanding both to the sides and straight out. A few seconds later she was aware that she could also feel it being folded downward by it s own new weight. Her thighs had begun to fill her pants legs, and now she watched in horrified fascination as they continued to inflate like balloons.

With a sudden burst of clear thinking, she scrambled with her belt to remove it. It was a quality leather belt, and she didn't know what it would take to break it. She knew that it would hurt, though. She tried her best to suck in her bloated belly enough to pull some slack across the buckle. The stress that she was placing on the leather showed clearly in her growing arms. The sound of ripping cloth actually startled her when her sleeves were destroyed. Her slanted eyes were tightly clamped >from the effort, but finally the little tongue of the buckle popped out of the hole. With a mighty sigh, she released her belly. That tore through the snaps and zipper of her slacks in a single mighty wave of heavy paunch.

The little pearl buttons of her blouse sprang loose one at a time. The one between her impressive new breasts flew first, followed closely by the one over the broadest part of her tummy. Two more fell to the floor, leaving only the two closest to her collar in place.

The little bra was proving to be tougher than she expected. It was biting into her ribs and shoulders painfully, and her breasts had already slipped out over the top of the puny cups. She reached up and dug her plumpened fingers into the white material and tore it off with a single jerk. Her shirt fell apart the rest of the way as she did, ripping in two places across her shoulders and falling down to dangle from the folds of flab rolling over the waist of her slacks.

She reached over to lay the fragments of her bra on the bar, and nearly stumbled when it wasn't where she expected it to be. The smooth surface of the bar was six inches lower than it had been.

No, the bar hadn't changed. Apparently she wasn't just growing fatter. She looked over the massive swell of her belly, down at her slacks. and saw several inches of her legs sticking out below the hem. There was no time to try to gauge how much taller she was, because at that moment her expensive slacks ripped loudly and fell away from her growing body. She was aware of the folds at her knees, and the fact that her thighs had developed thick pockets of flab at the inside top that were holding the scraps of her pants up. The cuffs were still wrapped around her meaty calves, but even they were being pushed down over her ankles by the advancing flesh.

She was about to reach her pudgy hands up to take stock of the double chin that she cold feel now when she felt a sharp pain in the toes of her right foot. Of course, her shoes were too small too! She had remembered to unfasten her leather belt, but she had completely forgotten about her shoes. Since she couldn't see them anymore anyway, she set about removing them with her toes. steadying herself with one hand on the bar, she shifted her immense weight over to one foot. Getting the little pump to come off wasn't nearly as hard as keeping her balance. For the next foot, she held the bar with both hands.

That was when her nipples came in contact with the smooth wood of the bar. She was amazed by the sight of those tremendous tits pressing tighter against the polished wood. Even though she could not see her nipples, she was acutely aware of them. despite the shock and horror of her impossible transformation, she could tell that her dark nipples were more erect than they had ever been. She had become the fattest human she had ever seen in less than a minute, and she had never been hornier in her life!

In fact her whole body was tingling with the energy. This sudden change in her body was more exhilarating than any foreplay or sex than she had ever dreamed of. It was absolutely incredible! She wasn't going to have an orgasm, that isn't what it felt like. It was better. The sensation covered her whole body as she got still taller and so much fatter. Every inch of her was excited, and she was attentive to all of it. It was like having a million orgasms rubbed all over her skin.

Finally she heard a defeated little pop. She knew that her panties had finally been destroyed along with the rest of her clothes. When it did, the wonderful tingling faded quickly. She was left panting and energized, strangely powerful. She pulled at the one side of her panties that still stretched around her broad left thigh. It tore free with only the slightest exertion from her chubby hand. She removed the other bits of clothes that had gotten wedged into the various folds of her soft bulk. Every thing that she had worn seemed so flimsy now, ridiculous. Why would a she even need clothes, now that she was this great oriental Valkyrie?

Because she was standing in a bar NAKED!! That s why!

She guessed that she must have looked pretty silly vainly trying to cover her acreage with her small, pudgy hands. Fortunately, there was no one in the bar at all. Even the bartender, that giant black man with the amber eyes, was gone. Only the jumpsuit he wore was left. It was folded neatly on the bar.

Well, just because there was no one in the bar now didn't mean that the afternoon rush might start at any minute. Snatching up the jumpsuit, she raked the main zipper down. Once it was open she hiked up one leg to pull it on...

And fell flat on her vast buttocks! The shock rolled through the great mass of her flesh, echoing again and again through the sweeping curves of her flab. Wave followed wave as her new body responded to the sudden shock of every soft pound crashed against the force of gravity and then jiggled expansively. She was unhurt, so she used the moment to enjoy the rolling sense of her newly enhanced build. After a minute, she carefully rose to her feet. Balance was going to be a problem for a while, until she got used to her titanic weight, bulbous shape, and longer limbs. At least she was comfortably upholstered against the falls.

Slowly, she managed to get the jumpsuit on. Her legs were easily strong enough to support her bulk one at a time, and she supposed balance would come in time. Once she was wearing the shiny black jumpsuit, she caught herself in a mirror near the restrooms. She was a Goddess, it seemed. Huge and powerful, intensely voluptuous. She liked what she saw in the mirror. That woman was no nick-nack, she was a force to be reckoned with. A typhoon with boobs.

She grabbed her purse and walked across the empty bar room toward the door. There was something pressing against her soft thigh in one of her pockets. It was her wallet. Her driver s license showed her gorgeous face smiling in the photo. Her delicate Eastern features were made even more lovely by the new weight the picture showed. The license said that she was seventy-six inches tall exactly and that she weighed exactly four hundred fifty pounds. Also in the pocket was a neat bundle of hundred dollar bills.

She smiled like a kid at the wad of cash. Then like any good Texan, she laid a healthy tip into the tip jar in the center of the bar. For a second she thought about checking for that fancy bottle behind the ice maker. Then she decided against doing that. She had enough to last her for a while.